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  • Brand: Whirlpool
  • Product: Stove
  • Model/name: AKM 260
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: English, Slovak

Table of Contents

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These instructions are only valid for those
Countries where the destination abbreviations are
mentioned on the rear cover of the user
instructions and on the appliance.
• Keep the packaging material (plastic bags,
polystyrene parts, etc.) out of the reach of
children, as they are potentially dangerous.
• Check whether the cooktop has been damaged
during transport.
• Ensure that the installation and gas/electrical
connections are performed by a qualified
technician, following the manufacturer's
instructions and in compliance with current
local safety regulations.
1. Packaging
The packaging material is entirely recyclable, and
is marked with the recycling symbol , which
identifies it as a type of material that must be sent
to local waste-disposal centres.
2. Product
The cooktop is made out of recyclable material.
When scrapping it, comply with local waste-
disposal regulations. Before disposing of it, cut its
power cable off in order to render it inoperative.
• Before any cleaning or maintenance
operation, disconnect the cooktop from mains
power supply.
• The use of a gas appliance produces heat and
humidity in the room. Ensure that the room is
well ventilated, or install an extractor hood
with exhaust duct.
• In case of prolonged use, additional
ventilation may be needed (opening a window
or increasing the extraction force of the hood).
• Keep children away from the cooktop when it is
in use and when its has just been switched off.
• After use, ensure that the knobs are in
position (off), and close the main gas
delivery valve or the gas cylinder valve.
• Caution: the lid (where present) might break
if overheated. Before closing it, make sure
that all the burners are off.
• Warning: The protective rubber feet on the
panstand grids represent a choking hazard for
young children.
After cleaning the panstand grids, please
ensure that all the rubber feet are correctly
Declaration of conformity
• This cooktop has been designed, constructed
and marketed in compliance with:
- safety requirements of EEC Directive
“Gas” 90/396;
- safety requirements of EEC Directive
“Low voltage” 73/23;
- protection requirements of EEC Directive
“EMC” 89/336;
- requirements of EEC Directive 93/68.
• This cooktop is suitable for contact with
foodstuffs, and complies with
EEC Directive 89/109.
• This cooktop (Class 3) has been designed to
be used only for cooking. Any other use (such
as heating a room) is improper and
• To get full satisfaction of your cooktop,
please read these instructions carefully
and keep them for future consultation.
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• The cooktop is equipped with burners and/or a hotplate with
different diameters. Use pots and pans whose bottom
diameter is equal to that of the burners and hotplate, or
slightly larger.
• Only use flat-bottomed pots and pans.
• The pots and pans must not overlap the control panel.
• If possible, keep the container covered when cooking.
• Cook vegetables, potatoes, etc. with a small amount of water
in order to cut down cooking time.
• A pressure cooker allows you to save even more energy and
Burner Diameter of container
Large (9,1 cm)
Medium (6,4 cm)
Small (4,5 cm)
Triple crown (12 cm)
Fish kettle (23 cm x 4,5 cm)
24 to 26 cm
16 to 22 cm
8 to 14 cm
24 to 26 cm
16 to 35 cm
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Cleaning the cooktop surface, panstand grids and
control panel
• Before cleaning the cooktop, disconnect it from mains
power supply and wait until it has cooled down.
• Wipe with a cloth moistened with hot water and soap or
diluted liquid detergent.
• Do not use abrasive or corrosive products, chlorine products
or steel wool.
• Do not use vapour cleaning appliances.
• Do not use flammable products.
• Do not leave acid or alkaline substances, such as vinegar, salt
or lemon juice, etc., on the cooktop.
Stainless steel surface
• Clean with a specific commercial product.
Note: if the cooktop is used continuously, the high
temperatures produced by the flames may alter the colour
of the surface near the burners.
Cleaning the burners
1. Raise the cap and remove it.
2. Extract the burner from its housing by pulling it up.
3. Soak the burner and the cap in hot water and liquid
detergent. (Do not wash into a dishwasher).
4. Rinse out and dry carefully.
5. Ensure that none of its openings is clogged.
6. Reposition the burner and cap.
Note: to avoid damaging the electric ignition device, do not
use it when the burners are not in their housing.
Cleaning the electric hotplate
The electric hotplate must be cleaned when it is lukewarm.
Wipe with a cloth moistened with water and salt, and polish
with a cloth moistened with oil.
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1. The burner fails to ignite:
• Is the main gas delivery valve open?
• Has the delivery of the town gas (methane) been
• Is the gas cylinder (liquid gas) empty?
• Are the openings of the burner clogged?
• Have the cap and burner been positioned
correctly after cleaning?
(See paragraph “Care and Maintenance”.)
2. The burner fails to remain lit:
• Repeat the ignition operation, turning the knob
to the position with the small flame symbol .
3. The electric ignition device does not work:
• Is there a power failure?
Before you call the After Sales Service:
1. Check the “Troubleshooting guide” above to
see if you can eliminate the trouble yourself.
2. Re-start the cooktop, to check whether correct
operation has been restored.
3. If the malfunction persists, call the After Sales
Give the following information:
•type of malfunction;
•model of cooktop;
•service number (i.e., the number that follows
the word SERVICE on the rating plate under
the cooktop and on the guarantee paper);
•your complete address;
•your telephone number and area code.
If any repairs are required, please contact an
authorised After-Sales Service, as indicated in
the warranty.
In the unlikely event that an operation or repair is
carried out by an unauthorised technician, always
request a certification of the job carried out and
insist on the use of original spare parts.
Failure to comply with these instructions may
compromise the safety and quality of the
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Technical information for the Installer
This cooktop can be embedded in a worktop 20 to 50 mm
thick. If there is no oven beneath the cooktop (any oven
installed must be manufactured by us and equipped with a
cooling system), insert a separator panel at a minimum
distance of 20 mm from the bottom of the cooktop.
Note: before installation, make sure that the local gas
delivery conditions (nature and pressure of gas) are
compatible with the settings of the cooktop, as indicated on
the Product Description Sheet and on the rating plate.
• If a vertical piece of furniture is installed, there must be
a gap of at least 100 mm between it and the edge of the
• Before installation, remove the plastic film protecting the
appliance, if provided.
The outer surfaces of the furniture or appliances adjacent to
the cooktop must be heat resistant (heat protection “Y”)
according to standards.
• Installation must comply with current local regulations.
• In the room where the cooktop is installed, there must be
enough air to allow the gas to burn correctly
(see the separate Product Description Sheet).
• The natural flow of air must take place through an adequate
opening, that must be:
- permanent, made on one of the outside walls of the room,
and communicating with the exterior in an area away from
sources of pollution;
- built so as to ensure that its openings, both on the inside
and on the outside, cannot be obstructed, intentionally or
- protected by a metal grid or mesh that does not reduce its
working section;
- situated near the floor level and positioned so as not to
interfere with the operation of the fume exhaust devices.
- The fume exhaust has to take place through an appropriate
hood or fan installed on the wall or on the window.
• Apply the supplied gasket to the cooktop (if not yet
fitted), after having cleaned its surface as shown in the
relevant figure.
To secure the cooktop, use brackets (A) supplied with it.
1. Fit the brackets into the relevant bores and fasten them by
means of their screws.
2. Make an opening in the worktop, respecting the dimensions
indicated in the enclosed Product Description Sheet.
3. Install the cooktop in the worktop.
Important: the power supply cable and plug must be
suitable for the power absorption of the cooktop, and the
cable must be long enough to permit its upward extraction.
3gb53231b.fm5 Page 17 Friday, April 11, 2003 12:21 PM
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Electrical connection
• The electrical connections must comply with local regulations.
• The data relevant to the voltage and power absorption are
indicated on the rating plate.
• The earthing of this appliance is compulsory by law.
• The manufacturer cannot be held responsible for any
injury to persons or animals or damage to property arising
from failure to comply with these requirements.
• When the cooktop is installed, provide a single-pole
circuit breaker with a contact separation of at least 3 mm.
• If necessary, the electrical power cable must be replaced
exclusively with a power cable having identical
characteristics to the original supplied by the
manufacturer (type H05V2V2-F - T90°C or type HO5RR-
F). This operation must be performed by the After Sales
Service or a qualified electrician.
Connection to gas supply
The gas supply system must comply with local regulations.
You can find specific local regulations for some countries, in
the separate National Safety Regulations Sheet supplied.
If no information concerning your Country is given, please ask
details to your Installer.
The connection of the cooktop to the gas pipe network or gas
cylinder must be made by means of a rigid copper or steel pipe
with fittings complying with local regulations, or by means of
a continuous-surface stainless steel hose complying with local
regulations. Interpose gasket (B) in the elbow connection.
The maximum length of the hose is 2 m.
FOR BELGIUM ONLY: It is necessary to replace the elbow
connection (A) on the appliance, with the one supplied.
Important: if a stainless steel hose is used, it must be
installed so as not to touch any mobile part of the furniture.
It must pass through an area where there are no
obstructions and where it is possible to inspect it on all its
After connection to the gas supply, check for leaks with
soapy water.
Attention: Should you experience difficulty in turning the
burners knobs, please contact the After Sales Service for the
replacement of the burner tap.
3gb53231b.fm5 Page 18 Friday, April 11, 2003 12:21 PM
Page: 7
If a different type of gas to the type shown on the rating plate
and on the orange sticker affixed to the top of the cooktop is
used, the cooktop must be converted to work with the new gas
type. Remove the orange sticker and affix it to the instructions
booklet, which must be retained for the lifetime of the appliance.
Use pressure regulators suitable for the gas pressures
indicated in the separate Product Description Sheet.
1. The gas nozzles must be changed by After Sales Service or
a qualified technician.
Nozzles not supplied with the appliance must be ordered
from After Sales Service.
2. Connect the cooktop to the gas shut-off valve by means of
a pipe suitable for the type of gas used, in compliance with
current local regulations.
3. Adjust the minimum setting of the taps.
Note: when liquid petroleum gas is used (G30/G31), the
minimum gas setting screws must be tightened as far as they
will go.
Replacing the injectors (see table in the enclosed
Product Description Sheet)
1. Remove grids (A).
2. Extract burners (B).
3. Using a socket spanner of the appropriate size, (C),
unscrew the injector to be replaced.
4. Replace it with the injector suitable for the new type of gas.
5. Re-assemble the injector in (D).
6. For models equipped with a triple crown burner, proceed as
shown in figure.
•Remove the two screws (F) followed by the cap (G) then
replace both injectors (D) as previously described.
Replace the cap (G), ensuring the seal is properly
positioned before attempting to use the cooktop.
Before installing the cooktop, remember to affix the gas
calibration plate supplied with the injectors in such a way that
it covers the existing information relating to gas calibration
Adjusting minimum gas setting of taps
1. To ensure that the minimum setting is correctly adjusted,
remove knob (E) and proceed as follows:
• tighten (-) to reduce the height of the flame;
• loosen (+) to increase the height of the flame;
The adjustment must be performed with the tap in minimum gas
setting position (small flame) .
Upon completion of adjustment, reseal using sealing wax or an
equivalent material.
2. The primary air of the burners does not need to be adjusted.
3. After the adjustment of the minimum gas setting, light up
the burners and turn the knobs from max. position to
min. position to check the stability of the flame.
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