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  • Brand: Miele
  • Product: Pan
  • Model/name: KMB 5000-S
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese, Danish, Polish, Russian, Norwegian, Czech, Greek

Table of Contents

Page: 14
Important notes on use and
Please read these instructions carefully
before using the universal dish for the
first time.
Remove all labels.
Clean and then dry the universal dish
thoroughly (see "Cleaning and care").
The dish is coated with an anti-stick
protective surface. After cooking, food
can be removed with ease, and does
not stick.
The universal dish is suitable for use
with all electric hobs and can also be
used in a steam oven, a steam combi
oven and an oven.
The universal dish is not suitable for
use with gas hobs.
When using the dish on a ceramic
glass hob, place it on the zone care-
fully. Lift the dish to alter its position
and do not push it backwards and
forwards over the ceramic surface.
The dish is heavy and any small par-
ticles of soiling located between the
base of the dish and the ceramic
surface could cause scratches to
the surface and the
underside of the dish.
,The universal dish and lid
become hot when in use.
Danger of burning.
Protect your hands by using heat-
resistant pot holders or gloves when
handling the dish.
Because food does not stick to the
anti-stick coating, only very little fat or
oil is necessary when cooking with this
dish. This has the added advantage of
keeping down the calorie count.
,Do not overheat the universal
dish as this will damage the
anti-stick coating.
Do not leave the dish unattended
when cooking with fat or oil, as these
are a fire hazard if allowed to over-
Page: 15
Never heat up the dish when empty
using the Booster setting as this would
damage the anti-stick coating.
In normal use, the dish can only be
heated up when empty for a very short
time, 1 minute maximum.
The Booster function can only be used
to heat up a large amount quickly, e.g.
to bring water to the boil for cooking
Do not allow the dish to boil dry. This
would damage the anti-stick coating
and ruin the dish.
Only use cutlery or cooking implements
made of plastic or wood to stir or turn
food over. Do not use pointed or sharp
objects as these can damage the anti-
stick coating in the dish.
Although the dish can be used for
cooking food which is acidic or has
a piquant sauce (e.g. curry, chilli), it
is not a suitable container for storing
such food as it could corrode the
anti-stick coating.
Do not use the universal dish for
baking cakes or bread.
Using the universal dish on an
induction hob
A humming noise can occur when a
high power setting is selected. This is
normal and does not indicate that the
dish is faulty.
Using the universal dish in a steam
You can partially cook food on the hob
in the universal dish and then transfer
the dish to the steam oven to finish
The universal dish can be used in the
steam oven on any shelf level.
Do not use a lid when cooking food in
the steam oven.
The cooking durations when cooking
with steam at 100°C are the same as
when cooking on a hob.
Using the universal dish in a steam
combi oven
Baking / Roasting:
It is not necessary to pre-heat the dish
when using the steam combi oven.
You can use the universal dish in the
steam combi oven on any shelf level.
Cooking durations when using "Fan
plus" are the same as when cooking in
an oven.
Cooking with steam:
Cooking durations are the same as
when using a steam oven.
Page: 16
Cleaning and care
Before using for the first time, clean
the universal dish with a solution of
washing-up liquid and hot water using
a soft brush or a soft sponge. Then dry
the dish thoroughly.
After use, most residues can be remo-
ved with a solution of washing-up liquid
and hot water and a soft brush.
Soak for a while to remove more stub-
born residues.
After cleaning, rub a little cooking oil or
fat over the surface of the dish to help
protect the anti-stick coating.
To prevent damage to the anti-stick
coating do not use agressive
cleaning agents such as grill/oven
sprays, stain or rust removers,
abrasive sponges, scouring agents,
or sharp utensils.
The universal dish and lid can be
cleaned in the dishwasher. In certain
circumstances, marks may appear on
the surface of the dish. They are harm-
less, and will not affect its use.
Page: 59
2810 M.-Nr. 07 320 160 / 01

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Hi All of the books accompanying this induction hub dish are in German. Can you please send me one in English. Thank you. 23/6/17

Published on 1 year ago by Faye

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