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Coupe Special

User manual for the Nilfisk Coupe Special in Dutch. This PDF manual has 98 pages.

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Instructions for use Bedienungsanleitung Mode d’emploi Instrucciones de uso Instruções para o uso Istruzioni per l’uso Gebruiksaanwijzingen Bruksanvisning Bruksanvisning Betjeningsanvisninger Käyttöohjeet Edition 1
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Table of contents Overview 1 Display symbols 1 Safety instructions 2 Instructions for use 3 Cleaning tips 6 Trouble shooting 7 Service and maintenance etc. 7 Guarantee and service 8 Display symbols The dust bag is full and needs to be changed when the indicator is completely red. Overview 1 Parking bracket 2 HEPA filter 3 Handle 4 Cable rewinder 5 On/off button 6 Power level 7 Dust bag indicator, mechanical 8 Accessory lid 9 Open/close button, dust container 10 Rating plate 11 Parking bracket 12 Upholstery nozzle E n g l i s h 1 Welcome! Thank you for choosing a Nilfisk Coupé vacuum cleaner. 13 Brush nozzle 14 Prefilter 15 Dust bag 16 Hard floor nozzle 17--18 Combination nozzle 19 Sliding valve
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Safety instructions • Do not use the machine without- dust bag and filters properly fitted. • This machine is not intended for the suction of hazardous materi- als or gas, doing so may expose people to serious health risks. • The machine must not be used for the suction of water or other liquids. • Do not pick up sharp objects such as needles or pieces of glass. • Do not pick up anything that is burning or smoking such as cigarettes, matches or hot ashes. • Use and store this machine indoors and in a dry environment, 0 °C to 60 °C. • Do not use the machine outdoors. • Do not handle the machine with wet hands. • Turn off the machine before unplugging. • To unplug, grasp the plug, not by pulling on the cord. Do not carry or pull the machine by the cord. • The machine must not be used if the cord shows any sign of dam- age. Regularly inspect the cord for damage, in particular if it has been crushed, shut in a door or run over. • Do not use the machine if it ap- pears faulty. Have the machine inspected by an authorized service center if the machine has been dropped, damaged, left outdoors or has been exposed to water. • No changes or modifications to the mechanical or electrical safety devices should be made. • All repairs must be carried out by an authorized service center. • Use only original dust bags, original filters and original accessories from your local dealer. Use of unauthorized dust bags and filters will void the warranty. • Turn off the machine and unplug before starting dust bag or filter change, grasp the plug, not by pulling on the cord. • Do not use the machine as a toy. Do not leave children with the machine without supervision. • This appliance is not intended for use by young persons or infirm persons without supervision unless they have been adequately super- vised by a responsible person to ensure that they can use the appli- ance safely. Young children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance. • If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufac- turer or its service agent or similary qualified person in order to avoid a hazard. E n g l i s h 2
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Instructions for use Before using the machine make sure that the voltage shown on the rating plate underneath the machine corresponds with the mains voltage. Start and stop Start Pull out the cord and plug the machine to a wall socket. On/off button and power level. Stop Turn off the machine and unplug. Unplug by grasping the plug, not by pulling on the cord. Connecting hose, tube and nozzles 1 E n g l i s h 3
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Change of dust bag and filters The size and quality of the dust bag and filters affect the machine efficien- cy. Use of non original dust bags or non original filters can cause restricted air flow which may lead to machine overload. Using non-original dust bag or filters will void the warranty. Changing the dust bag The dust bag indicator shows completely red when to change the dust bag. Always use original dust bags. 3 Changing the prefilter The prefilter protects the motor by absorbing micro-particles that the dust bag can not keep. Change the prefilter with every fourth dust bag. The pre- filter is located behind the dust bag. Always use original filters. 4 E n g l i s h 4
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Changing the HEPA filter The HEPA filter cleans the exhaust air from micro particles the dust bag can not keep. The HEPA filter can not be brushed or washed clean. Adjust the suction power Sliding valve on the bent tube The suction power is maximal with the sliding valve closed and minimal when all open. Adjust the suction power by putting the sliding valve in the desired position. Power regulation The suction power is adjusted with the slider on the machine. Parking the tube and nozzle There are two grooves for parking. One located on the underside to use when machine stands on the back, and the other on the back to use when the machine is standing on its wheels. 5 E n g l i s h 5 6
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Cleaning tips Adjust the suction power by means of the power regulation or the sliding valve on the bent tube. Upholstery nozzle Use the upholstery nozzle for upholstered furniture. Brush nozzle Use the brush nozzle for curtains and window sills. Hard floor nozzle Use the nozzle for hard floors. Combination nozzle Adjust the combination nozzle depending on type of floor. Turbo nozzle Use the turbo nozzle for efficient carpet cleaning. The models can include different nozzles. Thermal fuse The machine is fitted with a thermal fuse, which prevents the machine from overheating. If the thermal fuse blows, the machine automatically switches off the motor and must cool before it can be started again. Restart 1. Turn off the machine and unplug from the wall socket. 2. See to that nothing blocks the air flow through the bent tube, hose, tube, nozzle, dust bag or filters. 3. Let the machine cool. 4. Plug in the machine again and push the start button. The machine will not start until cool enough. If the machine does not start turn it off and unplug. Try again in a while. E n g l i s h 6 9 8 11 12 10
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Service and maintenance • Store the machine indoors and in a dry environment. • Change the prefilter with every fourth dust bag. The dust bag package includes four dust bags and one prefilter. • Clean the machine surface with a dry cloth or a damp cloth with a little cleaning agent. • Order original accessories from a local dealer. • Service – contact your local dealer. Recycling and scrapping Recycle the wrapping and scrap the machine according to recommen- dations from the local authorities. Cut the cord as short as possible to avoid someone getting injured on the scrapped machine. Environmental commitment This machine is designed with the environment in mind. All plastic parts due marked for recycling. Responsibility Nilfisk disclaim all responsibility for all damage caused by incorrect use or modification of the machine. Guarantee The warranty can vary between different countries. Contact your local dealer for information. Trouble shooting Repair or service of electrical components such as cord or motor, must only be carried out by an authorized service center. If the machine does not start Check that the plug is correctly fitted to the wall socket. A fuse in the building may have blown and needs to be changed. The cord or plug may be damaged and must be repaired by an authorized service center. Reduced suc- tion power The dust bag may be full and needs to be changed, see instructions. The prefilter, HEPA filter can be blocked and have to be changed, see instructions. The bent tube, hose, tube or nozzle may be blocked and needs to be cleaned. If the machine stops The thermal fuse may have blown, see instructions. E n g l i s h 7
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DQGRQ WKHFRQGLWLRQWKDWWKHYDFXXPFOHDQHU ZDVERXJKWDVDQHZSURGXFWLQ*UHDW %ULWDLQ,UHODQG$XVWUDOLD1HZ=HDODQG DQGGLVWULEXWHGE\1LO¿ VN$GYDQFH ,QWKHHYHQWRIWKHUHSDLURIGHIHFWV WKHFXVWRPHUPXVWFRQWDFW1LO¿ VN $GYDQFHWREHGLUHFWHGWRDVHUYLFH DJHQWDWWKHFXVWRPHUVRZQH[SHQVH 8SRQFRPSOHWLRQRIDQ\UHSDLUV QHFHVVDU\WKHYDFXXPFOHDQHUZLOOEH UHWXUQHGWRWKHFXVWRPHUDWWKHULVN DQGH[SHQVHRI1LO¿ VN$GYDQFH The guarantee does not cover: • Normal wear and tear of accesso- ries and filters. • Defects or damage occurring as a direct or indirect result of incorrect use - such as the vacuuming of rubble, hot ashes or carpet deodorant powder. • Abuse, loss or lack of maintenance as described in Instructions for use. • If the machine has been used for home renovations. • If the machine has been used for suction of water,plaster dust or sawdust. Nor will it cover incorrect or poor configuration, i.e. setting up or connection, nor fire-damage, fire, lightning strike or unusual voltage fluctuations or any other electrical disturbances such as defective fuses or defective electrical installations on the supply grid, and defects or damage in general that Nilfisk- Advance consider to be the result of causes other than manufacturing and material defects. The guarantee becomes void: • If a defect is caused by the use of non-original Nilfisk dust bags and filters. • If the identity number is removed from the vacuum cleaner. • If the vacuum cleaner has been repaired by a non-Nilfisk authorized dealer. • If the machine is used in a com- mercial environment, i.e. building contractors, cleaning contractors, professional trades or any other non-domestic usage. The guarantee is valid in: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Great Britain, Ireland, Belgium, Holland, France, Germany, Poland, Russia, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Australia and New Zealand, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Greece, Slovenia, Slovakia, The Czech Republic, Italy, Finland. Australia Customer Care helpline: Telephone 1300 733 171
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