C 125.7 X-TRA

Nilfisk C 125.7 X-TRA manual

C 125.7 X-TRA

User manual for the Nilfisk C 125.7 X-TRA in German. This PDF manual has 14 pages.

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Original Instructions 2 The instruction consists of 3 parts. Part 1:3 Safety Instructions.Part2:3UserGuide.Part3:3Technical Data and Declaration. Part 1:3 - Safety Instructions Before first use of the machine, read the instructions carefully. Save instructions for later use. Safety instructions marked with this symbol must be observed to prevent personal injury or serious damage to property. WARNING This machine has been designed for use with cleaningagentssuppliedorrecommendedbyNilfisk. The use of other cleaning agents or chemicals may adversely affect the safety of the machine. High pressure jets can be dangerous if subjecttomisuse.Thejetmustnotbedirected at persons, live electrical equipment or the machine itself. Do not use the machine within range of persons unless they wear protective clothes. Do not direct the jet against yourself or others in order to clean footwear. Riskofexplosion–Donotsprayflammableliquids. Highpressurewashersshallnotbeusedbychildren or untrained personnel. High pressure hoses, fittings and couplings are important for the safety of the machine. Use only hoses,fittingsandcouplingsrecommendedbyNilfisk. Toensuremachinesafety,useonlyoriginalspare parts recommended by Nilfisk. Waterthathasflownthroughback-flowpreventers is considered to be non-potable. Don’tusethemachineifasupplycordorimportant partsofthemachinearedamaged,e.g.safetydevices, high pressure hoses, trigger gun. Inadequate extension cords can be dange­ rous. If an extension cord is used, it shall be suitable for outdoor use, and the connection has to be kept dry and off the ground. It is recommended that this is accomplishedbyacordreelwhichkeepsthesocket at least 60 mm above the ground. Switch off and unplug the machine when leaving itunattended,whenfinishedusingitorwhenconverting it to another function, when doing repair and maintenance. During use of high pressure washers, aerosols maybeformed.Inhalationofaerosolscanbehazardous to health, for the protection against aerosols a respiratory mask of class FFP 2 or equivalent may beneeded,dependingonthecleaningenvironment. Intended Use and Terms of Liability • The C-, D-, E- and P-series have been developed for domestic cleaning pur­ poses only and for use in an upright position.Any other use is considered as improper use. • A high pressure washer operates with different levels of pressure and cleaning detergents for various cleaning tasks and results. Always follow instructions on detergents for use, emergency and disposal. • Do not operate the machine at temperatures below 0°C. Never start a frozen machine, never use it indoor and never cover it during use. This is considered improper and wrongful use. Use of wrongful pressure, detergent and/or applications maycausedamagetomachine,surfaces,material and devices. Alloftheaboveisconsideredimproperandwrongful use.Nilfiskacceptsnoliabilityforanydamageresulting from any improper or wrongful use. Pleaserefertoourwebsiteatwww.get-started.nilfisk. com for further instructions and information on use, emergency and disposal. Safety devices and their functioning Themachineautoma­ ticallystopswhenreleasingthe trigger.Themachinewillstartagainwhenreactivating thetrigger.Thesprayhandlefeaturesalockingdevice. Whenactivated,thesprayhandlecannotbeoperated. Themachinehasanautomaticself-resettingthermal protector. If the machine is overheated, the thermal protector will cut the power supply. In this case, wait forthemachinetocooldown.Anintegratedhydraulic safety valve protects the system from excessive pressure. Precautions The electric supply connection shall be made by a qualified electrician and comply with IEC 60364-1. It is recommended that the electric supply to this machine should include either a residual current device that will interrupt the supply if the leakage currenttoearthexceeds30mAfor30msoradevice that will prove earth circuit. • Usemotorstart/delayedfuseswithcharacteristicD accordingtoIEC947-2orcorrespondingstandards outside IEC. • Ifthesupplycordisdamaged,itmustbereplacedby anauthorizedNilfiskdistributororsimilarqualified person in order to avoid a hazard. • Noactionsneededforadjustingmachinesmarked with dual voltage and frequency.
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Original Instructions 3 • Supervise children not to play with the machine. • Theoperatorandanyoneintheimmediatevicinity ofthesiteforcleaningshouldtakeactiontoprotect oneselffrombeingstruckbydebrisdislodgedduring operation. • Always wear safety boots, respiratory mask, ear protection, goggles and protective clothing during operation. • The high pressure generated by the machine is a particular source of danger. Hold the spray lance firmly with both hands.The spray lance is affected by a kickback force and a sudden torque during operation. • See PART 3:3 for the actual size of the kickback force. • During transportation: Position the machine horizontallyonthebacksideandsecurewithstraps. Within EU • High pressure washers shall not be used nor maintained by children.The machine can be used bypeoplewithreducedphysical,sensoryormental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge ifgivensupervisionorinstructionsconcerninguse of the machine in a safe way and understands the hazards involved. Outside EU • High pressure washers shall not be used nor maintained by children or untrained people or people with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge. Part 2:3 - User Guide Provides a general overview of the machine and operationelementsalongwithillustratedsectionson preparation, operation, water connection, storage, and user maintenance. A Unpacking and preparing for use Follow illustrations in A. B Connection to potable water mains High pressure washers are not suitable for connectiontothepotablewatermains.Alwayscheck nationalregulationsbeforeconnectingthemachine topotablewatermainsanduseaback-flowpreventer if required. • Use ½" garden hose, 10-25 m. • Follow illustrations in B. C Connection to other water sources You can connect the machine to e.g. rain water vessels, rivers, lakes and cisterns etc. and operate it in suction mode. Follow illustrations in C. D Pairing of spray handle and machine C-PGandD-PGseriesonly.Afterbatteryinsert,D1.1, you have 2 min. to pair spray handle and machine. The light will flash orange when searching for the machine. When paired, the light will turn off. Follow illustrationsD1.1toD1.5.Ifpairingaborts,dopairing accordingtoillustrationsD2.1toD2.5.Powerregulation is indicated by green light, see illustration D3.1 and D3.2. E Leaving the machine unattended > 5 min. See listed warnings. Follow the illustrations in E. F After use and storage Afterusealways:Turnoffthemachine.Emptymachine and accessories of water to avoid frost damage. Removetheplugfromsocket.Disconnectwaterinlet hose. Wind up electrical cable and high pressure hose to avoid damage of cable, high pressure hose and fittings. Storage of machine shall be frost free. • Follow illustrations in F. G Maintenance, inspection and repair Maintenanceofthemachineshouldalwaysbedone when starting up after long time of storage. Before use, always inspect the machine and equipment for damages. In case of damages, act according to listed warnings. • Do not attempt any maintenance not described in the instructions. If the machine refuses to start, stops,pulsates,pressurefluctuates,motorbuzzes, fuseblowsornowatercomesout,checkthetrouble shootingdiagramatourwebsitewww.get-started. nilfisk.com. Any repair should always be made in Nilfisk authorized workshop with original Nilfisk spare parts. • User maintenance according to illustrations in G.
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Original Instructions 4 C 120 C 125 C 120 C 125 C 100 / C 105 C 110 C 110 X-TRA / C 110 (NZ) C 125 / C 125 X-TRA C 120 / C 120 X-TRA C 100 C 105 C 110 www www.get-started.nilfisk.com C 100 Basic C 100 C 105 C 110 C 100 Basic Part 2:3 - User Guide
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Original Instructions 6 A4.2 A4.3 A4.4 A4.5 A4.6 A A3.4 A4.1 A3.3 x1 A2.3 A3.1 A3.2 C 110 (NZ) C 110 X-TRA C 120 C 125 A2.2 C 125
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Original Instructions 7 B B2.1 B1.11 B1.12 40º B1.1 B1.4 B1.2 B1.3 B1.5 B1.6 B1.7 B1.8 B1.9 B1.10 B2.2 B2.3 MPa bar MPa bar
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Original Instructions 9 D C 100 - C 125 series E E1.1 E1.2 E1.3 E1.4 F F1.6 F1.5 F1.7 F1.8 F1.1 F1.2 F1.3 F1.4
Page: 7
Original Instructions 11 G G1.7 H 128500938 Super Foam Sprayer 106411177 BA-Valve 128500673 Inlet Suction Hose 6411131 Click&Clean Auto Brush 6411135 Click&Clean Underchassis Nozzle 6411136 Click&Clean Auto Nozzle 6410762 Rotary Brush 128470456 Multi Brush 128470459 Multi Brush Kit 128500955 Power Patio 128500702 Patio 6410766 Drain & Tube Cleaner - 15 m
Page: 8
Original Instructions 12 128470040 Roof Cleaner 126411387 Wall Bracket H Part 3:3 - Technical Data and Declaration of Conformity Technical Data C 100.7 C 105.7 C 110.7 C 110.7 (NZ) C 110.7 X-TRA C 120.7 C 120.7 X-TRA C 125.7 C 125.7 X-TRA Electric specifications Unom 220-240 V fnom 50/60 Hz P 1.3 kW 1.4 kW 1.5 kW Inom 6 A 6.5 A Protection Class Class I/ Class II Class II Protection degree IP XX IP X5 Hydraulic specifications pnom 7 MPa / 70 bar 7.5 MPa / 75 bar 8 MPa / 80 bar 8.5 MPa / 85 bar 9.5 MPa / 95 bar pmax 10 MPa / 100 bar 10.5 MPa / 105 bar 11 MPa / 110 bar 12 MPa / 120 bar 12.5 MPa / 125 bar Q 5.2 l/min / 310 l/h 5.4 l/min / 320 l/h Qmax 7.3 l/min / 440 l/h 7.7 l/min / 460 l/h Max. water inlet pressure pinlet max 1 Mpa / 10 bar Max water inlet temperature tinlet max 40° C Max water inlet temp. suction mode tinlet max 20° C Kick-back force Fkickback < 20N Weight Mma- chine 5.1 kg 5.1 kg (C 110.7) / 6 kg 6.2 kg 6.4 kg 6.6 kg Hand-arm vibration according to: Standard nozzle aha < 2.5 ± 1 m/s2 Sound pressure level LpA LpA­ standard 69.2 ± 3 dB(A) 71.2 ± 3 dB(A) 71.8 ± 3 dB(A) 69.9 ± 3 dB(A) Guaranteed sound power level LWA LwA­ standard 84 dB(A) 86 dB(A) 85 dB(A) 85 dB(A) We reserve the right to make alterations.
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Original Instructions 13 Declaration of Conformity We, Nilfisk A/S Kornmarksvej 1 DK-2605 Broendby DENMARK hereby declare that: Product: High pressure washer Description: 220-240V, 50/60 Hz, IP X5 Type: C 100.7, C 105.7, C 110.7, C 110.7 X-TRA, C 120.7 / C 120.7 X-TRA, C 125.7 / C 125.7 X -TRA is in compliance with the following standards: EN 60335-1:2012+A11:2014 EN 60335-2-79:2012 EN 55014-1:2006+A1:2009+A2:2011 EN 61000-3-11:2000 EN 55014-2:1997+A1:2001+A2:2008 EN 50581:2012 Following the provisions of: 2006/42/EC 2014/30/EC 2011/65/EC 2000/14/EC Conformity assessment procedure according to Annex V Compliance to harmonic current emissions is documented in the TCF_42331-01 Hadsund, 04-12-2017 Esben Graff VP Portfolio Management, Consumer
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HEAD QUARTER DENMARK Nilfisk A/S Kornmarksvej 1 DK-2605 Broendby Tel.: (+45) 4323 8100 Website: www.nilfisk.com SALES COMPANIES ARGENTINA Nilfisk srl. Edificio Central Park Herrera 1855, 6th floor/604 Ciudad de Buenos Aires Tel.: (+54) 11 6091 1571 Website: www.consumer.nilfisk.com.ar AUSTRALIA Nilfisk Pty Ltd Unit 1/13 Bessemer Street Blacktown NSW 2148 Tel.: (+61) 2 98348100 Website: www.consumer.nilfisk.com.au AUSTRIA Nilfisk GmbH Metzgerstrasse 68 5101 Bergheim bei Salzburg Tel.: (+43) 662 456 400 90 Website: www.nilfisk.at BELGIUM Nilfisk n.v-s.a. Riverside Business Park Boulevard Internationalelaan 55 Bâtiment C3/C4 Gebouw Bruxelles 1070 Tel.: (+32) 24 67 60 50 Website: www.consumer.nilfisk.be Brazil Nilfisk do Brasil Av. Eng. Luis Carlos Berrini, 550 40 Andar, Sala 03 SP - 04571-000 Sao Paulo Tel.: (+11) 3959-0300 / 3945-4744 Website: www.nilfisk.com.br CANADA Nilfisk Canada Company 240 Superior Boulevard Mississauga, Ontario L5T 2L2 Tel.: (+1) 800-668-8400 Website: www.nilfisk.ca CHILE Nilfisk S.A. (Comercial KCS Ltda) Salar de Llamara 822 8320000 Santiago Tel.: (+56) 2684 5000 Website: www.nilfisk.cl CHINA Nilfisk 4189 Yindu Road Xinzhuang Industrial Park 201108 Shanghai Tel.: (+86) 21 3323 2000 Website: www.nilfisk.cn CZECH REPUBLIC Nilfisk s.r.o. 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  • Brand: Nilfisk
  • Product: Pressure washers
  • Model/name: C 125.7 X-TRA
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: English, German, Dutch