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  • Brand: Philips
  • Product: Beard Trimmer
  • Model/name: TT2030
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: English, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, Dutch, Turkish, Greek, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish

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Congratulations on your purchase and welcome to
Philips!To fully benefit from the support that Philips offers,
register your product at
The Philips Bodygroom offers you a safe, gentle, quick and
smooth shave for every body part below the neckline.
This complete body-grooming system consists of separate
specially designed shaving and trimming attachments,
which provide you with the most perfect body trim &
shave. Even in the sensitive zones.You can use it in the
bath or shower, since it is 100% waterproof.
General description (Fig. 1)
A	 Extra-Large (XL) trimming comb
B	 Setting indications
C	 Setting selector
D	 Extra-Sensitive (XS) trimming comb
E	 Shaving foil unit
F	 Shaving attachment 
G	 Adapter
H	 Small plug
I	 Cleaning brush
J	 Trimming attachment
K	 Handle
L	 On/off button
M	 Charging light
N	 Storage unit
O	 Attachment holder 
P	 Cleaning brush holder
Q	 Socket for small plug
R	 Charger
Read this user manual carefully before you use the
appliance and save it for future reference.
Make sure the adapter does not get wet.
Check if the voltage indicated on the adapter
corresponds to the local mains voltage before you
connect the appliance.
The adapter contains a transformer. Do not cut
off the adapter to replace it with another plug, as
this causes a hazardous situation.
This appliance is not intended for use by persons
(including children) with reduced physical, sensory
or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and
knowledge, unless they have been given supervision
or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a
person responsible for their safety.
Children should be supervised to ensure that they
do not play with the appliance.
Use, charge and store the appliance at a temperature
between 15°C and 35°C.
Only use the adapter and the charger supplied.
Never immerse the charger in water nor rinse it
under the tap.
If the appliance is subjected to a major change in
temperature, pressure or humidity, let the appliance
acclimatise for 30 minutes before you use it.
If the adapter or charger is damaged, always have it
replaced with one of the original type in order to
avoid a hazard.
Do not use a damaged attachment or comb, as this
may cause injury.
This appliance is only intended for shaving and
trimming body parts below the neckline. Do not use
it to shave or trim facial or scalp hair.
Compliance with standards
The appliance complies with the internationally
approved IEC safety regulations and can be safely
used in the bath or shower and cleaned under the
tap (Fig. 2).
This Philips appliance complies with all standards
regarding electromagnetic fields (EMF). If handled
properly and according to the instructions in this
user manual, the appliance is safe to use based on
scientific evidence available today.
Noise level: Lc= 68 dB(A)
Preparing for use
Charge the appliance for at least 10 hours before
you use it for the first time and after a long period of
disuse. Charging normally takes 8 hours.
When the appliance is fully charged, it has a cordless
operating time of up to 50 minutes.
When the charging light lights up red, the battery is
running low (approx. 10 minutes of operating time
left) and you need to recharge the appliance.
Note:The appliance can only be charged in the charger.
	 1	 	Make sure the appliance is switched off when you
start to charge it.
	 2	 	Insert the small plug into the charger (Fig. 3).
	 3	 	Put the adapter in the wall socket.
	 4	 	Put the appliance in the charger (Fig. 4).
The charging light on the adapter and the charging
light on the handle go on to indicate that the
appliance is charging (Fig. 5).
	 5	 	When the appliance is fully charged, the charging
light on the appliance and on the adapter goes out.
Optimising the lifetime of the rechargeable
Discharge the battery completely twice a year by letting
the motor run until it stops.Then fully recharge the
Attaching/detaching attachments
The shaving attachment and trimming attachment can be
attached and detached in the same way.
	 1	 	To attach the attachment, put it on the handle
in such a way that the open dot on the handle is
aligned with the open dot on the attachment (1).
Then turn the attachment clockwise until the
open dot is aligned with the solid dot on the
handle (2) (Fig. 6).
	 2	 	To detach the attachment, turn it anticlockwise
until the open dot on the handle is aligned with
the open dot on the attachment (1).Then lift the
attachment off the handle (2) (Fig. 7).
Using the appliance
You can use the appliance wet or dry to shave or trim
hair on all parts of the body below the neckline. Do not
use it to shave facial or scalp hair.
Tip:Take your time when you shave sensitive areas for the
first time.You have to acquire practice with the appliance.
Your skin also needs some time to get accustomed to the
Never use the trimming attachment without a trimming
	 1	 	Put the trimming attachment on the handle (see
section ‘Attaching/detaching attachments’ in chapter
‘Preparing for use’).
	 2	 	Put one of the two trimming combs on the
trimming attachment (Fig. 8).
Use the XL comb to trim hairs on extra-large areas,
such as your chest, abdomen, back and legs.
Use the XS comb to trim hairs on extra-sensitive
areas, such as your pubic area, underarms and around
the nipples.
	 3	 	Press the setting selector upwards or downwards
to set the desired setting (Fig. 9).
The two arrowheads on the trimming attachment
show which setting you have set (Fig. 10).
The tables show how long the hair will be after trimming
at the different settings.
When you trim for the first time, start at the highest
setting (5) to familiarise yourself with the appliance.
Settings of XL and XS combs
Settings Hair length after trimming
1 3mm
2 5mm
3 7mm
4 9mm
5 11mm
	 4	 	Press the on/off button once to switch on the
	 5	 	Move the appliance through the hair slowly (Fig. 11).
Trimming tips
To trim in the most effective way, move the appliance
against the direction of hair growth.
Always make sure that the tips of the comb point in
the direction in which you move the appliance.
Make sure that the flat part of the comb is always
fully in contact with the skin to obtain an even result.
Since all hair does not grow in the same direction,
you need to move the appliance in different
directions (upward or across).
Trimming is easier when the skin and hair are dry.
Before you use the shaving attachment, always check it
for damage or wear. Do not use the shaving attachment
if the shaving foil unit or the cutter is damaged, as injury
may occur. If the shaving foil unit is damaged, replace it.
	 1	 	Put the shaving attachment on the handle (see
section ‘Attaching/detaching attachments’ in chapter
‘Preparing for use’).
	 2	 	Press the on/off button once to switch on the
	 3	 	Place the shaving foil on the skin.
	 4	 	Move the appliance against the direction of
hair growth while you press it lightly onto the
skin (Fig. 12).
Shaving tips
Stretch the skin when you move the shaving foil
across it.
Make sure that the shaving foil is always fully in
contact with the skin.
If the hairs are longer than 10mm, you can trim them
first to make shaving easier.
When you use the appliance in the shower or bath,
apply some shaving foam or shower gel to your skin.
Cleaning and maintenance
Clean the appliance after every use.
Never use compressed air, scouring pads, abrasive
cleaning agents or aggressive liquids such as petrol or
acetone to clean the appliance.
Note:The trimming and shaving attachments do not need
any lubrication.
	 1	 	Switch off the appliance.
	 2	 	Remove any comb and/or attachment from the
	 3	 	Blow and/or shake out any hair that has
accumulated in the trimming attachment and/or
trimming combs.
	 4	 	Clean the trimming and shaving attachments, the
trimming combs and the handle with lukewarm
water and/or with the cleaning brush.
To clean the trimming and shaving attachments,
see the sections ‘Trimming attachment’ and ‘Shaving
attachment’ below.
	 5	 	Clean the adapter with the cleaning brush or a dry
Make sure the adapter does not get wet.
Trimming attachment
	 1	 	Put your thumb under the tab to remove the cover
off the trimming attachment (Fig. 13).
Page: 2
	 2	 	Rinse the trimming attachment with lukewarm
	 3	 	Remove hairs from the inside of the trimming
attachment with the cleaning brush and/or with
lukewarm water (Fig. 14).
	 4	 	After cleaning, snap the cover back into
the trimming attachment (‘click’) (Fig. 15).
Shaving attachment
	 1	 	Pull the shaving foil unit out of the shaving
attachment (Fig. 16).
Note:The shaving foil unit is very delicate. Handle it carefully.
Replace the shaving foil unit if it is damaged.
	 2	 	Rinse the shaving foil unit with lukewarm water.
Make sure that you also remove any hairs that have
collected under the trimmers.
Do not clean the shaving foil unit with the cleaning
brush, as this may cause damage.
	 3	 	Remove hairs from the inside of the shaving
attachment with the cleaning brush and/or with
lukewarm water (Fig. 17).
	 4	 	After cleaning, snap the shaving foil unit back into
the shaving attachment (‘click’) (Fig. 18).
The charger has a special storage unit in which you can
store the trimming or shaving attachment, the cleaning
brush and the two combs.
	 1	 	Place the cleaning brush in the brush
holder (Fig. 19).
	 2	 	Place the trimming or shaving attachment on top of
the attachment holder (Fig. 20).
	 3	 	Slide the two trimming combs sideways into the
guiding grooves of the attachment holder.The tips
of the combs must point forwards (Fig. 21).
	 4	 	Slide the storage unit onto the back of the
charger (Fig. 22).
	 5	 	To remove the storage unit, pull it off the back of
the charger (Fig. 23).
If you use the shaving attachment very frequently, replace
the shaving foil unit (type numberTT2000) every year.
Replace a damaged shaving foil unit immediately.
	 1	 	Pull the shaving foil unit out of the shaving
attachment (Fig. 16).
	 2	 	Snap the new shaving foil unit into the shaving
attachment (‘click’) (Fig. 18).
Do not throw away the appliance with the normal
household waste at the end of its life, but hand it in
at an official collection point for recycling. By doing
this, you help to preserve the environment (Fig. 24).
The built-in rechargeable battery contains substances
that may pollute the environment.Always remove
the battery before you discard and hand in the
appliance at an official collection point. Dispose of
the battery at an official collection point for batteries.
If you have trouble removing the battery, you can
also take the appliance to a Philips service centre.The
staff of this centre will remove the battery for you
and will dispose of it in an environmentally safe way.
Removing the rechargeable battery
Only remove the rechargeable battery if it is completely
	 1	 	Take the appliance out of the charger and let
the motor run until the rechargeable battery is
completely empty.
	 2	 	Remove any comb and/or attachment from the
	 3	 	Remove the back panel with a screwdriver (Fig. 25).
	 4	 	Remove both side panels from the handle with a
screwdriver (Fig. 26).
	 5	 	Remove the clamps on the left and right side of the
handle with a screwdriver (Fig. 27).
	 6	 	Separate the two handle parts (Fig. 28).
	 7	 	Cut the two wires to separate the batteries from
the printed circuit board (Fig. 29).
	 8	 	Remove the batteries with a screwdriver (Fig. 30).
Do not connect the appliance to the mains again after
you have removed the rechargeable battery.
Guarantee & service
If you need information or if you have a problem, please
visit the Philips website at or contact
the Philips Customer Care Centre in your country
(you find its phone number in the worldwide guarantee
leaflet). If there is no Customer Care Centre in your
country, go to your local Philips dealer or contact the
Service Department of Philips Domestic Appliances and
Personal Care BV.
Guarantee restrictions
The shaving attachment, the trimming attachment and
the rechargeable batteries are not covered by the terms
of the international guarantee because they are subject
to wear.

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