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User manual for the Metabo HS 8745 in Dutch. This PDF manual has 48 pages.

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3 HS 8745 HS 8755 HS 8765 HS 8855 HS 8865 HS 8875 ø max. mm (in) 20 (25 /32) 20 (25 /32) 20 (25 /32) 26 (1 1 /32) 26 (1 1 /32) 26 (1 1 /32) L mm (in) 450 (17 23 /32) 550 (21 21 /32) 650 (25 19 /32) 550 (21 21 /32) 650 (25 19 /32) 750 (29 17 /32) n0 /min 3100 3100 3100 2900 2900 2900 P1 W 560 560 560 660 660 660 m kg (lbs) 3,8 (8.4) 3,9 (8.6) 4,0 (8.8) 4,1 (9.0) 4,2 (9.3) 4,4 (9.7) ah/Kh m/s2 3,5 / 1,5 3,5 / 1,5 3,5 / 1,5 3,5 / 1,5 3,5 / 1,5 3,5 / 1,5 LpA/KpA dB(A) 84 / 3 84 / 3 84 / 3 84 / 3 84 / 3 84 / 3 LWA/KWA dB(A) 95 / 3 95 / 3 95 / 3 95 / 3 95 / 3 95 / 3 LWA(G) dB(A) < 95 < 95 < 95 < 95 < 95 < 95 12. EN 60745 2006/42/EG, 2004/108/EG, 2000/14/EG, 2011/65/EU Director Product Engineering & Quality Responsible Person for Documentation Metabowerke GmbH, 72622 Nürtingen, Germany 2012-04-12 Volker Siegle
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ENGLISH en 7 Original instructions We, being solely responsible, hereby declare that these hedge trimmers conform to the standards and directives specified on page 3. 2000/14/EC: Conformity assessment procedures in accordance with Annex V. These hedge trimmers are suitable for cutting hedges and bushes. The user bears sole responsibility for any damage caused by improper use. Generally accepted accident prevention regula- tions and the enclosed safety information must be observed. For your own protection and for the protection of your electrical tool, pay attention to all parts of the text that are marked with this symbol! WARNING – Reading the operating instruc- tions will reduce the risk of injury. WARNING Read all safety warnings and instructions. Failure to follow all safety warn- ings and instructions may result in electric shock, fire and/or serious injury. Keep all safety instructions and information for future reference. Pass on your electrical tool only together with these documents. Keep all parts of the body away from the cutter blade. Do not remove cut material or hold material to be cut when blades are moving. Make sure the switch is off when clearing jammed material. A moment of inattention while operating the hedge trimmer may result in serious personal injury. Carry the hedge trimmer by the handle with the cutter blade stopped. When transporting or storing the hedge trimmer always fit the cutting device cover. Proper handling of the hedge trimmer will reduce possible personal injury from the cutter blades. Hold the electric power tool by the insulated gripping surfaces because the cutting blades may come into contact with the cord. Cutting blades contacting a "live" wire may energise metal parts of the power tool, resulting in an electric shock. Keep cable away from cutting area. During operation the cable may be hidden in shrubs and can be accidentally cut by the blade. Pull the plug out of the plug socket before any adjustments, conversions or servicing are performed. The electrical system to which the hedge trimmer is connected should be equipped with a differential current safety switch (with a max. of 30 mA release current). Remove the plug from the mains immediately if the cable is damaged or severed. Never use in rain or on wet hedges. Metabo S-automatic safety clutch. When the safety clutch responds, switch off the machine immediately. Persons under the age of 16 must not used the hedge trimmer. Never use an incomplete machine, or one on which an unauthorised modification has been made. Do not switch on the machine if tool parts or guard devices are missing or defective. The machine is provided with a "Quick stop" function. Have the machine repaired if braking time is clearly lengthened. Wear ear protectors. Exposure to noise can cause loss of hearing. Danger of injury from the sharp edges of the blades. Never touch the blades. Wear protective gloves. Always wear protective goggles, gloves, and suitable shoes when working with the hedge trimmer. Always hold the machine with both hands and stand firmly on the ground. Pay attention to obstacles in the working area - danger of tripping. Keep the cutting blade well away from the body. Plugs and couplings of extension cables must be splash-proof. Only use extension cables that are also approved for outdoors. Prior to starting work, check the mains connection cable and extension cable for damage. Only use mains connection cables and extension cables in perfect condition. Position the extension cable such that it cannot be caught by the cutting blades (e.g. sling over your shoulder). Examine the area to be cut and remove wire or other foreign bodies. If the cutting blades come to a standstill due to a particularly hard branch or foreign body (wire in a hedge) and the stoppage cannot be corrected by pulling the hedge trimmer back, the motor must first 1. Declaration of Conformity 2. Specified Use 3. General Safety Instructions 4. Special Safety Instructions
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ENGLISH en 8 be switched off and the plug removed from the socket before the cause of the blockage can be removed manually from the cutting blade. For other activities (e.g. removing twigs or cuttings), deposit the machine outside the working area. Lay the machine down such that persons are not at risk. When you have laid the hedge trimmer down, pull the plug from the socket. For storage and transportation, always slide the enclosure onto the cutting blades. (It has been slid on correctly if the Metabo lettering faces upwards). Only carry the machine by the bow-type handle. See page 2. 1 Switch (safety two-hand operation) 2 Switch (safety two-hand operation) 3 Switch (safety two-hand operation) 4 Bow-type handle 5 Hand protection 6 Enclosure 7 Cutting blades 8 Impact protection with twig feed 9 Cable strain relief device Before plugging in, check to see that the rated mains voltage and mains frequency, as stated on the rating label, match with your power supply. To prevent the hedge trimmer plug from inadvertently being pulled out of the coupling socket of the extension cable, attached the extension cable to the cable strain relief device as shown (9) (Figure on page 2). Note: the cable tension device is designed to hold approved extension cables (H07 RN-F 3G1,5 / 3G1,0) that are used most frequently for external applications. For other approved extension cables that are also used outside, we recommend using the cable tension strap, order no. 6.31070. Check Quick stop: Switch machine on briefly and then off again. Have the machine repaired if braking time is clearly lengthened. 7.1 Switching On and Off Switching on (safety two-hand operation): • For normal applications: Press switch (2) and switch (3). • For a wider range: Press switch (1) and switch (2). To switch off: Release one of the two actuated switches. Thanks to the patented Quick stop, the cutting blades come to a standstill within 0.05 seconds. Have the machine repaired if braking time is clearly lengthened. The noise that sometimes occurs during a machine Quick stop is design-related and has no influence on operation and service life. 7.2 Cleaning the cutting blade (after every use) Before cleaning: Switch the machine off. Pull the mains plug out of the socket. Wear protective gloves. Remove contamination, remains of blades etc. (e.g. with a brush or cloth) After cleaning: Treat cutting blade with Metabo hedge trimmer care oil 6.30474 or Pump Spray 6.30475 (biologically degradable). It is advisable to have blunt cutting blades sharpened in a specialist workshop. Check cutting blades regularly for damage and have them repaired in a specialist workshop immediately if necessary. f Use only genuine Metabo accessories. For a complete range of accessories, see www.metabo.com or the main catalogue. Repairs to electrical tools must be carried out by qualified electricians ONLY! Contact your local Metabo representative if you have Metabo power tools requiring repairs. For addresses see www.metabo.com. You can download a list of spare parts from www.metabo.com. When replacing the carbon brushes, for safety reasons the safety device (spare parts list, Pos. 26) must also be replaced. Observe national regulations on environmentally compatible disposal and on the recycling of disused machines, packaging and accessories. Only for EU countries: Never dispose of power tools in your household waste! In accordance with European Guideline 2002/96/EC on used electronic and electric equipment and its implementation in national legal systems, used power tools must be collected separately and handed in for environmentally compatible recycling. 5. Overview 6. Commissioning 7. Use 8. Maintenance 9. Accessories 10. Repairs 11. Environmental Protection
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ENGLISH en 9 Explanatory notes on the specifications on page 3. Changes due to technological progress reserved. dia. max.=Maximum cutting thickness L =Useful blade length n0 =Number of cuts at idling speed P1 =Nominal power input m =Weight without mains cable Vibration total value (vector sum of three directions) determined in accordance with EN 60745: ah =Vibration emission value (idle speed) Kh =Uncertainty (vibration) The vibration emission level given in this information sheet has been measured in accordance with a standardised test given in EN 60745 and may be used to compare one tool with another. It may be used for a preliminary assessment of exposure. The declared vibration emission level represents the main applications of the tool. However if the tool is used for different applications, with different accessories or poorly maintained, the vibration emission may differ. This may significantly increase the exposure level over the total working period. An estimation of the level of exposure to vibration should also take into account the times when the tool is switched off or when it is running but not actually doing the job. This may significantly reduce the exposure level over the total working period. Identify additional safety measures to protect the operator from the effects of vibration such as: maintain the tool and the accessories, keep the hands warm, organisation of work patterns. Typical A-effective perceived sound levels: LpA =Sound pressure level LWA =Acoustic power level KpA, KWA= Uncertainty LWA(G) =Guaranteed acoustic power level as per 2000/14/EC Wear ear protectors! Measured values determined in conformity with EN 60745. Machine in protection class II ~ Alternating current The technical specifications quoted are subject to tolerances (in compliance with the relevant valid standards). 12. Technical Specifications
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