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1 1. Installation and usage - This device can only attach to faucets with a diameter between 15mm and 24mm. - Before attaching the device on the faucet, the matching adaptor should be selected first. - The adaptors allow this device to be attached to most faucets, except for: · faucets with a diameter of less than 15mm or more than 24mm · faucets with a shower head · faucets with rectangular or oval shaped outlets · faucets with a sensor head Installation Preparation Based on different adaptors, please refer to different installation methods. Installing A-type adaptors Applicable for faucet aerators with male thread (1) Remove the original aerator cap and seal ring from the tap. (2) Screw the matching adaptor (A-type) onto the faucet. (3) Use mini wrench to tighten the adaptor. Installing B-type adaptors Applicable for faucet aerators with female thread (1) Remove the original aerator cap from the tap. (2) Take out the original adaptor and screw the matching adaptor (B-type) onto the tap. (3) Use mini wrench to tighten the adaptor. B1-1 B1-2 A1-1 A1-1 A1-2 A1-2
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2 Installing C-type adaptor Applicable for faucets other than A or B with a diameter of 15mm-21mm. Please prepare a slotted screwdriver in advance before installing C-type adaptor. (1) Whether the inner or the outer seal ring of C-type adaptor is necessary depends on the dimension of the faucet outlet. (2) Combine the B-type adaptor with the C-type adaptor. (3) Adjust and screw the combined adaptors onto faucet. Installing the device (1) Unscrew the filter cartridge housing. (2) Take the filter cartridge out from the protective film, and put it in the holder. Put the housing back. (3) Anticlockwise turn the attachment nut and attach the device to the faucet, then release the nut. (4) Set up the timer, a. Point the arrow to the starting month b. When to replace the filter depends on the user number and the daily usage: · 1 person ·· 2 persons ··· 3 persons C1-1 C1-1 C1-2 C1-2 C1-3 C1-3 B1-1 B1-2
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3 Always use cold water (5-38℃) for the filtered mode. Otherwise the filter will be damaged. 2. Maintenance Daily maintenance When to replace: Based on the daily usage assumption, the filter should be replaced: · every 5-6 months for 1 person · every 2-3 months for 2 persons · every 1-2 months for 3 persons Filter replacement Notes For the first time use, select the unfiltered mode and let the water run for 5 seconds. Then switch to the filtered mode and let the water water run through the filter for 3 minutes. Daily usage AWP3753: Press the PUSH button to switch between filtered and unfiltered mode. - Unfiltered shower mode Press the PUSH button to select the mode - Filtered stream mode Press the PUSH button again to select the mode. AWP3754: Turn the lever to switch among the filtered stream, unfiltered shower and unfiltered stream mode. - For everyday usage: extract unfiltered water for 5 seconds before switching to to prevent filter from being clogged, and extract filtered water for 5 seconds before usage. - If it hasn't been used for more than 2 days, extract the filtered water for 20 seconds before usage. - If it hasn't been used for more than 2 weeks, extract the filtered water for 3 minutes before usage. If there is odor found in the filtered water, please change the filter cartridge.
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4 3. Precautions - Always use municipal tap water as the water source. Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the device. - This device can be used by children and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the device in a safe way and understand the hazards involved. Children shall not play with the device. Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children unless they are supervised. - Do not install this device on a water supply line with a water pressure exceeding 0.35 MPa. If the inlet water pressure exceeds 0.35 MPa, a relief valve must be installed (purchased separately). Warning Notes The actual lifespan of the filter cartridge depends on the local tap water quality and daily usage. If significant lower flow rate is observed, please replace the filter cartridge. Replacing the filter cartridge A. Turn off the faucet B. Take off the filter housing C. Insert a new filter cartridge into the holder and put the housing back. Please check if the seal ring is in place, and if it's damaged. D. Set the timer. E. Let the water run for 5 seconds under the mode, and 3 minutes under the filtered mode. D1-1 D1-2 D1-1 D1-2
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5 - The system and installation shall comply with applicable and local regulations. - The containment or other substances removal rate of this water purifier is not applicable to all water sources. - For best performance, please change your filter cartridge based on the filter replacement period suggested in chapter 2. When significant low flow rate is observed, we recommend to change the filter. - Do not block the filtered water outlet or connect other devices to it. - Keep the device away from heat to avoid distortion or breakage. - Do not tamper with the device. - This appliance does not soften water. - Do not use filtered water in aquariums. Tap water, filtered or unfiltered, can be harmful to fish. - If an instruction is given from the authorities that mains water must be boiled, then the filtered water by this device must also be boiled. When the instruction to boil water is no longer in force, the entire device must be thoroughly cleaned, and filter replaced. For some groups of people (e.g. those with impaired immunity and babies), it is recommended that tap water should be boiled, which also applies to the filtered water by this device. Caution If you need information or if you have any questions, please visit the Philips website at or contact the consumer care center in your country. If there is no consumer care center in your country, go to the local dealer. 4. Guarantee & Service - The water temperature for the filtration mode should be between 5-38°C. If the inlet water temperature exceeds 38°C, the filter will be damaged. If the inlet water temperature is lower than 5°C, it may cause freezing and water leakage. - Do not reverse the installation order. - This device is intended for domestic use only.
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6 6. Product specification Product name Model number Filter media Water flow rate Minimum water pressure 0.15~0.35 Mpa 1.6 litres/minute Hollow fiber membrane, activated carbon fiber AWP3753 AWP3754 Philips on-tap filter Replacement filter cartridge Dimensions Weight AWP3753: 200g (222g when filled with water) AWP3754: 220g (242g when filled with water) AWP3753:122.5 (W) *71.9 (D) *111.5 (H) mm AWP3754:133 (W) *80 (D) *111.5 (H) mm AWP315 Device 1x Optional adaptors 1x User manual 1x 5. Packing list Please keep this user manual for future reference.
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