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P-420 E

User manual for the Outdoorchef P-420 E in Dutch. This PDF manual has 76 pages.

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1 1 USER GUIDE Please read these instructions carefully before using your OUTDOORCHEF electric kettle barbecue. THE ELECTRIC KETTLE BARBECUE Please read these instructions carefully before using your OUTDOORCHEF electric barbecue. Failure to comply with the danger notes, warnings and cautionary measures stated in this user guide can result in serious or even fatal injuries, or damage to property due to fire or explosion. 1. Heating coil 2. Exchangeable aluminium protection foil 3. Heat reflector 4. Drip pan 5. Temperature regulator 6. Master switch CAUTION: Electric shock The rated values of this device are as follows: 220-240 V 50/60Hz Power rating: 1800-2200 W IPX4 The serial number and article number are important to allow straightforward handling of inquiries, spare part orders and any warranty claims. Keep the user guide in a safe place. It contains important information about safety, operation and maintenance. LOGIN CARD IMPORTANT: First of all, make a note of the serial number of your electric kettle barbecue on the back of this user guide. You can find the number under the temperature regulator and on the packaging. The article number and name of your electric kettle barbecue are printed on the welcome card included in the document folder. 1 2 3 4 5 6 en
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OUTDOORCHEF.COM 12 SAFETY NOTES WARNING: • Household use only. • The appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved. Children shall not play with the appliance. Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children without supervision. • Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance. • Do not use any charcoal or other flammable fuels for this barbecue. Otherwise, a fire could be caused. The fire can result in an unsafe condition of the barbecue and damage it. • The barbecue is exclusively intended for outdoor use. • Avoid contact with flammable materials such as paper, towels, chemicals, etc. on the barbecue. Also, do not position the barbecue in the vicinity of flammable objects such as curtains, partition walls, wood, hay, dry grass, etc. • Only connect and operate the device according to the information on the rating plate. • Only use the device if the power cord, socket outlet and the device itself are undamaged. Check before each use. Always connect the heating element to the temperature regulator before you connect the power cord to the socket outlet. „UP“ symbol on the heating element must be legible. • CAUTION: Do not trap the power cord or pull it around sharp edges; check the power cord from time to time. • The power cord of this device cannot be renewed. Dispose of the device if the power cord is damaged. • Always make sure that the socket outlet used, offers the correct voltage (220-240 V). In addition, the socket outlet must be suitable for a system that draws a power of 1800-2200 W. • Do not use the barbecue with a temperature regulator which has a defective cable or plug. • Only connect the device to an earthed socket outlet. • Do not operate the device if the socket outlet is damaged. • Make sure that no other devices with a high power consumption are connected to the same circuit when the barbecue is operating. • Disconnect the plug after each use, or in case of a fault. CAUTION: Pull the plug, not the power cord. • Keep the power cord away from hot parts. • Do not touch the mains plug if your hands are wet. • Only operate the barbecue on a horizontal and stable surface. • Do not move the barbecue while it is operating. • Never leave the device unsupervised during operation. • CAUTION: Parts of the barbecue can get very hot. As a result, keep the barbecue out of the reach of small children and pets. • Wear protective gloves when you touch hot parts. • The device remains hot for quite some time after being switched off. Make sure you do not burn yourself or place any objects on the barbecue; danger of burns. • Keep the barbecue at least 3 m away from bodies of water such as pools or ponds so that the barbecue will not be splashed or fall into the water. • Do not use the barbecue when it is raining, because this barbecue is an electrical device. • To avoid damage, repairs are only allowed to be carried out on the device by the customer service of official retailers or service partners • None of the genuine parts supplied by the manufacturer are allowed to be modified. • If it is necessary to use an extension cable, it must be earthed and suitable for a current of at least 10 A / 230 V, with a cable cross-section of at least 1.5 mm². Make sure that the cable does not represent a trip hazard or a potential means of the device being knocked over. • If using an extension cable, keep it as short as possible. • Never connect 2 or more extension cables together. • Do not run the power cord over paths. • Never immerse the barbecue, heating elements and power cord in water or fluid for cleaning: danger of injury, fire and electric shock. • Immediately pull out the mains plug if the device gets damp or wet. Do not reach into the water. • Pull out the mains plug first before you remove the heating element from the barbecue. • Even during relatively short periods without use, turn the temperature regulator and the master switch to , „O“. • Even during relatively short periods without use, turn the temperature regulator to . • The drip pan must always be placed in the barbecue when grilling. • Clean the drip pan regularly. • Do not store the barbecue outdoors. • After grilling, allow the device to cool down completely before you clean it or put it away. • Do not use the electric barbecue as a heater or for drying wet clothing. • Do not use the barbecue in the house or for conventional cooking. • If a darting flame arises, do not put out the fire with water. Switch the barbecue off. Disconnect the power cord and wait for the barbecue to cool down.
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13 • Exclusively use the barbecue as described in this guide. All other uses not described in this guide can result in a fire, electric shocks or other injuries and damage. • This device corresponds to the technical standards and safety regulations for electrical devices. • Contact your retailer for a replacement temperature regulator. The temperature regulator is specifically designed for this barbecue. ADVANTAGES OF THE OUTDOORCHEF ELECTRIC KETTLE BARBECUE • Your OUTDOORCHEF electric barbecue is an innovation in the area of electric barbecuing. The EASY REFLECT foil ensures even heat distribution and permits grilling at high temperatures up to 300 °C if required. • Fat and marinades which drip out evaporate on the aluminium protection foil, giving the food to be grilled that typical barbecue flavour. • An exchangeable aluminium protection foil protects the EASY REFLECT against barbecue liquid which drips out. • The liquid dripping from the food to be grilled is collected in the drip pan. • The infinitely variable heat regulation makes it possible to cook food at low temperatures as well (roast beef, joints, etc.). OPERATION • Never leave the OUTDOORCHEF electric barbecue unsupervised when it is in use. • None of the genuine parts supplied by the manufacturer are allowed to be modified. • Any modification to the barbecue can give rise to dangers. • Before operation, visually inspect the cable, plug and heating element regulator for damage and wear. • Use of an extension cable is not recommended. If using an extension cable is unavoidable, use the shortest possible extension cable. Keep the connections dry and away from the ground. Do not allow the cable to hang over corners of the tabletop, since this represents a danger of people tripping over the cable or children pulling the cable. Exclusively use an extension cable that is suitable for use outdoors. • Clean the grilling rack and the grilling chamber after each use. • A slight smell of fire may be noticed when the barbecue is used for the first time. This is caused by lubricant burning off the heating element. The safety of your barbecue is not impaired by this. • To avoid a fire or electric shock, always have new electric circuits or sockets installed by a registered electrician. • Incorrectly earthed sockets can cause an electric shock. • Place your electric kettle barbecue on a level, stable surface so that it cannot fall over. IMPORTANT: Do not place the device under or close to objects that are sensitive to heat or could easily catch fire. • OUTDOORCHEF electric barbecues are not intended for installation in leisure vehicles, caravans and/or boats! • The entire grilling chamber heats up strongly during use. Never leave the barbecue unsupervised. Remove all flammable materials within a radius of 60 cm. • Before each use, check the drip pan to see whether it contains fat. Remove the fat in order to avoid a darting flame being formed. • To avoid electric shocks, NEVER immerse the plug, cable, heating element and temperature regulator in water or other liquids. • Keep electric cables away from all hot surfaces. • Keep the grilling area free from flammable gases and liquids such as petrol, spirits, etc. as well as other flammable materials. • When in use, the barbecue must be standing on a level and stable base, without any flammable materials in the vicinity. • Pull the power cord completely apart before use. Prevent any contact between the cable and the grilling chamber or lid. • Clean all parts that come into contact with foodstuffs. • Do not move the OUTDOORCHEF electric barbecue while you are grilling or if the barbecue is hot.
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OUTDOORCHEF.COM 14 TAKING INTO OPERATION • Before you connect the device to the mains, check that the mains voltage matches the specification on the rating plate. • Connect the main plug to an earthed socket outlet (220-240V). IMPORTANT: Do not trap the power cord. Do not allow the cable to hang down, and make sure that it does not represent a potential trip hazard. • This OUTDOORCHEF electric barbecue is not intended for commercial use. BEFORE GRILLING • Clean the grilling rack before grilling for the first time. • Make sure that the power cord is not connected to the electrical circuit. • Make sure that the cable does not touch the hot barbecue or barbecue lid. • Place the drip pan in the intended position within the kettle. • Put the aluminium protection foil onto the EASY REFLECT and insert in the barbecue. • Replace the protection foil on the EASY REFLECT when it is covered with fat residues. • Insert the heating element; the „UP“ plate on the heating element must be legible. Make sure that the cross-struts of the heating element engage within the corresponding recesses, and that the heating element has engaged fully. • Insert the grilling rack. • Put on the lid. THE TEMPERATURE REGULATOR 0 I : Master switch O / I position = Switching the barbecue on and off ON OFF : Temperature regulator: OFF / ON position : Function select keys : Function select keys Position 1: 70–90° C Position 2: 150–170° C Position 3: 170–190° C Position 4: 230–250° C Position 5: 250–280° C Position 6: 280–310° C Position 7: 310–350° C CAUTION: Function „7“ must only be used for searing and WITHOUT THE LID. Overheating can occur if the lid is closed. : Checklamp: • a. The checklamp flashes to indicate when the barbecue is heating up. • b. When the checklamp is permanently lit, the barbecue has reached the desired temperature.. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ON OFF 0 I
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15 OPERATING THE BARBECUE 1. Make sure that the heating element is inserted correctly. 2. Connect the mains plug to an earthed socket outlet. 3. CAUTION: The device must be connected via a residual-current circuit breaker (RCCB) with a rated trip current of maximum 30 mA. 4. Set the master switch to „I“. 5. Set the temperature regulator to „ON“. 6. The green checklamp for stage one starts to flash, indicating that the heating element is heating up. 7. Select the desired temperatures on the temperature regulator using the arrow keys > or < as required from stage 1–7, and allow the barbecue to heat up with the lid closed until the green checklamp is permanently lit, thereby indicating that the desired temperature has been reached. Heating up requires about 10–15 minutes depending on the level, wind and weather. 8. In stage 7, the barbecue heats continuously. CAUTION: ONLY GRILL WITH THE LID OPEN IN THIS POSITION. 9. Wind and weather may make it necessary to adjust the temperature regulator in order to maintain the correct grilling temperature. TIPS AND TRICKS • Using the OUTDOORCHEF electric kettle barbecue, you can grill (with and without lid) and cook (with lid). • NOTE: To avoid overheating, do not cover this device with solid or flexible materials such as aluminium trays, aluminium foil or other heat-resistant materials. Use of such objects or materials on the grilling rack would impair the safety of the product, and could lead to severe damage to the product. • The right accessories make your OUTDOORCHEF even more enjoyable. Whether grilling or cooking: give free rein to your creativity and flair for experimentation. • You can find all the accessory products for your barbecue at OUTDOORCHEF.COM AFTER GRILLING • Switch the temperature regulator „OFF“. • Set the master switch to „O“. • Always disconnect the mains plug when not in use. The device is only disconnected from the mains if the mains plug has been unplugged. When unplugging, always grip the plug rather than the cable. • Clean the grilling rack and the drip pan after each use. Let the barbecue cool down completely before you clean it. CLEANING • Set the temperature regulator to „OFF“ before you start cleaning. • Set the master switch to „O“. • Disconnect the mains plug from the socket outlet and allow the barbecue to cool down completely. • CAUTION: Never immerse the barbecue and heating element with power cord in water, and never clean them under running water either. Avoid any contact between electric components and water. • Only wipe down heating elements with a slightly damp cloth, and always dry with a soft, dry cloth. • IMPORTANT: Do not use any sharp or abrasive cleaning utensils or solvents for cleaning the electric kettle grill. • Clean the rack with a barbecue brush that has brass bristles (not steel bristles). Do not use sharp objects or aggressive cleaning agents. • Wash out the drip pan with soapy water. • Most of the fat evaporates or drips onto the aluminium protection foil, from where it is channelled into the drip pan. As a result, renew the aluminium protection foil on the EASY REFLECT regularly, at the latest when it is covered with fat residues. • IMPORTANT: A clean aluminium protection foil is significantly more favourable for lower heat, which makes for improved grilling results! • For the other parts, as well as for more thorough cleaning, use a nylon kitchen sponge and soapy water in order to remove all loose residues. The use of oven cleaner is also permitted. • IMPORTANT: Allow the barbecue to dry thoroughly at stage 6 following each thorough cleaning (burn out), since most oven cleaners have a pungent smell.
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OUTDOORCHEF.COM 16 MAINTENANCE • The power cord must be checked regularly for signs of damage. Do not use the device if its cable is damaged. • Regularly replace the aluminium protection foil on the heat reflector so that sufficient lower heat will be assured and the fat or residues can flow away better. • To prevent damage due to corrosion, oil all metal parts before lengthy storage. • In order to extend the service life of your barbecue, we recommend covering it with a suitable OUTDOORCHEF cover once the barbecue has cooled down completely, as protection against environmental influences. Remove the cover after rain in order to prevent condensation build-up. • Covers can be purchased from your barbecue retailer. STORAGE AND/OR NON-USE When you are not using your OUTDOORCHEF electric kettle barbecue, turn the master switch „O“. Disconnect the power cord from the socket and store it indoors. DISPOSAL Worn-out devices can be returned to a retailer for appropriate disposal free of charge. Immediately dispose of devices which have a dange- rous defect, and ensure that they can no longer be used. Do not dispose of this device with regular domestic waste. Collect waste of this kind separately, because it requires special treatment. CONSUMER WARRANTY 1. Warranty and relation to other rights of the purchaser As a private end user (consumer) purchasing this OUTDOORCHEF product from an authorized dealer, you are eligible to receive a manufacturer’s warranty from DKB Household Switzerland AG (“DKB”). The manufacturer’s warranty entitles you to assert warranty claims against the warranty provider in accordance with this agreement. The warranty claims exist in addition to your other contractual or statutory rights. These other rights are not excluded or restricted by this warranty. Therefore, you can also assert other contractual or statutory claims against the respective obligated parties. Thus for example, claims asserted under the Product Liability Act are not affected by this guarantee. As the purchaser, you may in particular also assert contractual warranty claims against the seller. The reversal of the purchase contract, for example, can only be be pursued against the seller, but not against DKB under this warranty. 2. Participants and warranty conditions The warranty provider is DKB. All end customers who purchase a new product from an authorized dealer for private purposes are eligible for the warranty. Proof of purchase shall be the purchase receipt. A purchase for private use means the product is purchased by a person for purposes which are, for the most part, not associated with either their commercial or their independent vocational activities. If it becomes recognised that a warranty claim must be made, said warranty claim must be asserted against the warranty provider within two months. Otherwise, the warranty claim will be excluded. For obvious defects, this limitation period begins upon receipt of the product. DKB therefore recommends that you check the product for defects immediately upon receipt. 3. Scope The warranty is valid from the date of purchase and is granted in the following cases, provided that no exclusion of facts exists pursuant to Paragraph 4: • 3 years on the enamelled kettle (bottom part and lid) against corrosion perforation • 3 years on the enamelled barbecue grid against corrosion perforation or burn-through • 3 years on all stainless steel parts against corrosion perforation or burn-through • Faults in the enamel coating prior to first use • 2 years on all remaining manufacturing/material defects Imperfections which are not considered to be defects include functionally insignificant and reasonable irregularities, differences in the colour of enamelling and minor defects such as production-related support points at the lower edge of the lid or on the suspensions. In a warranty case, DKB will exchange and replace, at the purchaser’s request, either the damaged/defective parts or the entire product. As far as is reasonable, an exchange can be made for a similar model of a newer design, e.g. for a successor model. Insofar as the functionality of the product is not affected by a defect and to an extent reasonable for you as the customer, appropriate financial compensation can be offered to you in lieu of
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17 repair. During the processing of a warranty claim (verification and possibly replacement) the purchaser shall not be entitled to assert a claim for a replacement or other compensation against DKB. Undertaking warranty services does not mean that the warranty period is extended or restarted. Exchanged parts become the property of DKB. The warranty period will only start again if the product is replaced. Any further claims against the warranty provider are not covered by this warranty. However, this does not restrict or exclude your claims on other legal grounds (see also Section 1 above). 4. Exclusion The warranty shall not apply in the following cases: • Normal wear and tear resulting from normal (intended) use, especially to general wear parts such as funnel, burner, thermometer, ignition and battery, electrode, ignition cable, gas hose, gas pressure regulator, heater, reflector, aluminium protective film, barbecue or charcoal grill, ignition grill and coal/grease drip tray. • Damage to the enamel from the use of utensils and other devices, provided that the error did not already demonstrably exist before first use. • Defects and/or damage due to misuse, improper use, in particular due to not following the instruction manual, safety instructions or operating/maintenance instructions (for example, use of outdoor equipment indoors, damage resulting from incorrect installation, improper cleaning of the enamelled surface of the funnel or grill bars, failure to perform a leakage test to the extent recommended in the operating instructions, use of harmful chemicals, unintended use, etc.). • Defects and/or damages that are remedied through intervention or repair by persons other than those authorized by DKB. • Defects and/or damage caused by destructive weather influences (e.g. hail or lightning). • Defects and/or damage due to vandalism or due to intentional or negligent damage to the extent that this was not caused by DKB. • Defects and/or damages incurred during transport to the buyer, unless the transport was arranged by the warranty provider. • Defects and/or damage due to force majeure. • Defects and/or damage due to wear caused by professional use for commercial purposes (e.g. use in a hotel or restaurant). 5. Processing of warranty claims In the event of a warranty claim please contact us or one of our authorized dealers (a dealer directory is available at www.outdoorchef.com) as soon as possible and tell us your address and, if possible, the product/product part, sales receipt information, serial number and item number (both can be found on the data sticker on your barbecue; see the first section of the instruction manual). Please describe the defect and, if possible, also send us a photo of it. In order to verify your warranty claim, you will need to return the product to us or your local dealer (bring-in warranty). Once your warranty claim has been verified, we will reimburse the necessary and required transport and shipping costs, otherwise we will send the product back to you at your expense. The registered brand OUTDOORCHEF is represented by the following enterprise: DKB Household Switzerland AG | Eggbühlstraße 28 | Postfach | 8052 Zürich, Switzerland| www.dkbrands.com * A dealer directory can be found on our website at OUTDOORCHEF.COM. ** The serial number and item number can be found in the information sticker on your barbecue (see the first section of this INSTRUCTION MANUAL).

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