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  • Brand: Melchioni
  • Product: Stove
  • Model/name: Minerva 3
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: English, Spanish, Italian

Table of Contents

Page: 7
• Carefully read this instruction manual before start to use the product, install the
gas pipe and/or connect the gas cylinder .
• The appliance is compliant with standard: EN 484: 1997.
• Well keep this instruction manual for future reference
• Only to be used outdoors . It is forbidden to use the equipment in houses .
• This appliance must be kept away from inflammable materials and heat source
• Place always the stove on perfectly horizontal surfaces and heat resistant . Never
place the stove on surfaces in paper support, wood, plastic or any other flam-
mable materials .
• Always verify that the product is undamaged before starting to use it . In the case
are present any kind of damage , never use the appliance and get in contact only
with the authorized service center by the manufacturer.
• Do not modify or repair for any reason the equipment yourself or by unauthorized
personnel . In case of malfunction or apparent damage, always contact the servi-
ce centers authorized by the manufacturer .
• Do not use the appliance with damaged seals and/or in case of  leaking due to
wear of the components. Replace damaged hoses before using appliance.
• Do not use the stove for any others purposes than cooking food or heating up of
liquids for food use.
• Never leave the appliance unattended during the use.
• Always keep the stove out of reach of children , out of dependent persons and
pets .
• During the use , the stove could reach high temperatures . Pay always a lot of at-
tention when your are using it and avoid to touch the metal parts when hot . Use
protective glove when handling particularly hot components.
• Do not move the appliance during use.
• If you feel gas’s smell coming from the applaince , immediately turn off the stove
and close the gas cylinder valve. Contact an authorized service center to solve the
• Use only and exclusively LPG gas cylinder and in accordance with legislation TPED
• Turn off the gas supply at the gas container after use.
• It shall be carried out away from any source of ignition when changing the gas
• The length of hose cannot exceed 1.5m. In Finland, the length of hose cannot
Page: 8
exceed 1.2m.
• Make sure hose is not kinked. Make sure that when connected hose does not touch
any warm surfaces.
• It’s necessary to change the flexible tube when the national conditions require it.
• Only regulator complies with EN 16129 can be used;. Always use a low-pressure
regulator to connect the gas cylinder to the stove. This regulator for I3+(28-30/37)
must to have exclusively a fixed calibration normalized at 37 mbar for Propane and
30 mbar for Butane. For I3B/P(30),  the regulator should have a fixed calibration
normalized at 30mbar.
• To store the product always in dry and slightly moist places , away from the atmo-
spheric agents or factors that could damage the stove itself.
• Reparaiton must be performed only by qualified personnel in the service centers
authorized by the manufacturer or impoter.
• Avoid to block the venturis of burners. Check whether the venturis of burners are
blocked before using the appliances.
• The diameters of cooking vessels which can be used are 120mm~200mm.
• Parts sealed by the manufacturer or his agent must not be altered by the users.
• Any modification of the appliance may be dangerous.
• Place the stove on a horizontal surface respecting the instructions indicated in the
chapter of Safety Instruction .
• Check that the gas pipe that you want to use is in accordance with the rules in force
in your country and it has already assembled with the pressure reducer with the cha-
racteristics described in the chapter of Safety Instruction and in the technical data
• Insert into the gas pipe a full mesh metal clamp suitable for LPG gas pipes .
• To insert the gas pipe in the stove gas’s connector on the back of the stove and push
it until the pipe is inserted up to the connector for at least 2cm .
• Tighten the metal clamp in order to seal safely the rubber hose to the stove connec-
LPG cylinder assembly
• Before assembling the cylinder, turn the burner valve’s knobs clockwise until them
reach the closed position.
• Place the gas cylinder in a stable and dry surface
• Connect the pressure regulator already assembled to the gas pipe to the LPG cylinder
making sure you have correctly inserted the seal gasket supplied with the cylinder.
• Always use the new gaskets supplied together with the LPG cyclinder.
Page: 9
• Tighten the regulator to the cylinder to prevent gas leakage.
• Check that the gas hose is not twisting. In case, rotate the pipe in order that every twist
or curve is eliminated and the tube has a linear shape.
• Turn the cylinder’s valve knob until fully open in order to allow the gas LPG to feed the
• Keeping the stove taps closed for fice minutes and check does not spread out smell of
gas before proceeding with the use of the stove.
• To verify that the installation has been done successfully, pour soapy on the joints of
every connection. Any leaking will be well visible using this solution.
• Attention: Never use a flame to check the Gas leaking.
Product’s use
• Lightly press and turn counterclockwise the burner valve’s knob according the burner
you want use.
• Put a lighter close to the defined burner
• Wait until the burner is fully switch ON and adjust the flame by turning the knob clockwi-
se or counterclockwise according your needs .
• To make the temporary shutdown of the burner , turn the knob clockwise to the OFF
• After cooking , or before storing the product, turn OFF the burner by turning clockwise
the cylinder valve’s knob tilli s close and wait for the complete extinction of the flame
. then rotate also the burner valve’s knob to OFF position. This eliminates residual gas
inside the tube and in the stove  as well .
• Wait until the stove is cold before moving or storing, at least 30 minutes.
• Regularly clean your Stove between uses and especially after extended periods of stora-
• Before proceeding with cleaning and maintenance of the product , make sure that the
stove is properly cooled ; wait at least 30 minutes after the last use .
• Ensure that the cylinder valve and the burner’s valve are in the closed position . Remove
the grid to perform the cleaning more conveniently .
• Use a damp sponge to remove heavier dirt , a damp cloth and then a dry cloth are enou-
gh to clean and dry all surfaces .
• Never use abrasive substances , solvents or flammable .
• The only maintenance required for this equipment are the gas pipe and the cylinder.
Always make sure that these components are comply with current regulations and main-
tained in good working order . Always use the new gaskets supplied with the cylinder to
ensure the seal between regulator and cylinder
Page: 10
• Store your Stove in a cool dry place. Cover the burners with aluminum foil in order to
prevent insects or other debris from collecting in burner holes. If the Stove is to be stored
indoors, the gas cylinder must be disconnected and left outside. The gas cylinder should
always be stored outside, in a dry, well-ventilated area, away from any sources of heat or
ignition. Keep out of the reach of childre
Appliance Name Outdoor gas hotplate
Total Nominal
Heat Input
2.2kW(160g/h) / 2.9kW(211g/h)
Gas Category I3+(28-30/37) V I3B/P(30) I3B/P(37)
Gas Type Butane Propane Butane, propane or their mixtu-
Gas Pressure 28-30mbar 37mbar 28-30mbar 37mbar
Use outdoors only.
Read the instructions before using the appliance
WARNING:accessible parts may be very hot. Keep young children away

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