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  • Brand: Soundmaster
  • Product: CD-player
  • Model/name: SCD2120GR
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak

Table of Contents

Page: 5
Safety, Environmental and Setup Instructions
Do not dispose of this product with the normal household
waste at the end of its life cycle. Return it to a collection
point for the recycling of electrical and electronic devices.
This is indicated by the symbol on the product, user
manual or packaging
The materials are reusable according to their markings. By
reusing, recycling or other forms of utilization of old devices you
make an important contribution to the protection of our
Please contact your local authorities for details about collection
Risk of electric shock
Do not open!
Caution: To reduce the risk of electric shock, do not remove the
cover (or back). There are no user serviceable parts inside.
Refer servicing to qualified service personnel.
This symbol indicates the presence of dangerous
voltage inside the enclosure, sufficient enough to
cause electric shock.
This symbol indicates the presence of important
operating and maintenance instructions for the device
Used batteries are hazardous waste and NOT to be
disposed of with the household waste! As a
consumer you are legally obligated to return all
batteries for environmentally responsible recycling –
no matter whether or not the batteries contain harmful
Return batteries free of charge to public collection points in your
community or shops selling batteries of the respective kind.
Only return fully discharged batteries
*) marked Cd = cadmium, Hg = mercury, Pb = lead
 Only use mercury and cadmium-free batteries.
 Used batteries are hazardous waste and NOT to be
disposed of with the household waste!!!
 Keep batteries away from children. Children might swallow
 Contact a physician immediately if a battery was swallowed.
 Check your batteries regularly to avoid battery leakage.
 Batteries shall not be exposed to excessive heat such as
sunshine, fire or the like.
 CAUTION: Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectly
 Replace only with the same or equivalent type
To prevent possible hearing damage, do not
listen at high volume levels for long periods
 Use the device in dry indoor environments only.
 Protect the device from humidity.
 This apparatus is for moderate climates areas use,
not suitable for use in tropical climates countries.
 No objects filled with liquids, such as vases,
shall be placed on the apparatus.
 The mains plug or an appliance coupler is used
as the disconnect device, the disconnect devices
shall remain readily operable.
 Connect this device to a properly installed and
earthed wall outlet only. Make sure the mains
voltage corresponds with the specifications on
the rating plate.
 Make sure the mains cable stays dry during
operation. Do not pinch or damage the mains
cable in any way.
 A damaged mains cable or plug must
immediately be replaced by an authorized service
 In case of lightning, immediately disconnect the
device from the mains supply.
 Children should be supervised by parents when
using the device.
 Clean the device with a dry cloth only.
 Do not expose the device to direct sunlight or
other heat sources.
 Install the device at a location with sufficient
ventilation in order to prevent heat accumulation.
 Do not cover the ventilation openings!
 Install the device at a safe and vibration-free
 Install the device as far away as possible from
computers and microwave units; otherwise radio
reception may be disturbed.
 Do not open or repair the enclosure. It is not safe
to do so and will void your warranty. Repairs only
by authorized service/ customer center.
 No naked flame sources, such as lighted
candles, should be placed on the unit.
 When you are necessary to ship the unit store it
in its original package. Save the package for this
 In case of malfunction due to electrostatic
discharge or fast transient (burst), remove and
reconnect the power supply.
 If the unit is not using for a long period of time,
disconnect it from the power supply by
unplugging the power plug. This is to avoid the
risk of fire.
Page: 6
SCD2120 / English Instruction Manual
Before operation, please make sure that the VOLTAGE mentioned on the unit is same as the
voltage of your local area. Unravel the AC power cord, insert one end into the AC socket on the
set, and the other end into a standard AC outlet.
1. Do not plug or unplug the power cable while you have wet hands.
2. When planning not to use this unit for a long time, disconnect the power cable from the wall
3. When disconnecting the power cord from the wall outlet, do not pull on the cord in order to
avoid shock risks caused by damaged cable.
Disconnect the AC cord set completely. Open the battery compartment door and insert 4 pieces
UM-2 "C" size batteries into the battery compartment with battery polarity as shown inside the
battery compartment.
1 CD door 10 Tuning knob
2 STOP button 11 RESUME switch
3 SKIP BACK button 12 Antenna
4 PROG button 13 Battery Compartment
5 Speaker 14 Volume knob
6 PLAY/PAUSE button 15 3.5mm headphone jack
7 SKIP UP button 16 Function switch
8 REPEAT button 17 AC socket
9 Dial scale
Page: 7
SCD2120 / English Instruction Manual
1. Insert the headphone cable (requires 3.5mm stereo plug, not supplied) into the headphone
jack on the unit.
2. Tune the desired volume level on the main unit.
1. Set the FUNCTION switch to FM position.
2. Rotate the TUNING control to tune to your desired radio station.
3. Adjust the sound level by rotating the VOLUME control.
4. To turn off the radio, set the FUNCTION switch to OFF position.
For best reception, fully extend the FM Antenna to receive FM stations.
1. Set the FUNCTION switch to the CD position.
2. Insert the CD disc in the CD compartment and close the CD door, the unit will start reading
the disc, the LED display will show the total number of tracks of the entire disc after reading.
3. To start playing the CD, press the button and display LED indicator light on.
4. To pause CD playback, press the button again and display LED indicator is blinking.
5. Adjust the VOLUME Control to the desired volume level.
6. To stop playing the CD, press the STOP button.
Skip Mode
1. During play or pause mode, press the button to go to the next track.
2. During play or pause mode, press the button to go back to the beginning of the track.
3. During play mode, press the button twice will go back to the previous track.
Programming the CD Player
The programming of the CD player should be done during STOP mode.
2. Press the PROG button, the LED display will show ‘ 01 ‘ and flash continuously.
3. Press the or buttons to select the desired track.
4. Press the PROG button again to store this track in memory, the LED will show ‘ 02 ‘ and
flash continuously.
5. Repeat steps from 2 to 3 to store more tracks in memory. You can store up to 20 tracks in
the memory.
6. Press the button to play the disc in the programmed order.
7. To stop playing, press the STOP button.
8. To cancel the programming list, press the STOP button and open the CD door or set the
FUNCTION switch to OFF position.
Page: 8
SCD2120 / English Instruction Manual
Repeat Mode
Repeat 1: Press the REP button once, the repeat LED indicator will light and flash continuously.
This single track will be repeated.
Repeat All: Press the REP button twice, the repeat LED indicator will stay lighted. The whole disc
will be played continuously.
To Cancel Repeat Function: Press the REP button until the lighted repeat LED indicator turned
CD resume function
RESUME – continuing from where you have stopped
1. Set the FUNCTION switch to CD position and set the RESUME switch to ON position
2. To start playing the CD, press the button.
3. Press STOP in once whenever you want to stop playback.
4. Press to resume playback.
5. Playback continues from where you have stopped.
To deactivate RESUME, set the RESUME to OFF position.
The RESUME function is still activated when the FUNCTION switch is set off.
Opening the CD lip during playback, RESUME function is also activated.
Important Note
Automatic standby switching
To comply with the ERP2 directive, the unit automatically switches to standby after approximately
10 minutes without a signal. To switch the unit on again, press the button on the unit.
If the button is pressed continuously for 5 seconds, the unit switches to standby mode. To
switch the unit on again, press the button on the unit.
Power supply : 230V~50/60Hz
Battery supply : DC6V 4x 1.5V “C” size / UM-2
FM range : 87.5 – 108MHz
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