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  • Brand: Philips
  • Product: Subwoofer
  • Model/name: SUB100
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: , , , , , , ,

Table of Contents

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User manual
Always there to help you
Register your product and get support at
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1	Important	 2
Help and support	 2
Safety	2
Care for your product	 3
Care of the environment	 3
Compliance	3
2	 Your Subwoofer	 4
Overview	4
3	 Connect and set up	 5
Place subwoofer	 5
Pair up with theTV	 5
Subwoofer settings	 5
Adjust the crossover frequency	 6
4	 Product specifications	 6
5	Troubleshooting	 7
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2 EN
1	Important
Read and understand all instructions before you
use your product. If damage is caused by failure
to follow instructions, the warranty does not
Help and support
For extensive online support, visit to:
•	 download the user manual and the quick
start guide
•	 watch video tutorials (available only for
selected models)
•	 find answers to frequently answered
questions (FAQs)
•	 email us a question
•	 chat with our support representative.
Follow the instructions on the website to select
your language, and then enter your product
model number.
Alternatively, you can contact Consumer Care
in your country. Before you contact, note down
the model number and serial number of your
product.You can find this information on the
back or bottom of your product.
Risk of electric shock or fire!
•	 Never expose the product and accessories
to rain or water. Never place liquid
containers, such as vases, near the product.
If liquids are spilt on or into the product,
disconnect it from the power outlet
immediately. Contact Consumer Care to
have the product checked before use.
•	 Never place the product and accessories
near naked flames or other heat sources,
including direct sunlight.
•	 Never insert objects into the ventilation
slots or other openings on the product.
•	 Where the mains plug or an appliance
coupler is used as the disconnect device,
the disconnect device shall remain readily
•	 Disconnect the product from the power
outlet before lightning storms.
•	 When you disconnect the power cord,
always pull the plug, never the cable.
Risk of short circuit or fire!
•	 Before you connect the product to the
power outlet, ensure that the power
voltage matches the value printed on the
back or bottom of the product. Never
connect the product to the power outlet if
the voltage is different.
Risk of injury or damage to this product!
•	 For wall-mountable products, use only the
supplied wall mount bracket. Secure the
wall mount to a wall that can support the
combined weight of the product and the
wall mount.WOOX Innovations bears no
responsibility for improper wall mounting
that results in accident, injury or damage.
•	 Never place the product or any objects
on power cords or on other electrical
•	 If the product is transported in
temperatures below 5°C, unpack the
product and wait until its temperature
matches room temperature before
connecting it to the power outlet.
•	 Parts of this product can be made of
glass. Handle with care to avoid injury and
Risk of overheating!
•	 Never install this product in a confined
space.Always leave a space of at least four
inches around the product for ventilation.
Ensure curtains or other objects never
cover the ventilation slots on the product.
Page: 4
This is CLASS II apparatus with double
insulation, and no protective earth provided.
Care for your product
Use only microfiber cloth to clean the product.
Care of the environment
Disposal of your old product
Your product is designed and manufactured
with high quality materials and components,
which can be recycled and reused.
This symbol on a product means that the
product is covered by European Directive
2012/19/EU. Inform yourself about the local
separate collection system for electrical and
electronic products. Follow local rules and never
dispose of the product with normal household
waste. Correct disposal of old products
helps prevent negative consequences for the
environment and human health.
This product complies with the radio
interference requirements of the European
Hereby,WOOX Innovations declares that
this product is in compliance with the
essential requirements and other relevant
provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC.You
can find the Declaration of Conformity on
Page: 5
4 EN
2	 Your Subwoofer
Congratulations on your purchase, and
welcome to Philips!To fully benefit from
the support that Philips offers, register your
subwoofer at
This section includes an overview of the
wireless subwoofer.
a	 Subwoofer indicator
•	 When the power is turned on, the
indicator lights up.
•	 During wireless pairing between the
subwoofer and yourTV, the indicator
blinks white quickly.
•	 When the pairing succeeds, the
indicator lights up white.
•	 When the pairing fails, the indicator
blinks white slowly.
•	 When wireless connection is
disconnected for one minute, the
indicator turns off.
b	 CONNECT (connect)
Press and hold to to enter the pairing
mode for the subwoofer.
Rotate to adjust the crossover frequency.
a b c d e
d	 USB cover
Only for Consumer Care personnel to
upgrade software. (Consumers are not
encouraged to open it.)
e	 DC IN
Connect to the AC power adaptor.
Page: 6
3	 Connect and set
This section helps you connect your wireless
subwoofer to a Philips brandedTV, and then set
it up.
For information about the basic connections
of your wireless subwoofer, see the quick start
• For identification and supply ratings, see the type plate
at the back or bottom of the product.
• Before you make or change any connections, make sure
that all devices are disconnected from the power outlet.
Place subwoofer
See the quick start guide on how to place the
wireless subwoofer .
1	 Place SUB100 on the floor.
•	 If you place the subwoofer vertically,
install the supplied foot stand to
prevent instability of the subwoofer.
•	 Place the subwoofer at least 1 meter
(3 feet) away from yourTV, and
10 centimeters away from the wall.
Pair up with the TV
• The wireless subwoofer can pair with a Philips branded
• The maximum distance between theTV and the
wireless subwoofer is 5 meters.
For the first time use, manually pair the wireless
subwoofer with theTV.
1	 Plug in the provided USB dongle to theTV.
2	 Switch on the subwoofer.
3	 Press and hold CONNECT (connect)
button on the subwoofer to enter the
pairing mode.
» The indicator on the subwoofer blinks
white quickly.
4	 Switch on theTV and enter (home
5	 Select [Setup] (setup) and press [OK]
6	 Select [TV settings] (TV settings) >
[Sound] (Sound) > [Wireless sound]
(Wireless sound) > [Add new speaker]
(Add new speaker).
7	 Follow the instructions on screen and pair
the wireless subwoofer with theTV and
theTV will store the connection.
» If the pairing succeeds, the indicator on
the subwoofer lights up white.
» If the pairing fails, the indicator on the
subwoofer blinks white slowly.
8	 If the pairing fails, repeat steps above.
Subwoofer settings
Compared with the volume of theTV, you can
slightly increase or decrease the volume of the
1	 On theTV, enter (home menu).
2	 Select [Setup] (setup) and press [OK]
3	 Select [TV settings] (TV settings) >
[Sound] (sound) > [Wireless sound]
(wireless sound) > [Audio output offset]
(audio output offset).
4	 Use the up / down keys to adjust.
Page: 7
6 EN
Adjust the crossover
You can adjust the crossover frequency to
integrate the subwoofer to theTV speakers
knob to adjust the crossover frequency.
• Adjust the crossover frequency to optimize the sound
effect (the closer to the listener, the lower frequency
value is).
4	Product
• Specifications and design are subject to change without
•	 Power supply:
•	 Model (Philips branded AC power
adapter): DYS602-210309W;
•	 Input: 100-240V~, 50-60 Hz 1.5 A
•	 Output: 21V , 3.09A
•	 Standby power consumption: ≤ 0.5 W
•	 Output power:
50 W (+/- 0.5 dB, 10%THD)
•	 Impedance: 4 ohm
•	 Speaker drivers: 165 mm (6.5") woofer
•	 Crossover frequency range:
80 Hz - 200 Hz
•	 Dimensions (W x H x D):
730 x 83 x 330 mm
•	 Weight: 6.15 kg
Philips TV compatibility list
4K Ultra
58PUK6809/12, 58PUS6809/12,
55PUS7809/12, 55PUK7809/12,
50PUS6809/12, 50PUK6809/12,
49PUS7809/12, 49PUK7809/12,
42PUS7809/12, 42PUK7809/12,
40PUS6809/12, 40PUK6809/12
Page: 8
Full HD
65PFS7559/12, 65PFS6659/12,
65PFS5909/12, 65PFK5909/12,
55PFS7509/12, 55PFS7199/12,
55PFS7189/12, 55PFS7109/12,
55PFS6909/12, 55PFS6609/12,
55PFS6409/12, 55PFS5709/12,
55PFS6909/12, 55PFS6609/12,
55PFS6409/12, 55PFS5709/12,
55PFK7509/12, 55PFK7199/12,
55PFK7189/12, 55PFK7179/12,
55PFK7109/12, 55PFK6989/12,
55PFK6959/12, 55PFK6949/12,
55PFK6909/12, 55PFK6609/12,
55PFK6589/12, 55PFK6559/12,
55PFK6549/12, 55PFK6409/12,
55PFK5709/12, 55PFH6609/88,
48PFS6909/12, 48PFS6719/12,
48PFS6609/12, 48PFS6409/12,
48PFS5709/12, 48PFK6989/12,
48PFK6959/12, 48PFK6949/12,
48PFK6909/12, 48PFK6719/12,
48PFK6609/12, 48PFK6409/12,
48PFK5709/12, 48PFH6609/88,
47PFS7509/12, 47PFS7199/12,
47PFS7189/12, 47PFS7109/12,
47PFK7509/12, 47PFK7199/12,
47PFK7189/12, 47PFK7179/12,
47PFK7109/12, 47PFK6589/12,
47PFK6559/12, 47PFK6549/12,
42PFS7509/12, 42PFS7189/12,
42PFS7109/12, 42PFK7509/12,
42PFK7199/12, 42PFK7189/12,
42PFK7179/12, 42PFK7109/12,
42PFK6589/12, 42PFK6559/12,
42PFK6549/12, 40PFS6909/12,
40PFK6989/12, 40PFK6959/12,
40PFK6949/12, 40PFK6909/12,
40PFS6719/12, 40PFS6609/12,
40PFS6409/12, 40PFS5709/12,
40PFK6719/12, 40PFK6609/12,
40PFK6409/12, 40PFK5709/12,
40PFH6609/88, 32PFS5709/12,
32PFK6509/12, 32PFK5709/12
5	Troubleshooting
• Risk of electric shock. Never remove the casing of the
To keep the warranty valid, never try to repair
the product yourself.
If you have problems using this product, check
the following points before you request service.
If you still have a problem, get support at
Lost connection.
•	 Position the wireless subwoofer within a
range of 5 meters from theTV.
My TV fails to search for SUB100 when I try
to connect.
•	 Make sure that yourTV has been upgraded
with the latest software.
No sound from the wireless subwoofer.
•	 Check the connection status of the
wireless subwoofer (see 'Pair up with the
TV' on page 5).
•	 If you place the wireless subwoofer behind
you, adjust the crossover frequency to a
lower level and get a better sound balance.
Page: 9
Specifications are subject to change without notice
2014 © WOOX Innovations Limited.All rights reserved.
Philips and the Philips’ Shield Emblem are registered trademarks of Koninklijke Philips N.V. and
are used by WOOX Innovations Limited under license from Koninklijke Philips N.V.

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