Olympus VN-850PC manual

User manual for the Olympus VN-850PC in Dutch. This PDF manual has 84 pages.

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3 4 7 6 5 a b c d e a b c 3 6 EN • Thismanualisabasicversion.Please refer to the complete advanced manual either from the stored data in the [OL_MANUAL] folder of the recorder or download the data from the OLYMPUS website. • The contents of this document may be changed in the future without advanced notice. Contact our Customer Support Center for the latest information relating to product names and model numbers. • Thescreenandrecorderillustrations showninthismanualwereproduced during the development stages and may differ from the actual product. The utmost care has been taken to ensure the integrity of the contents of this document. In the unlikely event that a questionable item, error, or omission is found, please contact our Customer Support Center. • Any liability for passive damages or damage of any kind occurred due to data loss incurred by a defect of the product, repair performed by the thirdpartyotherthanOlympusoran Olympusauthorizedservicestation, or any other reason is excluded. Trademarksandregisteredtrademarks: • IBM and PC/AT are the trademarks or registeredtrademarksofInternational Business Machines Corporation. • Microsoft, Windows and Windows Media are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. • Macintosh is a trademark of Apple Inc. Other product and brand names mentioned herein may be the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owner. Safety precautions Before using your new recorder, read this manual carefully to ensure that you know how to operate it safely and correctly. Keep this manual in an easily accessible location for future reference. • The warning symbols indicate important safety related information. To protect yourself and others from personal injury or damage to property, it is essential that you always read the warnings and information provided. Batteries f Danger: • Batteries should never be exposed to flame, heated, short-circuited or disassembled. • Never store batteries where they will be exposed to direct sunlight, or subjected to high temperatures in a hot vehicle, near a heat source, etc. f Warning: • Do not solder lead wires or terminals directly onto a battery or modify it. • Do not connect the = and - terminals together. This may cause fire, overheating or electric shock. • When carrying or storing the batteries, be sure to put it in the provided case to protect its terminals. Do not carry or store the batteries with any metal objects (such as key rings). If this warning is not followed, fire, overheating or electric shock may occur. • Do not connect the batteries directly to a power outlet or a cigarette lighter of an automobile. • Do not insert the batteries with their = and - terminals reversed. • If any liquid from a battery gets into your eyes, promptly wash it off with clean water and consult your doctor at once. • Do not attempt to recharge alkaline, lithium or any other non- rechargeable batteries. • Never use any batteries with a torn or cracked outer cover. • Keep batteries out of the reach of children. • If you notice anything unusual when using this product such as abnormal noise, heat, smoke, or a burning odor: 1 remove the batteries immediately while being careful not to burn yourself, and; 2 call your dealer or local Olympus representative for service. • Do not expose the batteries to water. Do not allow water to contact the terminals. • Do not remove or damage the batteries insulating sheet. Introduction EN General precautions • Do not leave the recorder in hot, humid locations such as inside a closed automobile under direct sunlight or on the beach in the summer. • Do not store the recorder in places exposed to excessive moisture or dust. • Do not use organic solvents such as alcohol and lacquer thinner to clean the unit. • Do not place the recorder on top of or near electric appliances such as TVs or refrigerators. • Avoid recording or playing back near cellular phones or other wireless equipment, as they may cause interference and noise. If you experience noise, move to another place, or move the recorder further away from such equipment. • Avoid sand or dirt. These can cause irreparable damage. • Avoid strong vibrations or shocks. • Do not disassemble, repair or modify the unit yourself. • Do not operate the unit while operating a vehicle (such as a bicycle, motorcycle, or go-cart). • Keep the unit out of the reach of children. Warning regarding data loss: Recorded content in memory may be destroyed or erased by operating mistakes, unit malfunction, or during repair work. It is recommended to back up and save important content to other media such as a computer hard disk. Any liability for passive damages or damage of any kind occurred due to data loss incurred by a defect of the product, repair performed by the third party other than Olympus or an Olympus authorized service station, or any other reasons is excluded from the Olympus’s liability.
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7 EN • Do not use the batteries if you find something wrong with them such as leakage, color change or deformity. • Unplug the charger if the charging is still incomplete after the specified time it should take. • Should any batteries liquid get on skin or clothing, promptly wash it off with clean water. • Keep batteries away from fire. f Caution: • Do not subject batteries to strong shocks. • When using rechargeable batteries that have not been used for a while, be sure to recharge them before use. • Rechargeable batteries have limited lifetime. When the operating time becomes shorter even if the rechargeable battery is fully charged under the specified condition, replace it with a new one. Getting started Identification of parts 1 EAR (Earphone) jack 2 MIC (Microphone) jack 3 Built-in microphone 4 Recording indicator light 5 Built-in speaker 6 + button 7 REC (s) (Record) button 8 9 button 9 FOLDER/INDEX/SCENE button 0 – button ! ERASE button @ `OK/MENU button # 0 button $ STOP (4) button % Display (LCD panel) ^ POWER/HOLD switch & USB connector * Battery cover ( Strap hole Display (LCD panel) A: When the [Font Size] is set to [Large] B: When the [Font Size] is set to [Small] 1 Current file number/ Total number of recorded files in the folder 2 Folder indicator 3 Recorder status indicator 4 During recording mode: Elapsed recording time During playback mode: Elapsed playback time 5 [?] Microphone Sensitivity indicator [!] VCVA indicator [0] Low Cut Filter indicator 6 File lock indicator 7 Battery indicator 8 Recording mode indicator 9 During recording mode: Remaining recording time During playback or stop mode: File length 0 Playback mode indicator ! File name* @ During recording mode: Remaining memory bar indicator* During playback or stop mode: Playback position bar indicator* # Recording date and time* * This item will be displayed when the [Font Size] is set to [Small] only. Inserting batteries (Fig. 1) 1 Lightly press down on the arrow and slide the battery cover open. 2 Insert size-AAA alkaline battery, observing the correct = and - polarities. 3 Close the battery cover completely by pressing to the direction A, then sliding to the direction B. Turning on/off the power (Fig. 2) Turning on the power: While the recorder is turned off, slide the POWER/HOLD switch in the direction indicated by the arrow. Turning off the power: Slide the POWER/HOLD switch in the direction indicated by the arrow for 1 second or longer. Power save mode: If the recorder is stopped/not used for over 5 minutes after it is turned on, it goes into standby (power-save) mode, and the display shuts off. To exit standby mode and turn on the display, press any button. Setting time and date [Time & Date] (Fig. 3) When you install batteries for the first time or each time you replace the batteries, the “Hour” indication will flash. 1 Press the 9 or 0 button to select the item to set. 2 Press the + or − button to set. • Follow the same steps by pressing the 9 or 0 button to select the next item, and press the + or − button to set. • You can select between 12 and 24 hours display by pressing the FOLDER/INDEX/SCENE button while setting the hour and minute. • You can select the order of the “month”, “day” and “year” by pressing the FOLDER/INDEX/ SCENE button while setting them. 3 Press the `OK /MENU button to complete the setting. • The clock will start from the set date and time. Press the `OK/MENU button according to the time signal. Notes on the Folders The recorder provides five folders, [F], [G], [H], [I] and [W]. To change the folder selection, press the FOLDER/INDEX/SCENE button while the recorder is stopped. Each folder can store up to 200 files.
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8 EN Recording (Fig. 4) 1 Press the FOLDER/INDEX/SCENE button to select the desired folder. 2 Press the REC (s) button to start recording. • Turn the microphone in the direction of the source to be recorded. • Newly recorded audio will be saved as the last file in the selected folder. a Folder indicator b Recording mode c Elapsed recording time d Remaining recording time 3 Press the STOP (4) button to stop recording. e File length Playback (Fig. 5) 1 Press the FOLDER/INDEX/SCENE button to select the desired folder. 2 Press the 9 or 0 button to select the file to playback. 3 Press the `OK/MENU button to start playback. a Folder indicator b Elapsed playback time c File length 4 Press the + or − button to adjust to a comfortable listening volume. • The volume can be adjusted within a range from [00] to [30]. 5 Press the STOP (4) button at any point you want to stop the playback. • This will stop the file being played back midway. Erasing (Fig. 6) 1 Select the folder or file you want to erase. 2 While the recorder is during stop mode, press the ERASE button. 3 Press the + or − button to select [Erase in Folder] or [File Erase]. 4 Press the `OK/MENU button. 5 Press the + button to select [Start]. 6 Press the `OK/MENU button. • The display changes to [Erase!] and erasing will start. • [Erase Done] is displayed when the file is erased. File numbers will be reassigned automatically. Notes: • The locked files and files set as read-only cannot be erased. • If an action is not selected within 8 seconds, the recorder will return to stop status. • It may take over 10 seconds to complete processing. Never remove batteries during this time because data may be corrupted. In addition, replace the batteries with new ones in order to ensure that the batteries will not run out while processing. • You cannot delete folders through the recorder. Using the recorder on your PC Operating environment Windows: Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7 (Standard Installation) Compatible PC’s: Windows PC’s equipped with more than one free USB port Macintosh: Operating system: Mac OS X 10.4.11 -10.6 (Standard Installation) Compatible PC’s: Apple Macintosh series equipped with more than one free USB port Connecting to your PC (Fig. 7) 1 Turn the recorder’s power ON. 2 Connect the USB connection cable to the USB port of the PC. 3 Make sure that the recorder is stopped, and then connect the USB cable to the connecting port on this recorder. Windows: When you open [My Computer], it will be recognized by the drive name of the product name. Macintosh: When connected, the recorder will be recognized by the drive name of the product name on the desktop. • [Remote] is appeared on recorder if the USB cable is connected. Disconnecting from your PC Windows: 1 Click [ ] on the task bar located at the lower-right corner of the screen. Click [Safely remove USB Mass Storage Device]. 2 When the safe to remove hardware window appears, click [OK]. 3 Disconnect the recorder from the PC. Macintosh: 1 Move the drive icon for this recorder that is appear on the desktop to the garbage bin by Drag & Drop it. 2 Disconnect the recorder from the PC. Notes: • Even if operational environment is satisfied, we do not support such as upgraded OS, the multi-boot environment and self-modified PC’s. • Do not use USB extension cables other than the supplied cable. Using cables from other manufacturers could result in damage to the recorder. Do not use the supplied USB extension cable with devices from other manufacturers. • Be sure to push the cable connector all the way in. Otherwise, the recorder may not operate properly. • NEVER disconnect the USB while the recording indicator light is flashing. If you do, the data will be destroyed.
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9 EN Specifications General points Recording medium: Built-in memory (1 GB) Recording format: WMA (Windows Media Audio) Input level: - 70 dBv Maximum working output: 250 mW (8 Ω speaker) Maximum headphone output: ≤ _ 150 mV (according to EN 50332-2) Wide band characteristic headphone output: 75 mV ≤ _ (according to EN 50332-2) Speaker: Built-in ø 28 mm round dynamic speaker MIC jack: ø 3.5 mm mini-jack, impedance 2 kΩ EAR jack: ø 3.5 mm mini-jack, impedance 8 Ω or more Input power requirement: AAA battery (LR03) or OlympusNi-MHrechargeablebattery External dimensions: 108 mm × 39 mm × 16.8 mm (without protrusions) Weight: 66 g (including battery) Operating temperature: 0°C - 42°C Overall frequency response During recording or playback mode: [HQ]: 70 Hz to 13 kHz [SP]: 70 Hz to 8 kHz [LP]: 70 Hz to 3 kHz Built-in microphone (During recording mode): 40 Hz to 14 kHz • However, the upper limit value of the frequency response depends on each recording mode (see above diagram). About music file In cases where the recorder is unable to playback music files that have been transferred to it, check to make sure that the sampling rate and bit rate are intherangewhereplaybackispossible. Combinationsofsamplingratesandbit rates for music files which the recorder can playback are given below. Sampling frequency: 8 kHz, 11 kHz, 16 kHz, 22 kHz, 32 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz Bit rate: From 5 kbps up to 320 kbps. Notes: • This recorder is compatible with Microsoft Corporation DRM9, but not with DRM10. • Even if the file is a compatible format to playback on the recorder, the recorder does not support every encoder. Guide to recording times [HQ]: approx. 67 h. [SP]: approx. 131 h. [LP]: approx. 421 h. [DNS] (Rec Scene): approx. 16 h. 30 min. Notes: • The above values are strictly rough guides. • Caution is required, since the differences in the available recording time will increase when the bit rate is low. • Available recording time may be shorter if many short recordings are made (The displayed available recording time and recorded time are approximate indications). Maximum recording time per file [HQ]: approx. 26 h. 40 min. [SP]: approx. 53 h. 40 min. [LP]: approx. 148 h. 40 min. [DNS] (Rec Scene): approx. 26 h. 40 min. Note: • Regardless of the memory remaining amount, the longest sound recording time per file is restricted to the above value. Guide to battery life Alkaline battery: Built-in microphone (During recording mode) [HQ]: approx. 46 h. [LP]: approx. 51 h. Built-in speakers (During playback mode) [HQ]: approx. 18 h. [LP]: approx. 20 h. Earphone Playback [HQ]: approx. 40 h. [LP]: approx. 44 h. Ni-MH Rechargeable battery: Built-in microphone (During recording mode) [HQ]: approx. 33 h. [LP]: approx. 40 h. Built-in speakers (During playback mode) [HQ]: approx. 15 h. [LP]: approx. 16 h. Earphone Playback [HQ]: approx. 32 h. [LP]: approx. 34 h. Notes: • The above values are strictly rough guides. • Battery life is measured by Olympus. It varies greatly according to the type of battery used and the conditions of use. Specifications and design are subject to change without notice.
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10 EN Accessories (Optional) • Compact Zoom microphone (unidirectional): ME32 • Highly sensitive noise-cancellation monaural microphone (unidirectional): ME52W • Tie clip microphone (omni- directional): ME15 • Telephone pickup: TP7 • Ni-MH rechargeable battery and charger set: BC400 (For Europe) • Ni-MH rechargeable battery: BR401 • Connecting cord: KA333 “CE” mark indicates that this product complies with the European requirements for safety, health,environment and customer protection. This symbol [crossed- out wheeled bin WEEE Annex IV] indicates separate collection of waste electrical and electronic equipment in the EU countries. Please do not throw the equipment into the domestic refuse. Please use the return and collection systems available in your country for the disposal of this product. Applicable Product: VN-850PC This symbol [crossed- out wheeled bin Directive 2006/66/EC Annex II] indicates separate collection of waste batteries in the EU countries. Please do not throw the batteries into the domestic refuse. Please use the return and collection systems available in your country for the disposal of the waste batteries.
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