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  • Brand: Sony
  • Product: Monitor
  • Model/name: SDM-HS75
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: English, French, Spanish

Table of Contents

Page: 1
2 (US)
Owner’s Record
The model and serial numbers are located at
the rear of the unit. Record these numbers in
the spaces provided below. Refer to them
whenever you call upon your dealer
regarding this product.
Model No. Serial No.
To prevent fire or shock hazard,
do not expose the unit to rain or
Dangerously high voltages are
present inside the unit. Do not
open the cabinet. Refer servicing
to qualified personnel only.
Warning on power connections
• Use the supplied power cord. If you use a
different power cord, be sure that it is
compatible with your local power supply.
For the customers in the U.S.A.
If you do not use the appropriate cord, this
monitor will not conform to mandatory
FCC standards.
For the customers in the UK
If you use the monitor in the UK, be sure
to use the appropriate UK power cord.
Do not install or leave the monitor:
• In places subject to extreme temperatures,
for example near a radiator, heating vent,
or in direct sunlight. Subjecting the
monitor to extreme temperatures, such as
in an automobile parked in direct sunlight
or near a heating vent, could cause
deformations of the casing or
• In places subject to mechanical vibration
or shock.
• Near any equipment that generates a
strong magnetic field, such as a TV or
various other household appliances.
• In places subject to inordinate amounts of
dust, dirt, or sand, for example near an
open window or an outdoor exit. If setting
up temporarily in an outdoor
environment, be sure to take adequate
precautions against airborne dust and dirt.
Otherwise irreparable malfunctions could
Place this unit on a flat surface. Do not place
it on an uneven surface like the edge of a
desk. If a part of this unit sticks out from
such surface, it may fall or cause damaged
and injury.
Note on the LCD (Liquid Crystal
Please note that the LCD screen is made
with high-precision technology. However,
black points or bright points of light (red,
blue, or green) may appear constantly on the
LCD screen, and irregular colored stripes or
brightness may appear on the LCD screen.
This is not malfunction.
(Effective dots: more than 99.99%)
For customers in the United
This product contains mercury. Disposal of this
product may be regulated if sold in the United
States. For disposal or recycling information,
please contact your local authorities or the
Electronics Industries Alliance
The equipment should be installed near an
easily accessible outlet.
Example of plug types
for 100 to 120 V AC for 200 to 240 V AC
for 240 V AC only
Page: 2
3 (US)
To view the Operating
Instructions on the CD-
To view the Operating
The Operating Instructions files are included in
the supplied CD-ROM. Load the supplied CD-
ROM into the CD-ROM drive of your computer.
After a while, the introductory page of the CD-
ROM will open automatically.
If the introductory page does not appear
automatically, open the Operating Instruction file
directly. (for Windows only)
1 Open the “My Computer.”
2 Right-click the “CD-ROM” drive, and select
3 Open the “manuals” folder.
4 Open the “HS” folder.
5Select and open the “HS_75_**.pdf.”
(“**” in the file name stands for the language in
which each PDF file is written. For example,
HS_75_GB.pdf is written in British English.)
To exit from the CD-ROM
Click “EXIT/CD-ROM.”
Make sure your carton contains everything
listed below.
• LCD display
• Power cord
• HD15-HD15 video signal cable (analog
• Cord strap
• CD-ROM (utility software for Windows/
Macintosh, Operating Instructions, etc.)
• Warranty card
• This Quick Setup Guide
Connecting your
Connect your monitor to a computer or other
1 Open the stand.
2 Remove the back cover.
3 Connect your monitor to a
Connecting a Macintosh computer
Connect the supplied video signal cable to a
video output connector on the computer. If
necessary, use an adapter (not supplied).
Connect the adapter to the computer before
connecting the video signal cable.
4 Connect the supplied power cord
to the monitor’s AC IN connector.
To view the Operating Instructions on the
CD-ROM, Macromedia Shockwave
Player and Adobe Acrobat Reader
(version 6.0 or later) must be installed on
your computer. The “installs” folder on
the CD-ROM contains the installation
programs for them.
If you want to install those programs,
open the “My Computer” and right-click
on the CD-ROM drive, then select
“Explore” and open the “installs”
folder.(for Windows only)
If you are using a Macintosh
Double-click on the CD-ROM icon to open the
window, then double-click on the
“MONITOR” icon.
• Turn off the monitor, computer, and
any other equipment before
connecting them.
• Do not touch the pins of the video
signal cable plug.
Page: 3
4 (US)
5 Connect the power cord to a
power outlet.
For details on securing the cords, refer to the
Operating Instructions on the CD-ROM.
Turning on the monitor
and computer
Turn on your monitor first, then a computer.
1 Press upward the 1 (power)
switch on the front right of the
The 1 (power) indicator lights up in
2 Turn on the computer.
2 back cover
to the HD15 input connector
(analog RGB)
to AC IN
power cord
to power outlet
video signal cable
(analog RGB)
lights in
Page: 4
5 (US)
Trouble symptoms and remedies (If no picture
appears on the screen)
If no picture appears on the screen, check the following table for possible solutions. If you are
experiencing difficulties not listed below, refer to the Operating Instructions on the supplied
CD-ROM. For problems caused by a computer or other equipment, refer to the user’s manuals
supplied with the respective items.
Symptom Check these items
If the 1 (power)
indicator is not lit, or
if the 1 (power)
indicator will not
light up when the 1
(power) switch is
• Check that the power cord is properly connected.
appears on the
• Check that the video signal cable is properly connected and
all plugs are firmly seated in their sockets (page 3 (US)).
• Check that the video input connector’s pins are not bent or
pushed in.
• A non-supplied video signal cable is connected. If you
connect a non-supplied video signal cable, CABLE
DISCONNECTED may appear on the screen before entering
the power saving mode. This is not a malfunction.
SIGNAL appears on
the screen, or the 1
(power) indicator is
• Check that the video signal cable is properly connected and
all plugs are firmly seated in their sockets (page 3 (US)).
• Check that the video input connector’s pins are not bent or
pushed in.
x Problems caused by a computer or other
equipment connected, and not caused by the
• The computer is in the power saving mode. Try pressing any
key on the keyboard or moving the mouse.
• Check that your graphics board is installed properly.
• Check that the computer’s power is on.
• Restart the computer.
Page: 5
6 (US)
Displaying this
monitor’s information
While the monitor is receiving a video
signal, press and hold the MENU
button for more than 5 seconds until
the information box appears.
Press the MENU button again to make the
box disappear.
1Model name
2Serial number
3Week and year of manufacture
Although the safety standard registered
model name of this unit is SDM-HS75/, the
name of SDM-HS75 is used on sale and in
this instruction manual.
If any problem persists, call your authorized
Sony dealer and give the following
• Model name: SDM-HS75
• Serial number
• Detailed description of the problem
• Date of purchase
• Name and specifications of your computer
and graphics board
appears on the
x Problems caused by a computer or other
equipment connected, and not caused by the
• Check that the video frequency range is within that specified
for the monitor. If you replaced an old monitor with this
monitor, reconnect the old monitor and adjust the computer’s
graphics board within the following ranges:
Horizontal: 28–80 kHz
Vertical: 48–75 Hz
Resolution: 1280 × 1024 or less
If you are using
Windows and
replaced an old
monitor with this
• If you replaced an old monitor with this monitor, reconnect
the old monitor and do the following. Select “SONY” from
the “Manufacturers” list and select “SDM-HS75” from the
“Models” list in the Windows device selection screen. If the
model name of this monitor does not appear in the “Models”
list, try “Plug & Play.”
Symptom Check these items
SER . NO : 1234567
Page: 6
7 (US)
LCD panel Panel type: a-Si TFT Active Matrix
Picture size:
17.0 inch
Input signal format
RGB operating frequency*
Horizontal: 28–80 kHz
Vertical: 48–75 Hz
Resolution Horizontal ×Vertical: Max.
1280 dots × 1024 lines
Input signal levels
Analog RGB video signal:
0.7 Vp-p, 75 Ω, positive
SYNC signal:
TTL level, 2.2 kΩ,
positive or negative
(Separate horizontal and
Power requirements
100–240 V, 50–60 Hz, Max. 1.0 A
Power consumption
Max. 45 W
Operating temperature
Dimensions (width/height/depth)
Display (upright):
Approx. 388 × 382.5 × 139.2 mm
(15 1
/4 × 15 × 5 1
/2 inches)
Mass Approx. 5 kg
(11 lb. 3
/8 oz.)
Plug & Play DDC2B
Included itemsSee “Setup.”
* Recommended horizontal and vertical timing
• Horizontal sync width duty should be more
than 4.8% of total horizontal time or 0.8
µsec, whichever is larger.
• Horizontal blanking width should be more
than 2.5 µsec.
• Vertical blanking width should be more than
450 µsec.
Design and specifications are subject to change
without notice.
Page: 19
Sony Corporation Printed in China

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