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  • Brand: Sony
  • Product: Computer accessory
  • Model/name: EDM4800B
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: English

Table of Contents

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• Outstanding storage solution for sophisticated
multimedia and network applications (such as
desktop publishing, medical diagnostics and
financial records).
• High-speed random access : suitable for large-
scale libraries and jukeboxes.
• Easy to handle and removable.
• Ultra reliability and durability : over 100,000
load/unload cycles per side without quality
loss and 50-year archival life. Resistance to
dust and scratches thanks to hard-coating and
anti-static disc surface and strong shelter.
• Fully backward compatible.
Technical Specifications
Environmental Requirements
Absolute Humidity (g/
Operating Humidity (%
Operating Temperatures
(degrees C)
Operating Temperatures
(degrees F)
Storage Humidity (%
Storage Temperatures
(degrees C)
Storage Temperatures
(degrees F)
Logical tracks 138915.0
Physical tracks 37485.0
Sector Size (Bytes/
Track Pitch (µm) 0.85
User Area (radius) (mm) 30.14~62.00
Mechanical Characteristics
Cartridge Width (mm) 153.0
Cartridge Height (mm) 135.0
Cartridge Depth (mm) 11.0
Weight total (g) 165.0
Read/Write Characteristics
Raw Byte Error Rate minor or equals to
Recording Capacity
Unformatted (MB/side) 4836.0
Reliability (Acceleration Test Results)
Erase/Write/Read Cycle bigger or equals to 1 million
Load/Unload Cycle bigger or equals to 100 000
Read Cycle bigger or equals to 10
5.25” Magneto-Optical Disc of 4,836MB. Rewrit-
able version.
EDM4800 1

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