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  • Brand: Miele
  • Product: Iron
  • Model/name: B 3312
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: German

Table of Contents

Page: 9
Guarantee / Guarantee card	 Export
Guarantee Export (Countries without Miele subsidiaries)
I.	 Conditions of Guarantee
Miele & Cie. will guarantee equipment which:
1.	 has been purchased from one of its authorised distributors or dealers or directly from the factory.
2.	 has been installed by an authorised service agent, in as far as necessary.
II.	 Extent of guarantee
1.	 Miele & Cie. will replace free of charge, FOB German seaport/Free German delivery
station/-border only, excluding transportation cost to another destination and other cost such as customs duty,
labour cost etc. On special request by Miele defective components resulting from poor workmanship subject
to the above conditions are to be returned to the factory at the expense of the owner. These components then
automatically become the property of Miele & Cie.
2.	 The validity of any claim under the terms of this guarantee in respect of any defect covered by this guarantee is
subject to an inspection of the parts concerned at the Miele factory.
3.	 This guarantee will not cover any fault or defect caused by:
a)	 Faulty installation, viz. the failure to observe the official installation instructions.
b)	 Misuse of the appliance, e. g. the use of unsuitable detergents or lack of maintenance.
c)	 The deterioration of components subject to normal wear and tear, such as V-belts, brake linings
	 and rubber items, etc.
d)	 Damage caused as the result of handling during transit, atmospheric conditions or from forces
	 outside our control, etc.
e)	 Repairs or modifications carried out by firms other than authorised Miele Service Agents or
4.	 Any other type of claim whatsoever, whether in respect of nullification, depreciation, the replacement of the
appliance, financial recompense arising as the result of repairs carried out by a third party and claims in respect
of damaged laundry are absolutely excluded.
III.	 Terms of guarantee and notifications of claims
1.	 This guarantee is valid for 12 months.
The term commences from the date of delivery, which must be entered on the guarantee card by the Miele
Service Agent. Replacements made under the terms of the guarantee do not alter the terms of the guarantee.
2.	 The user must notify all claims to either the Miele Service Agent, or if the appliance was purchased directly, to the
factory at Gütersloh.
IV.	Miscellaneous
	 Further claims for damage will not be accepted by Miele.
Model No.:	 Serial No. of machine:	
The Miele product as designated above is of perfect quality and functional design. Miele undertakes to
rectify free of charge faults in material or production which are covered by the guarantee.
Date of purchase:										
Installed by
(Name of installation company):							
														stamp of company
														signature of retailer

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