Chelsea 570 C

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Chelsea 570 C

User manual for the Outdoorchef Chelsea 570 C in Dutch. This PDF manual has 144 pages.

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OUTDOORCHEF.COM 10 USER GUIDE Please read these instructions carefully before using your OUTDOORCHEF charcoal kettle barbecue. Keep the User Guide in a safe place. It contains important information about safety, operation and maintenance. WARNING: Do not use the OUTDOORCHEF charcoal kettle barbecue as a fireplace. SAFETY INFORMATION Failure to comply with this safety information and the precautionary measures can lead to serious injuries. Read all the information contained in this User Guide carefully before using your barbecue. • "Do not use indoors!" • "WARNING! Do not use spirit or petrol for lighting or relighting! Use only firelighters complying to EN 1860-3!" • "WARNING! Keep children and pets away!" • "WARNING! This barbecue will become very hot, do not move it during operation!" • Never leave the barbecue unattended while in use. • Select a location protected as much as possible from the wind before lighting the barbecue. • Use only standard barbecue lighters and follow the instructions on the packaging. • Never add firelighting fluid or charcoal soaked in firelighting fluid to hot or warm charcoal. • Keep a safety clearance of 1.5 m from flammable materials. • Do not push appliances with castor wheels over uneven surfaces or steps! • Do not remove the ash until it has cooled down completely. • Always wear barbecue gloves when barbecuing and adjusting the ventilation openings. • Wear appropriate clothing. Long, loose-fitting sleeves can quickly catch fire. • OUTDOORCHEF recommends heating the barbecue and allowing the fuel to burn for at least 30 minutes before using it for the first time. IMPORTANT: First of all, make a note of the serial number of your charcoal kettle barbecue on the back of this User Guide. You can find the number under the trolley of your barbecue and on the packaging. The serial number is important to allow smooth processing of enquiries, orders for spare parts and any warranty claims. The item number and name of your charcoal kettle barbecue are printed on the welcome card included in the document folder. The serial number and item number are important to allow smooth processing of enquiries, orders for spare parts and any warranty claims. Keep the User Guide in a safe place. It contains important information about safety, operation and maintenance. LOGIN CARD en
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1 1 PREPARATION BEFORE LIGHTING THE BARBECUE • Place your OUTDOORCHEF charcoal kettle barbecue on a level, firm surface. • Before lighting the charcoal, make sure that the ash tray is inserted correctly and that all ventilation slots are open. The position of the ventilation openings at the bottom is illustrated clearly by an indicator on the ash tray. • The heat can be regulated easily by opening and closing the ventilation openings: opening increases the temperature and closing reduces it. • OUTDOORCHEF recommends: Use standard firelighter blocks and paper to light your barbecue instead of firelighting fluid. • For obtaining a constantly high temperature, we recommend using the high-quality OUTDOORCHEF charcoal or briquettes. Store these in a dry place. • Use the following starting quantities to fill your OUTDOORCHEF charcoal kettle barbecue: You can find suitable charcoal or briquettes at your OUTDOORCHEF retailer. LIGHTING CHARCOAL BARBECUES WITH A LIGHTING GRATE 1. Before lighting, remove all the internal parts (barbecue grid, funnel, juice tray, charcoal basket) from the barbecue to ensure sufficient air and consequently burning performance. 2. Insert the small lighting grate, cover it with standard firelighter blocks and ignite them. Do not use any liquids such as petrol, spirits or similar firelighting fluids. Never add firelighting fluid or charcoal soaked in firelighting fluid to hot or warm charcoal. 3. Now insert the charcoal basket and cover it with charcoal/briquettes (refer to the starting fill quantities indicated in the chapter PREPARATION BEFORE LIGHTING THE BARBECUE). Make sure no briquettes are in contact with the kettle. 4. Leave the lid open and allow the charcoal to burn for around 30-45 minutes until it is glowing evenly and covered by a white layer. Only now are you ready to start barbecuing. 5. "Do not cook before the fuel has a coating of ash." 480 1,000 grams 570 1,500 grams
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OUTDOORCHEF.COM 12 TWO BARBECUES IN ONE: WITH THE UNIQUE EASY SLIDE FUNNEL SYSTEM A handy tip for charcoal: pour it in at just one side. This means it is possible to work with different temperature zones on the same barbecue. The EASY SLIDE funnel system allows you to move food from direct to indirect heat with a single movement. A valve opening in the lid and on the underside of the kettle allow optimum heat regulation. The folding barbecue grid allows you to conveniently add more charcoal while barbecuing. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USING THE CHARCOAL KETTLE BARBECUE 1. Now distribute the charcoal so that just half of the basket is covered and the juice tray can be placed in the middle. Keep the other half of the basket free to ensure the following while barbecuing: a. Optimum air supply to support maximum development of heat and b. Quick and easy change from indirect to direct heat by turning the grate (see TWO BARBECUES IN ONE: WITH THE UNIQUE EASY SLIDE FUNNEL SYSTEM) 2. Now place the juice tray in the middle of the charcoal grate and fill it with the required liquid. 3. Only then should you insert the funnel and barbecue grid. Make sure that the folding part of the grid is above the funnel opening to allow the two projections under the barbecue grid to be easily inserted in the corresponding holes in the funnel. 4. Turn the funnel opening to position it above the burning charcoal. This will ensure optimum air circulation. Only now are you ready to start barbecuing. 5. Always monitor the temperature of your barbecue before adding more charcoal. Add any additional quantities carefully to keep the increase in temperature under control. To protect the food to be grilled and the barbecue itself, do not allow the barbecue to reach temperatures in excess of 300°C (626°F). Excessive temperatures may deform parts of the barbecue. 6. The folding barbecue grid makes it easier to add charcoal during barbecuing. Turn the barbecue grid so the part that is folded up is above the funnel opening. Replenish the briquettes and wait for around 5 to 10 minutes with the lid open to allow them to start glowing fully. DIRECT HEAT INDIRECT HEAT Direct grilling and cooking For indirect grilling, cooking and baking Position the EASY SLIDE funnel with the opening located above the charcoal. Place the food directly above the opening. Rotate the opening of the EASY SLIDE funnel away from the charcoal and close the lid. The entire grill surface can now be used for indirect grilling
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13 TIPS AND TRICKS With indirect heat • Relatively large roasting joints or whole chickens: Thanks to the EASY SLIDE funnel, you no longer need to turn large pieces of meat while barbecuing. The heat from the burning charcoal rises up the insides of the barbecue kettle and is distributed evenly throughout the kettle. • Place the food to be grilled on the preheated barbecue grid above the closed part of the EASY SLIDE funnel and close the lid. Always leave a slight space between pieces of meat. • Closing the lid allows food to be browned evenly on all sides, while ensuring the juices stay in the meat. • For extra peace of mind when cooking larger joints of meat, we recommend using the OUTDOORCHEF GOURMET CHECK digital meat thermometer to ensure perfect results. With direct heat • Smaller cuts of meat such as steaks, chops and sausages: Position the food to be grilled on the preheated barbecue grid above the open EASY SLIDE, and grill briefly to seal with the lid open. Turn the EASY SLIDE so that the food is then no longer above the burning charcoal, and finish cooking it with the lid closed. • For optimal flash-grilling, we recommend the OUTDOORCHEF CAST-IRON TWO-PART BARBECUE GRID. • Do not place the hot barbecue lid on grassy surfaces. In models without a lid hinge or lid holder, use the hook on the inside of the lid to hang it from the edge of the lower half of the barbecue kettle. • Make sure there is always liquid in the drip pan. • TIP: To stop meat drying out, you can add water to the juice tray. This will then evaporate as you barbecue. Instead of water, you could also add fruit juices and aromatic woods, such as vine wood or apple wood, to impart a delicious flavour. • The position of the ventilation openings at the bottom is illustrated clearly by an indicator on the ash tray. WARNING: The ventilation slide on the lid must always be left open when grilling, however (see also INSTRUCTIONS FOR USING THE CHARCOAL KETTLE BARBECUE) • OUTDOORCHEF recommends closing the lid while barbecuing. Air circulation inside the barbecue reduces the grilling time by up to one third. • Always wear barbecue gloves when barbecuing and adjusting the ventilation openings. Instead of using a fork to turn food on the barbecue, use good quality, sufficiently long meat tongs to avoid puncturing the meat and make sure it stays juicy. • The right accessories will make your OUTDOORCHEF even more fun. Whether grilling, cooking or baking: give free rein to your creativity and flair for experimentation. • You can find a full range of accessories for your barbecue at OUTDOORCHEF.COM CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE • To extinguish the charcoal after your barbecue, put the lid on the barbecue and close all ventilation openings. Do not use water. • Always remove all ash residues before using the barbecue again. • Clean the grids and grates using a barbecue brush with brass bristles (not steel bristles). Do not use any sharp objects or aggressive clean- ing products. Wash the drip pan in soapy water or clean it using the OUTDOORCHEF BARBECUE CLEANER. • To help you enjoy your barbecue for as long as possible, we recommend the following: Once your barbecue has cooled down completely, protect it from the effects of the weather with a suitable OUTDOORCHEF cover. Remove the cover after any rain in order to prevent condensation build-up. Covers can be purchased from your barbecue retailer. USING THE OUTDOORCHEF BARBECUE CLEANER IMPORTANT: the barbecue must not be in operation while using the OUTDOORCHEF BARBECUE CLEANER. Wear gloves to protect your hands and, if possible, glasses to shield your eyes. Spray the barbecue or accessories thoroughly while they are still slightly warm and leave the product to work for 15-30 minutes. Spray stained surfaces again, rinse thoroughly with water and leave to dry. WARNING: Do not use the OUTDOORCHEF Barbecue Cleaner on powder-coated surfaces.
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OUTDOORCHEF.COM 14 CONSUMER WARRANTY 1. Warranty and relation to other rights of the purchaser As a private end user (consumer) purchasing this OUTDOORCHEF product from an authorized dealer, you are eligible to receive a manufac- turer's warranty from DKB Household Switzerland AG ("DKB"). The manufacturer's warranty entitles you to assert warranty claims against the warranty provider in accordance with this agreement. The war- ranty claims exist in addition to your other contractual or statutory rights. These other rights are not excluded or restricted by this warranty. Therefore, you can also assert other contractual or statutory claims against the respective obligated parties. Thus for example, claims asserted under the Product Liability Act are not affected by this guarantee. As the purchaser, you may in particular also assert contractual warranty claims against the seller. The reversal of the purchase contract, for example, can only be be pursued against the seller, but not against DKB under this warranty. 2. Participants and warranty conditions The warranty provider is DKB. All end customers who purchase a new product from an authorised dealer for private purposes are eligible for the warranty. Proof of purchase shall be the purchase receipt. A purchase for private use means the product is purchased by a person for purposes which are, for the most part, not associated with either their commercial or their independent professional activities. If it becomes recognised that a warranty claim must be made, said warranty claim must be asserted against the warranty provider within two months. Otherwise, the warranty claim will be excluded. For obvious defects, this limitation period begins upon receipt of the product. DKB there- fore recommends that you check the product for defects immediately upon receipt. 3. Scope The warranty is valid from the date of purchase and is granted in the following cases, provided that no exclusion of facts exists pursuant to Para- graph 4: • 3 years on the enamelled kettle (bottom part and lid) against corrosion perforation • 3 years on the enamelled barbecue grid against corrosion perforation or burn-through • 3 years on all stainless steel parts against corrosion perforation or burn-through • Faults in the enamel coating prior to first use • 2 years on all remaining manufacturing/material defects Imperfections which are not considered to be defects include functionally insignificant and reasonable irregularities, differences in the colour of enamelling and minor defects such as production-related support points at the lower edge of the lid or on the suspensions. In a warranty case, DKB will exchange and replace, at the purchaser's request, either the damaged/defective parts or the entire product. As far as is reasonable, an exchange can be made for a similar model of a newer design, e.g. for a successor model. Insofar as the functionality of the product is not affected by a defect and to an extent reasonable for you as the customer, appropriate financial compensation can be offered to you in lieu of repair. During the processing of a warranty claim (verification and possibly replacement), the purchaser shall not be entitled to assert a claim for a re- placement or other compensation against DKB. Undertaking warranty services does not mean that the warranty period is extended or restarted. Exchanged parts become the property of DKB. The warranty period will only start again if the product is replaced. Any further claims against the warranty provider are not covered by this warranty. However, this does not restrict or exclude your claims on other legal grounds (see also Section 1 above). 4. Exclusion The warranty shall not apply in the following cases: • Normal wear and tear resulting from normal (intended) use, especially to general wear parts such as funnel, flame cover, burner, thermom- eter, ignition and battery, electrode, ignition cable, gas hose, gas pressure regulator, heating element, reflector, aluminium protection foil, barbecue grid or charcoal grate and basket, lighting grate and charcoal/drip pan. • Damage to the enamel from the use of utensils and other devices, provided that the defect did not already demonstrably exist before first use. • Defects and/or damage due to misuse, improper use, in particular due to not following the instruction manual, safety instructions or operat- ing/maintenance instructions (for example, use of outdoor equipment indoors, damage resulting from incorrect installation, improper cleaning of the enamelled surface of the funnel or grill bars, failure to perform a leakage test to the extent recommended in the operating instructions, use of harmful chemicals, unintended use, etc.). • Defects and/or damages that are remedied through intervention or repair by persons other than those authorised by DKB. • Defects and/or damage caused by destructive weather influences (e.g. hail or lightning). • Defects and/or damage due to vandalism or due to intentional or negligent damage to the extent that this was not caused by DKB. • Defects and/or damages incurred during transport to the buyer, unless the transport was arranged by the warranty provider. • Defects and/or damage due to force majeure. • Defects and/or damage due to wear caused by professional use for commercial purposes (e.g. use in a hotel or restaurant).
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15 5. Processing of warranty claims In the event of a warranty claim please contact us or one of our authorised dealers (a dealer directory is available at as soon as possible and tell us your address and, if possible, the product/product part, sales receipt information, serial number and item number (both can be found on the data sticker on your barbecue; see the first section of the User Guide). Please describe the defect and, if possible, also send us a photo of it. In order to verify your warranty claim, you will need to return the product to us or your local dealer (bring-in warranty). In the case of justified warranty claims, we will reimburse the necessary and required transport and shipping costs. Otherwise we will send the product back to you at your expense. The registered brand OUTDOORCHEF is represented by the following enterprise: DKB Household Switzerland AG | Eggbühlstraße 28 | Postfach | 8052 Zürich, Switzerland| * A dealer directory can be found on our website at OUTDOORCHEF.COM. ** The serial number and item number can be found on the data sticker on your barbecue (see the first section of this USER GUIDE).

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