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2 DSS Player ProTranscription Module Features - Plays DSS, DSS Pro, WMA, MP3 and WAV/AIFF audio formats in the background when another application is running, such as a word processor. - Enables foot switch control of the playback process. - Transcription can be done by combining the playback sound with the adjustable playback speed, tone control, and noise cancellation. However, it is not possible to playback while setting the playback speed and noise cancellation simultaneously with the Macintosh version. - Receives dictation files and sends created document files by e-mail or FTP.* - Expand FTP support to include Passive mode and SSL.* - Sorts received dictation files by sender, and automatically sends created document files.* - Manages created document files in association with dictation files.* - Voice recognition of dictation files is possible with the Dragon Naturally Speaking 8.0 and later.* - Supports Citrix and Terminal Service.* - Search filter to the List View pane columns.* - Audio capture function for the line-in recording.* - Automatic software update through Internet.* - Background dictation notification support.* - 2 modes/views of operation for Transcribe bar.* - Transcribing time left indicator instead of time commenced.* * Windows only ● OLYMPUS IMAGING CORP. holds the copyrights for DSS Player Pro Transcription Module software and the instructions (this manual). ● Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. ● Apple, Macintosh, iMac, eMac, Mac, and PowerMac are trademarks or registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. ● Intel and Pentium are registered trademarks of Intel Corporation. ● Dragon NaturallySpeaking is registered trademark of Nuance Communications, Inc. ● Other product and brand names mentioned herein may be the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.
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3 Table of Contents Getting Ready Introduction Let’s Get Started User Support Minimum Requirement ......................... 4 Installing DSS Player Software ............ 5 Uninstalling DSS Player Software ........ 6 Using Online Help................................. 7 Running DSS Player Software ............. 8 Connecting the RS27/RS28 Foot Switch ....10 Connecting the E62 Headset ............. 11 Window Names................................... 12 Technical Assistance and Support ..... 13
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4 Minimum Requirement Minimum Requirement Macintosh Windows Operating System: CPU: RAM: Hard drive space: Display: USB port: Mac OS 10.3.9 - 10.5 PowerPC G3 500MHz or more Intel Core Solo/Duo 1.5GHz or more 256MB or more (512MB or more is recommended) 200MB or more 1024 x 768 pixels or more, 32,000 colors more One or more free ports Operating System: CPU: RAM: Hard drive space: Drive: Display: USB port: Audio I/O terminals: Windows 2000 Professional Service Pack4; Windows XP Professional/XP Home edition Service Pack2; Windows XP 64-bit; Windows Vista Ultimate/Enterprise/Business/Home Premium/Home Basic; Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit edition/Enterprise 64-bit edition/Business 64- bit edition/Home Premium 64-bit edition/Home Basic 64-bit edition; Windows Server 2003; Windows Server 2003 x64 edition Windows 2000/XP: 500MHz processor or more Windows Vista: 800MHz processor or more Windows Server 2003: 550MHz processor or more Windows 2000/XP: 128MB or more Windows Vista: 512MB or more Windows Server 2003: 256MB or more Dictation Module: 70MB or more; Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0: 150MB CD or DVD drive 800 x 600 pixels or more, 65536 colors more One or more free ports Windows-compatible sound device Note • Macintosh version does not support voice recognition software.
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5 Installing DSS Player Software Installing DSS Player Software Be sure to confirm the following before installation: • Exit all running applications. • Eject the floppy disk if you are using one. • If you are running Windows 2000/XP/Vista or Mac OS X on the network, you need to log on as an Administrator. For the Windows version, there is an installation method for individuals and one for administrators to install on multiple client PCs. An explanation of the installation method for individuals installing the software on a single PC will be provided here. 1 Insert Olympus DSS Player CD into the CD-ROM drive. The installation program will start automatically. If the installation program does not start automatically, browse your CD-ROM drive and execute “launcher.exe”. 2 The launcher will startup. Select the language you would like to install from the upper-left pull-down menu and click [DSS Player Pro Installation]. 3 The Install Wizard will begin. Once you have consented to the licensing agreement, enter your name, company name, and license ID number (serial number). The license ID number is printed on the license ID card included inside the Transcription Kits package. 4 Proceed with the installation according to the instructions on the screen. Macintosh 1 Insert Olympus DSS Player CD into the CD-ROM drive. 2 Double-click the CD icon. 3 Double-click the setup icon. The Install Wizard will begin. Once you have consented to the licensing agreement, follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation. 4 Proceed with the installation according to the instructions on the screen. 5 You will be requested to restart, so conduct a restart by following the instructions. Windows
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6 Uninstalling DSS Player Software Uninstalling DSS Player Software Windows 1 Exit DSS Player program. 2 Click the [start] button on the taskbar. 3 Select [Add/Remove programs] from the [Control Panel]. A list of installed applications is displayed. 4 Select [Olympus DSS Player Pro], then click the [Change/Remove] button. 5 Proceed with the uninstallation according to the instructions on the screen. Macintosh 1 Exit DSS Player program. 2 Double click “DSS Uninstaller” in [Application] = [DSS Player] folder. An uninstaller is displayed. 3 Proceed with the uninstallation according to the instructions on the screen. Note • The dictation files you made are stored in the [MESSAGE] folder. If you don’t need them, delete them. You can confirm the location of the [MESSAGE] folder by clicking on [Options] in the [Tools] menu before uninstalling.
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7 Using Online Help Using Online Help For information on the DSS Player usage and features, refer to the online Help. To start online Help: Windows 1 Click the [start] button, then select [All Programs], [Olympus DSS Player], [Dictation Help]. 2 WhileDSSPlayerisrunning,selectthe[Help] menu, [Contents]. 3 While DSS Player is running, press F1 on the keyboard. Macintosh While DSS Player is running, select [DSS Player Help] from the [Help] menu. Note • Online Help is available after the DSS Player is installed (☞ P.5).
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8 Running DSS Player Software Running DSS Player Software By default, connecting the recorder to your PC, will start the application automatically. Connecting to your PC Using the Cradle. Windows Disabling Automatic Start 1 Right-click the Device Detector in the System Tray in the lower right-hand corner of the screen, then select [Settings startup application]. 2 Click [DSS Player Pro]. The check mark on [DSS Player Pro] disappears. Manual Start 1 Start Windows. 2 Click the [start] button, then select [All Programs]. All program menu will be displayed. 3 Select [Olympus DSS Player Pro], then click [Transcription Module]. Note • If you install DSS Player Pro, Device Detector that makes DSS Player run automatically when connecting Olympus Digital Voice Recorder will be installed.Device Detector will always be displayed as icon in the task tray. 2 3
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9 Running DSS Player Software 2 Macintosh Disabling Automatic Start 1 Click the Dock’s System Preferences. 2 Click Device Detector. 3 Turn the automatic startup setting Off. Manual Start 1 Start your Macintosh. 2 Double click the DSS Player icon for the folder in [Application] = [DSS Player]. All program menu will be displayed. 3 Register user information The user’s registration screen will be displayed at the time of initial startup. Please input the serial number. Please see the seal attached to the CD- ROM package included with the DSS Player, for the serial number. After the input has ended, click [OK] to complete the registration. Running DSS Player Software 3
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10 Connecting the RS27/RS28 Foot Switch Connecting the RS27/RS28 Foot Switch Connecting to a Serial Port 1Connect the foot switch cable to the serial adapter cable. 2Connect the serial adapter cable to the PC’s serial port. 1 2 1 2 USB adapter Serial adapter Connecting to a USB Port 1Connect the foot switch cable to the USB adapter cable. 2Connect the USB adapter cable to the PC’s USB port. Note • The RS27/RS28 foot switch works only with the DSS Player. Windows Macintosh Windows
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11 Connecting the E62 Headset Connecting the E62 Headset The E62 is a stereo headset. When playing stereo sound, wear the set properly, observing the L and R markings. Plug the headset into the PC’s earphone terminal . Note • If your PC does not have a terminal marked with , plug the headset into a terminal marked with or .
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12 Window Names Window Names * Main screen is displayed when DSS Player is started. Windows Macintosh 1 Playback Control Bar Control buttons to play and stop dictation files. 2 Transcription Tree View Displays the directory structure of the folders in which dictation files and document files are stored. 3 Dictation Tree View Displays the directory structure of the folders in which dictation files are stored. 4 Device Tree View Displays the directory structure of the folders in the recorder. 5 Contents List View Displays the dictation and document files in the folder selected in 2 and 4. 6 Dictation List View Displays the dictation files in the folder selected in 3 and 4. 7 Information View 2 Displays the document list view in “My Document” folder, selected document preview and the transferred mail contents of voice file. 8 Property View Displays the folder and file properties which are selected 2 and 5.
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13 Technical Assistance and Support AS-5000 is part of the Olympus Professional Dictation System. Your dealer is trained to troubleshoot and fix many common problems that you may be having with this system. If you encounter problems using your AS-5000, we recommend that you contact your Olympus Professional Dealer that sold you the system. If your dealer cannot fix your problem, please call our technical hotline number or send an E-mail. ◆ For customers in the U.S. and Canada Phone: 1-888-553-4448 E-mail: distec@olympus.com ◆ For customers in Europe E-mail : dss.support@olympus-europa.com Technical Assistance and Support
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Das „CE“ Zeichen bestätigt die übereinstimmung mit den Europäischen Bestimmungen für Betriebssicherheit und Umweltschutz. Declaration of Conformity Model Number: RS27/RS28 Trade Name: PC TRANSCRIPTION KIT Responsible Party: OLYMPUS IMAGING AMERICA INC. Address: 3500CorporateParkway,P.O.Box610,CenterValley,PA18034-0610,U.S.A. Telephone Number: 1-888-553-4448 This device Complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. Tested To Comply With FCC Standards FOR HOME OR OFFICE USE Canadian RFI This digital apparatus does not exceed the Class B limits for radio noise emissions from digital apparatus as set out in the Radio Interference Regulations of the Canadian Department of Communications. Cet appareil numérique ne dépasse pas les limites de Catégorie B pour les émissions de bruit radio émanant d’appareils numériques, tel que prévu dans les Règlements sur l’Interférence Radio du Département Canadien des Communications. For customers in North and South America “CE” mark indicates that this product complies with the European requirements for safety, health, environment and customer protection. For customers in Europe L’indication “CE” signifie que ce produit est conforme aux exigences concernant la sécurité, la santé, l’environnement et la protection du consommateur. La marca “CE” indica que este producto cumple con los requisitos europeos en materia de seguridad, salud, medio ambiente y protección al consumidor. Il marchio “CE” indica che questo prodotto è conforme alle norme della comunità europea per quanto riguarda la sicurezza, la salute, l’ambiente e la protezione del consumatore. Знак“CE” обозначает, что этот пpодукт соответствует евpопейским тpебованиям по безопасности, охpане здоpовья, экологической безопасности и безопасности пользователя.

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