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Griddle Plate

User manual for the Outdoorchef Griddle Plate in Dutch. This PDF manual has 32 pages.

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GRIDDLE PLATE STAINLESS STEEL 141020_rezeptheft_plancha 18.211.98_2015_hesja.indd 1 20.10.14 16:24
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GRIDDLE PLATE STAINLESS STEEL The Griddle Plate Stainless Steel is made from high-quality stainless steel and is equipped with a large fat pan. The griddle plate can be heated to high temperatures even for extended periods of time and features a non-stick surface. The cross struts on the base provide stabilisation and guarantee a long useful life for the Griddle Plate Stainless Steel. This multi-functional accessory is ideal for searing dishes such as fish, vegetables or meat. The griddle plate comes in very handy at breakfast time too - making fried eggs and pancakes a real pleasure to prepare. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE • Before using your Griddle Plate Stainless Steel for the first time, clean the product using water. • Before using the Griddle Plate Stainless Steel, adjust the barbecue to a completely horizontal position. • Wear barbecue gloves at all times when touching the accessory while in use on the barbecue. • Do not place the hot Griddle Plate Stainless Steel on flammable or heat-sensitive surfaces. • Splashes of fat may occur when frying on the Griddle Plate Stainless Steel. If required, please protect the ground surface in the working area. Preheat the Griddle Plate Stainless Steel for at least 5 minutes at level and lightly grease the frying surface using a cloth or a sheet of kitchen paper when it begins to heat it up. CLEANING • Leave the Griddle Plate Stainless Steel to cool for at least 5 minutes before cleaning. • Then clean and rinse the product thoroughly using water and the OUTDOORCHEF Plancha Cleaning Set. • To remove stubborn stains, use soapy water as well or the OUTDOORCHEF Barbecue Cleaner for thorough cleaning. • Tip: The OUTDOORCHEF Plancha Cleaning Set scraper can also be used as a universal tool for turning and cutting. USING THE EASY FLIP FUNNEL I N D I R E C T DIRECT Large funnel EASY FLIP: Direct heat Cooking grid: removeandpositiontheGriddlePlateStainlessSteelonthe3positioningaids(lookonthebaseofoftheGriddlePlateStainlessSteel) Lid: open EN OUTDOORCHEF.COM 141020_rezeptheft_plancha 18.211.98_2015_hesja.indd 6 20.10.14 16:24
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INGREDIENTS 2 onions, peeled and chopped 2 dl extra virgin olive oil Sea salt Freshly ground black pepper dash white wine vinegar 8 very thin sirloin steaks (or haunch steaks) 240 g sliced Provolone cheese 1 large French loaf (or 2 smaller ones) 50 g rocket, washed French mustard (e.g. Dijon) 2 San Marzano tomatoes OPERATING THE GAS KETTLE GRILL Funnel EASY FLIP: Direct position Lid: open Preheat: 5 minutes, at level , lid open Recipe (serves 4 people) STEAK SANDWICH WITH ROCKET AND TOMATOES PREPARATION Fry the onions in a little olive oil - on the preheated griddle plate - until golden-brown and season with salt, freshly ground pepper and the white wine vinegar. Drizzle the meat with olive oil, season with salt and freshly ground pepper and cook on the hot griddle plate. Turn the steaks over after 2-3 minutes and top them with the cheese. In the meantime, cut the French loaf lengthwise and preheat/pre-bake on the griddle plate or in the oven. Open out the preheated French loaf and cover one side with the golden-brown onions. Then add the meat, followed by the rocket, spreading some mustard on top to finish. Finally, close the steak sandwich and cut into two or four pieces and enjoy. I N D I R E C T DIRECT 141020_rezeptheft_plancha 18.211.98_2015_hesja.indd 7 20.10.14 16:24
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INGREDIENTS 8 medallions of pork fillet, 50 g each 8 slices bacon 4 giant prawns 4 stalks lemon grass salt, pepper, olive oil SURF & TURF PREPARATION Wrap the medallions of pork fillet with the bacon. Skewer two medallions and one prawn on a lemon grass stalk, season with salt and pepper, and brush with olive oil. Grill the skewers on the griddle plate for about 5 minutes on each side. I N D I R E C T DIRECT OPERATING THE GAS KETTLE GRILL Funnel EASY FLIP: Direct position Lid: open Preheat: 5 minutes, at level , lid open OUTDOORCHEF.COM 141020_rezeptheft_plancha 18.211.98_2015_hesja.indd 8 20.10.14 16:25
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INGREDIENTS 150 g flour 250 ml milk 4 eggs 1 pinch salt ½ tbsp sugar 30 g butter 100 ml mineral water 4 pear halves, poached 200 g chocolate, slightly warm cinnamon powder CRÊPES WITH PEARS AND CHOCOLATE SAUCE PREPARATION Mix flour, milk, eggs, salt and sugar well with a whisk and leave to settle for half an hour. Melt the butter and add together with the mineral water. Immediately start with baking. Brush the pre-heated griddle plate with some butter, place the content of a large ladle of crêpe dough onto it and spread thinly with a large spatula. Bake for 2–3 minutes, turn over and cover with 2 quarter pieces of the pears, pour chocolate over them and add cinnamon powder to your taste. Fold crêpe and serve warm. I N D I R E C T DIRECT OPERATING THE GAS KETTLE GRILL Funnel EASY FLIP: Direct position Lid: open Preheat: 5 minutes, at level , lid open 141020_rezeptheft_plancha 18.211.98_2015_hesja.indd 9 20.10.14 16:25
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141020_rezeptheft_plancha 18.211.98_2015_hesja.indd 30 20.10.14 16:25

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