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Instructions for use
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1. Telescopic Tube 2. Handle 3. Hose 4. On/Off Switch 5. Power Regulation 6. Cable Rewind Button 7. Floor Brush 3
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PRECAUTIONARY MEASURES If the opening that sucks in the air, the suction pipe or the telescopic tube stick on pipe are blocked, you should switch off the vacuum cleaner at once. First clear the blocked substance before you attempt to start the vacuum cleaner again. 1. Do not operate the vacuum cleaner too close to heaters and like radiators, cigarette butts etc. 2. Before you insert the plug into the wall contact, make sure your hand is dry. 3. Before you start using the vacuum cleaner, please remove large or sharp objects from the floor in order to prevent the paper filter from being damaged. 4. When you want to pull the plug from the wall contact, please do this at the plug itself and not by means of the electrical cable. This vacuum cleaner is equipped with a plug and a cable, which rolls up 4
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automatically. If anything gets damaged, both the plug and the cable must be repaired by a Nilfisk service agent. ASSEMBLING VACUUM CLEANER Always remove the plug from the power socket before fitting or removing accessories! 1.Connecting vacuum cleaner 1. Fitting or removing the flexible hose Fitting: Insert flexible hose into the air intake duct on the front of appliance. Press until it clicks into position. Removing : Remove the plug from the power socket. Press button to release the flexible hose firmly from the air intake duct. 2.Fitting the extension tubes and accessories a. Fitting the extension tube to the handle. b. Fitting the extension tubes. 5
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c. Fitting the brush to the extension tube. d. Fitting floor brush Ideal for the daily cleaning of carpets and hard floors. Cleaning the carpet Cleaning the hard floor Floor Brush Extension Tube 6
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2. Cleaning tools use The crevice tool and dusting brush are stored on the accessories holder. 1. Crevice tool: For crevices, corners, baseboards and between cushions. 2. Dusting brush is used for furniture, venetian blinds, book, lamp shades and shelves. 3. The small brush can be used to clean your furniture. 7
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INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Before using appliance, unwind a sufficient length of cable and insert the plug into the power socket. A yellow mark on the power cable shows the ideal cable length. Don’t extend the cable beyond the red mark. 1.Press the ON/OFF button to switch the appliance on. 2. To rewind the power cable, press the rewind button with one hand and guide the cable with the other hand to ensure that it does not whip causing damage. 3. Slide the Electronic Power Switch to control the suction of the cleaner. 8
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MAINTENANCE 1. Emptying rubbish from the dust compartment subassembly z Always operate the cleaner with the dust compartment subassembly completely installed. z The dust container must be emptied if the window of the filter indicator turns fully red when the cleaner is operating at maximum power and the nozzle is raised from the floor. 1. After removing the flexible tube, handhold handle and press the locking button. 2. Take out the dustcup. 3. Press the lock of dustcup's lower cover. 9
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4. Carry away the dust-glass cap and empty rubbish 5. If dirty, turn and take out the cone and clean it. 6. Replace the dust compartment subassembly until it is locked. 2. Cleaning and changing the HEPA filter z Filter for air-inlet should be cleaned regularly or before it becomes visible solid. z Clean HEPA for air-let when you find it is full. z HEPA for air-inlet and filter for air-outlet are changed. z Always operate the cleaner with filters and HEPA installed. z Otherwise, reduced suction or motor damage may be result. z Disconnect from electrical outlet, before cleaning filter. z Do not use a washing machine to rinse filter. z Do not use hair drier to dry it. 1. Cleaning and changing filter and HEPA for air-inlet (1) Take out HEPA assembly. 10
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(2) Rinse bracket and HEPA in lukewarm water and dry Filter and HEPA completely. (HEPA can be cleaned by a soft brush.) (3) Rinse filter in lukewarm water and dry filter completely. 3. Changing the exhaust filter 1. Open the cover for exhaust filler. 2. Pull out the filter. 3. Replace it with a new filter. 4. Close the cover for HEPA filler. 11
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*XDUDQWHHDQGVHUYLFH &RPEDW The guarantee does not cover: • If the machine has been used for home renovations. • If the machine has been used for suction of water,plaster dust or sawdust. Nor will it cover incorrect or poor configuration, i.e. setting up or connection, nor fire-damage, fire, lightning strike or unusual voltage fluctuations or any other electrical disturbances such as defective fuses or defective electrical installations on the supply grid, and defects or damage in general that Nilfisk- Advance consider to be the result of causes other than manufacturing and material defects. 7KHJXDUDQWHHEHFRPHVYRLG ‡ ,IDGHIHFWLVFDXVHGE\WKHXVHRI QRQRULJLQDO1LO¿ VN¿ OWHUV ‡ ,IWKHLGHQWLW\QXPEHULVUHPRYHG IURPWKHYDFXXPFOHDQHU ‡ ,IWKHYDFXXPFOHDQHUKDVEHHQ UHSDLUHGE\DQRQ1LO¿ VNDXWKRUL]HG GHDOHU ‡ ,IWKHPDFKLQHLVXVHGLQDFRP PHUFLDOHQYLURQPHQWLHEXLOGLQJ FRQWUDFWRUVFOHDQLQJFRQWUDFWRUV SURIHVVLRQDOWUDGHVRUDQ\RWKHU QRQGRPHVWLFXVDJH The guarantee is valid in: Australia Customer Care helpline: Telephone 1300 733 171 1HZ=HDODQG )UHH3KRQH40 80 80 ‡ 1RUPDOZHDUDQGWHDURIDFFHVVR ULHVDQG¿ OWHUV ‡ 'HIHFWVRUGDPDJHRFFXUULQJDVD GLUHFWRULQGLUHFWUHVXOWRILQFRUUHFW XVHVXFKDVWKHYDFXXPLQJRI UXEEOHKRWDVKHVILQHWDOFXPSRZ GHUJ\SURFNRUFDUSHWGHRGRUDQW SRZGHU ‡ $EXVHORVVRUODFNRIPDLQWHQDQFH DVGHVFULEHGLQ,QVWUXFWLRQVIRUXVH 12

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