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User manual for the Nilfisk ATTIX 44 in English. This PDF manual has 23 pages.

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3A*) 4A !! MAX. MIN. MAX. MIN. A*) B*) -01 IC -21 IC -2L IC -21 PC -2L PC MIN. MAX. 1 1 2 3 4 5 5 1 2
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2B*) 10 sec. InfiniClean 3B
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1) OEL=Occupational Exposure Limit, *) Optional accessories / Option depending on model Original instruction 1 Quick reference guide Operating elements: 1. Handle 2. Accessory positions 3. Latch 4. Castor 5. Container 6. Inlet fitting 7. Switch 8. Speed control*) 9. Appliance socket*) 10. Filter cleaning button (Push&Clean)*) 11. Hose hook The pictorial quick reference guide The pictorial quick reference guide is designed for helping you when starting up, operating and storing the unit. The guide are subdivided into 4 sections, which are represented by symbols: A Before starting DOREADOPERATING INSTRUCTIONSBEFOREUSE! 1A - Unpack accessories 2A - Filter bag installation 3A - Disposal bag installation 4A - Hose insert & operations 5A - Accessories placement 6A - Adaptor plate installation 7A - Trolley handle installation B Control/Operation 1B - Push&Clean filter cleaning system 2B - InfiniClean filter cleaning system 3B - Cable and hose storage C Connecting electrical appliances 1C - Power tool adaption D Maintenance: 1D - Filter bag replacement 2D - Disposal bag replacement 3D - Filter replacement 4D - Motor cooling air diffuser cleaning 5D - Gaskets and floater cleaning Contents 1 Safety instructions .................................... 2 1.1 Symbols used to mark instructions............ 2 1.2 Instructions for use .................................... 2 1.3 Purpose and intended use......................... 2 1.4 Electrical connection.................................. 2 1.5 Extension lead ........................................... 2 1.6 Guarantee.................................................. 3 1.7 Important warnings .................................... 3 2 Risks .......................................................... 4 2.1 Electrical components................................ 4 2.2 Hazardous dust.......................................... 5 2.3 Spare parts and accessories ..................... 5 2.4 In explosive or inflammable atmosphere ... 5 3 Control / Operation .................................... 5 3.1 Starting and operating of the machine....... 5 3.2 Auto-On/Off socket outlet for power tools*) 6 3.3 Push&Clean*) ............................................. 6 3.4 InfiniClean*) ................................................ 6 3.5 Antistatic connection*) ................................ 6 3.6 Cooling air filter.......................................... 6 3.7 Wet pick-up................................................ 6 3.8 Dry pick-up................................................. 7 4 After using the machine ........................... 7 4.1 After use .................................................... 7 4.2 Transport.................................................... 7 4.3 Storage ...................................................... 7 4.4 Accessory and tool storage ....................... 7 4.5 Recycling the machine............................... 7 5 Maintenance ............................................... 7 5.1 Regular servicing and inspection............... 7 5.2 Maintenance .............................................. 8 6 Further information ................................... 8 6.1 EU Declaration of conformity..................... 8 6.2 Specifications............................................. 9
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1) OEL=Occupational Exposure Limit, *) Optional accessories / Option depending on model Original instruction 2 1 Safety instructions This document contains the safety information re- levant for the appliance along with a quick reference guide. Before starting up your machine for the first time, this instruction manual must be read through carefully. Save the instructions for later use. Further support Further information on the appliance can be found on our web site at For further queries, please contact the Nilfisk ser- vice representative responsible for your country. See reverse of this document. 1.1 Symbols used to mark instructions DANGER Danger that leads directly to serious or irre- versible injuries, or even death. WARNING Danger that can lead to serious injuries or even death. CAUTION Danger that can lead to minor injuries and damage. 1.2 Instructions for use The appliance must: • only be used by persons, who have been in- structed in its correct usage and explicitly com- missioned with the task of operating it • only be operated under supervision • This appliance is not intended for use by per- sons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experi- ence and knowledge. • Children shall be supervised to make sure that they do not play with the appliance. • Do not use any unsafe work techniques. • Never use the appliance without a filter. • Switch off the appliance and disconnect the mains plug in the following situations: • Prior to cleaning and servicing • Prior to replacing components • Prior to changing over the appliance • If foam develops or liquid emerges Besides the operating instructions and the binding accident prevention regulations valid in the country of use, observe recognised regulations for safety and proper use. For Dust Class L machines (with type designation -0L, -2L) following applies: Before starting work, the operating staff must be informed on and trained within: • use of the machine • risks associated with the material to be picked up • safe disposal of the picked up material 1.3 Purpose and intended use This mobile dust extractor is designed, developed and rigorously tested to function efficiently and safely when properly maintained and used in ac- cordance with the following instructions. This machine is intended for commercial use, for ex- ample in hotels, schools, hospitals, factories, shops, offices and rental businesses. This machine is also suitable for industrial use, such as e.g. plants, construction sites and workshops. Accidents due to misuse can only be prevented by those using the machine. READ AND FOLLOW ALL SAFETY INSTRUC- TIONS. The appliance is suitable for picking up dry, non- flammable dust and liquids. Any other use is considered as improper use. The manufacturer accepts no liability for any damage re- sulting from such use. The risk for such use is borne solely by the user. Proper use also includes proper operation, servicing and repairs as specified by the manufacturer. For Dust Class L machines (with type designation -0L, -2L) following applies: The appliance is suitable for picking up dry, non- flammable dust and liquids, hazardous dusts with OEL1) value > 1mg/m3. Dust Class L (IEC 60335-2-69). The dusts which belong to this class have OEL1) values > 1mg/m3. For machines intended for the Dust Class L, the filter material is tested. The maximum degree of per- meability is 1% and there is no special requirement for disposal. For dust extractors, ensure adequate air change rate L, when the exhaust air is returned to the room. Observe national regulations before use. 1.4 Electrical connection • It is recommended that the machine should be connected via a residual current circuit breaker. • Arrange the electrical parts (sockets, plugs and couplings) and lay down the extension lead so that the protection class is maintained. • Connectors and couplings of power supply cords and extension leads must be watertight. 1.5 Extension lead 1. As an extension lead, only use the version specified by the manufacturer or one of a higher quality.
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1) OEL=Occupational Exposure Limit, *) Optional accessories / Option depending on model Original instruction 3 2. When using an extension lead, check the mini- mum cross-sections of the cable: Cable lenth Cross section < 16 A < 25 A up to 20 m 1.5 mm2 2.5 mm2 20 to 50 m 2.5 mm2 4.0 mm2 1.6 Guarantee Our general conditions of business are applicable with regard to the guarantee. Unauthorised modifications to the appliance, the use of incorrect brushes in addition to using the appli- ance in a way other than for the intended purpose exempt the manufacturer from any liability for the resulting damage. 1.7 Important warnings WARNING • To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury, please read and follow all safety instructions and caution markings before use. This ma- chine is designed to be safe when used for cleaning functions as specified. Should dam- age occur to electrical or mechanical parts, the machine and / or acces- sory should be repaired by a competent service center or the manufac- turer before use in order to avoid further damage to the machine or physi- cal injury to the user. • Do not leave the ma- chine when it is plugged in. Unplug from the socket when not in use and before mainte- nance. • Outdoor use of the ap- pliance shall be limited to occasional use. • Do not use with dam- aged cord or plug. To unplug grasp the plug, not the cord. Do not handle plug or machine with wet hands. Turn off all controls before un- plugging. • Do not pull or carry by cord, use cord as a handle, close a door on cord, or pull cord around sharp edges or corners. Do not run machine over cord. Keep cord away from heated surfaces. • Keep hair, loose cloth- ing, fingers and all parts of the body away from openings and moving parts. Do not put any objects into openings or use with opening blocked. Keep openings free of dust, lint, hair, and anything else that could re- duce the flow of air. • Do not use in outside ar- eas at low temperature. • Do not use to pick up flammable or combus- tible liquids such as gasoline, or use in areas where they may be pre- sent. • Do not pick up anything
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1) OEL=Occupational Exposure Limit, *) Optional accessories / Option depending on model Original instruction 4 that is burning or smok- ing, such as cigarettes, matches or hot ashes. • Use extra care when cleaning on stairs. • Do not use unless filters are fitted. • If the machine is not working properly or has been dropped, dam- aged, left outdoors, or dropped into water, re- turn it to a service center or dealer. • If foam or liquid es- capes from the machine, switch off immediately. • The machine may not be used as a water pump. The machine is intended for vacuuming air and water mixtures. • Connect the machine to a properly earthed mains supply. The socket outlet and the extension cable must have an operative protective conductor. • Provide for good ven- tilation at the working place. • Do not use the machine as a ladder or step lad- der. The machine can tip over and become dam- aged. Danger of injury. • For standard machines (with type designation -01, -21) following ap- plies: This machine is not suitable for picking up hazardous dust. • Only use the socket out- let on the machine for purposes specified in the instructions. 2 Risks 2.1 Electrical components DANGER The upper section of the machine contains live com- ponents. Contact with live compo- nents leads to serious or even fatal injuries. Never spray water on to the upper section of the machine. DANGER Electric shock due to faulty mains connecting lead. Touching a faulty mains connecting lead can result in serious or even fatal in- juries. • Do not damage the mains power lead (e.g. by driving over it, pulling or crushing it). • Regularly check whether the power cord is dam- aged or shows signs of ageing. • If the electric cable is damaged, it must be re- placed by an authorized
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1) OEL=Occupational Exposure Limit, *) Optional accessories / Option depending on model Original instruction 5 Nilfisk distributor or simi- lar qualified person in or- der to avoid a hazard. • In no circumstances should the power supply cord be wrapped around fingers or any part of the operators person. 2.2 Hazardous dust WARNING Hazardous materials. Vacuuming up hazardous materials can lead to seri- ous or even fatal injuries. The following materials must not be picked up by the machine: • hot materials (burning cigarettes, hot ash, etc.) • flammable, explosive, aggressive liquids (e.g. petrol, solvents, acids, alkalis, etc.) • flammable, explosive dust (e.g. magnesium or aluminium dust, etc.) For standard machines (with type designation -01, -21) following further ap- plies: The following materi- als must not be picked up by the machine: • Hazardous dust. 2.3 Spare parts and accessories CAUTION Spare parts and accessories. The use of non-genuine spare parts, brushes and accessories can impair the safety and or function of the appliance. Only use original spare parts and accessories from Nilfisk. Spare parts that can affect health and safety of the operator and or function of the appliance, are specified below: Description Order No. Flat filter PTFE, 1 pcs. 107413540 Fleece filter bag, 5 pcs. 107413547 Disposal bag, 5 pcs. 107417821 Long Life filter bag, 1 pcs. 107413556 Motor cooling air filter PET, 1 pcs. 107413541 2.4 In explosive or inflammable atmosphere CAUTION This machine is not suitable for use in explo- sive or inflammable atmospheres or where such atmospheres are likely to be produced by the presence of volatile liquid or inflamma- ble gas or vapour. 3 Control / Operation CAUTION Damage due to unsuitable mains voltage. The appliance can be damaged as a result of being connected to an unsuitable mains volt- age. • Ensure that the voltage shown on the rat- ing plate corresponds to the voltage of the local mains power supply. 3.1 Starting and operating of the machine Check that the electrical switch is switched off (in position 0). Check that suitable filters are installed in the machine.Then connect the suction hose into the suction inlet at the machine by pushing the hose forward until it fits firmly in place at the inlet. Then connect the tubes with the hose handle, twist the tubes in order to ensure that they are properly fitted. Attach suitable nozzle to the tube. Choose nozzle depending on what type of material that is to be picked-up. If used for dust extraction in connection with dust producing tool then connect end of suction hose with appropriate adapter. Connect the plug into a proper electrical outlet. Put the electrical switch into position I in order to start the motor. Turn I: Activate the machine Turn 0: Stop the machine Turn I: Activate the machine – turn clock wise for speed control Turn 0: Stop the machine Turn : Activate Auto-On/Off operation – turn counterclockwise for speed control.
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1) OEL=Occupational Exposure Limit, *) Optional accessories / Option depending on model Original instruction 6 Turn I: Activate the machine Turn : Stop the machine. Permanent power on socket. Turn : Activate Auto-On/Off operation. Turn I+ Off: Activate the machine with deactivated auto- matic filter cleaning function Turn + Off: Activate Auto- On/Off operation with deactivated automatic filter cleaning function. Speed control operation on separate turning knob 3.2 Auto-On/Off socket outlet for power tools*) CAUTION Appliance socket.* The appliance socket is designed for electri- cal auxiliary equipment; see technical data for reference. • Prior to plugging in an appliance, always switch off the machine and the appliance that is to be connected. • Read the operating instructions to the ap- pliance to be connected and observe the safety notes contained in these. An appliance socket with earthing contact is inte- grated in the machine. An external power tool can be connected there. The socket features permanent power on, when the electrical switch is in position , i.e. the machine can be used as an extension cord. In position the machine can be switched on and off by the power tool connected. Dirt is picked up from the source of dust immediately. To comply with regulations, only approved dust producing tools should be connected. The maximum power consumption of the connected electrical appliance is stated in section “Specifica- tions”. Before turning the switch to position ensure that the tool connected to the appliance socket is switched off. 3.3 Push&Clean*) The “PC” machine is equipped with a semi automatic filter cleaning system, Push&Clean. The filter clean- ing system must be actuated latest when the suction performance is no longer sufficient. Regular use of the filter cleaning feature maintains suction perfor- mance and increases the lifetime of the filter. For instruction see quick reference guide. 3.4 InfiniClean*) The “IC” machine is equipped with an automatic filter cleaning system, InfiniClean. A frequent cleaning cy- cle will automatically run during operation to ensure that suction performance is always at its best. If suction performance decreases or in extensive dust applications a manually filter cleaning operation is recommended: • Switch off the machine • Close the nozzles or suction hose opening with the palm of your hand. • Turn the switch to position „I“ and let the ma- chine operate at full speed for approx. 10 sec- onds with the suction hose opening closed. If suction power is still reduced take out the filter and clean mechanically or replace filter. For certain applications, like wet pick up, it is recom- mended to turn off the automatic filter cleaning sys- tem. For details see chapter 3.1. 3.5 Antistatic connection*) CAUTION The machine is equipped with an antistatic system to discharge any static electricity that may develop during dust pick-up. The antistatic system is placed in front part of the motor top and creates an earth ground connection to the inlet fitting of the container. For proper func- tion the use of an electrical conductive or antistatic suction hose is recommended. When inserting the optional disposal bag make sure the antistatic con- nection is kept. 3.6 Cooling air filter To protect the electronics and motor, the machine is equipped with a cooling air diffusor. Clean the cool- ing air diffusor regularly. For areas with a high concentration of fine dust in the surrounding air it is recommended to equip the machine with an optional cooling air filter cartridge to prevent dust from settling inside the air channels and motor. Contact your local sales representative. CAUTION If cooling air filter is clogged by dust the over- load protection switch in the motor can be acti- vated. In such case switch off the machine, clean cooling air filter and allow machine to cool for approx. 5 minutes. 3.7 Wet pick-up CAUTION The machine is equipped with a water level limit system which shuts off the machine when the maximum liquid level is reached. When this occurs, switch off the machine. Disconnect the machine from the socket and empty the container. Never pick up liquids without the water level limit system and filter in place. Picking up liquids. • Do not pick up flammable liquids • Before liquids are picked up, always re- move the filter bag/wastebag and check that the water level limit works properly.
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1) OEL=Occupational Exposure Limit, *) Optional accessories / Option depending on model Original instruction 7 • If foam appears, stop work immediately and emty the tank. • Clean the water level limiting device regu- larly and check for signs of damage. Before emptying the container, unplug the machine. Disconnect the hose from the inlet by pulling out the hose. Release the latch by pulling them outwards so that the motor top is released. Lift up the motor top from container. Always empty and clean the con- tainer and water level limit system after picking-up liquids. Empty by tilting the container backwards or side- ways and pour the liquids into a floor drain or similar. Put back the motor top to the container. Secure the motor top with the latches. Heavy maneuvers can, by mistake, trigger the water level limiting device. Should this happen; turn off the machine and wait for 3 seconds to reset the device. Continue to operate the machine afterwards. 3.8 Dry pick-up CAUTION Picking up environmentally hazardous materi- als. Materials picked up can present a hazard to the environment. • Dispose of the dirt in accordance with le- gal regulations. Remove the electrical plug from the socket before emptying after dry pick-up. Release the latch by pull- ing them outwards so that the motor top is released. Lift up the motor top from container. Filter: Check the filters. To clean the filter you can shake, brush or wash it. Wait until the filter is dry before re-starting dust pick-up. Dust bag: check bag to ensure the fill factor. Replace dust bag if necessary. Remove the old bag. The new bag is fitted by passing the card- board piece with the rubber membrane through the vacuum inlet. Make sure that the rubber membrane is passing past the heightening at the vacuum inlet. After emptying: close motor top to the container and secure the motor top with the latches. Never pick up dry material without filter fitted in the ma- chine. The suction efficiency of the machine de- pends on the size and quality of the filter and dust bag. Therefore - use only Original filter and dust bags. 4 After using the machine 4.1 After use Remove the plug from the socket when machine is not in use. Wind up the cord starting from the ma- chine. The power cord can be wound up around the motor top or at the container or placed in the includ- ed hook, or fastening means. Some variants have special storage places for accessories. 4.2 Transport • Before transporting the machine, close all the latches. • Do not tilt the machine if there are liquids in the dirt tank. • Do not use a crane hook to lift the machine. • Do not lift the machine by the trolley handle *) 4.3 Storage CAUTION Store the appliance in a dry place, protected from rain and frost. The machine shall be stored indoors only. 4.4 Accessory and tool storage For convenient transport and storage of accesso- ries or tools, integrated rails are found on side of machine which allows fastening with straps or other means. A flexible strap and hooks are included on back of machine for attachment of suction hose or mains cable. For instruction see quick reference guide. An optional adapter plate*) with attachment system can be installed on top of machine for fastening of 2-point or 4-point storage cases. Remove the electrical plug from the socket before installing the adapter plate. CAUTION*) Do not lift machine in adapter plate without having storage case safely installed. Note the weight and balance of the appliance in case of storage. Maximum weight of storage cases is 30 kg. 4.5 Recycling the machine Make the old machine unusable. 1. Unplug the machine. 2. Cut the power cord. 3. Do not discard of electrical appliances with household waste. As specified in European Directive 2012/19/EU on old electrical and electronic appliances, used electrical goods must be collected sepa- rately and recycled ecologically. 5 Maintenance 5.1 Regular servicing and inspection Regular servicing and inspection of your machine must be carried out by suitably qualified personnel in accordance with relevant legislation and regulations. In particular, electrical tests for earth continuity, in- sulation resistance, and condition of the flexible cord should be checked frequently. In the event of any defect, the machine MUST be withdrawn from service, completely checked and repaired by an authorized service technician.
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1) OEL=Occupational Exposure Limit, *) Optional accessories / Option depending on model Original instruction 8 At least once a year, a Nilfisk technician or an in- structed person must perform a technical inspection including filters, air tightness and control mecha- nisms. 5.2 Maintenance Remove the plug from the socket before performing maintenance. Before using the machine make sure that the frequency and voltage shown on the rating plate correspond with the mains voltage. The machine is designed for continuous heavy work. Depending on the number of running hours – the dust filter should be renewed. Keep the machine clean with a dry cloth, and a small amount of spray polish. For Dust Class L machines (with type designation -0L, -2L) following applies: During maintenance and cleaning, handle the ma- chine in such a manner that there is no danger for maintenance staff or other persons. In the maintenance area • Use filtered compulsory ventilation • Wear protective clothing • Clean the maintenance area so that no harmful substances get into the surroundings. During maintenance and repair work all contami- nated parts that could not be cleaned satisfactorily must be: • Packed in well sealed bags • Disposed of in a manner that complies with valid regulations for such waste removal. For details of after sales service contact your dealer or Nilfisk service representative responsible for your country. See reverse of this document. 6 Further information 6.1 EU Declaration of conformity Nilfisk A/S Kornmarksvej 1 DK-2605 Broendby DENMARK Hereby declare, that the Product VAC - Commercial - Wet/Dry Description 220-240V, 110-120V 50/60Hz, IPX4 Type ATTIX 33-**-**, ATTIX 44-**-** 1) Are in compliance with the following standards: EN 60335-1:2012+A11:2014 EN 60335-2-69:2012 EN 55014-1:2006+A1:2009+A2:2011 EN 55014-2:2015 EN 61000-3-2:2014 EN 61000-3-3:2013 Following the provisions of: 2006/42/EC 2014/30/EU Hadsund 25-10-2017 Anton Sørensen Senior Vice President – Global R&D 1) First asterisk means feature class. 0 = Standard/Basic type; 2 = Auto on/off for power out- let. Second asterisk means variants and special types (e.g. dust class). M = Dust Class M, H = Dust Class H. Third and fourth asterisk means filter cleaning options. PC = Push&Clean; IC = InfiniClean
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1) OEL=Occupational Exposure Limit, *) Optional accessories / Option depending on model Original instruction 9 6.2 Specifications ATTIX 33, ATTIX 44 EU, FR DK/CH/AU/NZ GB 230V GB 110V US JP 33-01 IC 33-2L PC 33-2L IC 44-2L PC 44-2L IC 33-01 IC 33-2L PC 33-2L IC 44-2L PC 44-2L IC 33-01 IC 33-2L PC 33-2L IC 44-2L PC 44-2L IC 33-2L PC 33-2L IC 44-2L PC 44-2L IC 33-01 IC 33-21 PC 33-21 IC 44-21 PC 44-21 IC 33-01 IC Possible voltage V 220-240 220-240 220-240 220-240 220-240 220-240 220-240 220-240 220-240 110-120 110-120 110-120 110-120 110-120 100 Power P IEC W HP 1200 1200 1200 1200 1200 1200 1200 1200 1200 1000 1000 1000 1,34 890/7,4A 1,2 890/7,4A 1,2 1200 Connected load for appliance socket W - 2400 2400 - 1100 1100 - 1700 1700 750 1750 750 1750 - 550/4,6A 550/4,6A - Mains frequency Hz 50/60 50/60 50/60 50/60 50/60 50/60 50/60 50/60 50/60 50/60 50/60 50/60 50/60 50/60 50/60 Fuse A 16 16 16 10 10 10 13 13 13 16 25 16 25 15 15 15 12 Protection grade (moist, dust) IPX4 Protection class (electrical) I Max. Airflow * l/s m 3 /h CFM 75 270 159 70 252 148 70 252 148 Max. Vacuum kPa hPa in H 2 0 25 250 100 23 230 92 25 250 100 Sound pressure level L PA (IEC 60335-2-69) dB(A) 69 ± 2 Working sound level dB(A) 60 ± 2 Vibration ISO 5349 a h m/s 2 ≤ 2,5 Weight kg lb 14,5 31,9 14,5 31,9 16 35,3 14,5 31,9 14,5 31,9 16 35,3 14,5 31,9 14,5 31,9 16 35,3 14,5 31,9 16 35,3 14,5 31,9 14,5 31,9 16 35,3 14,5 31,9 Filter surface area m 2 0,5 Dust class - L L - L L - L L L L - - - - * measured at turbine Specifications and details are subject to change without prior notice.
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