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EN 6 6 Safety Precautions CAUTION: the safety precautions are part of the appliance. Read them carefully before using your new appliance for the first time. Keep them in a place where you can find and refer to them later on. CAUTION: when you see this sign, please refer to the safety precautions to avoid possible harm and damage. CAUTION: risks of injuries if you don't use this appliance correctly. CAUTION: after using, do not touch hot surfaces (brewing unit, coffee and hot water nozzles), subjected to residual heat. CAUTION: do not insert foreign objects into the water tank and the brewing unit. INFORMATION: when you see this sign, please take note of the advice for the correct and safe usage of your appliance. • • The appliance is intended to prepare beverages according to these instructions. • • Do not use the appliance for anything other than its intended use. • • This appliance has been designed for use indoors and in non-extreme temperature conditions only. • •  Protect the appliance from direct sunlight, prolonged water splash and humidity. • • This appliance is intended to be used in households and similar applications only such as: staff kitchen areas in shops, offices and other working environments, farm houses; by clients in hotels, motels and other residential environments; bed and breakfast type environments. • • This appliance may be used by children who are at least 8 years of age, as long as they are supervised and have been given instructions about using the appliance safely and are fully aware of the dangers involved. Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be conducted by children unless they are older than 8 and they are supervised by an adult. • • Keep the appliance and its cord out of reach of children under 8 years of age. • • This appliance may be used by persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or whose experience or knowledge is not sufficient, provided they are supervised or have received instruction to use the appliance safely and understand the dangers. • • Children shall not use the device as a toy. • • The manufacturer accepts no responsibility and the guarantee will not apply for any commercial use, inappropriate handling or use of the appliance, any damage resulting from use for other purposes, faulty operation, repair by non-professionals or failure to comply with the instructions. Always follow the cleaning instruction to clean your appliance. • • Unplug the appliance. • • Do not clean the appliance while hot. • • Clean with a damp cloth or sponge. • • Never immerse the appliance in water or put it under running water. 9555_UM_EXPERT_MAGIMIX.indb 6 19.07.16 12:37
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EN 7 7 Avoid risk of fatal electric shock and fire. • • In case of an emergency: immediately remove the plug from the power socket. • • Only plug the appliance into suitable, easily accessible, earthed mains connections. Make sure that the voltage of the power source is the same as that specified on the rating plate. The use of an incorrect connection voids the guarantee. The appliance must only be connected after installation. • • Do not pull the cord over sharp edges, clamp it or allow it to hang down. • • Keep the cord away from heat and damp. • • If the supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, its service agent or similarly qualified persons, in order to avoid all risks. • • If the cord is damaged, do not operate the appliance. Return the appliance to the Nespresso Club or to a Nespresso authorised representative. • • If an extension cord is required, use only an earthed cord with a conductor cross- section of at least 1.5 mm2 or matching input power. • • To avoid hazardous damage, never place the appliance on or beside hot surfaces such as radiators, stoves, ovens, gas burners, open flame, or similar. • • Always place it on a horizontal, stable and even surface. The surface must be resistant to heat and fluids, like water, coffee, descale fluid or similar liquids. • • Disconnect the appliance from the mains when not in use for a long period. Disconnect by pulling out the plug and not by pulling the cord itself or the cord may become damaged. • • Before cleaning and servicing, remove the plug from the mains socket and let the appliance cool down. • • Never touch the cord with wet hands. • • Never immerse the appliance or part of it in water or other liquid. • • Never put the appliance or part of it in a dishwasher. • • Electricity and water together is dangerous and can lead to fatal electrical shocks. • • Do not open the appliance. Hazardous voltage inside! • • Do not put anything into any openings. Doing so may cause fire or electrical shock! Avoid possible harm when operating the appliance. • • Never leave the appliance unattended in case of manually operated brewing mode. In case of pre- programmed or remote brewing mode, additional safety precautions must be undertaken to avoid any possible harm, such as: respect the intended use, make sure the cup of adequate size is placed on the cup support, slider is completed closed, ensure there is water in the water tank and keep the appliance and its cord out of reach of unassisted children or pets. • • Do not use the appliance if it is damaged or not operating perfectly. Immediately remove the plug from the power socket. Contact the Nespresso Club or Nespresso authorised representative for examination, repair or adjustment. • • A damaged appliance can cause electrical shocks, burns and fire. • • Always completely close the 9555_UM_EXPERT_MAGIMIX.indb 7 19.07.16 12:37
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EN 8 8 Safety Precautions slider and never open it during operation. Scalding may occur. • • Do not put fingers under coffee outlet, risk of scalding. • • Do not put fingers into capsule compartment or the capsule shaft. Danger of injury! • • Water could flow around a capsule when not perforated by the blades and damage the appliance. • • Never use a damaged or deformed capsule. If a capsule is blocked in the capsule compartment, turn the machine off and unplug it before any operation. Call the Nespresso Club or Nespresso authorised representative. • • Fill the water tank only with fresh potable water. • • Empty water tank if the appliance will not be used for an extended time (holidays, etc.). • • Replace water in water tank when the appliance is not operated for a weekend or a similar period of time. • • Do not use the appliance without the drip tray and drip grid to avoid spilling any liquid on surrounding surfaces. • • Do not touch hot surfaces. Use handles, protected surfaces or knobs. • • To avoid scalding, keep always the milk frother lid closed during preparation. • • Do not use any strong cleaning agent or solvent cleaner. Use a damp cloth and mild cleaning agent to clean the surface of the appliance. • • To clean machine, use only clean cleaning tools. • • When unpacking the machine, remove the plastic film and dispose. • • This appliance is designed for Nespresso coffee capsules available exclusively through the Nespresso Club or your Nespresso authorised representative. • • All Nespresso appliances pass stringent controls. Reliability tests under practical conditions are performed randomly on selected units. This can show traces of any previous use. • • Nespresso reserves the right to change instructions without prior notice. • • This machine contains magnets. Descaling • • Nespresso descaling agent, when used correctly, helps ensure the proper functioning of your machine over its lifetime and ensures that your coffee experience is as perfect as the first day. • • Nespresso descaling agent has been specifically developed for Nespresso machines; the use of any other descaling agent may lead to machine component damage or an insufficient descaling process. • • Your Nespresso machine calculates when a descale is necessary based on the amount of water used and your water hardness level. This is set at the first use with the help of the water hardness test stick. Make sure to test the water hardness again if you use your machine in another state/region. • • Make sure you descale your machine as soon as the machine requests it; a late descaling procedure may not be completely efficient. SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS Pass them on to any subsequent user. This instruction manual is also available as a PDF at 9555_UM_EXPERT_MAGIMIX.indb 8 19.07.16 12:37
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EN 26 26 Troubleshooting  Videos are available on the App and on - Go to section “services”. Pairing has not succeeded. -  Check that the Bluetooth® on the smartphone or tablet is activated. -  Check the compatibility of your smartphone or tablet with the machine (see page 3). -  Ensure the smartphone or tablet is placed next to the machine (max distance 20 cm) during the pairing. -  Make sure to not turn ON any microwave close to the machine during pairing. If you want to unpair your machine, via the App.  -  Go on the App “Name”, click on “Machine status”,then click on “Unpair this machine”. -  Click on “unpair this device” to confirm the unpairing. -  Note: In case of an unpairing, all the setups and specifications will be lost and the machine will be reset to factory settings. No lights on the coffee machine. -  Machine turned OFF automatically. See paragraph on “Energy Saving Concept”. -  Check the mains: plug, voltage, fuse. No coffee, no water, unusual coffee flow. -  Check if the water tank is correctly positioned, if empty, fill with potable water. -  Descale it if necessary. Coffee is not hot enough. - Preheat cup. - Descale the machine if necessary. The slider does not close completely or the machine doesn't start brewing. -  Empty the capsule container. -  Check that no capsule is blocked inside the machine. (Note: do not put the finger inside the machine) Leakage (water under the machine). -  Unplug the machine. -  Empty drip tray if full and remove all the water under the machine. Then plug again the machine. -  If problem persists, call the Nespresso Club. Maintenance light is ON. -  Brew button light ON and maintenance LED slow blinking means descaling is required. -  Brew button is OFF and maintenance LED is ON means water tank is empty and/or capsule tray full. - If problem persists, call the Nespresso Club. Nespresso light is ON. -  It means your capsule stock is empty. You can order capsules via the App or Nespresso website. Machine overheating or in an environment below 0°. - Maintenance light will go on. - Brewing button will be off. -  Temperature button will blink fast. Please wait for all buttons to switch off, this will take a few minutes. During this time the machine cannot be used. Water or coffee flow does not stop even when pushing the brewing button. -  Gently move the slider towards the back of the machine to stop the flow.  Hot water flow always stops a short time after pressing the brewing button to stop. this is a normal behavior not a troubleshooting. No coffee flow, water goes directly into the drip tray (despite inserted capsule). -  Pull the slider to ensure it is closed. -  If problem persists, call the Nespresso Club. Machine turns to OFF mode. -  To save energy the machine will turn to OFF mode after 9 minutes of non-use. -  See paragraph on “Energy Saving Concept”. -  Press one of the coffee buttons to turn to "ON-mode" or open the slider. Capsule container and drip tray are stuck. - Unplug the main. - Lift the machine. - Use the hole underneath the machine to manually push out the container. - Clean the capsule container, the drip tray and the insert. 9555_UM_EXPERT_MAGIMIX.indb 26 19.07.16 12:37
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