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  • Brand: Vivanco
  • Product: Not categorized
  • Model/name: 37672
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: English, German

Table of Contents

Page: 1
Proper use
The device is used for switching and/or distribution of
electric energy. It is intended exclusively for private use
and may not be used for commercial purposes.
This device has been designed for Indoor and Outdoor
use. Please take care about the correct positioning of
the product (see "Instructions to use). The device must
be only connected to a mains socket with earth contact.
For outdoor use the mains socket and the connected
devices and cables must at least comply with protection
type IP44.
Technical Data
Voltage: 220-240 VAC/50Hz
Max. load: 16(2)A/3680W
Protection class: I
Protection type: IP44
Operating temperature: -10° bis +40°C
Min. time setting: 30 Minuten
1x timer, 1x manual
Safety instructions
Please pay attention that also children and
handicapped people must comply with these
DANGER: Risk of death by electric shock!
Death and burns may result!
-> Please do not use the device, if it appears to be damaged.
-> Avoid the contact with voltages
-> Do not open the device.
-> This device is protected according to IP44, it can be
used outdoors. Take care about the correct operating
position! rooms or near water.
-> Professionals may only carry out repairs.
-> Connect only to a properly grounded electrical outlet.
Outdoor it must be IP44 compliant.
-> Never use the product in or uder water
-> Never use the product when your hands are wet or damp.
-> Do not open the covers (timer and socket) when it is
raining or snowing.
Danger of short circuit!
Risk of firedue to overload!
-> The device is to be used on household power outlets
with voltage, power and frequency values according
to the specifications on the label of the device.
-> Only for devices, which will not require higher voltages
as the device can deliver.
-> Do not connect after each other
-> Do not cover when in use
-> To disconnect the voltage pull the plug
-> If the warning light shines, the surge protection is
ready for use
-> Do not use in or under water.
Instructions to use
Advance information
1. Always plug the timer into a wall socket or adapter
2. Never leave heaters, coffee machines or similar
appliances in operation with the timer unsupervised.
3. This device must only be repaired/opened by a
specialist. Do not attempt to find the cause of any
malfunction by yourself.
4. This device should never be brought into contact with
water or any other liquid.
5. Please keep these instructions in a safe place for
future reference and observe all the following product
characteristics and advices for the correct handling
of the device.
6. If the device will be used outdoor, it must be plugged
into a IP44 compliant wall outlet socket. Please only
plug in the device in the following position:
With this device you have a timer which enables you to set
daily programs (24 hours). You can now program the times
at which the connented appliances are to receive a power
supply. You have up to 48 time intervals at your disposal.
The shortest time interval is 30 minutes. You can now make
the following settings on the timer without plugging the
timer into a socket.
Programming the individual time intervals
You will find hours 1 to 24 as well as a black triangle on the
time wheel. The time wheel can be turned in a clockwise
direction. The black border of the time wheel contains 48
toggle switches which you can press to program at intervals
of 30 minutes. Between two full times, you have 2 toggle
switches of 30 minutes each at your disposal. Select the
time when you wish the timer to be activated. Depress (you
may need a pencil) the toggle switch for the 30 minute
interval when a connected appliance should be supplied
with power. The black triangle marks the current time. Turn
the time wheel until the triangles is pointing to the current
time. The timer is now ready for operation.
Please note that due to the design of the device, deviations
from switching timer will occur. This device is not authorised
for any application other than that given above. We do not
take responsibility for any problems, damage, etc. resulting
from any other application.
Disposal of the device
This device shall not be disposed with
household waste. Please hand it over to any
collection point for electric devices in your
community or district.
Disposal of packing
Packing material shall be recycled. Please do
not dispose with household waste and act
according to local disposal regulations.
Operating instructions
Outdoor Timer
Version 1.0
Vivanco GmbH, Ewige Weide 15,
22926 Ahrensburg, Germany

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