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  • Brand: Nespresso
  • Product: Milk Frother
  • Model/name: Aeroccino 3
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Polish, Russian, Norwegian, Finnish, Czech, Slovak, Greek, Hungarian, Ukrainian

Table of Contents

Page: 3
The instructions are part of the appliance.
Read and follow all instructions to avoid possible harm and
damage. Save these instructions
and pass them on to any subsequent owner.
Avoid risk of fatal electric
shock and fire
•Only plug the base into suitable, earthed
mains connection. Make sure that the
voltage of the power source is the same as
that specified on the rating plate.
•Do not pull the cable over sharp edges,
clamp it or allow it to hang down. Keep the
cable away from heat and damp.
•If the supply cord is damaged, it must be
replaced by the manufacturer, its service
agent or similarly qualified persons.
•Disconnect the base from the mains when
not in use for long periods. Disconnect by
pulling out the plug and not by pulling the
cable itself, as this may damage the cable.
•Never immerse the base in water. Electricity
and water together pose a risk to life from
electric shock.
•Jug is not dishwasher safe.
•If an extension lead is required, use only an
earthed cable with a conductor cross-section
of at least 1.5mm2
Avoid possible harm when
operating the appliance
•The appliance is intended to prepare bever-
ages according to these instructions. This
appliance is intended to be used in house-
hold and similar applications such as: staff
kitchen areas in shops, offices and other
working environments; farm houses; by
clients in hotels, motels and other residential
type environments; bed and breakfast type
environments. No liability is accepted for any
damage resulting from use for other pur-
poses, faulty operation or amateur repairs.
Guarantee services are also excluded in such
•Never leave the appliance unattended
during operation. Keep it out of the reach
of children. The appliance is only for use by
persons who have sufficient experience and
knowledge and are physically, sensory, and
mentally able to operate the machine safely
in accordance with these instructions.
•The appliance is not intended for use by
Page: 4
persons (including children) with reduced
physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or
lack of experience and knowledge, unless
they have been given supervision or instruc-
tion concerning use of the appliance by a
person responsible for their safety. Children
should be supervised to ensure that they do
not play with the appliance.
•Do not use the appliance if damaged. A
damaged appliance can cause electric shock,
burns and fire.
•To avoid hazard, never place the appliance
on or beside hot surfaces, for example,
radiators, cooking rings, gas burners or
similar items.
•Never clean the appliance in a dishwasher.
•Only use the appliance with the base
•The appliance is intended to prepare drinks
according to these instructions. It is for use
in private households. No liability is accepted
for any damage resulting from use for
other purposes, faulty operation or amateur
repairs. Guarantee services are also excluded
in such cases.
Environmental protection
Packaging materials and appliance contain
recyclable materials.
Your appliance contains valuable materials
which can be recovered or which can be
recyclable. Separation of the remaining waste
materials into different types facilitates the
recycling of valuable raw materials. You can
obtain information on disposal from your
local authority.
Save these instructions
Page: 5
before first
Milk frothing
(for hot and cold
milk froth)
for hot milk for milk froth
Maximum level indicated:
Whisk storage
Main switch
LED indication
2 whisks
Hot milk
(for hot milk)

1Underside of the jug must be dry before using the device.
2Plug base into the socket before use. Press main switch located on the base of the
unit to turn on the Aeroccino 3. LED turns green and Aeroccino 3 is ready to use.
3Inside of the jug must be cleaned with a cloth suitable for non-stick surfaces.
Tip: Use cold, fresh, full-fat or semi-skimmed milk.
Preparation Times
Hot milk froth	 Approximately 70 seconds
Cold milk froth	 Approximately 60 seconds
Hot milk	 Approximately 130 seconds
Jug’s maximum level for:
Milk froth	 2 Nespresso Cappuccino cups
	 1 Nespresso Recipe glass
Hot milk	 1 Nespresso Recipe glass
Page: 6

CLEANING After Every use
Remove from the base
and take out whisk (no
tools needed). Note: when
you have finished using the
Aeroccino 3, switch OFF
at the base with the main
the seal from the
lid to clean both
parts. Rinse and
clean with
a damp cloth.
Jug is
but NOT
er safe.
Clip one of the whisks
on to the inner base
of the jug and to avoid
loss, clip the other on
to the lid (or in whisk
storage when using the
Aeroccino 3).
Attach relevant
Pour desired amount
of milk up to one of
the two “max” level
Then place milk jug on
to the base.
Press button to start. Aeroccino
stops automatically.
For hot preparations, briefly
press button.
For cold milk froth, keep button
pressed for approximately 2 seconds.
Page: 7
Cappuccino Caffé Latte Iced Cappuccino
Latte Macchiato
Prepare an espresso in a
Cappuccino cup and add
hot milk froth.
Add sugar and sprinkle
with cocoa if desired.
2 ∕3 hot milk froth
1∕3 espresso
•Recommended with
Ristretto, Arpeggio or
Decaffeinato Intenso.
Prepare a lungo in a tall
glass and add hot milk.
Add sugar if desired.
1∕2 hot milk
1∕2 lungo
•Recommended with
Vivalto or Decaffeinato
Prepare a lungo into a
lungo cup and add sugar
if desired. Pour it into a
large glass together with
four to five crushed ice
cubes. Prepare cold milk
froth using the Aeroccino.
Carefully add three to four
tablespoons of frothed
milk to the top of the
glass. Sprinkle with cin-
namon, nutmeg or cocoa
if desired.
1∕2 cold milk froth
1∕2 lungo
•Recommended with
Vivalto or Decaffeinato
Fill a tall glass with hot
milk froth. Prepare an
espresso and pour it
slowly down the inside
of the glass to produce
a graduation of coffee
colour through the milk
and a three-layer effect
(hot milk at the base,
coffee, topped with milk
2 ∕3 hot milk froth
1∕3 espresso
•Recommended with
Ristretto, Arpeggio or
Decaffeinato Intenso.
Page: 8
Nespresso warrants this product against defects
in materials and workmanship for a period of
one year from the date of purchase. During this
period, Nespresso will either repair or replace, at
its discretion, any defective product at no charge
to the owner. Replacement products or repaired
parts will be guaranteed for only the unexpired
portion of the original warranty or six months,
whichever is greater.
This limited warranty does not apply to any defect
resulting from accident, misuse, improper mainte-
nance, or normal wear and tear.
Except to the extent allowed by applicable law,
the terms of this limited warranty do not exclude,
restrict or modify, and are in addition to, the man-
datory statutory rights applicable to the sale of the
product to you.
If you believe your product is defective, contact
Nespresso for instructions on where to send
or take it for repair.
Please visit our website to discover more about
Aeroccino does not start
Make sure that the main ON-OFF switch is ON (specific to
Aeroccino 3)
Make sure to correctly position the jug on the base
Make sure to correctly attach the whisk to the jug
Quality of milk froth not up to
Make sure to use whole or semi-skimmed milk at refrigerator
temperature (about 6-8 °C / 42 – 46 °F )
Make sure to use the appropriate whisk
Make sure the jug is clean
Red Button blinking ➔ 
The appliance is too hot. Rinse it with cool water
Milk Overflow
Make sure to use the correct whisk and check the
corresponding indicator level
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