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  • Brand: SilverCrest
  • Product: Sport Watch
  • Model/name: SAT 1500 A1
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: German, English

Table of Contents

Page: 0
IAN 31
1267 IE
SAT 1500 B1
Operating instructions
Page: 3
English - 3
1. Introduction..............................5
1.1. Supplement for operating
the device................................5
2. Proper use.................................6
2.1. Key to symbols........................8
3. Safety information.................. 10
3.1. Unauthorised persons......... 10
3.2. General information.............13
4. Package contents.................... 17
5. Description of components....... 18
6. Getting started........................ 19
6.1. Charging the device.............19
6.2. Putting the device on...........20
6.3. Switching the device on.......21
6.4. Searching and connecting...21
6.5. Switch off the device........... 23
6.6. Initial screen......................... 24
6.7. Step counter......................... 25
6.8. Starting pulse
measurement........................ 26
Page: 4
4 - English
6.9. Selecting sports mode......... 28
6.10. Viewing sport values in
1. Start stop watch...................38
6.12. Notifications.........................40
6.13. Do-not-disturb.......................41
7. Cleaning and care...................42
8. Storage...................................43
9. Troubleshooting......................43
10. Technical specifications............45
11. Declaration of Conformity.......46
12. Recycling and disposal............ 47
12.1. Information on trademarks..49
13. Legal notice.............................50
Page: 5
English - 5
1. Introduction
1.1. Supplement for operating
the device
Congratulations on purchasing your new de-
vice. You have chosen a high-quality product.
This document is an integral part of this product.
It contains important information on safety, op-
eration and disposal. Before using the product,
please familiarise yourself with all safety instruc-
tions. Only use the product as described and for
the specified applications. Keep all documents
in a safe place. If you give this product to third
parties, ensure that you also hand over all the
Read all documents (quick start guide, safety
instructions, operating instructions and app in-
structions) of this product completely to ensure
correct and full use of the device and the Silver-
Crest Fitness App.
Page: 6
6 - English
2. Proper use
This tracker is an information technology device
and is intended for the following uses:
• Heart rate monitor
• Step counter
• Various sport modes for e.g. running, cy-
cling or rambling
• Calorie consumption calculation
• Sleep monitor
(SilverCrest Fitness app required)
• Camera remote release
(SilverCrest Fitness app required)
• Alarm
(SilverCrest Fitness app required)
• Notification when a message is received
(SilverCrest Fitness app required)
The device is only intended for private use and
not for industrial/commercial use.
Note that no liability will be accepted if the de-
vice is not used for its intended purpose:
Page: 7
English - 7
` Do not modify the device without our ex-
press agreement and do not use any acces-
sories that have not been supplied or ap-
proved by us.
` Only use replacement parts or accessories
that we have supplied or approved.
` Comply with all the information in this quick
start guide, especially the safety informa-
tion. Any other use is considered improp-
er and can cause personal injury or proper-
ty damage.
` This fitness tracker is designed to monitor a
range of physical data (including pulse and
calorie consumption). It is not to be used for
medical diagnoses or the treatment or pre-
vention of illness.
Page: 8
8 - English
2.1. Key to symbols
Warning: risk of possible fatal injury
and/or serious irreversible injuries!
„ Follow the instructions to avoid
situations that may lead to fatal
or serious injuries.
Warning: risk of fatal injury!
„ Follow the instructions to avoid
situations that may lead to fatal
Notes regarding assembly or oper-
„ Safety note
Page: 9
English - 9
` Instruction
• List
Declaration of Conformity (see
“Declaration of Conformity” sec-
tion): Products that feature this sym-
bol meet the requirements of the
EC directives.
Page: 10
10 - English
3. Safety information
3.1. Unauthorised persons
„ Keep the device and its accessories
out of the reach of children.
„ This device can be used by children
aged 8 years and above, by peo-
ple with reduced physical, senso-
ry or mental capabilities, or peo-
ple who lack experience and/or
knowledge, if proper supervision
is provided or if these people have
been instructed in how to use the
device safely and have fully under-
stood the possible dangers.
Page: 11
English - 1
„ Children must not be allowed to
play with the device.
„ Comply with all the information
in this quick start guide, especial-
ly the safety information. Any oth-
er use is considered improper and
can cause personal injury or prop-
erty damage.
„ Stop wearing the fitness tracker if:
• Your hands or wrists hurt,
• itch,
• burn,
• or are numb or stiff, either while
wearing it or afterwards.
Page: 12
12 - English
„ Do not allow children to clean the
device or perform maintenance
tasks on it unless they are aged
8 years or older and properly su-
„ Keep the device out of reach of chil-
dren under the age of 8.
DANGER! Risk of choking
and suffocation!
Risk of choking and suffocation through
swallowing or inhaling small parts or
plastic wrap.
„ Keep the plastic packaging out of
the reach of children.
„ Do not let children play with the
packaging material.
Page: 13
English - 13
3.2. General information
„ Do not use the activity tracker if
there is visible damage to its hous-
ing or the display.
„ Do not expose the device to ex-
treme conditions. Avoid:
− Extremely high and low temper-
− Direct sunlight
− Naked flames
„ The device contains no user-main-
tainable parts. Never open the de-
vice casing.
„ Prolonged contact with the skin may
cause skin irritation or allergic reac-
tions in some people.
Page: 14
14 - English
A Bluetooth®
connection is an unen-
crypted wireless data transfer system
which is unprotected against unauthor-
ised third parties.
WARNING! Risk of explo-
Never throw the activity tracker into the
fire! Risk of explosion!
„ Do not use the device in potential-
ly explosive atmospheres. This in-
cludes petrol stations, fuel storage
areas and areas where solvents are
processed. This device must also not
be used in areas with particle-lad-
en air (for example flour or wood
Page: 15
English - 15
„ Never try to replace the battery in
the device. It is an integral part and
cannot be replaced.
„ Never use optical equipment to
look at the LED on the underside.
„ To prevent the activity tracker from
being damaged by excessive heat
during charging, do not cover it.
„ Never put anything on top of the
device, and never exert any pres-
sure on the display, as it might
„ Avoid touching the display with
sharp objects.
„ Stop using the activity tracker imme-
diately if smoke forms or you hear
unusual operating noises, and im-
mediately disconnect it from the
connected USB connection (if pres-
Page: 16
16 - English
„ Do not take the activity tracker
apart or deform it. You could injure
your hands or fingers, or battery flu-
id could get into your eyes or onto
your skin. If you do come into con-
tact with the fluid, rinse the affected
area with plenty of water and con-
tact your doctor immediately.
„ When using the activity tracker,
keep it at least 20 cm from implant-
ed pacemakers or defibrillators, for
safety reasons, to prevent them be-
ing affected by it.
„ Repairs to your device should only
be carried out by qualified special-
Page: 17
English - 17
4. Package contents
Please check your purchase to ensure that all
items are included. If anything is missing, con-
tact us within 14 days of purchase.
• Armband with sensor unit
• Quick start guide with warranty information
Page: 18
18 - English
5. Description of compo-
See Fig. A
1 USB port (rear)
2 Display
3 Touch button
4 Pulse sensors (rear)
5 Charging LED
Page: 19
English - 19
6. Getting started
` Remove all packaging materials.
6.1. Charging the device
` Remove the sensor unit from the armband,
by pulling it firmly if necessary (see Fig. C).
` Connect the activity tracker to a free USB
port on your PC or laptop (see Fig. B).
` Make sure the USB port contacts on the ac-
tivity tracker match the contacts on the USB
port on your PC or laptop.
The device needs approximately 60 minutes to
If the charging control LED does not light up red,
this means the activity tracker is not connected
to the USB port, and cannot be charged.
Page: 20
20 - English
Turn the sensor unit over and check the operat-
ing state of your PC/laptop.
` Use a USB extension cable to make it easier
to charge the activity tracker.
The operating LED goes out as soon as the sen-
sor unit has been fully charged.
` Using the connectors, plug the sensor unit in
the appropriate socket on the armband, as
shown in Figure C.
6.2. Putting the device on
` Place the activity tracker around your wrist
and fasten the armband.
The activity tracker should not be too tight or too
loose for your wrist.
Page: 21
English - 21
6.3. Switching the device on
` Press the touch field for approximately 4
seconds. After 4 seconds, the device switch-
es itself on automatically.
` Download the SilverCrest activity track-
er app, free of charge, from the Apple App
Store or Google Play Store and start the
Alternatively, use the QR code printed below to
download the app automatically.
Apple App Store
Google Play Store
` Follow the instructions shown on the app.
6.4. Searching and connecting
You only need to create the device connection
when you set up the device for the first time.
Make sure that only one activity tracker is with-
in Bluetooth range during Bluetooth pairing and
that this activity tracker is also activated.
Page: 22
22 - English
` Activate the activity tracker with a long
press on the touch field until the display
lights up.
The activity tracker is activated as soon as the
display lights up.
` Open the SilverCrest Fitness app that you
previously downloaded.
` On the control field of your smartphone, tap
“Connect” to start searching for devices.
The app now displays a list of all activity track-
ers within range.
` Select your activity tracker
from the list.
` Confirm the SilverCrest app prompt.
The Smartcircle is now displayed on your ac-
tivity tracker for 10 seconds.
` Within 10 seconds, press and hold down
the touch field on the activity tracker for at
least 2 seconds to pair the devices.
Once the connection has been successfully es-
tablished, your activity tracker  and your mo-
bile device both display the message "The de-
Page: 23
English - 23
vice is connected and ready to use."
` Tap the “Finish” control field to finish es-
tablishing the connection.
If the activity tracker is not linked to a smart-
phone, the following symbol is displayed.
Bluetooth pairing only needs to be carried out
when you first set up the device.
6.5. Switch off the device
` In the initial screen, press the touch field for
approximately 4 seconds, until a 3 second
countdown starts. When the countdown fin-
ished, the device automatically enters stand-
by mode (Bluetooth®
is deactivated).
Page: 24
24 - English
6.6. Initial screen
` Tap the touch field with one finger until the
display lights up.
The display automatically starts in the initial
screen. Information about the Bluetooth connec-
tion (a), charging state (b), time (c) and weather
(d) are displayed.
a b
Page: 25
English - 25
6.7. Step counter
` Tap the touch field with one finger until the
display lights up.
` Tap the touch field to scroll through the men-
us until you see the following menu.
` Now keep pressing the touch field.
The display shows you the counted steps (a)
and the (calculated calorie consumption) (b).
Page: 26
26 - English
` Press the touch field briefly to display the re-
sults (distance) and (training time).
` Press the touch field again to display the
sleep duration.
The following data is displayed:
Complete sleep time
Deep sleep phase
6.8. Starting pulse measure-
` Tap the touch field to scroll through the men-
us until you see the following menu.
Page: 27
English - 27
Pulse measurement starts automatically and
shows you the currently measured pulse (a).
During measurement, the display remains on.
` Press and hold your finger on the touch field
to display your resting pulse.
` Tap the touch field with one finger, to stop
heart rate
Page: 28
28 - English
6.9. Selecting sports mode
` Tap the touch field to scroll through the men-
us until you see the following menu.
` Now press and hold down the touch field
until the tracker briefly vibrates. You can
then select the desired sport by briefly tap-
ping on it.
Fitness equipment
Page: 29
English - 29
In order to use all sports, you must be connect-
ed to the SilverCrest Fitness app.
Measurement of the respective sport mode starts
after a 5-second countdown and shows you the
current pulse (a) and the training time (b).
Page: 30
30 - English
If the activity tracker is not linked to a smart-
phone, the following symbol is shown in the
activity tracker display. All measured data is au-
tomatically transmitted to the linked smartphone.
` Briefly tap the touch field to display other
sport values (see „6.10. Viewing sport val-
ues in detail“).
` Keep pressing the touch field for approxi-
mately 3 seconds to end the function. Your
sport values will then be displayed again,
After this, you cannot display these values again
on the activity tracker.
Page: 31
English - 31
6.10. Viewing sport values in
The different sport modes (Walking, Running,
Cycling) show you different values in detail.
You can display the values in the individual
modes once on the activity tracker.
Once the values have been displayed on the
activity tracker, they can only be displayed
again from the app.
Below, you will see a list of modes and support-
ed sport values.
Page: 32
32 - English
Page: 33
English - 33
Page: 34
34 - English
6.10.1. Pulse
This display shows you the current pulse (a) and
the training time (b).
6.10.2. Steps
This display shows you the number of steps you
have just taken (a) and the training time (b).
Page: 35
English - 35
6.10.3. Time (pace)
This display shows you the current time required
for one kilometre covered (a) and the training
time (b).
6.10.4. Step length
This display shows you the step length (a) that is
currently set and the training time (b).
Page: 36
36 - English
6.10.5. Calories
This display shows you the number of calories
you just burnt (a) and the training time (b).
6.10.6. Distance
This display shows you the distance you have
just covered (a) and the training time (b).
The activity tracker calculates the distance cov-
ered on the basis of the entered step length and
the number of steps taken.
Page: 37
English - 37
6.10.7. Speed
This display shows you the current speed (a)
and the training time (b).
6.10.8. Pace best time
This display shows you the shortest time required
for one kilometre covered (a) and the training
time (b).
Page: 38
38 - English
6.10.9. Time
This display shows you the current time (a) and
the training time (b).
6.11. Start stop watch
` Tap the touch field to scroll through the men-
us until you see the following menu.
` Press and hold your finger on the touch field
to select stop watch mode.
` Press the touch field to start the stop watch.
Page: 39
English - 39
The stop watch starts and displays the running
time in minutes (a), seconds (b) and millisec-
onds (c).
a b
` Tap the touch field with one finger to pause
` Tap the touch field again with one finger to
resume measurement.
` Press and hold the touch field to end the
During measurement, the display remains on.
Page: 40
40 - English
6.12. Notifications
` Tap the touch field to scroll through the men-
us until you see the following menu.
` Press and hold your finger on the touch field
to select notification mode.
` Press the touch field to display the notifica-
Page: 41
English - 41
6.13. Do-not-disturb
` Tap the touch field to scroll through the men-
us until you see the following menu.
` Press and hold your finger on the touch field
to activate “Do-not-disturb” mode.
If “Do-not-disturb” mode is activated, the
symbol appears in the display. In this mode, the
activity tracker does not vibrate when incoming
notifications are received.
If “Do-not-disturb” mode is deactivated, the
symbol appears in the display. In this mode the
activity tracker vibrates when incoming notifica-
tions are received.
Page: 42
42 - English
7. Cleaning and care
Risk of damage!
„ Do not use any aggressive
chemical agents, scouring
agents or hard sponges for
` You must always keep the pulse meter sen-
sor surfaces on the underside of the activity
tracker cleanly, as measurement values may
be affected if you do not do so.
` Clean the activity tracker's external surfaces
regularly with a damp cloth.
Page: 43
English - 43
8. Storage
` Switch off the activity tracker and store it in
a dry, dust-free environment.
` Perform a complete discharge/charge cy-
cle once a month. This prevents the battery
from completely discharging and becom-
ing permanently damaged/unable to be
charged again.
9. Troubleshooting
The activi-
ty tracker will
not switch on.
The bat-
tery is not
the activity
pulse meas-
The sen-
sor surfaces
are dirty.
Clean the
sensor sur-
Page: 44
44 - English
Data is not
correctly be-
tween the ac-
tivity tracker
and smart-
Carry out
Distance de-
does not
seem right
The step
length has
been set in-
the pro-
step length
and correct
it, if neces-
Page: 45
English - 45
10. Technical specifications
CPU Nordic nRF52832
Integrated battery Li-Ion battery 3.8 V /
90 mAh
Operating temper-
0°C ~ +45°C max.
90% RH
Storage temper-
0°C ~ +30°C max.
65% +/- 25% RH
Battery charging
Approx. 60 minutes
Battery capacity Up to 10 days
Charge connection USB
4.0 LE
Approx. 10 m
frequency range
2402 to 2480 MHz
Page: 46
46 - English
Max. Bluetooth®
transmission power
1 dBm
Degree of protec-
IP 67
Dimensions 41 x 20 x 12 mm
Weight 20 g
Specifications subject to change!
11. Declaration of Conform-
MLAP GmbH hereby declares that the
SAT1500 Activity Tracker conforms to
the following European requirements:
• RE Directive 2014/53/EU
• RoHS Directive 201
Complete Declarations of Conformity are avail-
able at
Page: 47
English - 47
12. Recycling and disposal
Please contact the retailer or our Service team
if you have any questions about how to dispose
of your device.
Do not dispose of old devices in nor-
mal household waste. In accordance
with Directive 2012/19/EU, the de-
vice must be properly disposed of at the end of
its service life.
This involves separating the materials in the de-
vice for the purpose of recycling and minimising
the environmental impact.
Take old devices to a collection point for electri-
cal scrap or a recycling centre.
Contact your local waste disposal company or
your local authority for more information on this
The device is fitted with an integrated battery. At
the end of its service life, do not dispose of the
device in the normal household rubbish. Instead,
contact your local authority to find out how to
Page: 48
48 - English
dispose of it in an environmentally friendly man-
ner at collection points for electrical and elec-
tronic scrap.
The rechargeable battery is an integral
component of the device, which means
users cannot replace it themselves.
Your device has been packaged to
protect it from damage in transit. The
packaging is made of materials that can be re-
cycled in an environmentally friendly manner.
Page: 49
English - 49
12.1. Information on trade-
• The Bluetooth®
word mark and logos are
registered trademarks of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.
and are used by MLAP under licence.
• Google Play Store®
and Android®
are reg-
istered trademarks of Google Inc.
• App Store is a service trade mark of Ap-
ple Inc.
• USB is a registered trademark of USB Im-
plementers Forum Inc.
All other names and products are trademarks or
registered trademarks of their respective owners.
The SilverCrest® trademark and trade name are
the property of their respective owners.
Page: 50
50 - English
13. Legal notice
Copyright © 2019
All rights reserved.
These operating instructions are protected by
Mechanical, electronic and any other forms of
reproduction are prohibited without the written
permission of the manufacturer.
Copyright is owned by the company:
Meitnerstr. 9
DE - 70563 Stuttgart

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