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User manual for the Nilfisk King 540 in Dutch. This PDF manual has 48 pages.

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3 5. Dust bag indicator 3. Cord 4. Dust bag 1. On/off 2. Two speed yy XX W Q
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16 Instructions for use Before using the vacuum cleaner make sure that the voltage shown on the rating plate underneath the vacuum cleaner corresponds with the mains voltage. The vacuum cleaner is supplied with a paper dust bag already in place. Never use the vacuum cleaner without a properly fitted dust bag and main filter. The procedure for replacing the dust bag is described under point 6. IMPORTANT WARNINGS 1. This machine is not suitable for picking up health endangering dust. 2. This machine is for dry use only and shall not be used or stored outdoors in wet conditions. Store indoors between max. 60°C (degrees centigrade) and min. 0°C (degrees centigrade). 3. The machine for vacuum dry dust must not be used for the suction of water or other liquids. 4. The machine must not be used for picking up combustible or explosive materials, nor should it be used in an explosive atmosphere. 5. Under no circumstances should the machine be used for picking up hot material. In particular the machine must not be used for cleaning open and closed fireplaces, ovens or similar that contain warm or glowing ashes. 6. The machine must not be used if the electrical cord shows any sign of damage. Regularly inspect the cord for damage, in particular if it has been crushed, shut in a door or run over. Hold plug when rewinding onto cord reel. Do not allow plug to whip when rewinding. 7. The machine must not be used if it is faulty. 8. Do not unplug by pulling on cord. To unplug, grasp the plug, not the cord. 9. When repairing or replacing the cord, the same type of cord as originally supplied with the machine must be used. This cord can be supplied by NILFISK. 10. The plug must always be removed from the socket outlet before starting any service work of the machine or the cord. 11. Repair of the electrical unit with motor or the cord must only be carried out by a skilled or instructed person after having disconnected the main switch installed prior to the machine or after having removed the plug from the current socket. 12. No changes or modifications to the mechanical or electrical safety devices should be made. 13. The maximum airborne noise (sound pressure level) is below 70 dB(A)/20µPa. 1. Starting / stopping Hold the plug and draw the cable all the way out of the vacuum cleaner. Plug the cable into the wall socket. Switch the vacuum cleaner on and off by pressing button 2. Models with two speed regulation The motor has two power settings - high power and low power. The motor will start under whatever power setting was in effect the last time the vacuum cleaner was in use. You can cycle between high power and low power by repeatedly pressing button 2, drawing 1. 2. Connecting the hose and tube Insert the hose connector into the inlet port and turn it clockwise until it engages. To remove the hose, turn anticlockwise. Connect the hose to the tube and nozzle by pressing the parts together. Models with telescopic tube The telescopic tube can be adjusted to your height. Hold the smallest tube and press the grey button with one hand while pulling the smallest tube out or pushing it in to the desired length with the other hand. 3. Fitting the parking bracket to the tube 1. Slide the ring onto the tube. 2. Push the sleeve up the tube until it “clicks” into the second groove on the telescopic tube. 3. Slide the ring on top of the sleeve and lock it in place by turning it anticlockwise. 4. Then press the parking bracket XX into place on the sleeve by pressing hard. 4. Parking the tube and nozzle Pull the plug free of the cord connection point. Turn the nozzle so that the suction surface on the nozzle is facing away from the machine to avoid scratching the shield, and press the parking bracket – fitted on the tube – down into the recess in the cord connection point. 5. Adjusting suction The suction can be adjusted using the sliding knob on the curved plastic tube. The suction is strongest with the knob pushed forward and closing the aperture . When vacuuming rugs, for example, the suction can be reduced by moving the sliding knob back to allow other air in. Models with twin setting The motor has two suction settings: high/low suction. The motor will start in the setting last used. You can adjust the vacuum cleaner to high or low suction by pressing button 2 once. ENGLISH
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17 9. Replacing HEPA filter The HEPA filter cleans the exhaust air of the microscopic particles which are not retained by the dust bag. To maintain constant suction, the dust filter must be replaced after approx. 1 year of average use, or more frequently for heavy use. The HEPA filter must not be brushed or washed. 1. Lay the machine on its side on a clean surface to avoid scratching it. 2. Loosen the four screws by turning them through 90° using a coin. 3. Pull out the large tube. 4. Replace HEPA filter. It clicks into place. 5. Reinsert the tube so that the arrows on the tube and in the base are pointing at each other. Tighten the four screws by turning them through 90°. NB The vacuum cleaner’s efficiency depends on the size and quality of the HEPA filter. Always use original HEPA filters with product code 22356800. Using non-original HEPA filters may result in impaired air throughflow and consequent overloading of the motor. Using non-original filters invalidates the warranty. 10.Cleaning the turbo nozzle Cleaning the roller: Hair and threads which have wound around the roller can simply be cut with scissors and removed. Thermal fuse The vacuum cleaner is fitted with a thermal fuse, which automatically switches off the motor if it overheats, e.g. if it becomes blocked. Remove the cause of the blockage to restore a free passage of air. When the motor has cooled down, it will restart automatically. Problems • if the motor will not start – a fuse may have blown and need replacing. – the cord or wall socket may be faulty and must be checked by an electrician. • if the suction is impaired – the dust bag may be full and need replacing, see point 6. – the pre-filter, carbon filter or HEPA filter may be dirty and need replacing, see point 7-8-9. – the hose, tube or nozzle may be blocked and need cleaning. • if the vacuum cleaner stops – the thermal fuse has cut out the motor as a result of a blockage in the hose, pipe or nozzle. Remove the cause of the blockage and the vacuum cleaner will restart automatically soon after. Maintenance Store the vacuum cleaner in a dry place. The vacuum cleaner does not require lubrication, etc.. The vacuum cleaner is designed for long and demanding work but at some point, depending on how much it is used, the dust filters will need replacing. Clean the surface of the vacuum cleaner using a dry cloth, perhaps with a little sulphone. Service – contact your local dealer. 6. Changing the dust bag The dust bag must be changed when the suction decreases. For models with dust bag indicators, change the bag when is completely red. 1. Open the dust compartment by pressing the centre button 4. 2. Release the full dust bag by tilting the black plastic plate y towards the dust compartment lid. 3. With the bag still in the machine, hold the card with one hand while pulling up the cardboard flap yy with the other. This seals the bag. 4. Lift the bag out of the machine. 5. Unfold the new bag, insert it and close the dust compartment. NB The vacuum cleaner’s efficiency depends on the quality of the dust bag. Always use original dust bags with product code 22359500. Using non-original dust bags may result in impaired air throughflow and consequent overloading of the motor. Using non-original dust bags invalidates the warranty. 7. Replacing the pre-filter The pre-filter protects the motor from the microscopic particles which are not retained by the dust bag. It also protects the motor in the event of breakage of the dust bag. It should be changed once a year. 1. Remove the dust bag. 2. Press the spring lock and open the front of the grid. 3. Replace the pre-filter. 4. Click the front of the grid back into place. NB The vacuum cleaner’s efficiency depends on the quality of the pre-filter. Always use original pre-filters supplied with the dust bag. Using non-original pre-filters invalidates the warranty. 8. Replacing the carbon filter (not all models) The carbon filter removes malodorous gases from the exhaust air. It should be changed once a year. 1. Remove the dust bag. 2. Press the spring lock and open the front of the grid. 3. Remove the pre-filter. 4. Remove the back of the grid by carefully working the frame from side to side. 5. Replace the carbon filter by pressing the two wings. 6. Reinstall the grid and click it into place in all four corners. 7. Reinstall the pre-filter and click the front of the grid back into place. NB Always use original carbon filters with product code 22358500. Using non-original carbon filters may result in impaired air throughflow and consequent overloading of the motor. Using non-original carbon filters invalidates the warranty.
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41 Australia Nilfisk-Advance Pty. Ltd. 48 Egerton Street Silverwater, NSW 2128 ☎ 1800 011 013 (toll-free) - Fax 1800 733 013 (toll-free) e-mail: Customer Response Centre: ☎ 1 800 011 013 ☎ Belgique / België / Luxembourg Nilfisk-Advance s.a./n.v. Doornveld/Sphere Business Park Industrie Asse 3, nr 11 - bus 41 1731 Zellik-Asse ☎ (02) 467.60.50 Fax (02) 463.44.16 Canada Nilfisk-Advance Ltd. 396 Watline Avenue Mississauga, Ontario L4Z 1X2 ☎ (905) 712- 3260 - Fax (905) 712-3255 Danmark Nilfisk-Advance Nordic A/S Sognevej 25 - Box 344 2605 Brøndby ☎ 43 23 83 50 - Fax 43 42 15 95 Deutschland Nilfisk-Advance AG Siemensstraße 25-27 25462 Rellingen ☎ (041 01) 3990 - Fax (041 01) 399191 Zentraler Kundenservice ☎ 0180 535 67 97 España Nilfisk-Advance, S.A. passeig del Rengle, n°, planta 10 TORRE D’ARA 08302 MATARO (Barcelona) Tel. 93 741 24 00* - Fax 93 757 80 20 Finland / Suomi Berner Oy Automotive/Household Sahaajankatu 14 00810 Helsinki ☎ 09-134 511 - Fax 09-134 51 540 Email: France Nilfisk-Advance S.A. BP 246 91944 Courtaboeuf Cedex ☎ (01) - Télécopie (01) Greece Embion S.A. §ÂˆÊ. BÔ˘ÏÈ·Á̤Ó˘ 60 AÚÁ˘ÚÔ‡ÔÏË 164 52 Aı‹Ó· TËÏ.: 9950613 - Fax 9951680 Hong Kong Nilfisk-Advance Ltd. 2001, 20/F. HK Worsted Mills Industrial Building 31-39 Wo Tong Tsui Street Kwai Chung, N.T., Hong Kong ☎ 2427 59 51 - Fax 2487 58 28 Ireland Nilfisk-Advance Limited Newmarket Road Bury St. Edmunds Suffolk IP33 3SR ☎ (01284) 763163 Fax (01284) 750562 Italy Nilfisk-Advance Italia Spa Località Novella Terza 26862 Guardamiglio (LO) ☎ +39 0377 414021 - Fax +39 0377 414097 Japan Nilfisk-Advance Inc. 3-4-9 Chigasaki Minami Tsuzuki-Ku Yokohama 224 ☎ 045-942-7741 - Fax 045-942-6545 Malaysia Nilfisk-Advance Sdn Bhd No. 33, Jalan Petaling Utama 1 Petaling Utama 6 Mls, Old Klang Road 46000 Petaling Jaya ☎ 6003-7932919 - Fax 6003-7932912 Nederland Nilfisk-Advance B.V. Flevolaan 7, Postbus 341 1380 AH Weesp ☎ 0294-462121 - Fax 0294-430053 New Zealand Nilfisk-Advance Limited Danish House 6 Rockridge Road Penrose Auckland ☎ (09) 525 0092 - Fax (09) 525 6440 Norge Nilfisk-Advance AS Ulvenveien 89C 0581 Oslo ☎ 23 06 75 00 - Fax 23 06 75 01 Portugal Nilfisk-Advance Lda. Sintra Business Park, Zona Industrial da Abrunheira, Edifício 1, 1º A 2710-089 Sintra ☎ 21 911 26 70 - Fax 21 911 26 79 Linha Azul 808 20 05 37 Schweiz / Suisse Nilfisk-Advance AG Ringstrasse 19, 9533 Kirchberg/Wil ☎ 1/719 23 84 44 - Fax 1/719 23 52 83 Singapore Nilfisk-Advance Pte. Ltd. 22 Woodlands Ind Park E1 Singapore 757740 ☎ (65) 759 9100 - Fax (65) 759 9133 Sverige Nilfisk-Advance A/S Sjöbjörnsvägen 5, 117 67 Stockholm ☎ (08) 55 59 44 00 - Fax (08) 55 59 44 30 Taiwan Nilfisk-Advance Ltd. Taiwan Branch (H.K.) 1 F, No. 23, Lane 132, Sec. 2 Ta An Road, Taipei, Taiwan ☎ 700 22 68 - Fax 784 08 42 United Kingdom Nilfisk-Advance Limited Newmarket Road Bury St. Edmunds Suffolk IP33 3SR ☎ (01284) 763163 Fax (01284) 750562 USA Nilfisk-Advance of America, Inc. 300 Technology Drive Malvern, PA 19355 ☎ (610) 647-6420 - Fax (610) 647-6427 Österreich Nilfisk-Advance GmbH Vorarlberger Allee 46 1230 Wien ☎ 1 616 58 30 - Fax 1 616 58 30 40 SERVICE

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