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BLH-1 (3D INSTRUCTIONS Thank you for purchasing the OLYMPUS LI-Ion Battery. To ensure your safety, please read this Instruction manual before use, and keep it handy for future reference. When carrying orstoring the battery, make sure It Is placed in the protective case and the EB,e.© and <Dterminals are not short-circuited. Place the charged battery in the protective case In such a manner that you can see 4 on the battery, which allows you to determine whether the battery Is 'fully charged or not. SAFETY PRECAUTIONS ■ The BLH-1 Li-ion battery is designed only for use with those cameras for which BLH-1. Be sure to recharge the battery with the dedicated BCH-1 battery charger. ■ Be sure to recharge the battery with the Olympus battery charger BCH-1. ■ Do not short-circuit the battery terminals with a metallic object. ■ Never throw the battery into a fire or put it near a fire. ■ Do not use, charge or store the battery where itmaybeexposed to high temperatures. For example, do not leave it on the dashboard ofa car under direct sunlight or place it near heating equipment. ■ Never solder the battery or attempt to repair, deform, modify or disassemble it. ■ To avoid fire, overheating, explosion or leakage, do not subject the battery to excessive shock, throw it, or otherwise damage it. ■ Never expose the battery to water or moisture including rain, seawater and animal urine. Do not charge or use a wet battery. ■ If charging does not complete in the specified charge time, stop charging to prevent fire, overheating or explosion. ■ Keep the battery out of reach of children. Should a child swallow a battery, see a doctor immediately. OPERATING PRECAUTIONS ■ Please read "Battery and charger• of the camera's instructions. ■ When keeping an extended period, keep this battery at a cool place. Recycling the battery ■ Please recycle OLYMPUS batteries to help save our planet's resources. When you throw away dead batteries, be sure to cover their EB. e. © and CD terminals and always observe local laws and regulations. ■ This symbol [crossed-out wheeled bin Directive 2006/66/EC Annex II]indicatesseparatecollection of waste batteries in the EU countries. Please do not throw the batteries into the domestic refuse. Please use the return and collection systems available in your country for the disposal of the waste batteries. Model Number BLH-1 Lithium Ion battery BCH-1 charger Charging/ Approx. 500 cycles. (Variable depending discharging count on the operating conditions.) Ambient o•c to 40°C (32°F to 104°F) for recharging. temperatures Dimensions Approx. 45 (W) x 20 (H) x 53 (D) mm (1.8 X 0.8 X 2.1 in) Weight Approx. 74 g (2.6 oz) • Design and specifications subject to change without notice. ~---- OLYMPUS AMERICA NC.--------. 3500Corporate Pal1<way, P.O. Box 610, Centsrv..try, PA18034-0610, U.SA Tel.-5000 Technlcel Support (U.S.A. / Canada) 24ff onllne automated help: http1lwww.olympusamerica.oom/support Phone customer support: Tel. 1.aoo-260-1625 (Toi-free) Our phone cuslomer1<1pport is available from 9 am to 9 pm (Monday to Friday) ET httpJ/olympusamenca.oom/contactus Olympus software updates can beobtained at: httpJ/www.olympusamertca.oom/dlgltal 118Ut\N'1,l■n4■11u•1••·l,luai\aaau OLYMPUS ,~111\f a1111111i1•'1·u11Jaallllu11Nt\N 'hh•1'"1ul9Ga,i1illlu::flri11u1,1,11u uaa:utuln1n\1'lu~110u,hull1111fuih,11•1uau1•• illawnm11•11••11'lullu•1•ri 111111•au11illll111i11111lu•1•111''\1'lu ,111.DHIIU lladh EB,e,(I) ua:: CD'bll•'1,J'II-S 1111lu11111a1'~t11-f11u1h\1'lu,111•DHllu 1uln1tn1::~f1N•1111-sn ,11u 4 uuuu11111111' 41,111::tl1'llit1nlffl'lU'\tl(i,"ua,..1't11of111,Uu1h 11•11ll,1 ■ 1111•u1il1111!1t11J'tilililU BLH-1 ililflll1J1J1J11~illiiit11n&il-,fltiiit11 BLH-1 1\'i,,fu U)'llllil1Jt~11uh'i1,111•f'IL11J•1•il1ftlllA1il"111of'llllJ•L•il1 BCH-1 flt11"11u• ■ lll~1'1ilil1Jhi11uh11 '\61111'S'lll1Jllllllil1 it1111,iu111'S'1111Jlllllllil1 BCH-1 11il" Olympus ■ '1111if•1-,,inT1111111111il11iht1t1111'la'llt ■ '1111~"1111•1•il1a-,tulYl'll,il11-,'\'ltniiiit11'\YI ■ ~111l!l 111-f'I 'II'il,t•1ft111111•1•il1tuii ilHif1Jll'ilrt1Ji\111'111}11 i!" lif1ilth-,11lu ilU11liiiltl~"''l1JUIIU"'IIU1!l•11il"rnt1u519lgn1111-,il1~•d l'lil"'l•t1•1" 'll,,11,-,'\'ltniiiit11i\1.lflml\'l11111111tilu ■ iltJ1C!lil111111•n•il1 '11,ilWt11t11111lil1Jll'!llJ 11.IAuu11.I lif•, '11,ilail• 1.lnt1il1Jll1J•1•il1 ■ 1~ililil-,itun1nn.n,nu1t"1111 n111nAA1111iiluij"1nuii.1 1n•n11n1ll• 'll'ilSl11il"l'IIR1f1l'llfl 1tll'•1rl-,ilu1tli'SIfl11fl1t11Vlfl 'll,il'lt1u1111•1•il1 ~-,il1'1vl1tli°1111•111i11Ln•A111Jlftt1'111t1l&i' ■ iltJ1til1111A1•il11111T11,ht-1,ilA1111ilu 111111-, llu ,hvit1a 11c1t!l111111t 11il-,lfl1 ilU11flf'l'll,illii1111A1t;iil,91111un ■ 'll1ntl'-,,nof'l1111•1•il1'tll1l11tu111-,11a1'!11f,iflfi1t-1u• ll1'llq•n11111of,i 11lilflil-,,tu'\Yll'llil A111Jtilu1nu 'll,iln1rn:1ll• · ■ 1/1111111a1t;iil?l'1wu,i1nflil1tlln "111millnnAu1111t;11•il11ii1'\il tl1'tilw11L1wvid 'l•utlu91 ■ 'lil1•i11u.·1111•1•il1~RtlA;il-,111-f'I"1lil,lA1tfout'llil"fl&il"ti1t1pl ii '11il1/111fm,rnllu11a1u1u tll1/111111Jt;ilfli1'1itufl1llu ■ 'lm•'ll11111•1•il1 OLYMPUS ni11111tiit'111l11iil1l1ufm,t1 viflotu,nnlil"'lan 1flilii\il"~"1111•1•il1911Au tl111ul'l'i1 '"'"''il11fl•'IT1 EB,e,® 11a= <D11il"""•'t;,11a1 LIRt li!iJ{lil'~•11JfllJMll1tlURtiiiltf1'11U•'IJil-,t'lil-,I\ULil1Jil ■ Ifl\lifnitaci! [n1n111vi11utf-,'llt1tSI ail n11l u11Fi1i-, 2006/66/EC mAuu1n II] 1111•-,i1t,faum/1111111111t;iil1 11uttuilmvi11111"11mwq'lru 'lil1•iltJ1i-,1111•1•il11.luit11 11ut11aIIilui1'ti.I 'li.11•hl1t11111'1-,lilu11at1ft11n11n1J iltil'\ii\tuilmvilll11il"flllll~ilfi14't;i~""u•1•ilbt1t MM1UIA11°1U BLH-1 1t111Htf1{'111lUlllall1' BCH-1 lhluailaHu •hu1un1-st11-f11/ n1-s1111uu-s::, 11U111 1.lmi1111 500 1illl (11•nfi1-,,tu'tilifuilrJft11 11mwn11til-,1u) !ln11111145 (n'l,-,) x 20 (I") x 53 (An) 1111. 1.ln111111 74 nflJ * n11ililn11111111atilili.ia:111w1ti11'111.IAuu111.Ia-,lii\'l•u'Wii\ii"11:'i-,tilvinlJ 111-,'11111 ---OLYMPUS {Thailand) co., LTD.---. lJW''VI 'tilihdla (t.11::L'Vllllt'VltJ) -:t1tr51 23/112 il1F111anlri tlu 27 'lliltJ'11!1J")V1 63 (Lilmlri) nuui,!j)J")'VI U111,JFlflil,J5"UL~1lil l11A1'aiu, n'l,JL'Vl'W)J~1UFl1 10110 tJ1::L'Vllllt'VltJ 't'Vl1~'Wvi: (66) 2-787-8200 :IL1JA:

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