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  • Brand: Siemens
  • Product: Grill plate
  • Model/name: HZ390522
  • Filetype: PDF
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Siemens Home Appliances
Griddle plate
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Before using for the first time
▶ Before using the appliance for the first time, clean with a soft
sponge, some hot water and a little detergent and rinse.
Tips for use
▶ Slight soiling in between the electric hob and the griddle plate
(e.g., due to salt or pepper crystals) when moving the cooking
appliance can lead to scratches or rubbing marks on the floor or
the on the electric hob. You should therefore lift the griddle plate
completely if you wish to move it.
No liability will be accepted for damage sustained due to failure to
observe this instruction.
▶ Thanks to the high-quality non-stick coating, the griddle plate is
most suited to a healthy fat-free preparation. If you wish to grill
with oil, apply a small quantity of oil or fat to the product and not
the griddle plate. Use hardened vegetable fat or vegetable oil for
this. Butter, margarine, cold pressed oils and salad oils are not
▶ Only use the griddle plate for preparing meals.
▶ Do not use any sharp metal implements as they may cause
scratches. These scratches or other damage will not however
affect the taste or the quality of the food being grilled.
▶ Do not operate the griddle plate on level 9 or on power/boost and
never leave it empty for longer periods on the heat source. It can
reach 300° C when empty within a few minutes. Oil and fat can
very quickly burn into the surface at such a high temperature.
This can damage the effective non-stick properties.
▶ It is best to always use an oven cloth or oven gloves as the
handles can get very hot.
▶ Always allow the hot griddle plate to cool down on the cooking
area after use, then clean it.
▶ The griddle plate should be dried thoroughly after cleaning in
order to protect it from oxidation.
Cleaning and maintenance
▶ Never use a metallic sponge, bleach or scouring agents for
▶ First allow the griddle plate to cool down before cleaning in order
to protect it from distortion due to too much cold water.
▶ For mild care, we recommend hot water and some detergent/mild
household cleaner and a dishcloth. A washing-up brush is the
best for cleaning the griddles.
▶ It is best not to wash the griddle plate in the dishwasher. Cleaning
agents, tabs and salts will damage the coating of the griddle plate
and may cause discolouration. Cleaning in the dishwasher may
also lead to oxidation (bright spots) on the griddle plate. If you still
wish to clean the griddle plate in the dishwasher, apply oil to the
griddle plate afterwards. This will prevent the coating from drying
▶ Heavily seasoned or marinated foods release acids that infiltrate
the surface of your griddle plate. If discolouration or stains occur,
these will not affect the food or the grilling result.
The griddle plate is made of aluminium that was cast manually in
Germany as a single piece. The griddle plate has been treated
with a special induction-compatible coating and a second non-stick
coating. The handmade griddle plate is never completely flat; it
adjusts itself automatically to the hob.
± Please note: for optimal heat distribution, the top of the
cooking surface on the electric hob must correspond to the surface
of the griddle plate.
The griddle plate is only intended for use in private households.
Cooking table
The table below shows a few examples. The cooking times depend on the type, weight and quality of the food. Deviations are
therefore possible. Use level 8 (or level 8.) for heating food.
Griddle plate
en Instructions for Use
Cooking level Grilling time in minutes
Meat Chicken breast (2 cm thick) 5. - 6. 20 - 30
Pork loin steaks, Schnitzel (unbreaded) 5. - 6. 15 - 20
Steak (3 cm thick) 6. - 7. 8 - 12
Steak, marinated 6. - 7. 15 - 20
Fricadels, hamburgers (2 cm thick) 5. - 6. 20 - 30
Bacon 6. - 7. 3 - 8
Bratwurst 5. - 6. 20 - 30
Fish Scampis and prawns 5. - 6. 8 - 10
Salmon filet 5. - 6. 10 - 15
Trout 4. - 6. 15 - 25
Fish filet 5. - 6. 10 - 15
Vegetables Courgettes, aubergines 5. - 6. 10 - 15
Peppers, green asparagus 6. - 7. 5 - 10
Mushrooms 6. - 7. 10 - 15
Potatoes 5. - 6. 10 - 20
Bread Ciabatta, toast, Pitta bread 6. - 7 5 - 10
In case your induction cooktop has a Flex zone with frying sensor function, you can use this function with the griddle plate from a certain
production number on.
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