Camden 480 C

Outdoorchef Camden 480 C manual

Camden 480 C

User manual for the Outdoorchef Camden 480 C in Dutch. This PDF manual has 88 pages.

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OUTDOORCHEF.COM 10 User guide Please read these instructions carefully before using your OUTDOORCHEF charcoal kettle barbecue. Keep the user guide in a safe place. It contains important information about safety, operation and maintenance. CAUTION: The charcoal kettle barbecue from OUTDOORCHEF is not allowed to be used as a fireplace. SAFETY NOTES Failure to comply with these safety notes and precautionary measures can lead to serious injuries. Therefore, read all of the notes contained in these instructions carefully before using your barbecue. • Do not use in enclosed rooms! • Never leave the barbecue unsupervised while it is in use. • Before using the barbecue, make sure you select a location that affords the greatest possible protection against the wind. • Only use commercially available barbecue lighters, and comply with the instructions on the packaging. • CAUTION! Do not use either spirits or petrol for lighting or relighting! Only use firelighters in accordance with EN 1860-3! • Never spray firelighting fluid onto hot or warm charcoal, and do not put charcoal soaked in such fluid onto hot or warm charcoal either. • Keep a safety clearance of 1.5 m from flammable materials. • CAUTION! Keep children and pets away. • CAUTION! This barbecue gets very hot and is not allowed to be moved during use • Devices equipped with castors are not allowed to be pushed across uneven floors or steps! • Do not remove the ash until it has cooled down completely. • Always wear barbecue gloves when barbecuing and adjusting the ventilation openings. • Wear appropriate clothing. Long, loose-fitting sleeves can quickly catch fire. IMPORTANT: Please write the serial number of your barbecue immediately on the back page of this manual. You will find the number on the trolley and on the packaging. The serial number is important for an unproblematic handling of queries, ordering of spare parts or a warranty claim. Always quote the serial number when contacting your retail outlet in the event of a query or warranty claim. The article number and name of your gas kettle barbecue are printed on the welcome card included in the document folder. The serial number and article number are important to allow straightforward handling of inquiries, spare part orders and any warranty claims. Keep the user guide in a safe place. It contains important information about safety, operation and maintenance. EN LOGIN CARD
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1 1 MEASURES BEFORE LIGHTING THE BARBECUE • Place the OUTDOORCHEF charcoal kettle barbecue on level, firm ground. • Before lighting the charcoal, make sure that the ash tray is inserted correctly and all ventilation slots are open. The position of the ventilation openings at the bottom can easily be seen because of an indicator on the ash tray. • The heat can easily be regulated by opening and closing the ventilation openings: opening increases the temperature and closing reduces it. • OUTDOORCHEF recommends: Use commercially available firelighter blocks and paper for lighting your barbecue rather than firelighting fluid. • To achieve a high and constant heat, OUTDOORCHEF recommends using high-quality charcoal briquettes instead of ordinary charcoal. Store these in a dry place. • Use the following starting quantities to fill your OUTDOORCHEF charcoal kettle barbecue: LIGHTING CHARCOAL KETTLE BARBECUES WITH A LIGHTING GRATE 1. Before lighting remove all the interior parts (grilling rack, funnel, juice tray, charcoal grate) from the barbecue so that there will be enough air available and to ensure optimum burning. 2. Insert the small lighting grate, put on commercially available firelighter blocks and set light to them . However, do not use any liquids such as petrol, spirits or comparable firelighter fluids. Never spray firelighting fluid onto hot or warm charcoal, and do not put charcoal soaked in such fluid onto hot or warm charcoal either. 3. Now insert the charcoal grate and cover it, preferably with briquettes (refer to the start filling quantity stated in the MEASURES BEFORE LIGHTING THE BARBECUE chapter) . Make sure there are no briquettes in contact with the kettle. 4. Leave the lid open and allow the charcoal to burn for about 30–45 minutes until it is glowing evenly and covered by a white layer. Only now start barbecuing. 480 500 grams 570 850 grams
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OUTDOORCHEF.COM 12 TWO BARBECUES IN ONE: WITH THE UNIQUE EASY SLIDE FUNNEL SYSTEM The trick with the charcoal: it is only filled on one side. This means it is possible to work with different temperature zones in the same barbecue. With the EASY SLIDE funnel system, it is possible to push the food to be grilled from direct to indirect heat with a single hand movement. The heat can be optimally regulated using a valve opening in the lid and on the underside of the kettle. The grilling rack can be folded upwards to enable more charcoal to be put on conveniently even during grilling. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USING THE CHARCOAL KETTLE BARBECUE 1. Now distribute the charcoal so that only half of the grate is occupied and the juice tray can be inserted in the middle. The other half of the grate should remain free to provide the following opportunities during grilling: a. Optimum air supply, thus achieving maximum heat capacity b. Quick and easy changeover between indirect and direct heat by turning the grate (see TWO BARBECUES IN ONE: WITH THE UNIQUE EASY SLIDE FUNNEL SYSTEM) 2. Now place the juice tray in the middle of the charcoal grate and fill it with the required liquid. 3. Only then insert the funnel and the grilling rack. Make sure that the folding part of the rack is above the funnel opening so that both projections under the grilling rack can easily be inserted into the holes in the funnel provided for them. 4. Turn the funnel opening so it is above the burning charcoal. This achieves optimum air circulation. Only now start barbecuing. 5. Always keep an eye on the heat development in your barbecue before you add more charcoal. Careful addition is required so that the temperature increase can be kept under control. To protect the food to be grilled and the barbecue itself, do not achieve temperatures higher than 300° C (626° F). Excessive temperatures can deform parts of the barbecue. 6. The folding grilling rack makes it easier to add charcoal during barbecuing. Turn the grilling rack so the part that is folded up is above the funnel opening. Replenish briquettes and wait about 5–10 minutes with the lid open for them to start glowing fully. DIRECT HEAT INDIRECT HEAT Direct grilling and cooking: For indirect grilling, cooking and baking Move the EASY SLIDE funnel into position so the opening is above the charcoal. Distribute the food to be grilled directly above the opening. Turn the opening of the EASY SLIDE funnel away from the charcoal and close the lid. The entire grilling area can now be used for indirect grilling.
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13 TIPS AND TRICKS • With indirect heat • Relatively large roasting joints or whole chickens: The EASY SLIDE funnel means there is no longer any need to turn over large pieces of meat while grilling. The heat from the glowing charcoal rises along the insides of the barbecue kettle and is distributed evenly throughout the kettle. • Place the food to be grilled on the preheated grilling rack above the closed part of the EASY SLIDE funnel and close the lid. Always leave a space between the individual pieces of meat. • Closing the lid means the food to be grilled is evenly browned on all sides, while the juices remain in the joint. • To leave nothing to chance when cooking relatively large joints, we recommend using the OUTDOORCHEF GOURMET CHECK – the digital meat thermometer for perfect results. • • With direct heat • Smaller cuts of meat such as steaks, chops and sausages: Position the food to be grilled on the preheated grilling rack above the open EASY SLIDE, and grill briefly to seal with the lid open. Turn the EASY SLIDE so that the food to be grilled is then no longer above the glowing charcoal, and finish cooking it with the lid closed. • To achieve optimum results with flash-grilled meat, we recommend using the 2-PIECE CAST-IRON GRIDDLE from OUTDOORCHEF. • Do not place the hot barbecue lid on the lawn. In models without a lid hinge or lid holder, use the hook on the inside of the lid in order to hang it from the edge of the lower half of the barbecue. • Make sure there is always liquid in the drip pan. • TIP: To protect meat against drying out, it is possible to add water to the juice tray, which then evaporates during grilling. Instead of water, it is also possible to add fruit juices and aromatic woods such as vine wood or apple wood, etc. in order to impart a delicious flavour. • The position of the ventilation openings at the bottom can easily be seen because of an indicator on the ash tray. CAUTION: The ventilation slide on the lid must always be left open during grilling, however (see also INSTRUCTIONS FOR USING THE CHARCOAL KETTLE BARBECUE) • OUTDOORCHEF recommends closing the lid during grilling. Air circulation inside the barbecue reduces the grilling time by up to one third. • Always wear barbecue gloves when barbecuing and adjusting the ventilation openings. When it comes to turning the food to be grilled, instead of using a fork use good quality and sufficiently long meat tongs so that there is no need to puncture the meat, and it stays juicy. • The right accessories make your OUTDOORCHEF even more enjoyable. Whether grilling, cooking or baking: give free rein to your creativity and flair for experimentation. • You can find all the accessory products for your barbecue at OUTDOORCHEF.COM CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE • When you want to put out the charcoal after you have finished your barbecue, put the lid on and close all ventilation openings. Do not use water. • Always remove all ash residues before your next barbecue. • Clean the racks and grates with a barbecue brush that has brass bristles (not steel bristles). Do not use sharp objects or aggressive cleaning agents. Wash the drip pan in soapy water, or clean it using OUTDOORCHEF BARBECUE-CLEANER. • We recommend the following so you will be able to enjoy your barbecue for as long as possible: • Once a year, apply wood oil to all wooden parts – this helps to prevent cracking. • Once your barbecue has cooled down fully, protect it against the effects of the weather using a suitable OUTDOORCHEF cover. Remove the cover after rain in order to prevent condensation build-up. Covers can be purchased from your barbecue retailer. USING THE OUTDOORCHEF BARBECUE-CLEANER IMPORTANT: The barbecue is not allowed to be operating while the OUTDOORCHEF BARBECUE-CLEANER is being used. Wear gloves to protect your hands and, if possible, glasses to shield your eyes. Thoroughly spray the barbecue or accessories while they are still slightly warm, and allow the product to work for 15–30 minutes. Spray dirty surfaces again, thoroughly rise with water and allow to dry.
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OUTDOORCHEF.COM 14 TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF WARRANTY 1. Warranty In purchasing this OUTDOORCHEF product from an authorised retailer, you have obtained not only the product warranty but also a manufacturer‘s warranty from DKB Household Switzerland AG („DKB“) according to the present conditions, for a period of up to 3 years. The warranty exclusively covers the rectification of defects that are demonstrably attributable to faults in material and/or manufacture, subject to the designated use. 2. Procedure Check the product for defects and function immediately after receiving it. If, contrary to expectations, the purchased product has a defect then please comply with the following procedure (bring-in warranty): • Within 30 days of the defect being discovered, contact your retailer*, providing information about the product / product part, purchase receipt, serial number and article number** • Describe the situation with reference to the product / product part you are complaining about, or a photo • The free warranty shall come into force once the defect has been checked by the retailer or DKB (transport and shipping costs will only be paid to the first private buyer) 3. Scope of warranty DKB‘s manufacturer‘s warranty starts from the date of purchase, and applies to the first private buyer. The warranty can only be claimed sub- ject to presentation of the original receipt. The warranty may be fulfilled at DKB‘s discretion by repair, exchange of defective parts, renewal of the product or price reduction, if the functions of the product are unaffected. There is no right of withdrawal from the purchase contract due to warranty cases. There is no right to receive a replacement product during the repair. Undertaking warranty services does not mean that the warranty period is extended or restarted. Exchanged parts become the property of DKB. The warranty period does start again if the product is renewed. The warranty periods are: • 3 years on the enamelled kettle (bottom part and lid) against corrosion perforation • 3 years on the enamelled grilling rack against corrosion perforation or burn-through • 3 years on all stainless steel parts against corrosion perforation or burn-through • 2 years on all remaining manufacturing/material defects • The warranty for damage to the enamelling only applies if reported within 30 days starting from the date of purchase. It only applies to new devices that have not been used before. 4. Exclusion There is no defect, i.e. no material or manufacturing fault within the meaning of these provisions, or no valid warranty claim, under the fol- lowing circumstances: • Usual wear and tear during designated use. • Defects and/or damage due to wrong, incorrect use or use not in accordance with the designated use, as well as due to incorrect installation, assembly and attempted repairs by unauthorised persons. • Defects and/or damage due to failure to comply with the user guide or the operating/maintenance instructions (such as damage due to faulty assembly or incorrect cleaning of the enamelled surface of the funnel or grilling rack, failure to carry out the leak test, etc.). • Unevenness, colour differentiations in the enamelling as well as minor defects (such as points of contact on the bottom edge of the lid or at suspension points which are a feature of the production process). • Discolourations and damage to the product (e.g. the painted surface) due to the effects of weather (incl. hailstones), incorrect storage of the product (without weather protection) or incorrect use of chemicals. • Formation of rust and a rust film due to the effects of weather or incorrect use of chemicals. • Faults which do not noticeably impair the designated use or function of the product. • In general for wearing parts such as the grilling rack, funnel, burner, thermometer, ignition and battery, electrode, ignition cables, gas hose, gas pressure regulator, heating element, reflector, aluminium protection foil or charcoal grate • Defects and/or damage due to modifications, use for a non-designated purpose or deliberate damage. • Defects and/or damage due to incorrect maintenance and repair work. • Defects and/or damage due to failure to carry out routine maintenance. • Defects and/or damage which was caused during the original transport. • Defects and/or damage due to force majeure. • Defects and/or damage due to wear and tear in professional use (hotels, restaurants, events, etc.). * A dealer directory can be found on our website at OUTDOORCHEF.COM ** The serial number and article number can be found on the data sticker on your barbecue (see THE CHARCOAL KETTLE BARBECUE for information)
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15 DKB excludes any customer claims other than those expressly named in these warranty conditions, unless a mandatory legal obligation or liability applies. In particular, this applies with regard to claims for compensation in damages due to failure of fulfilment, refunding of losses incurred as the consequence of a defect, loss of profits and transport damage that is not notified to the retailer within 30 days of receipt of the product. OUTDOORCHEF products are subject to continuous further development. As a result, modifications to products may be introduced without prior notice. The registered brand OUTDOORCHEF is represented by the following enterprise: DKB Household Switzerland AG Eggbühlstrasse 28 Postfach 8052 Zürich – Switzerland www. NOTE ON THE TEMPERATURE DISPLAY The thermometer display is subject to a +/-10 % fluctuation. WEB PAGE More information, tips and tricks, recipes and all kinds of useful information about OUTDOORCHEF products can be found at OUTDOORCHEF.COM CHARCOAL user guide 2015_art no. 19.100.21

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