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  • Brand: Panasonic
  • Product: Beard Trimmer
  • Model/name: ER207
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese, Danish, Polish, Norwegian, Finnish, Romanian, Hungarian

Table of Contents

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Matsushita Electric Works Wanbao (Guangzhou) Ltd.
Wanbao Base, Zhong Cun Pan Yu, GuangDong 511495, China
No.2 EN, GR, FR, IT, NE, SP, DN, PO, NR, SW, FN, Po, Cz, Hu, Ru, Russi ( 欧州 ) Printed in China
Operating Instructions
Model No. ER206/ER207
Beard/Hair Trimmer
Before operating this unit, please read these instructions completely.
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This Beard/Hair Trimmer is for the
trimming and care of mustaches,
beards and hair. Trimming length can
be adjusted between 2 to 18mm. The
trimmer can be operated either from
an AC power source or on its own
rechargeable battery.
Parts identification
(see fig. 1)
A Switch
Slide up to turn on, slide down to
turn off.
B Charge Indicator Lamp
Lights when the unit is connected
with the adapter J to an AC
power source for charging.
C Main Blade
A precision 39mm-wide blade
which can be used with the comb
attachment E.
D Quick Adjust Dial
Turn the dial to a higher setting to
raise or lower the comb attach-
ment E to the desired length
(between 2 and 18mm).(see fig. 2)
E Comb Attachment
Use this to control the trimming
length. (see fig. 3)
F Stationary Blade
G Moving Blade
H Cleaning Lever
Push this lever to remove bits of
hair caught between the station-
ary blade and the moving blade.
I Blade Block
Release to remove the blade
block from the housing to clean
or replace the blade. (see fig. 7)
J Adapter
Use this to connect the trimmer
to an AC power source for
recharging or for AC operation.
K Oil
Lubricate the space between the
stationary and moving blade with
2 or 3 drops of oil after use. (see
fig. 9)
L Cleaning Brush
Trimming length indicator
Trimming Length
Rechargeable-battery operation
Charge the battery by plugging the
trimmer into an AC source using the
adapter. The switch should be set to
0·Charge during charging. An 8-hour
charge will provide approx. 50 min-
utes of use.
AC operation
Plug the trimmer into an AC power
source using the adapter with the
switch set to 0·Charge. Wait about
10 seconds, then switch the trimmer
on. After use, return the switch to
the 0·Charge position.
Trimming of Beard
Place the angled face of the comb
against the skin and cut the beard
by moving the trimmer in all direc-
tions to obtain a uniform cut. (see
fig. 4)
With curly facial hair, the comb
attachment may not cut all of the hair.
In this case, remove the comb attach-
ment and use a conventional comb to
draw out the remaining uncut hair.
(see fig. 5)
When shaping the beard, remove
the comb attachment. Place the
angled edge against the skin and
make the border of the beard even.
1. Brush out the cutting mechanism.
(see fig. 6)
2. Hold body of the trimmer with
Panasonic mark upwards, place
the thumb against the blades, and
push them away from the main
body. (see fig. 7)
3. Push down the cleaning lever to
raise the moving blade and brush
in between the blades. (see fig. 8)
4. Put a few drops of oil on the
blades. (see fig. 9)
Blade Life
Blade life will vary according to the
frequency and length of use. For
example, using the unit for 10min-
utes every 3 days, the life expectan-
cy is approximately 3 years. If cut-
ting efficiency is reduced substan-
tially despite proper maintenance,
the blades have exceeded their ser-
vice life and should be changed.
The replacement part no. is
Battery life
Battery life will vary according to the
frequency and length of use. If the
battery is charged 3 times a month,
the service life will be approximately
6 years. If the unit is left without
being charged for more than 6
months, the charge will drain from
the battery and their service life may
be shortened.
Therefore, even when not using reg-
ularly, it is recommended that the
unit be recharged at least once
every six months.

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