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  • Brand: Panasonic
  • Product: Beard Trimmer
  • Model/name: ER221
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese, Danish, Polish, Russian, Norwegian, Finnish, Czech, Romanian, Turkish, Hungarian

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Matsushita Electric Works Wanbao (Guangzhou) Ltd.
Wanbao Base, Zhong Cun Pan Yu, GuangDong 511495, China
No.1 EN, GR, FR, IT, NE, SP, DN, PO, NR, SW, FN, Po, Cz, Hu, Ru, Russi, TU, Uk ( ) Printed in China
Operating Instructions
Model No. ER221
Beard/Hair Trimmer
Before operating this unit, please read these instructions completely.
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˛H ˛N
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11 12 13
14 15 16
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K Blade Block
Release to remove the blade
block from the housing to clean
or replace the blade. (see fig. 12)
L Finishing blade of MiniTrimmer
Use this when finishing the edges
(see fig. 8) and trimming the
M Trimmer guide of MiniTrimmer
Slide it up when finishing blade is
N Adaptor
Use this to connect the trimmer
to an AC power source for re-
charging or for AC operation.
O Oil
Lubricate the space between the
stationary and moving blade with
2 or 3 drops of oil after use. (see
fig. 16)
P Cleaning Brush
Charging and cordless trimming
When charging the beard/hair trim-
mer for the first time or when it has
not been in use for more than 6
months, charge it for the activation
for at least 16 hours before use.
Connect the power cord to the beard/
hair trimmer, and plug the adaptor to
an AC outlet.
In some areas, a special plug adap-
tor may be required.
The charge status lamp will glow
when the trimmer is being charged.
It will flash when the charging is com-
pleted. (see fig. 4)
You can fully charge the trimmer in 1
hour if it seems to be losing speed.
A full charge will supply enough
power for approx.10 trims (5 minutes
per trim for a normal beard).
AC operation
Connect the AC adaptor to the body
in the same way as for charging, and
set the switch to “1” to use the trim-
If the trimmer does not operate after
connection as mentioned above, re-
turn switch to “0•charge” position for
1 minute and then set switch back to
“1” position.
Trimming of beard
Place the angled face of the comb
against the skin and cut the beard
by moving the trimmer in all direc-
tions to obtain a uniform cut.(see fig.
With curly facial hair, the comb at-
tachment may not cut all of the hair.
In this case, remove the comb attach-
ment and use a conventional comb
to draw out the remaining uncut, hair.
(see fig. 6)
When shaping the beard, remove the
comb attachment. Place the angled
edge against the skin and make the
border of the beard even.
This Beard/Hair Trimmer is for the
trimming and care of mustaches,
beards and hair.Trimming length can
be adjusted between 1 to 20 mm.The
trimmer can be operated either from
an AC power source or on its own
rechargeable battery.
Parts identification
(see fig. 1)
A Switch
Slide up to turn on, slide down to
turn off.
B Charge Status Lamp
Lights when the unit is connected
with the adaptor N to an AC
power source for charging.
C Main Blade
A precision 39 mm-wide blade
which can be used with the comb
attachment F G.
D Quick Adjust Dial
Turn the dial to a higher setting to
raise or lower the comb attach-
ment F G to the desired length
(between 1 and 20 mm) (see fig.
2).The comb attachment is locked
in position when the switch is set
to “1”.
E Trimming Length Indicator
Indicator Trimming Length
1 1.0 mm
2 2.0 mm
• 3.5 mm
5 5.0 mm
• 6.5 mm
8 8.0 mm
• 9.5 mm
11 11.0 mm
• 12.5 mm
14 14.0 mm
• 15.5 mm
17 17.0 mm
• 18.5 mm
20 20.0 mm
• The actual hair length may be
longer than the set trimming hight.
F Comb Attachment for Beard
Type that restricts cut hair scat-
Use this to control the trimming
length. (see fig. 3)
G Comb Attachment for Hair
Use this to control the trimming
length. (see fig. 3)
H Moving Blade
I Stationary Blade
J Cleaning Lever
Push this lever to remove bits of
hair caught between the station-
ary blade and the moving blade.
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Blade life
Blade life will vary according to the
frequency and length of use. For ex-
ample, using the unit for 10 minutes
every 3 days, the life expectancy is
approximately 3 years. If cutting effi-
ciency is reduced substantially de-
spite proper maintenance, the blades
have exceeded their service life and
should be changed.
The replacement part no. is
Battery life
Battery life will vary according to the
frequency and length of use. If the
battery is charged 3 times a month,
the service life will be approximately
6 years. If the unit is left without be-
ing charged for more than 6 months,
the charge will drain from the battery
and their service life may be short-
ened. Therefore, even when not us-
ing regularly, it is recommended that
the unit be recharged at least once
every 6 months.
For environmental protec-
tion and recycling of
This trimmer contains Nickel-Metal
Hydride battery.
Please make sure that the battery is
disposed of at an officially assigned
location, if there is one in your coun-
How to remove the built-in re-
chargeable battery before dis-
posal of the trimmer
The battery in this trimmer is not in-
tended to be replaced by consum-
ers. However, the battery may be re-
placed at an authorized service
center.The procedure described be-
low is intended only for removal of
the rechargeable battery for the pur-
pose of proper disposal.
Always make sure that the battery
have been removed from the trimmer
before disposing of it.
1. Disconnect the adaptor from the
AC outlet, and remove the power
cord from the trimmer.
2. Remove the blade from the trim-
Remove the screw (a) and detach
the bottom cover (b). (see fig.19)
3. Detach the dial cover (c), remove
the screw (d) and disconnect the
dial (e).
4. Remove the two screws (f).
5. Detach the housing (g), front
panel (h) and side panel (i), then
remove the trimmer drive rod (j)
(see fig. 20).
6. Remove the two screws (k).
7. Remove the two screws (l) and
disconnect the rubber push plate
(m). (see fig. 21)
8. Remove the screws (n) and dis-
connect housing (o).
9. Disconnect the battery chamber
(p) and remove the battery (q).
(see fig. 22)
When finishing the edges (see fig.
8) and trimming the moustache
(see fig. 9)
Use the finishing blade of mini trim-
Slide the trimmer guide up and then
turn the trimmer on (see fig. 7).
To smooth off a beard surface, run
this blade lightly over the surface.
Cutting of hair
Cut hair to the correct height by mov-
ing the trimmer back against the flow
of the hair.
Cutting around the ears
Cut a little, and then gently separate
the trimmer from the hair (see fig.10).
Cutting the nape of the neck
Bring the trimmer gently away from
the hair to finish (see fig. 11).
(Do not use the trimmer in an in-
verted position.This can cut hair too
Turn off the trimmer (“0•charge”) be-
fore changing the trim height or re-
moving the attachment.
Hold body of the trimmer with
Panasonic mark upwards, place the
thumb against the blades, and push
them away from the main body. (see
fig. 12)
• If washing in water
1. Rinse off any hairs that are stick-
ing to the blade in running water.
(see fig. 13)
2. Rinse out any hairs that are in-
side the trimmer with running wa-
ter. (see fig. 14)
3. Shake the trimmer 4-5 times gen-
tly, wipe off any water drops from
the trimmer and blade, and then
place it onto a towel with the
“Washable” indicator facing
downward to let it fully dry. (see
fig. 15)
4. Apply a few drops of the oil to the
points indicated by the arrows.
(see fig. 16)
5. Remount the blade on the trim-
mer body.
WARNING:Detach the trimmer from
the AC adaptor before cleaning it in
• If cleaning with brush
1. Remove the blade and brush off
the cut hairs from the blade edge.
2. Use the cleaning brush to brush
off the cut hairs from the trimmer
body and from around the blade.
(see fig. 17)
3. Brush the cut hairs out from be-
tween the stationary blade and
the moving blade.Press down on
the lever for cleaning in order to
raise the moving blade, and brush
the cut hairs out from between the
blades. (see fig. 18)
4. Apply a few drops of the oil to the
points indicated by the arrows.
(see fig. 16)
5. Remount the blade on the trim-
mer body.
Page: 5
Dieser Bart-/Haartrimmer eignet sich
zum Trimmen und zur Pflege von
Schnurrbärten oder anderen Bärten
sowie des Kopfhaars. Die Trimm-
länge kann zwischen 1 und 20 mm
eingestellt werden.Der Trimmer lässt
sich über Netzstrom oder die inter-
ne, wiederaufladbare Batterie (Akku)
Bezeichnung der Teile
(siehe Abb. 1)
A Schalter
Schieben Sie diesen zum Ein-
schalten nach oben, zum Aus-
schalten nach unten.
B Ladeanzeige
Leuchtet auf, wenn das Gerät mit
dem Steckernetzteil N zum Auf-
laden an eine Netzsteckdose an-
geschlossen wurde.
C Hauptschermesser
Ein 39 mm breites Präzisions-
schermesser, das mit dem
Kammaufsatz verwendet werden
kann F G.
D Schnelleinstellrad
Drehen Sie das Rad auf eine an-
dere Einstellung, um den Kamm-
aufsatz F G auf die gewünschte
Länge anzuheben oder abzusen-
ken (zwischen 1 und 20 mm) (Sie-
he Abb. 2). Der Kammaufsatz ist
gegen ein Verstellen gesperrt,
wenn der Schalter auf “1” gesetzt
E Anzeige der Trimmlänge
Anzeige Trimmlänge
1 1,0 mm
2 2,0 mm
• 3,5 mm
5 5,0 mm
• 6,5 mm
8 8,0 mm
• 9,5 mm
11 11,0 mm
• 12,5 mm
14 14,0 mm
• 15,5 mm
17 17,0 mm
• 18,5 mm
20 20,0 mm
• Die tatsächliche Haarlänge ist
möglicherweise länger als die ein-
gestellte Schnittlänge.
F Kammaufsatz für den Bart
Dieser Aufsatz verhindert das
Verstreuen des Haars.
Benutzen Sie diesen Aufsatz zur
Einstellung der Trimmlänge.(Sie-
he Abb. 3)
G Kammaufsatz für die Haare
Benutzen Sie diesen Aufsatz zur
Einstellung der Trimmlänge.(Sie-
he Abb. 3)
H Bewegliches Schermesser
I Festes Schermesser
J Reinigungshebel
Drücken Sie diesen Hebel, um
abgeschnittenes Haar zu entfer-
• Do not charge the trimmer at tem-
peratures below 0°C (32°F) or
above 40°C (104°F), or where it will
be exposed to direct sunlight, or
other heat sources.
• Do not continue charging for more
than 48 hours. Doing so may dam-
age the battery.
• Clean the housing only with a soft
cloth slightly dampened with water
or soapy water. Never use a caus-
tic cleaner such as benzene or
• The trimmer may become warm
during operation and normal re-
charging. This is normal.
1. Keep out of reach of children.
2. Never tamper with the moving
3. Do not pick up the trimmer by the
cord. It may become detached,
causing damage or injury.
4. Do not use on animals.
5. Never disassemble the trimmer.
Take it to a qualified serviceperson
when service or repair is required.
6. Do not attempt to use any power
cord or adaptor other than one
specifically designed for this
model. Use only the included AC
7. Do not pull, twist or severely bend
the power cord.
8. Do not wrap the power cord tightly
around the appliance.
9. Dry the trimmer completely be-
fore charging it.
10.Keep the adaptor away from wa-
ter and handle it only with dry
11.Store the adaptor in a dry area
where it will be protected from
12.Wash the trimmer in tap water.Do
not use salt water or boiling wa-
ter. Also, do not use cleaning
products that are designed for
toilets, bathrooms or kitchen ap-
pliances. Do not submerge the
trimmer for a long time.
13.Do not take the housing apart as
this can affect the watertight con-
14.Do not clean with water when the
trimmer is connected to the power
This product is intended for house-
hold use only.
Power source: 100-240 V AC, 50-
60 Hz
Motor voltage: 1.2 V DC
Charging time: 1 hour

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