Gd 930

Nilfisk Gd 930 manual

Gd 930

User manual for the Nilfisk Gd 930 in Dutch. This PDF manual has 24 pages.

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12 INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE General The power brush attachment is a special accessory for cleaning carpets, wich has been developed for use in combination with all vacuum cleaners with electrical accessory sockets. Vacuum cleaning with the power brush gives much better dust pick- up from carpets than an equivalent conventional vacuum cleaner does. Preparations for use Assembley Vacuum cleaner (1) with hose (2). 32 mm extension tube (3). Motor nozzle (4). Cable to vacuum cleaner (5). Cable clamps (6). Fit the extension tube (3) to the power brush attachment and tighten the two clamping screws. Connect the hose and extension tube. Fit the cable (5) along the extension tube and the hose using the clamps (6). Once you have plugged the cable (5) into the accessory socket of the vacuum cleaner the power brush will be ready to use. The power brush will start up when the vacuum cleaner is switched on. NOTE! Before you unplug the power brush the vacuum cleaner must be switched off.
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13 Use Never run the motorized nozzle over the vacuum cleaner’s cable or any other electrical cable. Carry it up and down steps, and lift it over high sills. The extension tube can be locked in the vertical position for storage purposes, or when running the motorized nozzle over low sills. This is done with the help of the junction unit (16). To release the locking mechanism, press the foot pedal. Vacuum cleaning should be carried out with the power nozzle unlocked. Run the motorized nozzle forwards and backwards over the area to be cleaned. The rotation of the brushes beats the carpet, making the dust easier to suck into the vacuum cleaner. When in use, the motorized nozzle should not be allowed to remain stationary and working, as this may damage the carpet. Care and maintenance Repairs to the machine should only be carried out at authorized service centers, or by a qualified electrician fully conversant with all relevant safety regulations. Incorrectly carried out repairs may result in damage to the machines or in personal injury. Control panel There are two lamps on the control panel which indicate the condition of the brush. Green: The brush are correctly fitted and are rotating. Green and red: The brush is worn out, replace it as described in the section "Replacing the brush". Red: The brush are obstructed and cannot rotate. Switch off the machine, remove the cable from the electrical power point and then clear the obstruction. It may be necessary to remove the brush (see under "Replacing the brush" below) before clearing the obstruction. Replacing the brush Before replacing the brush, check that the vacuum cleaner cable haas been removed from the electrical power point to wich is was connected. When cleaning or replacing the brush, unscrew the covering plate (24). Rotate the roller so that the brush can be slid out through the hole, and then slide it out from underneath. Now slide the new brush along the groove. Check that the brush are fixed securely in position before screwing the covering plate back on again.

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