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  • Brand: Panasonic
  • Product: Lady shave
  • Model/name: ES-2053
  • Filetype: PDF
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Table of Contents

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Operating Instructions
Model No. ES2053/ES2055
Before operating this unit, please read these instructions completely and
save them for future use.
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Before use Important
Before use
1Before use
Make sure skin is clean before and after use. Failure to do so might cause
infection and inflammation.
Do not use the appliance if you have eczema, rashes, sensitive skin,
proneness to infections, varicose veins, diabetes, hemophilia or poor blood
clotting or other skin conditions.
Using just before swimming and sports activities or sharing with other
persons might result in bacteria entering the skin and causing damage and
Turning on the appliance without an epilation or shaver head ( ES2055 )
attached might cause finger injury, hair entanglement in the spinning gears
or mechanical malfunction.
The followings might cause sensitive skin damage, injury, inflammation,
pain, bleeding, and severe pain.
Using the appliance if the epilation discs, the skin protector or the outer
foil have been damaged.
Using on or near your face, genitals, warts, pimples, bruises, rashes,
wounds or loose skin.
Applying strong pressure to the skin, repeatedly moving over the same
area or using a jabbing motion.
Using before or during menstruation, pregnancy, about one month after
giving birth, when ill and when your skin is sunburned etc.
The appliance can be used for wet or dry epilation. The following is the
symbol for a wet epilator. It means that the appliance can be used in a bath
or shower.
1Safety precautions
Never use the charger in the bathroom.
Always ensure the appliance is used on an electric power source matched
to its rated voltage.
Do not bend, twist, pull or modify the cord.
Do not wrap the cord tightly around the appliance.
Never use the appliance if the cord or the charger is damaged or overly
hot or if the plug fits loosely in a household outlet.
Regularly clean the cord connector to prevent dust.
Do not drop or hit the appliance as the skin protector or the epilation discs
can be damaged.
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The movement of the discs makes some noise but this is perfectly normal.
This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with
reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and
knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction
concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.
Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the
Do not leave the appliance near sinks, bathrooms or other high-humidity
areas where it could be exposed to water and moisture after use.
The followings might cause mechanical malfunction.
Using nail polish remover, benzine, alcohol, etc. to clean the appliance.
Leaving the appliance where it will be exposed to high temperatures or
direct sunlight.
Contact an authorized service center if the epilator or the cord get
Before use Changing the head ES2055
Before use
1. Remove the head while holding the head release button.
2. Push the head until it clicks.
Before use Charging the appliance
1. Plug the charger into the epilator
(a) and a household outlet (b).
2. Charge the appliance for
approximately 12 hours. (The
charging light stays on even after
12 hours.)
The epilator can be used for
approximately 30 minutes after
12 hours charge.
When the appliance is being charged for the first time or when it has not
been used for over 6 months, charge for approximately 20 hours.
The charge light may not come on after a few minutes in some cases.
However, it will come on eventually if you continue charging.
The appliance can be left plugged in after it is fully charged without
deteriorating the battery life.
If the appliance is repeatedly charged before the batteries are completely
discharged, battery life may deteriorate. (Memory effect)
Charge and use the appliance in a temperature between 5 - 40 °C.
The charger can be positioned in a vertical or horizontal position.
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Before use Wet/foam epilation
This epilation head is for legs/arms, so do not use it to your underarms
and bikini-line.
Trim your hair before epilating for the first time or if you have not epilated
for a long time.
1. Wet your skin.
2. Remove the cap.
3. Wet the discs and place a small quantity of liquid body
soap on the discs.
4. Turn the switch on to the 1 or 2 position and then
epilate. (1=low speed epilation/2=high speed epilation)
Foam makes the epilator slide better, so you can move it fast. Always
wash the discs well after use to remove any residual soap.
Dry epilation
You can also epilate without wetting your skin or the discs.
Before use For best epilation results
Apply the epilator at a right angle to your skin
and press gently while moving it slowly
against the hair growth.
When using the appliance, pull your skin taut
where the area is prone to sagging (on the inside
of the knees and elbows).
Rub your skin to lift short hair.
Move the epilator with the side that has the foam keeper facing the front.
Do not remove the frame of the epilation head.
Do not use if your hair is longer than 5 mm.
Reddening might appear for your first use. Cool towel will help if you feel
pain or there is a rash.
We recommend regular use of massage sponges or exfoliation to prevent
ingrown hair.
Page: 4

 
Moving the appliance correctly
1Legs: Upwards from the bottom of the leg.
2Arms: Inwards from the outside of the arm.
3Upper arms: Upwards from the bottom of
the upper arms.
Before use Wet/foam Shaving ES2055
1. Attach the shaver head.
2. Wet your skin.
Shaving with soap lather makes the skin slippery for a closer shave.
Do not use shaving cream, skin cream or skin lotion as it will clog the
3. Turn the switch on to the 1 or 2 position.
(1=low speed shaving/2=high speed shaving)
Hair removal is easier and less painful when the hair is short.
Slide the pop-up trimmer switch up to cut long hair.
Press gently so that the whole of the blade is in close contact with the
skin and the surface of the blade does not move up and down.
Shaving the bikini line with the bikini comb
Place the bikini comb onto the shaver head and slide trimmer up.
When the bikini comb is in place, make sure the comb is in close contact
with the skin.
Dry shaving
You can also shave without wetting your skin or the discs.
Page: 5

Before use Cleaning the epilator
Switch off and unplug the appliance before cleaning.
Always unplug the charger from a household outlet and from the epilator
before cleaning the appliance.
Wipe the main body only with a dry cloth. The use of alcohol etc. might
cause discoloration or deformation of the main body.
Always attach the caps when storing the epilator.
Washing your epilator
Always clean the frames and discs after use to keep them in a hygienic
Take care not to damage the skin protector during cleaning.
1. Remove the frame by pushing the frame release button.
2. Apply liquid hand soap to the discs and blade.
3. Turn the switch on and then wet the discs to create foam.
4. Wash the head with water to clean hair.
Do not use hot water.
If soap is not completely washed away, then a white deposit can
accumulate and prevent the blades from moving smoothly.
5. Turn the switch off, wipe the appliance with a dry cloth and dry it well.
Cleaning your epilator with the supplied brush
You can also clean the epilation head and the shaver head ( ES2055 )
with the cleaning brush.
Page: 6

Before use Replacing the outer foil ES2055
Replace the shaving foil and the inner blade when you notice reduced
shaving performance. Never remove the outer foil of the shaver head for any
other reason than to change it.
Removing the outer foil
While pushing the outer foil gently with the fingers, use a fingernail to
release the plastic panel  on the blade from the catches  on the inside
of the frame.
Fitting the new outer foil
Hold the outer foil so that the surface with the plastic panel  (i.e. the
surface that will come into contact with the inner blade) faces upward and
then insert it into the frame so that the catches  on the frame fit into the
holes on the foil.
We recommend replacing the outer foil every year and the inner blade
every two years.
For environmental protection and recycling of materials
This epilator contains Ni-MH batteries.
Please make sure that the battery is disposed of at an officially assigned
location, if there is one in your country.
Removing the built-in rechargeable batteries
 
The batteries in this epilator are
not intended to be replaced by
consumers. However, they can
be replaced at an authorized
service center.
The procedure below shows
how to remove the batteries so
that they can be disposed of.
Page: 7

Unplug the charger from the epilator before disassembling it.
Turn the switch on to the 1 or 2 position until the batteries are completely
Using a screwdriver, disassemble the unit in the following order.
Please take care not to short-circuit the batteries.
Perform steps 1 to 8 to disassemble the epilator.
Power supply AC 220 - 240 V, 50-60 Hz
Charging time 12 hours
Batteries Ni-MH
Power consumption Approx. 1 W (When charging.)
(Approx. 185 g with the epilation head)
(Approx. 170 g with the shaver head) ES2055
Airborne Acoustical Noise
Epilation head: 69 (dB(A) re 1pW)
Shaver head: 63 (dB(A) re 1pW) ES2055
Subject to change without notice.
This product is intended for house-hold use only.
Page: 8

Before use Parts identification
 
A Protection cap
B Epilation head
1 Epilation discs (inside)
2 Skin protector (metal part on
the outside)
3 Frame
4 Foam keeper
5 Frame release button
6 Foam wiper
C Main body
7 Head release button
8 On/off switch
9 Charging light
Bikini comb ES2055
E Shaver head ES2055
 Outer foil
 Trimmer
 Frame
 Pop-up trimmer switch
 Frame release button
Charger (RE7‑44), cleaning brush
and pouch
(Please do not use accessories any
other than the accessories provided.)
Page: 154
Information on Disposal for Users
of Waste Electrical & Electronic
Equipment (private households)
This symbol on the
products and/or
documents means that
used electrical and
electronic products
should not be mixed with
general household
For proper treatment, recovery and
recycling, please take these products
to designated collection points, where
they will be accepted on a free of
charge basis.
Alternatively, in some countries you
may be able to return your products to
your local retailer upon the purchase
of an equivalent new product.
Disposing of this product correctly will
help to save valuable resources and
prevent any potential negative effects
on human health and the environment
which could otherwise arise from
inappropriate waste handling. Please
contact your local authority for further
details of your nearest designated
collection point.
Penalties may be applicable for
incorrect disposal of this waste, in
accordance with national legislation.
For business users in the European
If you wish to discard electrical and
electronic equipment, please contact
your dealer or supplier for further
Information on Disposal in other
Countries outside the European
This symbol is only valid in the
European Union.
If you wish to discard this product,
please contact your local authorities or
dealer and ask for the correct method
of disposal.
Benutzerinformationen zur
Entsorgung von elektrischen und
elektronischen Geräten (private
Entsprechend der
Firmengrundsätzen der
wurde Ihr Produkt aus
hoch­wertigen Materialien
und Komponenten
entwickelt und
hergestellt, die
recycelbar und wieder verwendbar
Dieses Symbol auf Produkten und/
oder begleitenden Dokumenten
bedeutet, dass elektrische und
elektro­nische Produkte am Ende ihrer
Lebensdauer vom Hausmüll getrennt
entsorgt werden müssen.
Bringen Sie bitte diese Produkte für
die Behandlung, Rohstoffrück­
gewinnung und Recycling zu den
eingerichteten kommunalen
Sammelstellen bzw.
Wertstoffsammelhöfen, die diese
Geräte kostenlos entgegennehmen.
Die ordnungsgemäße Entsorgung
dieses Produkts dient dem
Umweltschutz und verhindert
mögliche schädliche Auswirkungen
auf Mensch und Umwelt, die sich aus
einer unsachgemäßen Handhabung
der Geräte am Ende Ihrer
Lebensdauer ergeben könnten.
Genauere Informationen zur
nächstgelegenen Sammelstelle bzw.
Page: 167
Panasonic Electric Works Wanbao (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.
F. No.2 EN, GE, FR, IT, SP, DU, PT, NW, SW, DA, FI, PL, CZ, SK, RO,
Printed in China

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