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  • Brand: Panasonic
  • Product: Clipper
  • Model/name: ER-GK40
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Operating Instructions
(Household) Rechargeable Body Shaver
Model No. ER‑GK40
Before operating this unit, please read these instructions completely and save them for future use.
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Thank you for choosing a Panasonic Body Shaver ER‑GK40.
With our WET/DRY technology, you can enjoy using your
Panasonic shaver dry or in the shower or bath for gentle
and easy shaving. Please read all instructions before use.
This shaver has a built-in rechargeable battery. Do not throw into fire,
apply heat, or charge, use, or leave in a high temperature environment.
►	Before use
This WET/DRY shaver can be used for wet shaving using
shaving lather or for dry shaving.You can use this watertight
shaver in the shower and clean with water. The following symbol
means suitable for use in a bath or shower.
Our research has shown that you can enjoy closer and
smoother shaves with the sharp blades. And our pop‑up trimmer
will be able to cut longer hairs with ease.
►	Using the shaver
The outer foil is very thin and can be damaged if not used
•	Terminate usage when there is an abnormality or failure.
•	Do not apply the outer foil directly to blemishes or injured skin.
•	Do not use for facial shaving.
•	Do not apply strong pressure to the skin, repeatedly rub over
the same area, hold in one spot on the skin, or apply in a
jabbing motion when using the shaver. Doing so may cause
damage to skin, inflammation or increased pain.
•	This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including
children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities,
or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been
given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance
by a person responsible for their safety. Children should be
supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance.
►	Charging the shaver
•	Dry the shaver completely before charging it.
•	Never use the AC adaptor in the bathroom or shower room.
•	Use the dedicated AC adaptor (RE7‑69) (RE7‑74 for the
United Kingdom) only. Do not use the dedicated AC adaptor to
charge other appliances.
•	Put the plug into a household outlet where there is no
moisture and handle it with dry hands.
•	The shaver may become warm during use and charging.
However, this is not a malfunction.
•	Hold the plug when disconnecting it from the household outlet.
If you tug on the power cord, you may damage it.
•	The supply cord cannot be replaced. If the cord is damaged,
the AC adaptor should be scrapped.
►	Cleaning the shaver
Disconnect the plug from the household outlet before
cleaning to prevent electric shock.
•	If you clean the shaver with water, do not use salt water or hot
water. Do not soak the shaver in water for a long period of time.
•	Clean the housing only with a soft cloth slightly dampened
with tap water or soapy tap water. Do not use thinner, benzine,
alcohol or other chemicals.
•	Do not wash the AC adaptor with water.
►	Storing the shaver
•	Store the shaver in a place with low humidity after use.
•	Do not store the shaver where it will be exposed to direct
sunlight or other heat sources.
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•	Remove the plug from the household outlet when storing the
•	Do not bend the power cord or wrap it around the AC adaptor.
Parts identification
 
A	Protective cap
B	Foil frame
1	Outer foil
2	Pop‑up trimmer
3	Pop‑up trimmer switch
C	Inner blade
D	Main body
4	Foil frame release buttons
5	Side terminals
6	Power switch
7	Water outlet
8	Cleaning shutter
E	3 mm comb attachment
F	6 mm comb attachment
G	9 mm comb attachment
H	AC adaptor (RE7‑69)
(RE7‑74 for the United
9	Charging terminals
:	Charge indicator lamp
;	Power cord
I	Cleaning brush
Charging the shaver
Perform the following steps to charge the shaver if it seems to lose
the speed.
1 Turn off the shaver and insert
it in the AC adaptor until it
clicks as illustrated.
•	The shaver will not charge unless the side
terminals are in contact with the charging
•	Wipe off any water droplets on the side
•	If you charge the shaver with power switch
turned on, it will start working when you
remove from the AC adaptor.
2 Put the plug into a household outlet.
The charge indicator lamp glows red.
•	Charging time differs depending on the rated voltage. (See
page 8.)
•	When charging the shaver for the first time or when it has not
been in use for more than 6 months, the charge indicator lamp
may not glow for a few minutes, or the operating time may
shorten. Please charge it for more than 20 hours in such cases.
3 Disconnect the plug after charging is
•	To keep charging the battery will not affect battery performance.
•	Recommended ambient temperature for charging is 0 ‑ 35 °C.
The battery may not charge properly or not at all under extreme
low or high temperatures.
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Page: 3
English •	The charge indicator lamp glows and stays on until the plug is
disconnected from a household outlet.
•	A full charge will supply enough power for approx. 4 shaves of 7
minutes each. (This will differ depending on usage.)
You cannot operate the shaver while charging.
Using the shaver
Trim your hair using the pop‑up trimmer if it is longer than 5 mm.
Wet/Foam shaving
Shaving with soap lather makes the skin slippery for a closer
Do not use shaving creams or face cleansers containing scrubbing
compounds as these may cause the outer foil to clog.
1 Wet the area you want to shave and apply soap
2 Remove the protective cap.
3 Wet the outer foil and place a small quantity of
liquid body soap on the outer foil.
4 Press the power switch to turn
on the shaver.
5 Press gently so that the whole of the outer foil
is in close contact with the skin.
•	Before shaving, check that the cleaning shutter is closed.
•	Do not place your fingers on the power switch while using the
shaver. This may cause the shaver to turn off.
6 Apply the shaver to your skin
and press gently while
moving it slowly against the
direction the hair grows.
Underarm Legs Arms
Hold your arm up
enough to stretch
the skin and shave
back and forth.
Move the shaver
from ankle to
Move the shaver
from outside to
For the best results
Pull the skin taut where the area is prone to sagging (on the
inside of the knees and elbows).
Dry shaving
You can also shave without wetting your skin or the outer foil.
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Page: 4

Using the pop‑up trimmer
1.	 Slide the pop‑up trimmer switch upwards.
2.	 Press the power switch to turn on the
3.	 Apply the shaver to your skin and press
gently while moving it slowly.
For bikini‑line
Use the pop‑up trimmer for bikini‑line.
Using the comb attachments
Attaching the comb attachments
Select the attachment
and attach it onto the
•	Insert the hook at the
front of comb
attachments, and then
snap in the rear hook.
1.	 Slide the pop‑up trimmer switch upwards.
2.	 Press the power switch to turn on the
3.	 Apply the shaver to your skin and press
gently while moving it slowly against the
direction the hair grows.
•	Trim slowly and with care to avoid hairs
being caught in the comb attachment.
•	Clean the shaver when it is no longer
shaving well or when it is clogged.
Removing the comb attachments
Push up the tab at the back of comb
ER-GK40_EU.indb 5 2012/06/13 17:18:21
Page: 5
English ▼ ▼
To remove light dirt For heavy dirt
5.	 Slide the cleaning shutter
until it clicks.
6.	 Slide the pop‑up trimmer
switch upwards.
7.	 Clean the foil frame with
running water.
8.	 Turn the shaver off.
•	Rinse with water and
shake up and down
several times to remove
the water.
5.	 Turn the shaver off after
10 - 20 seconds.
6.	 Press the foil frame release
buttons to remove the foil
7.	 Remove the inner blade by
grasping it firmly at both
ends and pulling straight
away from the shaver.
8.	 Clean the shaver, the foil
frame (including the pop‑up
trimmer) and inner blade
with running water.
▼ ▼
Cleaning the shaver
1.	 Remove the shaver from the AC
2.	 Close the cleaning shutter.
3.	 Apply some hand soap and some water
to the outer foil.
4.	 Turn the shaver on.
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9.	 Wipe off any drops of water with a dry
10.	Dry the foil frame and the shaver
completely in a shaded area.
•	The foil frame will dry faster if removed
from the main body.
11.	Attach the foil frame to the shaver.
Cleaning with the brush
You can also clean
the shaver with the
cleaning brush.
Replacing the outer foil and the inner blade
outer foil once every year
inner blade once every two years
Replacing the outer foil
Never remove the outer foil at any time other than when replacing
1.	 Press the foil frame release buttons to remove the foil frame.
2.	 Squeeze the front and the back side of the foil frame and lift up
one of the two knobs on the outer foil.
3.	 Slip the outer foil into the frame and guide the plastic edges
onto the hooks in the foil frame until it clicks into the shaver.
Replacing the inner blade
1.	 Press the foil frame release buttons to
remove the foil frame.
2.	 Remove the inner blade by grasping it
firmly at both ends and pulling straight
away from the shaver.
3.	 To insert the new inner blade, hold the
blade at both ends and press downward
until it snaps into the shaver.
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Page: 7
Removing the built-in rechargeable battery
Remove the built-in rechargeable battery before disposing of the
shaver. Please make sure that the battery is disposed of at an
officially designated location if there is one. Do not dismantle or
replace the battery so that you can use the shaver again. This
could cause fire or an electric shock.
Please contact an authorised service center.
•	Remove the shaver from the AC adaptor when removing the
•	Perform steps 1 to ; and lift the battery, and then remove it.
•	Please take care not to short-circuit the battery.
 
For environmental protection and recycling of materials
This shaver contains a Nickel‑Metal Hydride battery.
Please make sure that the battery is disposed of at an officially
assigned location, if there is one in your country.
Power source See the name plate on the AC adaptor.
Motor voltage 1.2 V
Charging time
RE7‑69 230 V Approx. 8 hours
RE7‑74 for
the United
240 V Approx. 8 hours
230 V Approx. 10 hours
Airborne Acoustical
In shaving mode: 65 (dB (A) re 1 pW)
In trimmer mode: 66 (dB (A) re 1 pW)
This product is intended for household use only.
ER-GK40_EU.indb 8 2012/06/13 17:18:22
Page: 8

Information for Users on Collection and Disposal of Old
Equipment and used Batteries
These symbols on the products, packaging, and/or
accompanying documents mean that used electrical
and electronic products and batteries should not be
mixed with general household waste.
For proper treatment, recovery and recycling of old
products and used batteries, please take them to
applicable collection points, in accordance with your
national legislation and the Directives 2002/96/EC and
By disposing of these products and batteries correctly,
you will help to save valuable resources and prevent
any potential negative effects on human health and the environment
which could otherwise arise from inappropriate waste handling.	
For more information about collection and recycling of old products
and batteries, please contact your local municipality, your waste
disposal service or the point of sale where you purchased the items.	
Penalties may be applicable for incorrect disposal of this waste, in
accordance with national legislation.
For business users in the European Union
If you wish to discard electrical and electronic equipment, please
contact your dealer or supplier for further information.
[Information on Disposal in other Countries outside the
European Union]
These symbols are only valid in the European Union. If you wish to
discard these items, please contact your local authorities or dealer
and ask for the correct method of disposal.
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Panasonic Corporation
1006, Kadoma, Osaka 571-8501, Japan
Panasonic Elektronik Satis A.S.
Maslak Mah. Bilim Sok.	
Sun Plaza No:5 K:16	
34398 Maslak-Sisli	
Istanbul Turkey
Tel : (+90) 212 367 94 00	
Fax: (+90) 212 286 21 11
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Panasonic Corporation
Printed in China
0000000000 X0000-0
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