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  • Brand: Whirlpool
  • Product: Refrigerator
  • Model/name: ARC 5865 IS
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: English

Table of Contents

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5019 637 01032/A
A. Refrigerator Compartment
1. Fan with antibacterial filter (depending on the model)
2. Lighting
3. Shelves / Shelf area
3a. Plastic “dual shelf” (depending on the model)
4. Sliding drawer (depending on the model)
5. Rating plate
6. Crisper drawer/drawers
7. Crisper divider (depending on the model)
8. Separator
9. Door trays
B. Freezer Compartment
10. Upper basket (freezing zone)
11. Ice tray
12. Storage basket for frozen food items
13. The freezer door trays for pizza or other frozen products with a
short storage time (depending on the model)
C. Control panel
- The ambient air temperature, the frequency of door opening
and the position of the appliance can affect the internal
temperatures. Adjust the thermostat knob depending on
these factors.
- The number and type of shelves, as well as configuration of
accessories may vary, depending on the model. All shelves and door
trays are removable.
- The appliance accessories are not suitable for washing in a
The fridge-freezer has two
compressors which allow independent
control of the refrigerator and freezer
Refrigerator compartment internal
temperature control
Thermostat set to 1: highest internal temperature
Thermostat set to 7: coldest internal temperature
Thermostat set to Off: refrigerator compartment only is switched off
The recommended thermostat setting is Med./3-4
Freezer compartment internal
temperature control (with “1/2 load”
function indicated- depending on
Thermostat set to 1: highest internal temperature
Thermostat set to 4: coldest internal temperature
Thermostat set to Off:freezer compartment only is switched off if
“fast freezing” button is not pressed.
The recommended thermostat setting is Med./2-3
Description of indicator lamps
1. When the “fast freezing” function button is pressed, yellow
indicator lamp 2 switches on.
2. For more efficient freezing press this button 24 hours before
freezing fresh food. After 24 hours place the food to be frozen in
the upper basket of freezer compartment. After 24 hours from
the placing the fresh food press-on the button once-again to
swich-off fast freezing function.
3. The red indicator lamp indicates a freezer compartment
internal temperature alarm.
4. The green indicator lamp indicates that the appliance is
connected to the mains power supply.
5. Light switch (depending on model).
Fan (depending on the model)
The fan helps to achieve better temperature distribution inside the
refrigerator compartment, and optimizes food storage conditions.
Do not obstruct the air intake area (1a) with food items.
Fan with a button
Press button (1b) to turn the fan on when the ambient temperature is
above 27/ 28°C, when condition occurs on the shelves, or in the
instances of high air humidity.
The fan ONLY runs if the compressor is working.
Make sure to turn the fan off in lower ambient temperatures.
Fan without a button
An electric system automatically turn on and turn off the fan.
The fan ONLY runs if the compressor is working.
While the fan is on, you have the option to fit in the antibacterial
filter which helps trap and kill airborne microorganisms caught
within it.
Remove it from the box (found in the crisper drawer (item 6) and
insert into the grille (item 1c).
For any optimum performance of the antibacterial filter, replace the
filter every 6 months.
1. Remove the filter and dispose as a whole (grate box + insert).
2. Replace the filter with the new ones.
3. The replacement procedure is attached with the filter.
Our After-sales Service can supply this type of filter.
Replacing the light bulb
Always disconnect the refrigerator from the power supply before
replacing any light bulb. If the inside light is not working, it is
necessary to:
1. Remove the light cover: put the fingers into the side ventilation
holes (1), stretch the cover gently and move it upwards.
2. Check the bulb. If necessary unscrew the broken bulb and
replace it with the new one (use maximum 15W bulb).
3. Put on the light cover.
Do not leave uncovered the bulb.

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