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User manual for the Philips EasyKey DV001 in English. This PDF manual has 2 pages.

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Philips EasyKey DV001manual
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Please read this user manual carefully before using this product. Kind reminder: Host (x1) Magnetic Stand(x1) Sub-unit (x1) USB cable(x1) Power Adaptor(x1) User Manual(x1) Screw (x6) Packing List 1 User Manual Appearance overview 1:Indoor host Function button Indicator ring Touch panel MIC Speaker Connector Charging interface Reset 2 Installation 1:Confirm installation position 3 Outside door Inside door Outside door 6:Host Installation 2 1 5:Fix sub-unit interface 7:Remove the host 2 1 4:Magnetic Stand Installation 2 3 1 2 1 2:Sub-unit pre-install instruction 3:Fix sub-unit 2:Outdoor sub-unit Human detection sensor(Do not block it ) Camera (Do not block it) Doorbell Microphone Connecting cable Sub-unit interface Speaker 1 2 User Manual To register your product(s) and get support from below site: www.philips.com/support EasyKey Smart Door Viewer DV001 Thank you for purchasing Philips-branded products. For your safety, please read this user manual carefully before using the product. Any personal injury, property or other loss caused by not following the user manual or precautions, no liability will be assumed by Philips. This user manual is used as a guide. The photos, pictures, or illustrations provided in the manual are for explanation purposes, which may differ from the specific product, please refer to the actual product. Due to product version upgrade or other needs, Philips may update this manual timely without advanced informing. If you need the latest version of the manual, please download it from the Philips website (www.philips.com/support). The copyright of any part from this manual, including text, pictures or illustrations, belongs to Philips. Without written permission, no corporation or individual may extract, copy, translate, or modify all or part of this manual in any way. Unless otherwise agreed, Philips does not make any express or implied representations and guarantees. If there is no hole on the door, please drill one with a diameter of 15 ~ 30mm at the height of 145cm from the ground. If there is a hole on the door and installed with a peephole, please remove the peephole and install the smart door viewer. The hole diameter range should be 15~50mm. Please choose the proper screw as per the door thickness for sub-unit installation. Short size screw is applicable for a door thickness of 35mm-60mm. Medium size screw is applicable for a door thickness of 60mm-85mm. Long size screw is applicable for a door thickness of 85mm-110mm. Sort out the connecting cable, then tighten the screw into the sub-unit for 5mm, and tear the foam label protective sheet on the rear side of the sub-unit. Adjust the direction of the sub-unit from outside and make sure the doorbell button is at the bottom. Then pass the screw and connecting cable through the hole. (If your door is too thick, use a paper tube to pass the cable through the door, then remove the paper tube ). Press hard on the sub-unit to make sure it perfectly adheres to the door, then remove the lens protective film. 1 2 Pass the connecting cable of the sub-unit through the square hole on the magnetic stand from the inside door ( Do not twist or squeeze the connecting cable.). Attention: Move down the magnetic stand so that the screws can be matched with the marked position, and then fasten the screws. Attention: Insert the sub-unit interface into the groove on the magnetic stand as shown in the picture. Hang the magnetic stand on the screws of the sub-unit and fasten the screws until the magnetic stand can be fixed firmly on the door. Align the sub-unit interface with the groove on the magnetic stand, and make sure they are stick to each other firmly. Gently pull out the connecting cable from the inside door, and then peel off the protection film on the back of the sub-unit interface. Attention: Align the host device to the magnetic stand from the top to bottom. Inside door Tilt the host by 10 degrees and hang it on the steel sheet from top to bottom. The bottom magnet will automatically suck with the host. After installation, gently pull the upper part of the host to check if it is correctly installed. Outside door foam label Inside door Please hold the bottom of the host with both hands and tilt it upwards by 10 degrees, and then move it against the steel sheet to remove the host. Philips and the Philips Shield Emblem are registered trademarks of Koninklijke Philips N.V. and are used under license. This product has been manufactured by and is sold under the responsibility of Shenzhen Conex Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Conex Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is the warrantor concerning this product. Version: 1.0
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Host Charging 6 General Operation 4 Setup instruction 1:APP download and installation 2:Sign up for registration and log in. 5 3:Click on "Add a device". 4:Select "Smart door viewer". 13:Check your device list on the "Device" page. 9:Enter into "Scan QR Code" Interface Time, human detection sensitivity, alarm mode and alarm sound settings Check device version, firmware information, storage and restore to default settings. Power-saving mode switching Check the visitors/alarms record Time, doorbell, theme and network connection settings. Camera Preview Precaution After sales policy Manufacturer: Shenzhen Conex Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Website: www.philips.com Address: 11th Floor, Block B, Tsinghua Info Port, No. 1 Xindong Road, Songpingshan, Songpingshan Community, Xili Street, Nanshan District, Shenzhen Support On/Off 1. Long press the function button for 3 seconds to turn on the device. 2. Long press the function button for 3 seconds could also turn off the device. Sleep / Wake up mode 1. This device has an automatic timeout feature to reduce battery consumption. If the user does not input anything within the defined time, the screen will turn off. 2. Short press the function button could wake up the device. Reset If the device fails to turn on or stops responding, please use a needle or paper clip to shortly press the reset button to reboot the device. Long press the reset button for two seconds to turn off the device. Resetting does not affect the data storage or time settings. Do not reset the device during normal operation, as this may lose the data stored in the device. Touch Screen You could use your fingers to click or slide to set up all the needed settings. Outdoor checking Wake up the device to enter into the interface, and then press the outdoor checking icon or short press the function button to view the instant scenes outside the door. Charging When this device is charging, a lightning icon will appear on the top of the touch screen to show the battery status. The indicator ring will glow in red when it is charging, and it will glow in green when fully charged. Andriod: Search and download the "Philips EasyKey" from Google Play. IOS: Download the Philips EasyKey from the App Store. 5:Please connect the host to the sub-unit, and then long press the function button for 3 seconds until entering the interface. 6: Press "Settings" to enter to the next interface. 7:Click on the Network icon to enter into next menu. Door bell and volume settings Theme, time-out and brightness settings WIFI connection and device binding settings Date & time, language and anti-prying alarm settings 8:In the interface of Network, click on "Scan QR Code" could enter into next menu. 10:Open the door viewer and enter into the "Scan QR Code" menu via the mobile phone, then choose available WIFI, input password and click on "Next" to generate a QR code. 11:Use the camera of sub-unit to scan the QR code generated in last step. 12:Please wait for 1-2 minutes during the connection process. After successfully adding the device, click on "Done" to bind the device. 14:Click on any binding device could check the device access record. When the battery is running low, you can remove the host from the magnetic stand after turning it off, then use a power adpter to charge it, install the host on the magnetic stand and turn on the device. If you do not want to remove the host, you can take the power socket to the nearest position of the smart door viewer and connect the power adapter to charge. Do not expose this product to the harsh environment with high temperature, high humidity, dust, salt spray, rain, and water splashing, it may damage the device. Do not press too hard on the lens of the sub-unit and the black round cover from the top, it may cause hardware damage. Please use the authorized power adapter included in the packaging. The use of unauthorized adapter may result in failure to charge or system damage. Do not connect the sub-unit when the host stays on, otherwise, the camera may be connected abnormally. If there is an abnormality, please reconnect the sub-unit when the host is turned off. This product supports the 2.4GHz WLAN only, please make sure that this product is within the coverage of the WiFi, and position the WiFi router as close as possible to this product. This product is for home-use anti-theft monitoring. It is not applicable to other illegal premises. During the installation process, please not to pull out the connecting cable of the sub-unit, and prevent the cable from being scratched or cut off (Improper operation that causes cable damage is not covered by the warranty). Consumer care policy 1. We offer 2 years of free warranty since the date of purchase. If no warranty card or valid purchase voucher can be provided, the warranty period will be counted from the 4th month after the date of manufacture. 2. During the warranty period, in the case of normal use in accordance with the manual, the product defects (which will be identified by our formal employee) will be repaired free of charge. 3. If the product is found defective within the first 4 weeks of the warranty period (which will be identified by our formal employee), you can request a free exchange of the same model or the same type of product, or you can ask for a return. 4. Please understand that maintenance will not be free under the following circumstances within the warranty period: ◆Man-made damages caused by improper use (such as use of improper parts, improper installation, use not in accordance with the manual, wrong use or damages caused negligence), damages caused in transportation or other accidents, any repair or refit not approved by our company, and any other damages caused by force majeure (such as a natural disaster or abnormal voltage). ◆Product aging and wear due to normal use which don’t affect the normal use. ◆Man-made scratches or damages on the product appearance, wearing and consumable accessories such as the battery, are not covered by warranty. Any issues you are encountering for the product, you can get support from the service hotline or the official WeChat. User information: Fault description: Name: Telephone: Address:
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