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  • Brand: Samsung
  • Product: Flat panel support
  • Model/name: WMN460UTD
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Hungarian,

Table of Contents

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Installation Guide
460UT 460UTN
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Safety Precautions 01 Safety Precautions
Introduction 02 Unpacking
02 Attaching the bracket ͽ to the monitor
03 Mounting the bracket ; onto a wall
06 Arranging the monitors
07 Fine tuning
10 Detaching the monitors
Product specifications 11 Product specifications
Product drawings 12 Product drawings
13 Drawings
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]Warning Failure to observe the instructions herein can cause serious injury or death.
1. Be sure to contact an installation expert authorized by your dealer to perform the installation.
• Installation by a non-professional may cause personal injury.
If you are planning to relocate or replace the
product after installation, be sure to consult with
an installation expert authorized by your dealer.
After installation, do not apply excessive force
or physical pressure on the product.
2. Do not let your children play in the vicinity of the product.
• They may bump their head or body against the corner of the product and suffer personal injury.
3. Be careful not to let the back of the product hit against the wall when it is rotated or the angle is adjusted.
• You can protect the wall and product from any damage by attaching a piece of sponge to each corner of the product.
4. Do not install the product on a wall that cannot bear the weight of the product.
• The product may fall, and get damaged or cause personal injury.
5. Products installed in unusual, abnormal or extreme areas may be subject to serious performance problems due to
the surrounding environment. Be sure to consult with a Samsung service center before installing the product in
such an area.
• Areas exposed to an excessive amount of fine particles or moisture, chemicals, extreme temperatures, high humidity,
automobiles, etc.
The information contained herein is for your safety and to prevent any loss of
property. Please read the instructions carefully to use the product correctly.
This mandatory sign is used to emphasize the instructions that must be observed.
Safety Precautions
English - 1
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Monitor-mount bracket ͽ Wall-mount bracket ;
Screw ͽ
(M8 X 60mm) : x4
Screw ;
(M8 X 30mm) : x4
Coupler : x2 Screw holder: x4
Wood screw
(M5 X 50mm) : x8
Safety fastener: x2
Screw Ϳ
(M5 X 10mm) : x2
Attaching the bracket ͽ to the monitor
1. Assemble the four screws ͽ and the screw holders, and fasten them to fix the bracket ͽ to the monitor as
shown in the picture below.
] Warning
Check to confirm that the bracket ͽ is fastened to the monitor.
English - 2
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Page: 4
Mounting the bracket ; onto a wall
1. Fix the bracket ; tightly against the wall using the wood screws.
1 2
3 4
5 6
7 8
As shown in the picture above, fasten in order from Η to Ξ.
N If it is difficult to fasten the screws into the specific holes, fasten the screws in the adjacent holes.
÷ Installing the Video Wall
3 4
1 2
N Installing the Video Wall should be done by two persons or more.
N The couplers are only used to install a Video Wall in order to leave a gap between the monitors that make up
the Video Wall. Do not use them when installing only one monitor.
] Warning
1. Before you install on the Video
Wall, check the wall strength
considering the total weight of the
monitors and brackets you want
to install.
- Weight of a monitor: 30kg
- Weight of a bracket: 7kg
2. If you intend to install on a Video
Wall that is four layers or more,
take into consideration the air
conditioning system. Consult with
an expert before installation as
heat from the monitors may cause
] Warning
1. Ensure you check the wall strength, and do
the reinforcing work before installation if the
wall is not sufficiently strong.
2. The provided screws are for wood.
3. Check the wall and use proper screws
according to the material of the wall, such as
marble, steel plate or concrete.
ö How to fasten a screw
Make a hole using a 3X50
Clean the inside of the
drilled hole.
Fasten the wood screw into
the hole.
ö When drilling a hole into a wall, make sure
you use a drill bit and drill of the specified
Otherwise, there may be safety problems.
English - 3
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Page: 5
2. Fix the two couplers into the middle and lower parts of the bracket ; respectively.
Fasten the two screws ; into the bracket ;.
3. To align horizontally, attach the bracket Θ to the couplers on the bracket Η using the screws ;.
(Should be done by two persons or more.)
After fixing tightly, attach the assembly to the wall following step 1.
Fasten the screws tightly so that there is no space between the couplers and the bracket ;.
4. To align vertically, insert the legs of the bracket Ι completely to the top of the bracket Η to assemble the two
English - 4
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Page: 6
1 1
5. Following steps 2 to 4, fix the bracket to the location Κ.
N Increase the number of brackets following the steps above.
] Warning
As shown in the pictures, the
bottom of the bracket Ι must be
inserted fully into the top of the
bracket Η.
English - 5
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Page: 7
Arranging the monitors
1. Hook the monitor to which the bracket ͽ is attached on the poles of the wall-mount bracket ;.
] Warning
Be sure not to put pressure on the panel with your hands when handling the monitor. Otherwise, you may
break the panel.
2. To prevent the monitor from becoming loose, fasten the safety fasteners using the screws Ϳ.
Fasten them on both sides.
] Warning
Ensure the hooks
are suspended
securely on the
English - 6
BN68-01537F.indb 6 2009-12-18 12:17:54
Page: 8
] Warning
Since the monitor may fall during installation, ensure you fasten the safety fasteners on both sides.
3. Arrange the monitor on each bracket following steps 1 and 2.
] Warning
Be careful not to catch your finger during installation.
Fine tuning
N After arranging the monitors, if they do not seem well-proportioned, adjust them using the fine-tuning screws
on the brackets.
N Be sure not to leave any height differences or gaps between the monitors.
English - 7
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Page: 9
1. Correcting height difference between the front and back of a monitor.
If you turn the fine-tuning screw clockwise or counterclockwise, the monitor will move forward or backward
The fine-tuning screw’s maximum movement range is 10mm.
Moving the monitor forward Moving the monitor backward
2. Correcting height difference between upper and lower monitors.
If you turn the fine-tuning screw on the bottom of the monitor clockwise or counterclockwise, the monitor will
move up or down respectively.
Lowering the monitor
Raising the monitor
English - 8
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Page: 10
÷ To adjust the height difference between the monitors on the upper layer,
Η Move a monitor until a space large enough to accommodate your hand is created.
Θ Rotate the monitor, unfold the holder attached to the bracket and fix the monitor in the holder.
Ι Turn the fine-tuning screw to correct the height difference.
Κ Repeat steps Η~Ι till you obtain the optimum result.
1.Be careful not to catch your fingers.
2.Ensure the holder is fastened to the monitor-mount bracket ;.
Fixing the monitor
in the holder
English - 9
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Page: 11
Detaching the monitors
1. Detaching the upper monitors
Unfasten the screws fixing the safety fasteners and lift up the monitors from the video wall.
2. Detaching the lower monitors
Η Move the monitor you want to detach, and rotate and fix it in the holder.
Θ Remove the safety fasteners from the monitor and lift up the monitor to detach it from the video wall as shown in
the picture below.
[ Caution
Before detaching the monitors, ensure
you disconnect all the cables connected
to them.
Fixing the monitor
in the holder
English - 10
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Page: 12
3. Detaching the middle monitor from 3X3 Video Wall
1. Move the left and right monitors on the top layer until a
space large enough to accommodate your hand is created.
2. Rotate the middle monitor to fix it in the holder. 3. Move the left and right monitors on the middle layer
following step 1.
4. Lift up the middle monitor to detach it from the video wall.
Product specifications
Dimensions (mm) W955 X H590.5 X D93
Weight (kg) 7
VESA standard wall-mount (mm) 600 X 400
[ Caution
For performance improvement, the product’s exterior and specifications are subject to change without prior
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Page: 13
Product drawings
Maximum rotation angle 25°
English - 12
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Page: 14
1. Monitor-mount bracket ͽ
45 62.2
M8 X L60
2. Wall-mount bracket ;
M8 X L60
English - 13
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