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  • Brand: Xiaomi
  • Product: Smartphone
  • Model/name: Redmi Note 4
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: English

Table of Contents

Page: 1
Mi phone is powerful smart phone brand presented by Xiaomi Inc.
Please visit www.mi.com to learn more features about Mi phone and purchase acces-
To know more features about MIUI, please visit www.miui.com
This user guide may differ from actual phone due to software update. Please refer to your
actual phone accordingly.
This revision is updated on 12th May, 2016
Xiaomi Communications Co., Ltd.
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Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Overview 1
Overview 1
Applications 3
Status Bar Icons 7
Chapter 2: Get Started 9
Important Information 9
Battery and Charging 9
USB Connectivity 9
Headset Quick Guide 10
Chapter 3: Basic Function 11
Applications 11
Gestures 11
Notification Panel 12
Text Input 12
Chapter 4: Introduction of Detailed Functions 14
Phone 14
Take Photos and Videos 24
Entertainment 26
Browse the Web 29
Multi-Tasks 29
Add Widgets, Change the Wallpaper and Home Screen Thumbnail 29
Changing Themes 30
System Tools 31
Other Utilisations 32
Xiaomi Communications Co., Ltd.
Page: 3
Chapter 1: Overview
Thank you for choosing Mi Phone! This user guide will help you with Mi Phone basics and
advance functions. For more information, please visit our official website: www.mi.com
*Picture shown above may differ from each model. Please refer to your actual phone accordingly.
Xiaomi Communications Co., Ltd. 1
Page: 4
Installing the SIM or USIM card
For phones with non-removable batteries:
1. Take the ejection pin out from print bundle
2. Insert the ejection pin into the hole on/beside the tray to loosen the tray and pull out the
tray from the slot gently
3. Place the SIM or USIM card on the tray properly
4. Insert the tray back into the tray slot.
For phones with removable batteries:
1. Remove the back cover and the battery
2. Insert the SIM or USIM into the slot with metal contacts facing down
3. Insert the battery and close the back cover.

Names Functions
Power Button Long press this button to turn the device on or off.
Volume Buttons Adjust the sound volume. Press this button when there is
an incoming call to switch to silent mode.
Menu Button + Volume Down Button Capture Screenshot.
Xiaomi Communications Co., Ltd. 2
Page: 5
Making phone calls or searching contacts with T9 keyboard. You can
also check your call logs.
Messaging lets you exchange text messages with other SMS and
MMS devices using your cellular connection.
You can manage your contacts saved in SIM/UIM, external memory
and Mi account.
Setup your mail account and access your mailbox with Mi phone. You
will receive notification when new email received.
Dirac HD sound brings a genuine improvement in audio performance,
immersing your ears in a world of music.
Take photos and record videos using various modes and settings.
Xiaomi Communications Co., Ltd. 3
Page: 6
The new Gallery with reorganized layout enables smooth browsing of
images. Cloud albums will sync automatically, making it easy to create
albums and manage photos.
It brings you a smooth browsing and reading experience, and
additionally offers comprehensive security protection.
Personalise your MI Phone by choosing from hundreds of unique MI
Themes. Choose your own style, change it to fit your moods simply
and quickly with just a few screen taps.
File Explorer
File explorer lets you check storage usage and file browsing. You can
also use WLAN to manage your phone storage remotely.
The Security and Privacy functions allow you to set how you’d like to
lock and unlock your phone. The MIUI supports application encryption.
Using MIUI virus scan and block-list features could prevent your phone
from virus attacks, spam calls and junk SMS.
Keep your updated to latest MIUI version.
Customize your alarm clock setting and tag each of the alarm.
Xiaomi Communications Co., Ltd. 4
Page: 7
You can take down notes and share via SMS, Bluetooth, mail and etc.
Radio supports auto scan and lets you listen to local FM radio stations.
Recorder lets you use Mi Phone as a portable recording device.
Check out all the dates and public holidays. Calendar also supports
lunar calendar.
Find a direction, see your latitude and longitude, nd level, or match a
Manage all your download contents.
Calculator provides simple and complex calculation function.
Xiaomi Communications Co., Ltd. 5
Page: 8
* Application may different due to the region sold.

Get the latest whether information online.
Portable QR code, bar code scanner.
Xiaomi Communications Co., Ltd. 6
Page: 9
Status Bar Icons
Notification bar will show below icons to indicate different status.
Status Bar Icons Explnation
Cell Signal
The more number of bars shown, the better cell signal
reception your phone has.
No Signal
Cannot connect to telco service provider. Only emergency
numbers are available.
Flight Mode
Airplane mode is on—you can’t make phone calls, and other
wireless functions may be disabled.
Cellular Data
Your Mi phone has been connected to cellular data network.
4G Network 4G/ LTE network connected.
HSPA+ Network HSPA+ network connected.
EDGE Network EDGE network connected.
GPRS Network GPRS network connected.
Wi-Fi Connection
Your phone has been connected to Wi-Fi nearby. The more
number of bars shown, the better Wi-Fi signal reception your
phone has.
Silent Mode Your phone has been set to silent mode.
Vibration Mode Your phone has been set to vibration mode.
GPS Service GPS and location service has been activated.
Do Not Disturb
An alarm is set
Do Not Disturb
“Do Not Disturb” is turned on.
Bluetooth Bluetooth function has been enabled.
Bluetooth is on and paired with one or multiple devices.
Xiaomi Communications Co., Ltd. 7
Page: 10
Network Tethering
Network tethering mode is on and you can share your
cellular data network with other devices.
Earpiece An earpiece has been plugged into your phone.
Use the speakerphone to listen a phone call.
OTG device
New device has been connected via OTG
Synchronising your data.
Your phone cannot synchronise data for some reason.
More Notifications There are multiple notifications in your notification bar.
Status Bar Icons Explnation
Xiaomi Communications Co., Ltd. 8
Page: 11
Chapter 2: Get Started
Important Information
To avoid injury, please read following critical information before using Mi phone.
• Please do not switch on your Mi phone in the place where wireless device is prohibited,
for instance, plane, hospital and medical equipment with “No Mobile Phone” sign
• Please do not switch on your Mi phone where RF and cellular signal could possibly
cause danger or interference, for instance, gas station, fuel, chemical solution and ex-
plosive article.
• Please use authentic Mi branded accessories and batteries. Do not use unauthorised
• Please keep your phone in dry condition
• Repair job should be operated by authorised professionals.
• For external plugged-in accessories, please read the user guide and handle with care.
• Xiaomi Communications Co., Ltd. and its affiliates (“Xiaomi”) will not be liable for any
injuries, loss or damages due to unauthorised modifications or modes of operations of
Xiaomi products.
Correct Disposal of this product.This marking indicates that this product should not be dis-
posed with other household wastes throughout the EU. To prevent possible harm to the
environment or human health from uncontrolled waste disposal, recycle it responsibly to
promote the sustainable reuse of material resources. To return your used device, please
use the return and collection systems or contact the retailer where the product was pur-
chased. They can take this product for environmental safe recycling.
To prevent possible hearing damage,
do not listen at high volume levels for long periods.
Temperature: 0°C—40°C
Adapter shall be installed near the equipment and shall be easily accessible.
Battery and Charging
The battery icon in the upper-right corner shows the battery level or charging status. To
display the percentage of battery charge remaining, go to Settings > Additional settings >
Battery & performance > Battery indicator. When syncing or using Mi phone, it may take
longer to charge the battery.
USB Connectivity
With the supplied USB cable, you can transfer data from other devices. You can choose
the connection mode in the notification panel.
Xiaomi Communications Co., Ltd. 9
Page: 12
Headset Quick Guide
* You can also customise the function of each button in the latest MIUI version.
Pause Play Press the button in the middle of the remote control.
Next Song Press the next button.
Previous Song Press the previous button.
Answer calls Press the middle button when someone dial in.
Finish calls Press the middle button during a call.
Reject calls Press and hold the middle button for 2 seconds.
Xiaomi Communications Co., Ltd. 10
Page: 13
Chapter 3: Basic Function
• If you need to launch an APP, just tap the icon in the home screen.
• Return to home screen Press the home button.
• Switch to other home screens Swipe left/right on the screen, or tap the white dot.
• Switch to recent used APPs: Press the menu button.
You can operate icon, button, menu, and input keypad via gesture function.
• Tapping: To open an APP, to select a menu item, to press an on-screen button, or to en-
ter a character using the keypad on the screen, tap it with your finger.
• Tapping and holding: Tap and hold an item or screen or more than 2 seconds to access
available options.
• Swiping: Swipe to the left or right on the Home screen or Apps screen to view other pan-
els. Swipe upwards or downwards to scroll through a webpage or a list of items, such as
• Spreading and pinching: Spread two fingers apart on a webpage, map, or image to zoom
in a part. Pinch to zoom out.
• Dragging: To move an item, tap and hold it and drag it to the target position.
Xiaomi Communications Co., Ltd. 11
Page: 14
• Double-tapping: Double-tap on a webpage or image to zoom in. Double-tap again to re-
Notification Panel
When there are icons shown in the notification bar, please drag down from the notification
bar to open the notification panel and check the details of the information.
Text Input
Virtual keypad is available for text input purpose.
Below is an example showing how to use the input keypad. Detailed interface layout and
operations depends on the keypad which you set by default.
Opening the keypad
1. Type the input field( such as typing a message) to open the keypad. There is cursor
flashing in the input field.
2. Type the letter on the keypad.
Xiaomi Communications Co., Ltd. 12
Page: 15
* You can change the keypad in the notification panel. When you want to change the keypad please pull down the
notification panel to select which keypad you want to use.

SwiftKey Google Keyboard
Fleksy Google Pinyin Input
Xiaomi Communications Co., Ltd. 13
Page: 16
Chapter 4: Introduction of Detailed Functions
Making A Call and Answering a Call
Making A Call
Using the dial key
Dial the phone number: input the numbers directly, press the calling button to start calling.
Type the symbol” + “ : Tap and hold number key “0” for seconds.
Type the pause symbol “ , “: Tap and hold key * for seconds.
Enter the voice mail box: Tap and hold number key “ 1 “ for seconds.
Making A Fast Call via T9 Dial Key
Search via T9 dial key support:
Search a contact via any letter of his / her English name;
Search a contact via any number of his / her phone numbers;
It will show the matched results with highlighted remark. You can make the call via typing
the highlighted parts.

Xiaomi Communications Co., Ltd. 14
Page: 17
Calling via “Recents”
Latest calls will be found in “Recents”. You can make the same call via typing his/her name
or phone numbers in the call log.
The arrow icon on the right is used to access the interface of detailed information.
Missed calls will be remarked in red with calling times.
It will show the attribution of strangers’ numbers.
Calling via the “Contacts”
If you want to call someone via “Contacts” please swipe to the left to access “Contacts”
interface. You can choose the person’s name and press to dial his/her numbers.
Emergency call
You can make emergency call without SIM card or register to local network under the sup-
port of the network operator. For example: Type 112, type the calling button to make a
emergency call.
*You can access the calling interface via typing the icon of the emergency call when the screen is locked by password
number or PIN number.
Xiaomi Communications Co., Ltd. 15
Page: 18
Operations During A Call
Speaker Mode
Use hands-free function to make a call. When blue-tooth is connected, “Hands-free” will be
changed to “Connect to the device” which is used to switch the communication device dur-
ing a call.
Open keypad to dial phone numbers.
Mute your line.
You can save a talk on the phone by tapping “Record” button.
Tap ”Notes” button to open the note and manually type text. The note will be saved auto-
Xiaomi Communications Co., Ltd. 16
Page: 19
Tap ”Contacts“ to open “Contacts” interface and view contacts’ information.
Calling from The Third Party
When you receive a third party call during an on-going call, your phone will beep and show
detailed contact information of the third party caller to remind you to decide ”Answer” or
* Calling the third party or receiving a call from the third party is optional service. Please contact your network operator
for more information.
When you want answer a call from the third party during on-going calling you can press
“hold” to let current call wait. When you finish the call with the third party you can type ”Re-
sume call” to retrieve the held call.
Adding Call
You can jump to “Contacts” interface to add the other contact when you are calling on the
phone. When the other call is answered your on-going calling will be held. In this situation
you can choose “Switch” or “Merge call”. When you choose “Merge call” your phone will be
change to “Conference call” mode.
Conference Call
If	your	network	operator	can	support	Multi-user	talk	you	can	set	up	a	conference	call	with	no	
more	than	5	people.	
Create	conference	call:	Firstly	make	a	call.	Secondly	type	“Add	calls”	to	call	the	other	contact.	
The	Birst	call	will	be	held	in	this	situation.	Thirdly	type	“Merge	call”	to	Merge	all	the	contacts	to	
the	same	line	where	all	the	people	can	hear	each	other	and	talk	with	each	other.	Repeat	the	
second	and	the	third	step	to	add	more	calls.	During	the	conference	call	you	can	type	the	but-
tons	on	the	calling	interface	to	edit	conference	call:	there	will	be	listed	all	the	contacts	on	the	
conference	call;	You	can	stop	calling	with	anyone	or	only	talk	with	someone	of	the	contacts.	
Making A Call During Calling
Tap” Add calls” and call the other contact. Your first call will be held.
Tap” Merge call” . All the calls will be merged to the same line so that all the people on the
call will hear each other.
Repeat the second and third step to add more contacts.
Answering A Call
Swipe upwards “Answer” button to answer a phone.
Xiaomi Communications Co., Ltd. 17
Page: 20
Swipe upwards ”Reject” button to reject a call. You can swipe upwards “ Message “ button
to reject the call and send a message instead.
Changing the Gesture of Answering A Phone
Mute the ringtone of the calling: Press” Power” button or any “Voice” button, the ringtone
will be mute, but you can still decide to answer the phone.
Recognising Strangers’ Phone Numbers
The phone numbers of the sellers will be recognised as the name of the seller. For exam-
ple: 10010 will be recognised as “China Unicom” automatically.
Xiaomi Communications Co., Ltd. 18
Page: 21
Sending An SMS
Editing An SMS
1. Tap “Compose” button.
2. Add a recipient
Directly type a contact’s phone numbers; Type any letters or phone numbers of a contact,
select the result from below speed search bar and press the icon “Add contacts” on the
right to select which one you want from contacts list. If you choose contacts by mistake
you can delete the wrong contacts by pressing the added contacts preview.
3.Tap “Text message” to type text.
There is a remind of text’s capacity above “Send” button (It will appear if there is enough
space). When there is more than 1 message in the mailbox it will show current messages’
quantity. If you attach picture, video or PPT. the message will be switched to MMS directly.
Besides that it can support attaching emoticon, contacts’ information, mass name, every-
day expressions.
4. Tap “Send” button.
Reading An SMS
When you receive a message there will be a remind with sender’s name, preview and re-
ceive time in the message list. You can read the completed message by typing the list. Af-
ter reading the message you can also reply it to the sender immediately.
Xiaomi Communications Co., Ltd. 19
Page: 22
Reading MMS
When you receive MMS it will remind you to download the MMS via tapping “Download”
If MMS has a image or video attachment: Read the attachment through the “Gallery”.
If MMS has an audio attachment: It will be played through the system’s media player
Sending A Group SMS
It will show the sending progress such as “sending the message to which number contact”
If it failed to send a message to someone there will be a remind to ask the user to select
retry or give up.
When all messages are sent you can check every sent message by pressing message list
of the group.
Deleting An SMS Dialogue or A Message
You can access “edit mode” by tap and hold a message in the message list or message
dialogue for seconds. In this situation you can select the message which you want to re-
Manage Preview and Notifications
You can enable preview and light up the screen in the message’s settings.
If you enable the preview you can view it from locked screen, notifications bar, pop-up
windows when you receive a new message.
If you enable light screen function the screen will be lighted automatically when you re-
ceive a new message so that you can read, reply, delete the message fast.
Search An SMS
You can click search bar to access search mode. You can search all messages’ text here.
Adding A Message to “Favorite”
Tap any message in the message list for seconds to find “More” at the bottom of the menu.
If you tap “Starred” it will add the message to favourites. The message in the favourite list
will be remarked with a heart icon. If you tap the “Starred” icon again the message will be
removed from favourite list.
All the favourite messages will be listed in the favourite list. User can forward the message
or cancel the starred icon of the message.
Pin An SMS Dialog to The Top
Tap and hold any dialog in your SMS list and tap the “Pin” button in the bottom. This SMS
dialog will be pined to the top of the SMS dialog list.
Xiaomi Communications Co., Ltd. 20
Page: 23
Manage Contacts
Importing Contacts
MIUI offers 4 ways to mass import contacts or add single contact information.
Sync with your Mi account
By tapping it you can set the cloud-based account to synchronise the contacts data.
Import contacts from a vCard file
By tapping it you can search vCard files in the phone and select one or more vCard files to
import. You can view details of the vCard by tapping arrow icon on the right.
Import using Mi mover
By using Mi mover you will get an instruction to guide you to import data from the other
phone step by step.
Create A New Contact
By tapping it you can create a new contact manually.
Xiaomi Communications Co., Ltd. 21
Page: 24
Viewing Contacts
Contacts list
Contact list is set to simple mode by default. It can only show names of contact.
If you want to show more information you can enable “Display photos and info”
Tap alphabetical Index and choose a letter. If the letter is matched in the contacts’ names it
will show the related contacts’ names.
Contacts card
You can do below when you view the contacts card:
Make a call
Send an SMS
Set a birthday reminder of the contacts
Send an e-mail if you already saved e-mail address of contacts
Open the Browser to visit website
Find the location of contact’ address and get driving path to reach there
Add a note
Set contacts by groups
Set a ringtone
Set contact’s photo of calling
Check all the calling logs with a contact
Place on Home screen (Menu)
Send contact’s information (Menu)
Favorite (Menu)
When a contact have more than 1 phone numbers you can type one of them for seconds
and press “Set default”.
Searching Contacts
You can find the contacts by searching his/her name, any letter of his/her name, nick name
or company name.
Creating A New Contact
Use dials to create new contacts:
Type numbers on the T9 dial key. If it is phone numbers of strangers you can press new
contact or add to contacts.
Add new contacts via call log:
Tap arrow icon behind strangers’ phone numbers to move to next interface, tap new con-
tact at the bottom and select “New contact” or “Add to contacts”.
Add new contacts via message:
Tap “New contact” on the contacts list.
Editing Contacts
Choose any contact and tap “Edit”
Edit the information of the contact and save the information.
Xiaomi Communications Co., Ltd. 22
Page: 25
Modifying the information of contacts
Tap and hold a contact for seconds and tap edit to change the information. When every-
thing is ok tap ok to save it.
Adding more information
Tap and hold a contact for seconds and type edit to access contact cards interface. Tap
“Add another field “to choose more information to add.
Deleting information of contacts
Tap delete button on the right to remove information.
Creating a group
Tap “My groups” to create a contact group.
Add new contact to the group
Open the group and tap “Add” button to select contacts from the list.
Removing contacts from a group
Tap a contact which you want to remove for seconds. Tap delete from menu to remove the
contact from the group. Removing contact will not delete the contact information from con-
tacts list.
Adding a contact to the favourite list
Open the contact card and tap “Favourite” button.
Removing a contact from favourite list
Open the contact card and tap “Favourite” to change it from “Favourite” to “Unfavorite”.
Xiaomi Communications Co., Ltd. 23
Page: 26
Take Photos and Videos
Launch camera to take high quality photos, quick focal length adjustment supported while
burst shooting, timer, special effect, panorama and other professional photo modes are
supported as well. Switching recording mode through the action bar at the bottom of page
to record videos, it supports recording of 1080p high quality videos.
Taking Photos
Users tap any position of framing area to trigger focus frame, the location of frame will be
changed depends on the location being tapped by user,
Focus frame has three statuses, which are focus preparation/ focus failed/ focus succeed,
Focus failed and focus succeed are the consequences of auto-judgment by app when
users press the shutter,
Exposure can be adjusted rapidly by rotating focus frame horizontally after focus success.
Multiple taps on flash button to switch between three flash modes: auto/ turn on/ turn off.
Xiaomi Communications Co., Ltd. 24
Page: 27
Burst Shooting
Users to long press the shutter to take photos continuously, the number of photos taken
will be shown at the center of screen.
Operation Panel
Swipe left to enter “filters” interface, various filter effects are selectable,
Swipe right to enter “options” interface, there are a variety of photo modes to choose and
modifying camera settings. Under video recording mode, tap record button to start
recording, tap again to stop.
Tap camera button of operation bar at the bottom to return to camera mode,
Video recording mode supports slow motion, quick motion and HDR.
There is a video quality setting for video recording
It’s allowed to switch between 1080p/ 720p/ 480p.
Xiaomi Communications Co., Ltd. 25
Page: 28
Listening to Music
Music app supports playing local music. It supports to play music in different modes ac-
cording to song titles, singers, albums, and playlists. It also features a warm-hearted
sleeping mode.
My Music
View/manage local song, categorised music within favourite list;
Sync music list to cloud by login Xiaomi account.
Play music
Interface of playing music.
Display album cover/lyric of current playing song, swipe left to switch to lyric interface,
swipe right to current play list page;
Tap song album cover to call out advance functions: controller of song playing order, Milian
Xiaomi Communications Co., Ltd. 26
Page: 29
Viewing Images
Viewing Mode
You may view photos captured and photo album or file directory in internal storage by
gallery. Wherein camera photos including photos taken by local device, gallery is a form of
various photos of phone being organised based on certain organisation method.
Viewing A Single Photo
1. Tap on the folder which wanted to browse,
2. Tap the photo to view among thumbnails, viewing a photo or video in full screen.
Show or hide control bar
Tap on centre area of photo or video to call out the control bar, tap again to hide.
Bottom control bar including
Send: user may select any kind of services that able to receive photo via pop-out system
Edit: crop and horizontal rotation supported.
Delete: delete current photo.
Xiaomi Communications Co., Ltd. 27
Page: 30
More: map position, add to album, add to hidden album, set as wallpaper, set as contact
photo, start swipe show.
Upper control bar including
Photo details: viewing photo detailed parameters.
Control bar will be hidden automatically if not operating for 3 seconds.
Partial zoom in or zoom out
Spread two fingers apart or pinch to zoom in or zoom out, you may also double tap to
zoom in, double tap again to zoom out.
Viewing next or previous photo
Swipe your finger to the left or right.
Hide Pictures Folder
If there is picture in a picture folder doesn't wants to be seen during browsing, you may
long press the folder and select “hide”. To show hidden albums, get into settings-gallery-
turn on “show hidden albums”.
Xiaomi Communications Co., Ltd. 28
Page: 31
Browse the Web
Browser supports double tap or spread/pinch two fingers to zoom webpage. Get into use-
ful websites rapidly via website navigation.
Multiple windows supported, swipe from edge of the screen to switch between tabs.
Smart full screen, best fitted browsing area.
Reading mode, eliminating all elements that might affect reading, restoring the most es-
sential reading appeal.
Mi phones support running multi-tasks simultaneously, all you have to do is just tap “menu
button” under unlock status and select the application you would like to switch.
“One tap removal” button is helping you to close all ongoing applications instantly, in order
to release memory space quickly.
Add Widgets, Change the Wallpaper and Home Screen Thumbnail
You may pinch or tap and hold “menu button” to get into edit mode to add widgets, select
Select “move apps” in the menu to move in bulk, delete application on desktop, it supports
create new folder rapidly;
Select “wallpaper” in the menu to change lock screen and wallpaper;
Xiaomi Communications Co., Ltd. 29
Page: 32
Pinch on desktop by using three fingers to get into “thumbnail mode”, able to add, delete
and adjust screen sequence, setting a home screen is supported and able to jump into a
screen immediately.
Changing Themes
Using themes application to change the theme of system global area, supports customise
partially, including wallpaper, home screen, icons, lock screen, ringtone etc. Moreover,
there are online resources of constantly updated themes so it’s much more easier to
change a theme.
Xiaomi Communications Co., Ltd. 30
Page: 33
System Tools
File Explorer
Get to know the current usage of phone storage via file explorer, it supports quick viewing
documents through category and managing documents based on routes. Furthermore,
there is FTP function that enables remote manage phone’s document via WLAN from PC
There is nothing to worry when using MIUI. Security is a part of the system, runs under
system level, more secure and stable. Integrating rubbish cleaner, block list, virus scan,
data usage monitor, battery utiliser, permission manager in one app, comprehensive pro-
tection of phone safety and privacy.
It supports backup of contacts, call logs, messages, system settings etc., partly or fully
restored is selectable after backup done.
Keeping MIUI the latest version, restore to a nearest historical version is supported.
Xiaomi Communications Co., Ltd. 31
Page: 34
Other Utilisations
Clock is a great helper of reminding the time for you, it supports repetition reminder, cus-
tom tag.
Weather forecast of the next three days, real time display of weather condition, reminder of
sudden weather, family weather, quick share of weather forecast to family is supported.
Notes helps you to take down text messages fast and sharing via email or other ap-
proaches, it supports synchronisation with Google task.
Allow you to view date, festival and holidays.
Flashlight application can be used quickly by long pressing “menu button” after lighting up
the screen, it can also be used via the notification bar after unlocked the screen.
Radio supports automatic search for radio stations, adding a radio station to favourite and
Recorder helps you to quick save voice notes, it may records uninterruptedly up to 7 days.
Compass helps you to find direction rapidly.
Xiaomi Communications Co., Ltd. 32
Page: 35
Hotline service
Please call customer service hotline as below if customer service is needed:
Singapore: +65 6761 6088
Malaysia: 1 800 281 182 / 015 4840 7777
India: 1800 103 6286
Indonesia: 0800 1 401558
Hong Kong: 3001 1888
Taiwan: 02 2192 1023
Online support
Online chatting, get to know various customer service details in real time, please visit links
as below for more tips of using Xiaomi.
Singapore: http://www.mi.com/sg/service/online/
Malaysia: http://www.mi.com/my/service/online/
India: http://www.mi.com/in/service/online/
Indonesia: http://www.mi.com/id/service/online/
Philippines: http://www.mi.com/ph/service/online/
Hong Kong: http://www.mi.com/hk/service/online/
Taiwan: http://www.mi.com/tw/service/online/
Learn more
For more information pertaining to Xiaomi and splendid original accessories and products,
please visit our official website:
United States: http://www.mi.com/en/
Europe: http://www.mi.com/en/
Singapore: www.mi.com/sg
Malaysia: www.mi.com/my
India: www.mi.com/in
Indonesia: www.mi.com/id
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Mi Phone User Guide
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Question & answers

I'm umable to send or messages/ keep on getting a pop up message telling me "Unfortunately, Messaging has.." Some times I see I've received a message from a friend but I'm unable to open it and read the message. Phone pop up then tells me to send a report to MI for analysis...! Have I set it up incorrectly?

Published on 1 year ago by Steve James

My alarmwill not sound. Enev I have checked all settings ?

Published on 1 year ago by Moses Chin

How can I increase the number of rings before diverting to voice mail when receiving an incoming call?

Published on 1 year ago by Justin Waugh

How can I add two additional alphabets besides English to my keyboard? I need the Hebrew alphabet and the Arabic alphabet.

Published on 1 year ago by Rory Allweis

how to upload handphone data to computer? no reaction from computer or hand phone.

Published on 1 year ago by S.C. Kwan

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