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  • Brand: Parrot
  • Product: Car Kit
  • Model/name: CK3100
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: Dutch, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian

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Page: 3
Warning :
The manufacturer Parrot S.A. and it’s affiliates should not be held
liable towards
End-Users or third parties for prejudice caused by misuasage of the
nor for usage that would be in violation of local traffic regulations and
Disclaimer :
The information in this document is subject to change without notice
and does not
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Product names
appearing in this document are mentioned fot identification purposes
All trademarks, product names appearing in this document are regis-
tred property of
their respective owners.
FCC Compliance Statement :
This device complies with part 15 of the FCC rules. Operation is sub-
ject to the following
two conditions :
1- This device may not cause harmful interference.
2- This device must accept any interference received, including inter-
ference that may
cause undesired operation.
Declaration of Conformity:
We, Parrot S.A. of 174 Quai de Jemmapes, 75010 Paris, France,
declare under our sole
responsibility that our product, CK3100, CK3300, CK3500, to which
this declaration
relates is in conformity with appropriate standards EN300328,
EN301489-17, EN 60950
following the provision of Radio Equipment and Telecommunication
Equipment directive
1995/5/EC with requirements covering EMC directive 89/336/EEC and
Low Voltage
directive 73/23/EEC.
The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth®
SIG, Inc. and any
use of such marks by Parrot S.A is under license. Other trademarks
and trade names
are those of their respective owners.
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User’s guide
Page: 5
CK3100 Advanced Car Kit
Bluetooth technology offers voice and data transmission via a
short-distance radio link. It can link a wide range of wireless
electronic equipments and spread the communication possibili-
ties of mobile telephones and numerous pieces of equipment.
Based in Paris, founded in 1994 by Henri SEYDOUX, Parrot
S.A is one of the fastest-growing companies. From the very
beginning its specialties have been technologies associated
with voice recognition and signal processing for telecoms and
The Parrot CK3100 Car Kit allows you to use your cellular
phone while driving your car
with the best of comfort and the best security possible.
The names of your callers will appear on the screen.
Your phonebook is accessible from the control screen.
The voice command and the voice recognition allow you to
use it without letting goof your steering scroll button.
Your conversation is carried over the loud speakers in your
On the screen you can access your telephone phonebook.
Caller name display.
Voice recognition.
Volume control.
Mutes the in-car radio.
Dual call.
Pick-up and hang-up via voice
Page: 6
User’s guide
LCD screen Power cable
electronic box microphone
mute cable manual
Contents of the package
Installation of the electronic box
The CK3100 system is fitted with 4 outputs:
Input - in-car radio output LCD screen power
It is recommended to install all the cables before fixing the
control box. Each cable supplied has a different connector to
avoid wrong connections.
The box must not be installed near the heating or the air-con-
Ensure that it is not exposed to sunlight. Avoid installing it
behind metal walls, which could alter the quality of the blue-
tooth link.
The mute cable is equipped with black ISO connectors and
with a “line out” output.
In-car radio with «line in» inputs
Preferably use this type of connection by joining the brown and
green wires as well as the yellow wires of the “mute” to the
back of your in-car radio.
In-car radio with «ISO» connectors
Disconnect the audio and supply bundles from the in-car radio
Link the female connectors of the mute supply cables and of
Installation of the in-car radio cable
the power supply cable to the in-car radio. Connect the audio
and supply bundles from the vehicle to the male connectors.If
the in-car radio is equipped with a mute input, connect the
yellow wire of the mute cable to one of the “ Mute in “ inputs 1,
2 or 3.
In-car radio without «ISO» connectors
You must obtain an “ISO” adapter cable
Installation of the power supply cable
The red wire of the power cable must be connected
to the permanent 12V, the orange wire to the 12V and
the black wire to the earth.
Verify the electric wiring of the ISO supply bundle of
the in-car radio.
In some vehicles it is necessary to reverse the positions
of the red and orange wires.
This operation is simply done by reversing the fuse
Do not connect the orange wire to the permanent
12V, otherwise you risk causing the vehicle battery to
go flat.
Page: 7
CK3100 Advanced Car Kit
Microphone :
The microphone must be aimed
at the driverand can be installed:
Anywhere on the vehicle /
On the LCD screen.
LCD screen :
Several accessories allow the screen to be installed in
multiples sites in the body of the vehicle.
Fastening on the dashboard
Using the scoth tape double-face provided.
Just stick the display on a plane and
clean spot on the dashboard .
With a foot on the dashboard
Once the display has been mounted on the foot provided in
the packaging, stick this foot using the scotch tape double-face
on the dasboard.
From then on, the screen becomes directional.
Mounting Instructions
- Rotate “B” from the left
to the right to screw “B” on “A”
Only use the screws “D”.
- Insert the cable from the “A”
through the hole on “B”
- Then, screw “C” on “B”.
Only use the screw “E”
Don’t forget to insert the disc
Installation of the microphone and the console
A : LCD screen
B : Foot
C : Back support
E : Iron screw ( 10mm )
D : Plastic screws (10mm )
Page: 8
User’s guide
The menus are accessible from then on
and the hands-free kit announces their
From then you are connected to the
hands-free kit and can use it for com-
Call: Access your mobile phone’s phonbook.
Receive a call: Press the green button of the hands-free kit
to pick up the mobile phone.
Hang up: Press the red button of the CK3100.
Messaging: You have the option of
accessing the
functions of your messaging from the
hands-free kit.
Click on the scroll button while com-
A menu appears and allows you to
select a character then
validate it.
Return to the communication screen by selecting the arrow.
Repeat function: Press the green key of the hands-free kit
for several seconds to call the last
number dialled.
Communication volume: Adjust
the communication
volume by turning the scroll button.
During the initial charging, it is necessary to pair your mobile
phone with the hands-free kit.
Activate Bluetooth on your mobile
Search for peripheral devices:
For more information, refer to the booklet on your telephone
( Pairing section )
Or visit
Home / Support / Download
Once it is detected, “Parrot
CK3100” is displayed on your
mobile phone
Enter the link code 1234 and vali-
“Pairing underway” is displayed on
the CK3100
“Pairing complete” is displayed on
the screen, once pairing is successful.
The CK3100 then connects to your mobile phone.
Once it is connected, the Bluetooth logo is displayed on the
screen (except for mobile phones fitted with the Headset pro-
For certain types refer to the page 12 “pair a telephpne”
With certain mobile phones, the name of your mobile,
the battery level and the network are displayed on the screen.
Some telephones useBluetooth in a
particular manner. Verify in the
“Preferences” / “Advanced Pref. “ / “Pair
Telephone” menu if the model of your
telephone is listed there. Then select
the option in the menu.
If you want to utilise the Sim
Access Profile service on
your telephone, please refer
to the GSM section of the
Page: 9
CK3100 Advanced Car Kit
The menu of the CK3100 is made up of the following head-
ings: phone book, call log, dial number, voice cmds, settings,
SIM card, GPS.
Synchronisation of your telephone index
with the CK3100 is one of the innovative
functions of this hands-free kit.
This synchronisation is automatic with
numerous telephones.
If this is not automatic, you have the
option of transferring your
telephone contacts to the kit via Bluetooth.
Refer to the section “Sending contacts via Bluetooth” (or
“Object push”) in your telephone user manual.
Reception of contacts via Bluetooth is available for the Sony
Ericsson P800/P900 and smartphones if pairing is done in the
corresponding mode .
(refer to the “ATTENTION” section in the “Pairing” chapter)
Once your contacts are transferred to the kit, you can access
the voice recognition function available in the “Voice com-
mands” menu.
You have the option of making a call from
the menu index.
Select phonebook
Select a letter using the scroll button
Confirm by pressing the scroll button
Once the contact is selected:
the green button dials the number by default.
MENU the scroll button helps select from the different numbers of
the contact.
Press the green button to call.
This heading displays the list of calls and
is divided into 3 sub-menus:
Missed calls / received calls / sent calls
Select the desired contact
Press the scroll button or the green but-
ton to redial.
Dial a number by turning the scroll but-
ton to the right or the left.
Press the scroll button to select a char-
The basket icon deletes the last character.
Once the number is dialled, press the
green button to make the call.
This menu programs the voice recognition of the hands-free kit.
It is divided into 3 sub-menus: index / key words / voice reco.
To attribute a voice print to a contact, select a letter:
Select the name by clicking on the scroll button.
Once the name is selected, click on the scroll button to initiate
the machine learning.
Follow the instructions displayed on the screen.
Once the voice imprint is attributed, a bubble is displayed to the
right of the name.
Call from the phonebook
Last calls
Dial a number
Voice commands
Page: 10
User’s guide
This menu allows you to customise the
List: You can access the list of peripheral
devices, which have been paired with the
You have the option of connecting, dis-
connecting, or wiping from the your tele-
phone memory.
Select the desired language.
Confirm by clicking on the scroll button.
If you select “ automatic “, the hands-free
kit synchronises with the language of your
SIM card.
(this option is available only on certain
The keywords of the CK3100 are:
telephone, hang up, address, work, mobile, general, other and
Telephone: Hangs up a call or actuate voice recognition.
Hang up: Terminates the communication.
Address, office, mobile, general, other, preferred: key
words by telephone number
These key words help select the desired number when a con-
tact comprises several
words. The learning sequence is identical to that of the con-
The key words must be recorded to be validated.
Recognition of the CK3100 is more
complete than that of most mobilephones
and works in a noisy environment.
Reco. car-kit: voice prints registered in the
memory of the hands-free kit.
Reco. telephone: voice prints registered in the memory of the
Press the green button, or then say “Telephone” if the key
word “Telephone” is registered.
After the sound beep, pronounce the name of your contact.
The CK3100 repeats the name in case of connection, and if
not offers a second
attempt following a beep.
If the contact has a single telephone number, the CK3100 calls
the partner number.
Make a call via voice recognition
Selection of the type of voice recognition
If the contact has a single telephone number, the CK3100 calls
the partner number.
If the contact has several numbers and the key words per tele-
phone number are registered,
the CK3100 proposes recognising the key word linked to the
number after a beep.
Paired devices
If you delete a device, all the
voice imprints attributed to it
will be deleted.
Page: 11
CK3100 Advanced Car Kit
Zoom phonebook:
Lets you select the resolution of the
displayed text in the “ phonebook “ and
“ call logs “ menus.
Select the 2-line or 3-line mode.
Confirm by clicking on the scroll button.
Activate/deactivate the automatic pick-up.
Software version:
Version of the display software / Free
Our customer service is at your disposal. You can contact it via
email or telephone.
Connect to for more information.
Voice Menus:
This option allows you to adjust the vol-
ume of the messages announced by the
hands-free kit and voice imprints, which
you have recorded.
Rings and microphone:
These options let you adjust the volume of the ring and of
the microphone.
This option allows you to adjust the volume of the communica-
This function activates or deactivates the voice assistant of the
The menus will be announced by the voice of the operator in
the selected language.
This option optimises the search for info from the interface dur-
ing driving.
3 headings allow you to personalise the display:
Contrast and brightness:
Use the scroll button for the desired level and validate by click-
ing on the latter.
Voice Menus
Automatic response
This menu gives access to the following headings:
Pairing a telephone, object push, software upgrade, demo
Some phones require a particular setting of your hands-free kit
before pairing. ( for exemple SonyEricsson P900, PDA running
windows CE )
Select the input corresponding to your telephone, then pair
your device when the CK3100 displays “Pair your telephone”.
Pairing a telephone
Page: 12
User’s guide
If you have a navigation application on your
PDA or smartphone, all you need do
is pair this peripheral device with the
CK3X00, and open a series connection to
the GPS port. Certain navigation applica-
tions let you directly select as Bluetooth GPS source.
On your device the GPS configuration to be selected is NMEA
0183v2 9600, in the event it is necessary to supply this informa-
Once connected, a GPS icon is visible on the screen of the
Once the GPS service is connected the
CK3X00 equipped with GPS module allows
you to listen to the sound indications of
your navigation software over the loud
speakers of your vehicle. Your navigation
will thus be carried out under optimal conditions (this function-
ality is available only with certain navigation software).
To do this, from your PDA or smartphone open the service
Ear phone/Headset, which is available on the car-kit.
If you want to make a call or answer an incoming call, this
service is automatically closed then reopened to allow you to
use telephony functionality under the best conditions.
In this heading you can fully disable the GPS service to pre-
vent anyone from connecting to this service.
The Information section specifies the GPS configuration and
the peripheral device currently connected to this service if it is
Object push
Some telephones can require a particular setting of your
hands-free kit before sending contacts. ( If your telephone
does not display your kit in the list of devices to which
contacts can be sent, activate the “Always active” option.)
Warning: this configuration of your kit can cause poor func-
tioning with certain telephones. We recommend that you return
to “Automatic” mode as soon as you have
sent your contacts.
Activate this option when you install an upgrade by Bluetooth
of your kit, from a personal computer. This option will be auto-
matically disactivated when restarting your kit.
Go to our website for more information :
Launch a demo of the hands-free kit.
Restarting the carkit is necessary to deactivate this mode.
Software upgrade
Demo mode
The CK3300 and CK3500 kits load a
GPS (Global Positioning System)
module giving access to the current
position of the vehicle.
This information is available via
Bluetooth on a channel accessible
by the majority of PDAs and
GPS CK3300 - CK3500
Connection to the GPS service
Voice indications of your navigation
GPS Menu
Page: 13
CK3100 Advanced Car Kit
The CK3500 loads a class 8/10 GSM/
GPRS module.
The presence of this module let you use
the SIM Access Profile (SAP) of your tele-
phone or even use your CK3500 directly
as a car phone, without Bluetooth telephone, with only a physi-
cal SIM card. It also lets you use your kit as Internet access
point by using the GPRS.
The SIM Access Profile (SAP) allows the information on your
personal SIM card to be used by Bluetooth. You thus benefit
from the GSM antenna of the CK3500 and you save on the
battery in your Bluetooth telephone.
For safety reasons, the pairing procedure
of a SAP telephone is different.
You must select the SIM Access Phone
section in the “Preferences” / “Advanced
Pref.” / “Pair Telephone” menu.
A 16-digit code is displayed on the screen of the CK3500,
which is the link code to be captured on your SAP telephone.
If the CK3500 requires the PIN code of your personal SIM
card, It will ask you to enter it.
The SIM Access mode is activated by default if your telephone
supports it.
The CK3500 will use this mode as soon as your telephone is
detected by maintaining continuity of service.
The functioning of the interface is the same as for Bluetooth
This heading allows you to insert/modify the PIN code of your
personal SIM card or to deactivate the SIM Access Profile
The SIM Card heading
Page: 64
note : note :
CK3100 Advanced Car Kit
Page: 65
CK3100 Advanced Car Kit
note : note :
Page: 67
All trademarks and registered trademarks are property of their owners.V20/09/05
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