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  • Brand: Whirlpool
  • Product: Washing Machine
  • Model/name: Nevada 1400
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: Dutch, French, English, German

Table of Contents

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5019 301 06373
Whirlpool is a registered trademark of Whirlpool USA
❉: optional / Yes : dosing required
For improved garment care, spin speed is restricted in these programmes.
The wool and handwash cycles of this machine have been tested and approved by The Woolmark Company for the
washing of Woolmark garments labelled as “machine wash” or “hand wash” provided that the garments are washed
according to the instructions on the garment label and those issued in this programme chart. M0620
Type of wash/Notes
- Respect the manufacturer’s recommendations on the care label
Detergents and additives Special options Max.
Softener Pre-
White Cotton Kookwas 70 - 95 °C 7.0
Normally to heavily soiled bed linen, table linen and underwear,
towels, shirts etc. made of cotton and linen. ❉ Yes ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ max.
Coloured Cotton Bonte was 20 - 60 °C 7.0
Synthetics Synthetisch 20 - 60 °C 3.0 Normally soiled blouses, shirts, overalls etc. made of polyester
(Diolen, Trevira), polyamide (Perlon, Nylon) or blends with cotton. ❉ Yes ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ max.
Daily load Gemengde was 20 - 60 °C 4.0 Slightly to normally soiled textiles made of cotton and/or synthetics. — Yes ❉ — — ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ max.
Quick wash 20 - 30 °C 4.0
Shortly worn outer clothing made of cotton, polyester, polyamide and
blends with cotton. — Yes ❉ — — ❉ — — ❉ ❉ max.
Delicates Fijne was 20 - 40 °C 1.5 Curtains and delicate clothing, dresses skirts, shirts and blouses. ❉ Yes ❉ — ❉ ❉ — — ❉ ❉ 1000 1)
Sport Sport 20 - 30 °C 3.0
Normally soiled and sweaty sportswear made of cotton jersey or
This programme includes a prewash cycle – you can add detergent also to
the prewash chamber if you want. Do not add any softener.
❉ Yes ❉ — — ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ max.
Lingerie Lingerie 20 - 30 °C 1.0
This programme is particularly suitable to treat delicate lingerie (use
of a laundry net strongly recommended). — Yes ❉ — — ❉ — — ❉ ❉ 400 1)
Wool Wol 20 - 40 °C 1.0
This programme (40°C) is tested and approved by The Woolmark
Company for machine washable wool.
— Yes ❉ — — ❉ — — ❉ ❉ 1000 1)
Handwash 20 - 40 °C 1.0
extiles made of linen, silk, wool and viscose marked as “handwashable”.
This programme (40°C) is tested and approved by The Woolmark
Company for handwashable wool.
— Yes ❉ — — ❉ — — ❉ ❉ 400 1)
Eco Cotton Eco Katoen 60 °C 7.0
Heavily soiled and robust laundry washable at 60°C such as bed linen,
table linen, towels etc.
The extended programme duration enables economic energy and
water consumption while maintaining good washing results.
— Yes ❉ — — ❉ — ❉ ❉ ❉ max.
Rinse & Spin Spoelen & Centrifugeren — — 7.0 Same as the last rinse and the final spin in the “Cotton” programme. — — ❉ — — ❉ — ❉ ❉ ❉ max.
Spin Centrifugeren — — 7.0 In this programme spinning is intensive. Same as the spin cycle in the
“Cotton” programme. — — — — — ❉ — — — ❉ max.
Drain Afpompen — — — Drain only - no spinning. Alternative method of terminating programme
after “Rinse Hold”. — — — — — ❉ — — — — —
A. “Door open” indication
This washing machine is equipped with
automatic safety functions which detect and
diagnose faults at an early stage and react
appropriately, e.g.:
B. “Service” indication
C. “Water tap closed” indication
D. “Clean pump” indication
E. Programme selector
F. “Start (Pause)” button
G. “Spin” button
H. Programme sequence indicator
I. “Reset” button
J. “Start delay” button
K. “Temperature” button
L. Display
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5019 301 06373
Whirlpool is a registered trademark of Whirlpool USA
Add detergent as indicated on the front page and as described in
the chapter “Detergent and Additives” in your Instructions for Use.
1. Turn the programme selector to the desired programme.
The display shows the programme duration in hours and
minutes as well as the predefined temperature. The “Start
(Pause)” button blinks.
2. The temperature can be altered by pressing the
“Temperature” button.
3. The indication lamp of the predefined spin speed lights up; in
case you want to set another spin speed, press the “Spin” button.
Push the button of any option desired - the respective indication lights up.
When the combination of programme and additional option(s) is
not possible, the indication lights switch off automatically.
Unsuitable combinations of options are deselected automatically.
“Clean+” button
• Choose this option if you use an in-wash additive for stain removal
(powder, for example “Vanish”) - it will optimize the additive’s
efficiency to get better wash performance and stain removal.
• Choose temperature of 30 or 40°C and use with maximum load.
• Add an appropriate amount of in-wash additive for stain
removal (powder) to the main wash chamber, together with
your detergent (only use powder detergent with this option).
Respect the manufacturer’s dosing instructions.
• Prolongs the programme by approx. 10 to 15 minutes.
• Appropriate for use of stain removers and bleaches on oxygen
basis. Chlorine or perborate bleaches must not be used!
“Prewash” button
• Only for heavily soiled loads (for example sand, granular dirt)
sensible. Increases the cycle time by approximately 15 min.
• Do not use liquid detergent for the main wash when activating
the Prewash option.
“Easy ironing” button
• Can be used together with “Cotton”, “Synthetics” and “Daily
load” programmes to make ironing easier.
• Increases the water quantity and the clothes are spun very gently.
“Intensive rinse” button
• More water is added and rinse cycle is prolonged.
• This option is particularly suitable for areas with very soft
water, washing baby linen and helps people with allergies.
“Rinse hold” button
• The laundry remains in the last rinse water without
progressing to the final spin cycle to avoid creasing and prevent
colours from changing.
• This option is particularly recommended for the programmes
“Synthetics”, “Daily load” and “Delicates”.
• It is particularly useful if you want to postpone spinning to a
later time, or if you want to drain only.
• If you select “Rinse hold”, do not leave the laundry to soak for
too long.
Note: The programme stops to “Rinse hold” at the time the
“Rinse hold” light in the programme sequence indicator is on.
The indication lamp next to the “Start (Pause)” button blinks.
Terminate the “Rinse hold” option:
• Press the “Start (Pause)” button; the programme will
terminate automatically with the final spin cycle for the present
wash programme.
Approx. Programme Duration
(hours : minutes)*
White Cotton 95 7.0 74** 2.10 2:10
Coloured Cotton 60 7.0 54 1.19 2:20
Coloured Cotton 40 7.0 69 0.75 2:05
Synthetics 60 3.0 46** 0.80 1:35
Synthetics 40 3.0 42 0.40 1:20
Daily load 40 4.0 48 0.50 1:00
Quick wash 30 4.0 48 0.25 0:30
Delicates 30 1.5 60 0.50 0:45
Sport 30 3.0 52 0.50 1:34
Lingerie 30 1.0 45 0.45 0:36
Wool 40 1.0 60 0.55 0:45
Handwash 40 1.0 45 0.55 0:40
Eco Cotton*** 60 7.0 54 0.91 4:00
Consumption values were measured in normalized conditions in compliance with Standard IEC/EN 60 456. Consumption data in the home
may vary with respect to the values in the table in relation to the water supply pressure and temperature, the load and the type of wash.
* The time indicated on the display can deviate from the values in the table, because it takes into account the household
conditions applicable at that time.
** To reduce the water temperature, some cold water is added at the end of the main wash cycle, before the pump drains the water out.
*** Reference Programme for Energy Label.
• If you do not wish to spin the clothes, turn the programme
selector knob to the “Drain” programme and press the “Start
(Pause)” button.
“Spin” button
• Every programme has a predefined spin speed.
• Press the button to set another spin speed.
• If spin speed “0” is selected, the final spinning is cancelled but
intermediate spin peaks remain during rinse. The water is
drained out only.
The “Start delay” allows to run the machine at the consumer’s
convenience, for example at night when electricity is cheaper. Do
not use liquid detergent when activating the “Start delay”.
• Select programme, temperature and options.
• Press the “Start delay” button to select the delay time by 1 to 23 hours.
• Press the “Start (Pause)” button.
The indication light next to the “Start delay” button lights up
and the countdown of the delay time begins. The dot between
hours and minutes of the indicated delay time as well as the
light of the start delay button will keep blinking until the
programme starts.
• The time delay indication disappears when the programme
starts and it is replaced by the remaining programme time.
• Once having pressed the “Start (Pause)” button, the number
of hours preselected can be reduced by pressing and holding
the “Start delay” button. From 1 hour on, the delay time can
also be reduced by minutes.
To cancel the “Start delay”
...before you press the “Start (Pause)” button:
• Turn the programme selector to another position or press the
“Reset” button.
...after having pressed the “Start (Pause)” button:
• Press the “Start (Pause)” button - the start delay will
disappear from the display. Press “Start (Pause)” again to
start the selected programme immediately.
Open the tap and press the “Start (Pause)” button. The
indication lamp next to the “Start (Pause)” button lights up. The
programme sequence indicator shows the current programme
phase, running from left to right through Wash, Rinse, Spin/Drain.
The display shows the remaining programme time. Due to
variations in load and temperature of inlet water, the remaining
time is newly calculated in certain programme phases. If this is the
case, an animation appears on the display.
Before starting and after end of a programme, the lamp lights to
show that the door can be opened. As long as a wash programme
is running, the door remains locked and must on no account be
forced open. In case you have an urgent need to open it during a
running programme, refer to “Cancel (Reset) a running
programme before the end”.
Lighting up of the “Service” indication can be caused by a fault in an
electrical component. Refer to the “Troubleshooting Guide” in
your Instructions for Use; if the fault persists, contact our After
Sales Service.
“Water tap closed”
The appliance has no or insufficient water supply. Open the water
tap; if the indication still lights up, refer to the “Troubleshooting
Guide” in the Instructions for Use.
“Clean pump”
Waste water is not pumped out. Check whether the drain hose is
kinked or the filter must be cleaned; in the latter case refer to the
Instructions for Use (“Removing the Filter”).
• All the lights of the programme sequence indicator are off,
and the “Door open” indication lights up.
1. Turn the programme selector to the “Off/O” position.
2. Close the water tap.
3. Open the door and unload the machine.
4. Leave the door ajar to allow the drum to dry.
1. Press the “Start (Pause)” button to pause the programme.
The light blinks.
2. Select the new programme, temperature, any options and
another spin speed if you want.
3. Press the “Start (Pause)” button again. The new
programme continues at the same position where the
previous programme was interrupted. Do not add detergent
for this programme.
The “Reset” button cancels a programme before the end.
• Press the “Reset” button for at least 3 seconds. Any existing
water is drained out before the door can be opened.
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