Wolf Garten LYCOS E/400 T manual


User manual for the Wolf Garten LYCOS E/400 T in Dutch. This PDF manual has 179 pages.

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Page: 1
Meaning of the symbols 17 EN WARNING! %HIRUHXVLQJ\RXUGHYLFHIRUWKH¿UVW time, read this instruction manual carefully and observe the instructions. Keep this instruction manual for later use or subsequent owners. Î%HIRUHXVLQJIRUWKH¿UVWWLPH\RXPXVWUHDGWKH safety information! Failure to observe the instruction manual and the safety instructions can result in damage to the device and danger for the operator and other persons. ÎAll persons involved with the initial set-up, operation and servicing of the device, must have DSSURSULDWHTXDOL¿FDWLRQV The making of unauthorised changes or con- versions is not permitted Do not make any changes to the device or convert it to make other machinery. Such changes can result in personal injury and incorrect operation. ÎRepairs to the device must only be performed by trained persons who have been instructed to do so. When doing so always use original spare parts. This ensures that the safety of the device is maintained. Information symbols in this manual The signs and symbols in this manual should help you to use the manual and device quickly and safely. Note ,QIRUPDWLRQWRHQVXUHWKHPRVWH௺HFWLYHDQG SUDFWLFDOXVHRIWKHGHYLFH ÎStep Requires you to perform an action. 3 Action result This is the result of a sequence of steps. [1]Item number Item numbers are indicated in the text by square brackets [ ]. A Illustration label Illustrations are numbered with letters and identi- ¿HGLQWKHWH[W $ Step number 7KHGH¿QHGVHTXHQFHRIVWHSVLVQXPEHUHGDQG LGHQWL¿HGLQWKHWH[W Meaning of the symbols.........................................17 For your safety.......................................................17 Intended use..........................................................21 ,GHQWL¿FDWLRQSODWH..................................................21 Operating controls .................................................21 Assembly...............................................................21 Operation...............................................................22 Servicing................................................................23 Troubleshooting.....................................................25 Warranty................................................................25 EC Declaration of Conformity................................25 Environmentally-friendly disposal..........................25 For your safety Meaning of the symbols WARNING! Read the instruction manual before XVLQJIRUWKH¿UVWWLPH Caution! Do not allow any other persons to enter the danger area. 360° Caution! Do not allow any other persons to enter the danger area. Caution! Tool continues running once the HQJLQHKDVEHHQVZLWFKHGRႇ Prior to performing any work on the device or if the power cable is GDPDJHGHQWDQJOHGVZLWFKRႇWKH device and pull out the mains plug! Wear safety goggles! / Wear ear defenders! Do not leave the device in the rain! Contents
Page: 2
For your safety 18 EN For your safety Danger levels of warning information The following danger levels are used in this inst- ruction manual to indicate potentially dangerous situations: DANGER ! A dangerous situation is highly likely and, if the measures are not followed, will result in severe injury and even death. WARNING! A dangerous situation may occur and, if the measures are not followed, will result in severe injury and even death. CAUTION! A dangerous situation may occur and, if the measures are not followed, will result in slight or minor injuries. Attention! A possibly harmful situation may occur which if not avoided will result in property damage. Safety information content DANGER ! Type and source of the danger! ÂConsequences of non-observation ¾ Measure for preventing the danger Protection of yourself and others ¾ This device must not be used by children under 16 years of age or persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or with inadequate experience RULQVXႈFLHQWNQRZOHGJH/LNHZLVHSHUVRQV must be familiar with this instruction manual before using the device. The minimum age for XVLQJWKHGHYLFHPD\EHVSHFL¿HGE\ORFDORU national legislation. ¾ For safety reasons, children under 16 years of age or persons who are not familiar with the usage instructions must not use the trimmer. 7KHPLQLPXPDJHRIXVHUVPD\EHGH¿QHGE\ local or national legislation. ¾ Do not operate the trimmer when there are people (especially children) or animals in the immediate vicinity. Ensure children do not play with the trimmer. ¾ Stop using the device if persons (especially children) or animals are nearby. ¾ Only switch the motor on if your feet and hands are at a safe distance from the cutting element. ¾ Always disconnect the device from the power supply if you are leaving it unattended or removing a blockage. ¾ Always wear sturdy shoes and long trousers as well as other appropriate personal protective equipment (safety glasses, ear defenders, safety gloves etc.) when working with the trimmer. The wearing of personal protective equipment minimises the risk of injury. Do not wear loose clothing, etc., which could be caught by the cutting tool. Before use ¾ Before use, make sure you are familiar with the trimmer, its functions and controls. ¾ 1HYHU¿WPHWDOOLFFXWWLQJHOHPHQWV ¾ Do not use any trimmer whose switch is defective and which can no longer be VZLWFKHGRQRURႇ It must be repaired by a TXDOL¿HGH[SHUWRUZRUNVKRS Safety information
Page: 3
For your safety 19 EN Safety information ¾ Do not connect to the power supply using a damaged cable. Do not touch any damaged cable before it has been disconnected from the power supply. If cables are damaged it may be possible to touch live parts. ¾ Never use a device with damaged or missing guards or covers. They must be repaired or UHSODFHGE\DTXDOL¿HGH[SHUWRUZRUNVKRS ¾ Before use, make sure that the lawn is free from branches, stones, wire etc. and look out for such objects the whole time when trimming. ¾ Before making adjustments to the device, cleaning it or checking the power cables, VZLWFKLWRႇDQGSXOORXWWKHPDLQVSOXJ ¾ Before starting the machine and after any impact check the power cable for signs of wear or damage. Have necessary repairs performed E\DTXDOL¿HGHOHFWULFLDQRUZRUNVKRS ¾ Prior to each instance of use, check if the device cable with mains plug or the connection cable is damaged, fragile/old or entangled. Have damaged cables replaced immediately in a workshop prior to further use. Cable ¾ Only use extension cable with a minimum cross-section of 3 x 1.5 mm2 and a maximum length of 25 m: • LIXVLQJUXEEHUVKHDWKHGÀH[LEOHFDEOHV then as a minimum of type HO7RN-F • if using PVC cables, then as a minimum of type HO5 VV-F (cables of this type are not suitable for permanent outdoor use, e.g. for routing underground for connection of a garden socket, connection of a pond pump or storage outdoors) ¾ Plug and portable socket-outlet must be splash-proof. ¾ Use a residual current device (RCD) with a tripping current of no more than 30 mA. ¾ Secure the connection cable to the strain relief. Do not allow to rub on edges, points or sharp objects. Do not squeeze cables between door cracks or window gaps. Switching devices must not be removed or bypassed (e.g. taping of the safety lever to the handle). ¾ Only use connection cables which are in ÀDZOHVVFRQGLWLRQ Tips for use ¾ Do not use the device in potentially explosive DWPRVSKHUHVFRQWDLQLQJÀDPPDEOHOLTXLGV gases or dusts. The trimmer may create sparks, which could ignite the dust or vapours. ¾ Never leave the trimmer unattended during breaks and store it in a secure location. ¾ Hold the trimmer parallel to the lawn when switching on, otherwise there is a risk of injury. ¾ Also when working maintain a safe distance relative to the rotating line. ¾ Do not reach into the area of the rotating line. ¾ Take care to avoid injury when using the cutting device for shortening the line length. After pulling out new line, always hold the device in its normal working position before switching it on. ¾ Wear suitable safety goggles and ear defenders! ¾ Adopt a normal posture. Ensure you are standing securely and that you maintain your balance at all times. Do not run, rather walk forwards at a steady pace. This will ensure that you can maintain better control of the device if unexpected situations occur. ¾ Take extra care if you are walking backwards. Risk of tripping! ¾ 6ZLWFKWKHPRWRURႇZKHQFDUU\LQJWKHGHYLFH to or from separate working positions. ¾ Keep connection cables away from cutting tools to prevent damage to cables which could lead to the contacting of active parts.
Page: 4
For your safety 20 EN ¾ If the mains cable of this device is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its FXVWRPHUVHUYLFHRUDTXDOL¿HGSHUVRQLQ order to avoid hazards. ¾ Never bypass or remove safety devices installed on the device (e.g. by taping the push-button to the handle). ¾ Do not push the line box into the ground or hit it against wall edges. If the line box suddenly receives a heavy blow, be prepared for increased vibration at the handle. If this does occur, the device must be checked and, LIQHFHVVDU\UHSDLUHGE\DTXDOL¿HGH[SHUWRU workshop. ¾ Under the following circumstances, switch WKHGHYLFHRႇDQGUHPRYHWKHPDLQVSOXJ from the power supply. Make sure that all moving parts have come to a complete standstill: - Before you leave the device; - Before you release a block; - Before you conduct cleaning, maintenance and tuning tasks; - Before you check the device for damage; e.g. after a foreign object has been encountered; - If the device is vibrating excessively heavily. After use ¾ 6ZLWFKWKHGHYLFHRႇSXOORXWWKHPDLQVSOXJ and check the device for damage. Attention, danger! Cutting tool still running! ¾ If you need to clean or service the device, VZLWFKLWRႇDQGSXOORXWWKHPDLQVSOXJ ¾ Always wait until the cutting tool comes to a standstill. ¾ Removal of guards or replacement of the line spool must only be performed if the motor is VWRSSHGDQGWKHFXWWLQJWRROVZLWFKHGRႇDQG then only if the mains plug has been pulled out. Use only an original line spool and observe WKH¿WWLQJLQVWUXFWLRQV ¾ Ensure that ventilation slots are free from dirt. ¾ Do not clean the device with water. ¾ Store the device in a secure location. ¾ Store the device out of reach of children. ¾ Do not repair the device yourself; it must be UHSDLUHGE\DTXDOL¿HGH[SHUWRUZRUNVKRS ¾ Allow the motor to cool before putting the device away. General safety information ¾ Spare parts must meet the requirements of the manufacturer. Therefore, use only original spare parts or those spare parts authorised by the manufacturer. When replacing spare parts, DOZD\VREVHUYHWKHVXSSOLHG¿WWLQJLQVWUXFWLRQV DOZD\VSXOORXWWKHPDLQVSOXJ¿UVW ¾ 5HSDLUVPXVWRQO\EHSHUIRUPHGE\DTXDOL¿HG technician or service centre. Specialist workshop addresses can be found on our website. ¾ This trimmer is intended for the care of lawn edges and smaller grass and lawn areas in private households. The device must not be used for purposes other than those intended because of the risk of bodily injury to the user or other persons. ¾ Only use the trimmer in daylight or under EULJKWDUWL¿FLDOOLJKW Keep your work area clean and well lit. ¾ Only use the trimmer in dry weather conditions. Keep it away from rain or damp. The ingress of water into the trimmer increases the risk of an electric shock. ¾ Do not use the device if it is raining or there is a risk of storms. ¾ Even if all safety and operating instructions are heeded, there is always a residual risk of injury and property damage. Always bear this in mind. ¾ Replace all worn or damaged information signs on the device. Safety information
Page: 5
Intended use 21 EN Intended use This trimmer is intended solely for the care of lawn edges and smaller grass and lawn areas in private households. Any other use is classed as an unintended use. The user is liable for any damages arising from unintended use. Incorrect/abnormal use This trimmer should not be used in public facilities, parks, sports grounds, roads etc. nor in agriculture or forestry. Due to the risk of bodily injury to the user, the trim- mer must not be used: - to trim bushes, hedges and shrubs; - WRFXWÀRZHUV - for shredding for the purpose of composting. ,GHQWL¿FDWLRQSODWH Position 7KHLGHQWL¿FDWLRQSODWHLVORFDWHGRQWKHERWWRP handle end of the trimmer. Note 7KHODEHOKDVWKHVWDWXVRIDFHUWL¿FDWH,W PXVWQHYHUEHDOWHUHGRUREOLWHUDWHG Layout MTD Products AG Industriestraße 23 D-66129 Saarbrücken XXX W XXXX min-1 XX kg 230V~ 50Hz Lawn Trimmer LYCOS E/XXX X 41XXXXXX650 XXXXXXXXXXX XXXX xxx 12 14 4 7 6 5 8 13 1 2 3 10 9 11 1 Guaranteed sound level 2 Protection class/IP code 3 CE mark 4 Manufacturer 5 Device group 6 Model name 7 Model number 8 Serial number 9 Power 10 Engine speed in rpm 11 Weight 12 Rated voltage, current type, frequency 13 Disposal instruction 14 Year of manufacture Operating controls Operating controls . 1 Handle 2 Lock-on switch 3 Middle handle 4 Quick-release fastener for telescopic arm adjustment 5 Locating button edge cutting function 6 Protective cover 7 Line knife 8 Line box 9 On/off switch 10 Cable strain-relief device 11 Locating button, working angle 12 3ODQWSURWHFWLRQERZ 13 6XSSRUWZKHHOIRUHGJHFXWWLQJIXQFWLRQ 14 Press knob for line adjustment 15 Storage box for spare line spool (depending on the model, ZLWKVSDUHOLQHVSRROLQWKHVFRSHRIGHOLYHU\ 16 Telescopic arm * model and version-dependent Assembly Attaching the protective cover A ÎPosition the protective cover on the grass trimmer $. ÎFix the protective cover with the fastening screws %. Note 2QO\DWWDFKWKHVFUHZVVRWKH\DUH¿QJHU tight. Note %HIRUHVWDUWLQJWKHGHYLFHUHPRYHWKHFXW protector on the line cutter. Note The grass trimmer can be used for cutting small areas of grass = ? and edge cutting <.
Page: 6
Operation 22 EN Attaching the middle handle > (Typ 2) ÎPlace the middle handle on the grass trimmer $. ÎFasten the middle handle with the hexagon screw and the star screw to the grass trimmer %. Note 0DNHVXUHWKHKHDGRIWKHKH[DJRQVFUHZ ¿WVFRUUHFWO\LQWKHUHFHVVRIWKHPLGGOH handle. Attaching the plant protection bow @ (Typ 2) The plant protection bow protects shrubs, trees and bedding plants during trimming. ÎPull the plant protection bow apart slightly so that it can be attached to the trimmer $. ÎInsert the plant protection bow into the mounting on the trimmer until it latches in %. Note During edge cutting the plant protection bow PXVWEHWXUQHGWRWKHUHDUE\ƒ Settings for operation WARNING! Risk of injuries posed by the cutting tool. ¾ Only adjust the device with the motor VZLWFKHGRႇDQGWKHFXWWLQJWRRODWD standstill. ¾ Do not reach into the area of the rotating line. ¾ Pull the mains plug before any work on the device! Setting the telescopic arm 7 The telescopic arm can be set to the user's height. ÎOpen the quick-release fastener $. ÎPull the telescopic arms apart or push them to- gether until the ideal height is obtained %. ÎClose the quick-release fastener '. Setting the middle handle ; (Typ 2) The middle handle can be set for easier work at various incline positions. ÎRelease the star screw on the middle handle $. ÎSet the desired incline %. ÎRetighten the star screw on the middle handle '. Setting the working angle of the trimmer head : The trimmer head of the lawn trimmer can be set WRGLႇHUHQWKRUL]RQWDOZRUNLQJDQJOHVIRUHDVLHU working. This allows you to easily reach problematic DQGGLႈFXOWWRDFFHVVSRVLWLRQVLQWKHJDUGHQ ÎPress and hold the locating button $. ÎSet the operating angle %. ÎRelease the locating button. 3 The head of the lawn trimmer engages audibly. Setting the edge-cutting function < 6 The edge cutting function enables precise trimming along the lawn edge <. Î7XUQWKHSODQWSURWHFWLRQERZWRWKHUHDUE\ƒ until it latches in 6 $ – only required for Typ 2. ÎPress the locating button 6 % while simultane- RXVO\WXUQLQJWKHWULPPHUKHDGE\ƒWRWKH left 6 '. ÎRelease the locating button. 3 The trimmer head audibly engages. Note For normal trimming/cutting, the plant pro- WHFWLRQERZ 7\S VKRXOGEHWXUQHGE\ƒ EDFNWRWKHIURQWWRSURWHFWWKHSODQWVDJDLQVW the trimming line. Operation WARNING! Risk of injuries posed by the cutting tool. ¾ 6ZLWFKWKHPRWRURႇZDLWXQWLOWKHFXWWLQJ tool comes to a standstill, and pull out the mains plug before you perform adjustments or other work to the device. Operating times ÎObserve the times stipulated in local byelaws. ÎCheck with your local authorities to determine if there are any operating time limitations. Guiding the cable through the strain relief 9 The strain relief in the control handle prevents acci- dental disconnection of the extension cable. ÎFasten the extension cable in the strain relief as shown.
Page: 7
Servicing 23 EN Mains socket connection (230 V, 50 Hz) WARNING! Risk of injuries or material damage. ¾ Observe the mains voltage. ¾ The power source voltage must match the information on the device LGHQWL¿FDWLRQSODWH ¾ Only connect to a socket, that is SURWHFWHGE\D$VORZEORZIXVH (or an MCB). Note 7KHSURWHFWLYHGHYLFHVSURWHFW\RXDJDLQVW VHYHUHLQMXU\LQWKHHYHQWRI\RXUFRPLQJ into contact with damaged/bare wires, if an LQVXODWLRQGHIHFWH[LVWVDQGXQGHUFHUWDLQ FLUFXPVWDQFHVLIGDPDJHWROLYHZLUHV occurs. • We recommend that you only connect the device to power outlets that are protected by a residual current device (RCD) with a tripping FXUUHQWRIQRPRUHWKDQP$ • For older wiring installations, upgrade kits are DYDLODEOH&RQVXOWDTXDOL¿HGHOHFWULFLDQ Switching the device on/off 5 WARNING! Risk of injuries due to the rotating line. ÂTool continues running! ¾ Always wait until the cutting tool comes to a standstill. ¾ Hold the trimmer parallel to the lawn before switching on. Switching the device on ÎPress the lock-on switch on the handle $. Î6LPXOWDQHRXVO\SUHVVWKHRQRႇVZLWFKRQWKH handle %. ÎRelease the lock-on switch again. 3 The device operates. 6ZLWFKLQJWKHGHYLFHRႇ Î5HOHDVHWKHRQRႇVZLWFKWRVZLWFKWKHGHYLFH Rႇ'. 3 7KHGHYLFHLVVZLWFKHGRႇ Note The cutting tool continues to run for a brief SHULRGDIWHUEHLQJVZLWFKHGR௺ Adjusting the line Typ 1 2 Î3UHVVWKHUXQQLQJGHYLFHEULHÀ\RQWR¿UPJURXQG e.g. a paving stone using the press knob (pressing down force about 3 kg). About 1.5 cm of cutting line is automatically fed out. Typ 2 :LWKHDFKVZLWFKLQJRႇDQGRQWKHOLQHLVDGMXVWHG automatically out of the line box. Note )UHTXHQWO\VZLWFKLQJRQDQGR௺ZLWKRXWUHD- son results in increased line wear. Note If the cutting line becomes too short during RSHUDWLRQGXHWRZHDUVZLWFKWKHGHYLFHR௺ DQGWKHQEDFNRQDJDLQWRH[WHQGWKHZRU- NLQJOHQJWKRIWKHFXWWLQJOLQHDXWRPDWLFDOO\ Servicing WARNING! Risk of injuries or material damage. ¾ Only clean or service the device if the motor is stationary and also the cutting tool. ¾ Pull out the mains plug before any work on the device! ¾ Repair and service work as well as the replacement of safety elements must EHSHUIRUPHGE\DTXDOL¿HGH[SHUWRU workshop. Cleaning the trimmer Î6ZLWFKWKHWULPPHURႇDQGZDLWXQWLOWKHFXWWLQJ tool comes to a standstill. ÎClean the device with a hand brush after every use. ÎClean the ventilation slots and underside of the device at regular intervals to remove grass resi- dues. Attention! Do not clean the device with water.
Page: 8
Servicing 24 EN Replacing the line spool 408 WARNING! Risk of injuries due to the cutting tool. ¾ Only adjust the device with the motor VZLWFKHGRႇDQGWKHFXWWLQJWRRODWD standstill. ¾ Do not reach into the area of the rotating line. ¾ Pull out the mains plug before any work on the device! Typ 1 ÎPress the retaining lugs on the spool cap together 4$DQGSXOOLWRႇZLWKWKHOLQHVSRRO4%. ÎRemove the line spool 0$. ÎIf necessary, remove any dirt. ÎInsert a new line spool in the spool cap 0%. ÎThread the line ends through the eyes of the spool cap 0'. Note 7RSUHYHQWXQLQWHQWLRQDOXQFRLOLQJGRQRW WDNHWKHOLQHRIWKHQHZOLQHVSRRORXWRIWKH retaining slots before inserting 0 . ÎAfter threading in and assembling the line spool in the spool cap, pull strongly on the two line ends to release them out of the retaining slots. ÎPlace the spool cap, together with the line spool, on the line spool holder so that the two retaining lugs of the spool cap perceptibly engage 0 #. Typ 2 8 ÎSimultaneously strongly press the spool cap together at both of the retaining lugs$and pull it Rႇ%. ÎRemove the line spool '. ÎIf necessary, remove any dirt. ÎInsert a new line spool in the housing #. ÎThread the line ends through the eyes of the line box . Note 7RSUHYHQWXQLQWHQWLRQDOXQFRLOLQJGRQRW WDNHWKHOLQHRIWKHQHZOLQHVSRRORXWRIWKH retaining slots before inserting . ÎPull strongly on the two line ends to release them out of the retaining slots of the line spool. ÎPosition the spool cap on the line spool holder so that the two retaining lugs perceptibly engage !. WARNING! Risk of injuries due to the rotating line. ÂUpon switching on, the line is cut to the working length. ¾ Only switch the device on when it is in an operating position. Transport and storage WARNING! Risk of injuries due to the cutting tool. ¾ %HIRUHWUDQVSRUWRUVWRUDJHVZLWFKRႇ the device and wait until the cutting tool comes to a standstill. ¾ Pull out the mains plug! Storage ÎThoroughly clean your device after every season. ÎStore the trimmer in a clean and dry room. ÎProtect the trimmer against rust/oxidation during long storage periods.
Page: 9
Troubleshooting 25 EN Problem Possible cause Remedy Line adjustment does not work. Trimmer line spool is empty. Replace the line spool. &XWWLQJOLQHKDVWRUQRႇDQGLVSXOOHGLQWRWKHOLQH box. 7DNHRႇWKHOLQHVSRROLIQHFHVVDU\ZLQG up the line again by gently pulling and insert the spool. Cutting line has become caught in the spool. Cutting line is welded onto the spool. Remove the welded on line section, if ne- cessary wind up the line again by gently pulling and insert the spool. Motor does not run. No mains supply. Check the power supply and if necessary contact an electrician to arrange repair. Cable damage: Attention! Electric shock due to cable damage. A fuse/circuit breaker will not always blow/trip if the cable is cut through or damaged. ÎDo not touch the cable before the mains plug has been pulled out of the socket. The trimmer starts to vibrate excessi- vely. The drive is blocked or the bearing is defective. Contact a specialist repair shop to arran- ge inspection and, if necessary, repair of the grass trimmer. 7KHOLQHEUHDNVRႇ too frequently. The line comes into contact too frequently with ¿[HGREMHFWVHJIHQFHVWUHHVHWF Depending on the design, use the plant protection bow. Troubleshooting WARNING! Risk of injuries or material damage ¾ In case of doubt always consult a specialist workshop. ¾ %HIRUHDQ\LQVSHFWLRQRUDQ\ZRUNRQWKHGHYLFHVZLWFKWKHPRWRURႇDQGSXOORXWWKHSOXJ Warranty The warranty conditions of our local company or importer apply in all countries. Under the terms of the warranty we will repair faults on your device free of charge, insofar as material or manufactu- ring defects are the cause. To make a claim under warranty please contact your seller or your nearest branch. EC Declaration of Conformity )XUWKHUGHWDLOVDERXWWKHGHYLFHDUHFRQWDL- QHGRQWKHVHSDUDWHO\HQFORVHG(&'HFOD- UDWLRQRI&RQIRUPLW\ZKLFKIRUPVSDUWRIWKLV instruction manual. Environmentally-friendly disposal Power tools, accessories and packaging must be routed to an environmentally sound recycling chain. Do not throw your old power tool away with the domestic waste. Take it to a disposal facility.
Page: 10

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  • Model/name: LYCOS E/400 T
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