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User manual for the Nilfisk SCRUBTEC 130 E in English. This PDF manual has 1 pages.

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Nilfisk A/S Kornmarksvej 1 DK-2605 Brøndby Denmark Tel.: +45 43 23 40 50 Fax: +45 43 43 77 00 Operating guidelines - SCRUBTEC 130 E ATTENTION! Do not use the machine before you have read and understood the Instructions for use manual Click 19.  Clean the machine using a damp cloth and where needed use a neutral cleaning product. Then store the machine in a clean and dry place. 17.  Unscrew by turning the knob clockwise to remove the cylindrical brush. 18.  Clean the squeegee bars and the cylindrical brush with water. 16.  Remove the squeegee bars. 14.  Empty the recovery and solution tank. Clean them with water. 13.  Disconnect the power plug from the electrical socket and rewind the cable from the machine and place it in the cable holder. 11.  To use the manual suction hose press the main button to start the machine in upright position. Turn the hose connection to ON and use the suction tube. When done press the switch and turn hose connection to OFF. (**) 12.  Park the machine in upright position and turn off the main switch. 15.  Check and clean the solution and vacuum filter regularly. 10.  When necessary, empty the recovery and refill the solution tank to continue working. 7.  When machine is in working position press the main button and start cleaning. 6.  For double scrubbing, use the pedal to lift/lower squeegees. 8.  Make sure also the solution switch is on and in same position as the main switch. 9.  Move the machine with the handle and start cleaning the floor. 2.  Fill the solution tank with a clean water. The clean water temperature must not exceed 40 °C. 3.  The tank cap can be used for dosing the detergent. One full cap is 30ml giving 1% detergent of the 3L tank capacity. (*) 4.  Connect the power plug to the electrical socket. 1.  Release the handle to remove the tank assembly. 5.  Use the orange pedal to put the machine in working position. (*) ALWAYS FOLLOW THE DETERGENT DOSING RECOMMENDATION ON THE LABEL OF THE CHEMICAL PRODUCT USED. (**) THE MANUAL SUCTION HOSE IS AN OPTIONAL ACCESSORY.

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