VL500 35 BSF

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VL500 35 BSF

User manual for the Nilfisk VL500 35 BSF in English. This PDF manual has 14 pages.

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VL500 - Instructions for use 107405529 D (03. 2016)
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03 Handle adjusting Switch on Before operation. Wet pick-up Before operation. Dry pick-up Hose handling Emptying VL500 - 35 Emptying by drainhose VL500 - 55/75
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04 Dust bag replacement Float Cartridge filter 1 1 2 2 Sack filter/wet filter Emptying by spout VL500 - 55/75
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Original instruction 06 1.2 Instructions for use 1.3 Purpose and intended use Besides the operating instructions and the binding accident prevention regulations valid in the country of use, observe recognised regulations for safety and proper use. This vacuum cleaner is to be used for commercial or for household use. Accidents due to misuse can only be prevented by those using the machine. READ AND FOLLOW ALL SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS. This machine is suitable for picking up dry, non-flammable dust and liquids. Any other use is considered as improper use. The manufacturer ac- cepts no liability for any damage resulting from such use. The risk for such use is borne solely by the user. Proper use also includes proper operation, servicing and repairs as specified by the manufacturer. WARNING Danger that can lead to serious injuries or even death. DANGER Danger that leads directly to serious or irreversible injuries, or even death. WARNING • To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury, please read and follow all safety instructions and caution mar- kings before use. This vacuum cleaner is designed to be safe when used for cleaning functions as specified. Should damage occur to electrical or mechanical parts, the cleaner and / or accessory should be repaired by a competent service station or the manufacturer before use in order to avoid further damage to the machine or physi- cal injury to the user. • This machine is for indoor use only. • Do not leave the machine when it is plugged in. Unplug from the socket when not in use and before maintenance. • Do not use with damaged cord or plug. To unplug grasp the plug, not the cord. Do not handle plug or cleaner with wet hands. Turn off all controls before unplugging. • Do not pull or carry by cord, use cord as a handle, close a door on cord, or pull cord around sharp edges or corners. Do not run cleaner over cord. Keep cord away from heated surfaces. CAUTION Danger that can lead to minor injuries and damage. 1.1 Symbols used to mark instructions 1.4 Important warnings 1 Important safety instructions Before starting up your vacuum cleaner for the first time, this instruction manual must be read through carefully. Save the instructions for later use.
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Original instruction 07 WARNING • Keep hair, loose clothing, fingers and all parts of the body away from openings and moving parts. Do not put any objects into openings or use with opening blocked. Keep openings free of dust, lint, hair, and anything else that could reduce the flow of air. • This machine is not suitable for picking up hazardous dust. • Do not use to pick up flammable or combustible liquids such as gasoline, or use in areas where they may be pre sent. • Do not pick up anything that is burning or smoking, such as cigarettes, matches or hot ashes. • This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concern- ing use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved. • Children shall be supervised to make sure that they do not play with the appliance. • Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by chil- dren without supervision. • Use extra care when cleaning on stairs. • Do not use unless filters are fitted. • If the cleaner is not working properly or has been dropped, damaged, left outdoors, or dropped into water, return it to a service center or dealer. • If foam or liquid escapes from the machine, switch off im- mediately. In a double-insulated appliance, two systems of insulation are provided instead of grounding. No grounding means is provided on a double- insulated appliance, nor should a mean for grounding be added to the appliance. Servicing a double-insulated appliance requires extreme care and knowledge of the system, and should be done only by quali- fied service personnel. Replacement parts for a double-insulated ap- pliance must be identical to the parts they replace. A double insulated appliance is marked with the words “DOUBLE INSULATION” or “DOUBLE INSULATED.” The symbol (square within a square) may also be used on the product. The machine is equipped with a specially designed cord which if dam- aged, must be replaced by a cord of the same type. This is available at authorised service centres and dealers and must be installed by trained personnel. CAUTION • Use only as described in this manual and only with the manufacturer’s recommended attachments. • BEFORE YOU PLUG IN YOUR CLEANER, check the rating plate at the cleaner to see if the rated voltage agrees within 10% of the voltage available. • This appliance is provided with double insulation. Use only identical replacement parts. See instructions for ser- vicing double insulated appliances. 1.5 Double-insulated appliances
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Original instruction 08 2.5 Emptying after wet pick-up Before emptying the container, unplug the vacuum cleaner. Always empty and clean the container and the float system after picking-up liquids. Never pick up liquid without the float system and filter(s) installed in the machine. CAUTION • Dry cleaner shall always have the sack filter mounted in the machine. Wet cleaner shall always have the Cartridge Filter, Wet Filter and the Float System mounted in the ma- chine during both WET AND DRY operations. Please also notice that the fill factor at the container may vary using a sack filter during wet pick-up operations. • Clean the water level limiting device regularly and examine it for signs of damage. • This machine shall be stored indoors only. 2.1 Starting and operating of the machine Check that the electrical switch is switched off (in position 0). Check that suitable filters are installed in the machine.Then connect the suc- tion hose into the suction inlet at the machine by pushing the hose for- ward until it fits firmly in place at the inlet. Then connect the two tubes with the hose handle, twist the tubes in order to ensure that they are properly fitted. Attach suitable nozzle to the tube. Choose nozzle de- pending on what type of material that is to be picked-up. Connect the plug into a proper electrical outlet. Put the electrical switch into position 1 in order to start the motor. Some variants have two motors/fan units and two electrical switches - one switch for each motor. 2.2 Adjusting the handle: VL500 - 55, VL500 - 75, EDF The handle can be adjusted to the suitable working height. Start by loosening the two locking brackets at each side of the handle. Then adjust the handle by moving it upwards or downwards until the proper angle is found. Tighten both locking brackets again to secure the han- dle. CAUTION The machine is equipped with a float system that shuts off the airflow through the machine when the maximum liquid level is reached. Never pick up liquid without the float body in place. To control: Loosen the latch at the front of the motor top . Then open the motor top. Check that the float basket and float valve are mounted at the filter plate. Remounting: Put back the motor top to the container. Then tighten the latch so that the motor top is properly secured. Always use a chemical defoamer when picking up water con- taining foaming detergents. Use a defoamer recommended by the detergent manufacturer. During wet suction of foam: On two-motor-machines always run the machine with only one motor on, in order to avoid ex- treme foaming and ensure the fill factor of the container. 2.3 Before wet pick-up 2.4 Wet pick up The machine is equipped with a float body that shuts of the airflow through the machine when the maximum liquid level is reached. You will then hear a noticeable change of the sound from the motor and notice that the suction power decreases. When this occurs, switch the machine off. Disconnect the machine from the socket. 2 Control / Operation
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Original instruction 09 Drain hose: VL500 have a draining hose. Detach the drain hose from the bracket by pulling hose downwards from the cleaner. Place the drain hose end near a floor drain and then remove the plug at hose end. The natural pressure will then drain the liquids from the container. Emptying from the container spout: Take off the rubber cap at the back of the container. The drain hose must be attached during emptying from the container. Grasp with one hand at the handle at the lower part of the container and release the lock. To avoid movement of the trol- ley - place one foot at the basepart of the trolley. Then tilt the container backwards and pour the liquids into a floor drain or similar. Open up the motor top and wipe the float valve and the float basket with a damp cloth. Close the motor top to the container. Secure front latch. 2.6 Emptying: VL500 35 l Release the front latch by pulling the lower parts outwards so that the motor top is released. Open the motor top and lift off. Remove the float system and filter(s) from the cleaner. Disconnect the hose from the inlet by pulling out the hose. Empty by tilting the container backwards and pour the liquids into a floor drain or similar. Wipe the float valve and float basket with a damp cloth before the motor top is reinstalled to the container. Put back the filter(s) and the motor top to the container. Secure the motor top with the front latch. 2.7 Emptying: VL500 55/75 l 2.8 Emptying after dry pick-up Remove the electrical plug from the socket before emptying after dry pick-up. Check the filters and dustbag regularly. Release the latch by pulling them outwards so that the motor top is released. Open up the motor top from container. Cartridge filter: To clean the filter you can either shake, brush or wash it. Wait until it is dry before you reuse it. Check the motor filter, replace it if it is clogged. Sackfilter: Grasp the sackfilter and lift it up from cleaner. Shake filter so that all dust is removed from the filter. Dustbag: check bag to ensure the fill factor. Replace dust bag if nec- essary. Remove the old bag. The new bag is fitted by passing the car- board piece with the rubber membrane through the vacuum inlet. Make sure that the rubber membrane is passing past the heightening at the vacuum inlet. After emptying: Close motor top to the container. Secure with the front latch. Never pick up dry material without cartridge filter or sackfilter and dustbag fitted in the machine. The suction efficiency of the vacuum cleaner depends on the size and quality of the filter and dust bag. Therefore - use only Original filter and dust bags. CAUTION Be careful not to interfere hands, fingers etc. with the tilting mechanism during emptying the container.
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Original instruction 10 3.1 Maintenance of the float system Remove the electrical plug from the socket before performing main- tenance. Always empty and clean the container and the float system after picking-up liquids. Release the front latch by pulling it outwards so that the motor top is released. Open up motor top from container. Then loosen the float basket by turning the basket to the left. Remove the complete float system from motor top. A filter is located in front of the motor inlet. Check this motor filter. Replace with new filter if filter is clogged. Wipe the float valve and float basket with a damp cloth be- fore the motor top is reinstalled to the container. Then reinstall the float valve to the float basket. Make sure that the sealed surface of the float valve is installed upwards in direction towards the motor top. To mount the float basket - fit the arrow at the basket to the arrow. Then secure the float basket by turning it to the right. 3.2 Maintenance 4.2 Transport 4.3 Storage 4.4 Warranty 4.5 Recycling the cleaner • Before transporting the dirt tank, close all the locks. • Eventually take off the motor top/container from the trolley (VL500 55/75). • Do not tilt the cleaner if there is liquid in the dirt tank. • Do not use a crane hook to lift the cleaner. Store the appliance in a dry place, protected from frost. Our general conditions of business are applicable with regard to the guarantee. Unauthorised modifications to the appliance, the use of incorrect brushes in addition to using the appliance in a way other than for the intended purpose exempt the manufacturer from any liability for the resulting damage. Make the old cleaner unusable. 1. Unplug the cleaner. 2. Cut the power cord. 3. Do not discard of electrical appliances with household waste. As specified in European Directive 2012/19/EC on old electrical and electronic appliances, used electrical goods must be collected separately and recycled ecologically. 4.1 After use Remove the plug from the socket when machine is not in use. Wind up the cord starting from the machine. The power cord can be wound up around the handle/hooks located on the motor top or at the container. Some variants have special storage places for accessories. 3 Maintenance Remove the plug from the socket before performing maintenance. Before using the machine make sure that the frequency and voltage shown on the rating plate correspond with the mains voltage. Specifications and details are subject to change without prior notice. The accessories shown in the pictures may vary from model to model. Always keep the cleaner in a dry place. The cleaner is designed for continuous heavy work. Depending on the number of running hours – the dust filters should be renewed. Keep the container clean with a dry cloth, and a small amount of spray polish. For details of after sales service contact your dealer. 4 After using the cleaner
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Original instruction 11 Only applicable to UK. Please read these essential instructions This vacuum cleaner is designed, developed and rigorously tested to function efficiently and safely when properly maintained and used in ac- cordance with the following instructions. These instructions have been prepared with safety and efficiency paramount. The machine operator must be trained by a suitably qualified instructor and must understand these instructions for use, and be made aware of any relevant regulations and legislation in force at the time of use. CAUTION This machine is not suitable for use in explosive or inflamma- ble atmospheres or where such atmospheres are likely to be produced by the presence of volatile liquid or inflammable gas or vapour. In no circumstances should the power supply cord be wrapped around fingers or any part of the operators person. The electrical supply plug must not be subjected to undue stress by pulling on the power supply cord. Your MACHINE must only be connected to an electrical sup- ply of the same voltage and frequency as indicated on the rating plate. Ensure that the plug fitted to the end of the power supply cord is suitable for your supply socket, if not refer to the information contained in ‘Electrical Connections’, or consult a qualified electrician. The electrical installation from which the supply is drawn must be maintained to current Insti- tute of Electrical Engineers wiring regulations. Only applicable to UK. Regular servicing and inspection Regular servicing and inspection of your machine must be carried out by suitably qualified personnel in accordance with relevant legislation and regulations. In particular, electrical tests for earth continuity, insula- tion resistance, and condition of the flexible cord should be checked frequently. In the event of any defect, the machine MUST be withdrawn from ser- vice, completely checked and repaired by an authorized service techni- cian. Only applicable to UK. Electrical connections CAUTION DOUBLE-INSULATED MACHINES - IMPORTANT: This 240 volt 50 Hz. machine are fitted with a 13 amp. 3 pin moulded plug. The plug is fitted with a 13 amp. detachable fuse. The correct replacement for the fuse is identified by marking or colour coding. Only fuses that are ASTA approved to BS 1362 should be fitted. Never use the plug without the fuse cover fitted. Replacement fuse covers are available at any electrical retail outlet. If the available socket outlet is not suitable for the plug supplied, the plug must be cut off and an appropriate plug fitted. The plug thus cut off MUST BE DESTROYED for safety reasons before being disposed of. Machines built for other voltages and frequencies are not normally sup- plied with a fitted plug. If it is necessary to fit a plug, the wires in this power supply cord are coloured in accordance with the following code:
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Original instruction 12 Only applicable to UK. Blue-neutral brown-live EU Declaration of Conformity We, Nilfisk A/S Kornmarksvej 1 DK-2605 Broendby DENMARK Hereby declare that the Product: VAC - Commercial - Wet/Dry Description: 220-240V, 50-60 Hz, IP24 Type: VL500 Are in compliance with the following standards: EN 60335-1:2012+A11:2014 EN 60335-2-69:2012 EN 55014-1:2006+A1:2009+A2:2011 EN 55014-2:1997+A1:2001+A2:2008 EN 61000-3-2:2006+A1:2009+A2:2009 EN 61000-3-3:2008 EN 50581:2012 Following the provisions of: Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC EMC Directive 2004/108/EC until 19-4-2016; from 20-4-2016: EMC Directive 2014/30/EC RoHS Directive 2011/65/EC Hadsund, 10-03-2016 Anton Sørensen Senior Vice President, Global R&D TO CONNECT THE NEW PLUG: If using a three-pin plug, do not make any connection to the the termi- nal in the plug which is marked with the letter ‘E’ or by the safety earth symbol or coloured green or green & yellow. This machine is double- insulated and no earth connection is necessary. The blue wire must be connected to the terminal in the plug which is marked with the letter ‘N’ or is coloured black or blue. The brown wire which must be connected to the terminal in the plug which is marked with the letter ‘L’ or is coloured red or brown. If the plug to be fitted does not conform to the above notation then con- sult a qualified electrician.
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13 Original instruction Specifications Specifications and details are subject to change without prior notice. VL500 35 VL500 55/75 1 motor VL500 55/75 2 motor VL500 35 VL500 55/75 1 motor VL500 55/75 2 motor VL500 35 VL500 55/75 1 motor Possible voltage, V 220-240V 220-240V 220-240V 120V 120V 120V 100V 100V Power Piec W 1250 1250 2400 1100 1100 2000 1250 1200 Protection grade (moist, dust) IP24 IP24 IP24 IP24 IP24 IP24 IP24 IP24 Protection class (electrical) II II II II II II II II Airflow litres/sec 48 48 72 45 40 64 48 42 Vacuum kPa 20 20 21 20 18 19 20 18 Suction power W 250 250 390 220 170 340 250 200 Sound pressure IEC 704 dB(A)+/-2 81 82 84 81 82 84 81 82 Sound pressure BS 5415 dB(A)+/-2 62 64 66 62 64 66 62 64 Vibration ISO 5349 m/s² <1,5 +/- 1 <1,5 +/- 1 <1,5 +/- 1 <1,5 +/- 1 <1,5 +/- 1 <1,5 +/- 1 <1,5 +/- 1 <1,5 +/- 1 Tank capasity litres 35 55/75 55/75 35 55/75 55/75 35 55/75 Weight - BSF kg 11,5 23,5/26 24,5/27 11,5 23,5/26 24,5/27 11,5 23,5/26 Weight - EDF kg 12,5 26,5/27,5 27,5/28,5 12,5 26,5/27,5 27,5/28,5 12,5 26,5/27,5 Weight - BDF kg - 24,5/27 25,5/28 - 24,5/27 25,5/28 - 24,5/27
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