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  • Brand: Zanussi
  • Product: Kitchen Scale
  • Model/name: Bologna
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: English, Russian

Table of Contents

Page: 3
Thank you for buying a ZANUSSI product
This scale operates on 1 – 3 volt CR2032 lithium battery (installed). There is a strip under
the lithium battery cover to prevent battery drain in shipping. Please remove the strip
before continuing with these instructions.
Replace the battery when the Low Battery icon “ Lo ” appears in the middle of the display,
or the readings grow dim or irregular. To replace the battery:
• Use one 3 volt CR2032 lithium battery
• Remove the cover
• Remove the old battery from the compartment
• Place the new battery with the “+” sign up into the battery compartment
• Replace the battery compartment cover
• NOTE: Please recycle or dispose of batteries per local regulations
WARNING: Batteries may pose a choking hazard. Do not let children handle batteries
• You can do consecutive weighing, without removing the weighing container which
already placed on the glass platform. Each time before adding additional object into the
container, simply press ‘ON/TARE/OFF’ button, the tare function will be operated and the
LCD reading will return to zero. Then place new additional object to the plate, the final
stabilized LCD reading indicates the net weight of the added object only
• During tare function being activated, LCD will show with an icon “TARE” on the left
bottom side. After removed the original object from the plate, LCD will start to show
negative value of the object just removed
Please read instruction manual carefully before using the product for the first time
Please keep instructions in a safe place for reference
• Clean exposed parts with a soft, slightly damp cloth. To remove stains,use a mild soap
• Never use detergents, excess water, treated cloths, harsh cleaning agents, or sprays
• Remove the insulation sheet from the battery contact before using
• Place the scale on a firm, flat and even surface to ensure its accuracy. If using another
bowl/container to weigh, place the bowl/container on the middle of its glass platform
• Press ‘‘ON/TARE/OFF’’ button(only one button on the right side of the scale) to turn on
the scale. The LCD screen will display “8888’’, after about 3 seconds later, the LCD screen
will show zero reading status, then you can weigh anything you want
• Place the object on the middle of the glass platform, if using another bowl/ container to
weigh, also place it on the middle of the glass platform
• Scale will auto switch off if LCD screen shows zero for about 30 seconds
• Scale will auto switch off should without any operation for about 30 seconds
• In order to maximize the battery life, you can press the “ON/TARE/OFF” button for 3
seconds to switch off the scale manually
Page: 4
• Do not tamper with the scale’s internal components. Doing so will invalidate the warranty
on this unit and may cause damage. The scale contains no user-serviceable parts
• Although your scale is designed to be maintenance-free, it contains sensitive electronic
parts. Avoid rough treatment. Treat it with care to ensure the best performance
• This scale is intended for home/consumer use only. It is not intended for commercial or
medical use
• This scale is designed to read weights up to 11 lbs/5 kgs. To prevent damage, do not
place more than 11 lbs/5 kgs on it
• Do not store scale where you store cleaning chemicals. The vapors from some
household products may affect the electronic components of your scale. Do not store
scale on its side
• This scale is an extremely sensitive weighing device. In order to prevent run down of the
battery, do not store anything on the scale
• Do not dispose of batteries in fire. Batteries may explode or leak. Remove the battery if
the scale will not be used for a long period of time
• Overload Warning: Should “O-Ld” appear on the display during a weighing, this indicates
that the maximum weighing capacity of the scale has been exceeded. Remove the
weight immediately; otherwise, permanent damage could occur
• ZANUSSI products meet the required European standards
• Our warranty does not apply for normal wear and tear use, age or in proper treatment
• Please contact your local dealer for more information
Err= Weight Overload Replace Battery

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