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  • Brand: Philips
  • Product: 3 d glasses
  • Model/name: PTA508
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese, Danish, Polish, Russian, Norwegian, Finnish, Romanian, Turkish, Slovak, Hungarian, Slovene, Croatian, Ukrainian

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Active 3D glasses
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Player 1/2
2 4
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Active 3D glasses PTA508
What’s in the box
- 3D Max active glasses
- Microfiber pouch
- Manual
See the illustrations at the beginning of the
1 - A, On or Off switch
2 - Player 1/2, Player 1 or Player 2 selection
3 - Receiver lens
4 - Battery compartment
When you unpack the 3D glasses, also
remove the small plastic foil from the
battery compartment that prevents the
battery from running empty.
Switch on
Switch on your PhilipsTV and start a 3D
programme.When a 3D programme is
offered, press A on the 3D glasses and put
them on.The glasses need some seconds
to adjust to the 3D signal from the 3D
transmitter on theTV.
Make sure the receiver lens in the centre of
the glasses can receive the 3D signals.
Battery level
You can check the battery level when you
switch on the 3D glasses.
• If the LED light blinks green, you can use
the glasses for 4 hours or more.
• If the LED light blinks orange, you can
use the glasses for at least 2 hours but less
than 4.
• If the LED light blinks red, the battery is
almost empty and less than 2 hours of 3D
watching remain.
Switch off
To switch off the 3D glasses, press A.
The LED light blinks red 4 times.When the
3D glasses do not receive 3D signals for 2
minutes, the glasses switch off automatically.
3D transmitter
Make sure the receiver lens in the centre of
the glasses can receive the 3D signals.Also,
clear objects away from the 3D transmitter
on theTV.
Two-player gaming
You can use these glasses to play two-player
games.Two players can watch the same
TV but see two different screens to play
a game.
To switch the glasses to watch the Player 1
or Player 2 screen, switch on the glasses and
then press the Player 1/2 key.
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• If the LED light is orange and lits
continuously for 2 seconds, the glasses are
set for player 1.
• If the LED light is orange and blinks, the
glasses are set for player 2.
In Help of theTV, look up Two-player
gaming for more information.
Replacing the battery
See the illustrations at the beginning of the
To replace the battery of the 3D glasses
PTA508, unscrew the small battery lid and
replace the battery : type CR2032 (3V).
Make sure the + side of the battery is
visible. Close and fix it with the screw.
Care for the glasses
• Use a clean soft cloth (microfiber or
cotton flannel) to clean the lenses to avoid
scratching them. Never spray cleaner
directly on the 3D glasses.This may damage
the electronics.
• Do not use cleaning chemicals containing
alcohol, solvent, surfactant, or wax, benzene,
thinner, mosquito repellant or lubricant.
Using these chemicals can cause
discoloration or cracks.
• Do not expose the 3D glasses to direct
sunlight, heat, fire or water.This may result in
a product malfunction or fire.
• Do not drop, bend or apply force to the
lenses of the 3D glasses.
Health warning
• Not suitable for children under the age
of 6.
• If you or your family has a history of
epilepsy or photosensitive seizures, consult
a medical professional before exposing
yourself to flashing light sources, rapid image
sequences or 3D viewing.
•To avoid discomfort such as dizziness,
headache or disorientation, we recommend
not watching 3D for extended periods
of time. If you experience any discomfort,
stop watching 3D and do not immediately
engage in any potentially hazardous
activity (for example driving a car) until your
symptoms have disappeared. If symptoms
persist, do not resume watching 3D without
consulting a medical professional first.
• Parents should monitor their children
during 3D viewing and ensure they do not
experience any discomfort as mentioned
above.Watching 3D is not recommended
for children under 6 years of age as their
visual system is not fully developed yet.
• Do not use the 3D glasses for any
purpose other than watching 3DTV.
3D system :Active 3D glasses
Battery type : CR2032
Transmission system : IR (Infra Red)
Max. Signal Distance : 6m
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de votre ancien produit permet de protéger
l’environnement et la santé.
Spéaclaí gníomhacha 3D PTA508
Céard atá sa bhosca
- Spéaclaí gníomhacha 3D Max
- Máilín micrisnáithín
-Treoirleabhar agus baránta
Féach ar na léaráidí ag tús an treoirleabhair.
1 - A, Lasc air nó as
2 - Player 1/2 (Imreoir 1/2), Roghnú imreoir
1 nó imreoir 2
3 - Lionsa glacadóra
4 - Raca na gceallraí
Nuair a bhaineann tú na spéaclaí 3D amach
as an mbosca, bain as an scragall beag plai-
steach freisin ó raca na gceallraí a chuireann
cosc ar an gceallra folmhú.
Cas air
Cas air do theilifís Philips agus tosaigh clár
3D. Nuair a tháirgtear clár 3D, brúigh A ar
na spéaclaí 3D agus cuir ort iad.Tógfaidh
sé roinnt soicind ar na spéaclaí coigeartú
don chomhartha 3D ón tarchuradóir 3D
ar an teilifís.
Cinntigh go bhfuil an lionsa glacadóra i lár na
spéaclaí in ann comharthaí 3D a fháil.
Leibhéal an cheallra
Is féidir leat leibhéal an cheallra a sheiceáil
nuair a chasann tú na spéaclaí 3D air.
• Má tá caochaíl uaine ón solas LED, is féidir
leat na spéaclaí a úsáid ar feadh 4 uaire nó
níos mó.
• Má tá caochaíl oráiste ón solas LED, is
féidir leat na spéaclaí a úsáid ar feadh 2 uair
a a laghad ach níos lú ná 4 uair.
• Má tá caochaíl dhearg ón solas LED, tá an
ceallra beagnach folamh agus níl fágtha ach
níos lú ná 2 uair féachana.
Cas as
Brúigh A chun na spéaclaí 3D a chasadh
as. Beidh 4 caochadh dearg ón solas LED.
Nuair nach bhfaigheann na spéaclaí 3D
comharthaí 3D ar feadh 2 nóiméad, casann
na spéaclaí iad féin as go huathoibríoch.
Tarchuradóir 3D
Cinntigh go bhfuil an lionsa glacadóra i lár
na spéaclaí in ann comharthaí 3D a fháil.
Chomh maith leis sin, ná bíodh aon rud in
aice leis an tarchuradóir 3D ar an teilifís.
Cluichíocht dhá imreoir
Is féidir leat na spéaclaí seo a úsáid chun
cluichí dhá imreoir a imirt. Is féidir le beirt
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