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Téléchargez l’application Magimix ou visitez notre site internet Download the Magimix app or visit our website Download de Magimix-app of ga naar onze website
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18 SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS WARNING: these safety instructions are an integral part of this product. For your own safety, make sure you read them through carefully before using your new appliance. •  Never fill above the Max.1.8l mark. •  Never run your appliance if the lid is loose or the seal is incorrectly positioned on the blade assembly. •  Never insert your fingers in the jug while the blender is running, or any utensil other than the spatula supplied with the appliance. •  If the blades become jammed, unplug your appliance before freeing them. •  Always switch your appliance off (Position 0) after using it ; if you are going to leave it unattended, clean it or remove/use its attachments. •  Always take great care when handling the very sharp blades when emptying the jug or cleaning your appliance. •  Never immerse your appliance in water or any other liquid, to avoid the risk of electric shock. •  Never place your appliance on or near a gas burner, heating element or in a hot oven. •  This appliance is intended solely for use in the home. •  Never use your appliance outdoors. •  This appliance must not be used by children. Nor should children be allowed to play with it. Cleaning and user maintenance must not be carried out by children without supervision. •  Always keep this appliance and its power cord out of children’s reach. •  This appliance can be used by persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience or knowledge, providing they are given supervision or have received instruction regarding use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved. •  The following are not covered by the warranty: use in kitchen areas reserved for staff in shops, offices and other workplace environments, on farms, by the patrons of hotels, motels and other commercial environments of a residential nature, and in bed and breakfast-type environments.
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19 SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS RISK OF BURNS •  NEVER process hot ingredients (solid or liquid) in the Blendcups or mill attachment, as blending hot foods in a lidded jug can lead to a build- up of pressure, forcing out scalding steam or liquids. •  Processing hot foods in the 1.8l jug: blending hot ingredients at high speed can lead to a build-up of pressure, forcing out scalding steam or liquids. Always take care when pouring in a hot liquid, as it may suddenly boil up and escape from the jug. •  Never introduce hot ingredients (solid or liquid) if they are over 60 °C in temperature. Always make sure the lid is firmly fitted but the measuring cap is only loosely positioned, to allow any steam to escape. Always use the SOUP programme or start at a low speed and gradually increase it. Never use the PULSE button. MAINS CONNECTION •  Your appliance must be connected to an earthed socket with the original power cord. •  Check that the voltage indicated on its identification plate corresponds to the voltage of your mains supply. •  Never allow the power cord to dangle over the edge of your worktop or counter, and make sure that it does not come into contact with hot surfaces. AFTER-SALES SERVICE •  If the power cord has been damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, a Magimix-approved service agent or a similarly qualified person, in order to avoid all risks. •  The use of parts that are not recommended or sold by Magimix may result in injury, fire or electric shock. KEEP THESE SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS FOR FUTURE REFERENCE
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DESCRIPTION Carefully wash all the parts (except the motor unit) before using for the first time. 20 Motor unit Blade assembly holder Blade assembly Watertight seal Glass jug (max. 1.8l) Safe-stir spatula Watertight lid 70ml measuring cap
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*Depending on the model / attachments sold separately **Solely for cold preparations. 21 ATTACHMENTS* Mill attachment** Glass mill attachment ideal for grinding spices or Parmesan, and making small amounts of savoury dips. Mill supplied with a special blade assembly for processing dry ingredients. See p. 28. Citrus press This attachment slots onto the blender lid, so that you can easily prepare citrus juices and add them directly to your preparations. See p. 31. Blendcups** Compact blend-and-go jugs (400 and 700 ml) for blending small amounts and/ or carrying around homemade drinks. Compatible with the blade assembly of the 1.8l jug. See p. 29.
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CONTROL PANEL 22 Manual mode AUTO programmes OFF: your appliance is switched off Light on Your appliance is switched on Flashing light • Jug missing or incorrectly positioned •  Motor overload: switch to 0, either add some liquid or reduce the amount being processed, then restart • Switching your appliance on: first select a speed or programme, then press AUTO. • Manual mode: always start at the slowest speed and gradually increase it. • Never run continuously for more than 60 seconds. •  PULSE: maximum speed for an even smoother texture / pulsing to give you complete control. Stop the appliance Start the appliance Maximum speed 22,000 rpm Ice Smoothie Soups Desserts Clean Fast Slow
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5 pre-set programmes of cycles and speeds to ensure the best result every time. As these programmes are for use with the 1.8l jug, please read the instructions on how to adapt them to the other jugs. The lengths of the cycles have been established on the basis of the maximum blender capacities (see p. 24). You can stop the programme before the end of the cycle if you are processing smaller amounts or prefer a coarser texture. Cleaning Automatic rinsing programme 1.8l jug ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Blendcup Mill attachment Crushed glass For crushing ice Drinks Ideal for blending liquid preparations such as milkshakes, smoothies and cocktails. Soups For making puréed soups and cream soups (hot or cold) Frozen desserts For making instant desserts based on frozen fruit. For mixing or puréeing dense and compact ingredients. PRE-SET PROGRAMMES 23 Clean Ice Smoothie Soups Desserts
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24 BLENDER CAPACITIES 1.8l jug Blendcup Mill attachment Dried breadcrumbs x x 3 breakfast rusks (30g) Sp 4, 14 s Fruit compote 500g chilled cooked fruit Sp 1, then Sp 3 + spatula x 200g chilled cooked fruit Sp 1 then Sp 3 Frozen desserts 300g frozen fruit (2-cm cubes) Desserts + spatula x x Ground spices x x 100g Sp 4, 20 s Coffee beans x x 80 g Sp 4, 40 s Crushed ice 300g (approx. 15-20 ice cubes) Ice 4 ice cubes + liquid Ice x Milkshakes 1,6l Smoothies 0,4L or 0,7l Smoothies x Walnuts, almonds x x 100g Sp 3, 20 s Onion 200g Sp 1 30 s + spatula x 100g Sp 1, 30 s Parmesan x x 80g (2-cm cubes) Sp 4, 50 s Pancake batter 1l Sp 3, 10 s + Sp 4, 20 s x x Puréed vegetables 200g chilled cooked vegetables Sp 1, 50 s x 200g chilled cooked vegetables Sp 1, 50 s Smoothies 1,8l Smoothies 0,4l ou 0,7l Smoothies x Hot soups 1,6l Soups Icing sugar x x 200g caster sugar Sp4 + Pulse, 60 s Raw meat x x 200g (2cm cubes) Sp 4 10 s To make best use of your appliance, please follow the recommendations below: A blender is not designed to knead dough or mash potatoes.
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25 USING YOUR BLENDER Assemble the base Assemble the jug Blend Place the seal on the rim of the blade assembly, making sure it is completely flat. Place the upright jug on the motor unit. Select a speed or programme. Press AUTO. Position the blade assembly on the underside of the jug. Add the ingredients (max. 1.8l). If necessary, use the spatula to help with the mixing. Screw the holder tightly onto the blender jug. Push the lid down firmly into place. Loosely position the cap. Wait until the blades have completely stopped moving before opening. 1 2 3 1 2
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26 ADVICE Ice / frozen or sticky ingredients such as honey, banana and avocado For the best possible result: • Cut the food into chunks measuring approx. 2cm. • Coarsely chop the herbs or leaves before adding them. • Always add the ingredients in the order specified in the recipe. •  When processing thick mixtures, always start at a low speed, otherwise the food will stick to the sides and not come into contact with the blades. If necessary, add a little liquid and use the spatula. •  To add ingredients, either remove the measuring cap or stop the machine and remove the lid. •  Never run your blender if the jug is empty. To process dry ingredients such as nuts and spices, we recommend using the mill attachment, which has a specially designed blade assembly. Fresh fruit and vegetables except for banana and avocado Leaves, herbs such as spinach and fresh herbs Hard or dry ingredients such as cereals, nuts and carrots Liquids such as water, milk and fruit juice Never fill above the MAX mark. Never add solid or liquid ingredients if they are above 60°C in temperature.
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27 ADVICE Tips •  Hot soups: wait for the ingredients to cool to 60°C (tasting temperature) before blending. Make sure that the measuring cap is only loosely positioned on the lid, to allow any steam to escape. Either use the SOUP programme or start at a low speed and gradually increase it. Never use the PULSE button. •  Crushed ice: the ICE function reduces ice cubes to a very fine, snow-like pow- der. If you want more coarsely crushed ice, put a small number of ice cubes (100/150g max.) in the jug and use the PULSE button. •  To fold ingredients into a mixture without chopping them (e.g. chocolate chips in a cake mixture), add them at the end and run your blender for a further 5-10 seconds at a slow speed (0.5). •  Using frozen fruit: when fruit come out of the freezer it sometimes forms a solid block. Break this block into cubes measuring roughly 2cm before putting in the jug, to avoid damaging your blender. •  To rescue a lumpy sauce, blend it for 15 s at Speed 3. Automatic overload failsafe Your appliance is fitted with a safety system that cuts the motor if it is overloaded or has been running for too long. The indicator light then starts to flash. • Turn to the selector to 0 and unplug your appliance. • Wait for about 30 minutes before restarting your blender. • Reduce the amount of ingredients in the jug and/or add some liquid.
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MILL ATTACHMENT 28 Assemble the base Assemble the jug Place the seal on the rim of the blade assembly, making sure it is completely flat. Place the upright mill attachment on the motor unit. Put the ingredients in the mill attachment. Position the blade assembly on the mill attachment. Press down with your hand to check that it is ready to run. Screw the holder tightly onto the mill attachment. Select a speed and press AUTO 1 2 •  Instant crumble: crush digestives or butter biscuits and divide between fruit salad / ice cream verrines. •  Icing sugar: pour in 200g caster sugar. Blend for 1 min at Speed 4. For an even finer consistency, blend for a further minute. •  Cake icing: pour 200g icing sugar into the jug with 1 egg white. Blend for 20 s at Speed 1. Never blend hot liquids. The blade assembly can be extremely hot after use.
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29 BLENDCUPS Liquids water, milk, fruit juice Ice / frozen foods or sticky ingredients honey, banana, avocado Hard or dry ingredients cereals, nuts, carrots Leaves, herbs spinach, fresh herbs Fresh fruit and vegetables except banana and avocado For the best possible result: • Cut the ingredients into small chunks (approx. 2cm) •  Roughly chop leaves or herbs before adding to the jug, especially if they are large or thick • Always add the ingredients in the right order • Always add a little liquid • Use ice cubes (max. 4 cubes) rather than crushed ice 1 Add the ingredients Never use hot liquids Never fill above the MAX level Never put the Blendcups in the microwave Do not use sparkling liquids in the Blendcups
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30 BLENDCUPS Assemble the base Position the seal on the rim of the blade assembly, making sure it is completely flat. Place the Blendcup on the motor unit (locking pins at the back). Wait until the blades have completely stopped moving. Place the blade assembly on the jug. PRESS on the Blendcup to activate the blender. Remove the Blendcup. Unscrew the holder. Screw the holder tightly onto the jug. Select a speed or programme and press AUTO. If necessary, screw on the lid. Blend Drink immediately or take away. 2 3 4
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31 BLENDCUPS CITRUS PRESS Slot the citrus press onto the lid. Turn until it locks into place. Press then remove. Tips and advice •  Run at a low speed for the first few seconds, until all the ingredients are caught up in the blades, then gradually increase the speed. •  Never run the blender continuously for more than 1 minute, otherwise the ingredients may heat up and pressure may build up inside the jug. •  If blending is difficult, reduce either the speed or the amount being processed. If the preparation is thick, add some liquid (without going above the MAX mark). •  Dense or sticky (e.g. nut-based) preparations tend to stick to the sides. If this happens, switch the blender off, wait until the blades have come to a complete standstill and shake the jug downwards to send the ingredients back towards the blades. •  The base of the jug is shaped to fit the cupholder in your vehicle.
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CLEANING 32 Automatic cleaning programme As soon as you have finished using your appliance, fill the jug up halfway with warm water + few drops of washing-up liquid. Close the lid tightly, select the CLEAN programme and press AUTO. Unscrew the holder with the aid of the spatula. The top of the measuring cap can be removed. Check that the locking pins slide smoothly, and clean them if necessary. Thorough cleaning • Unplug the appliance and remove all the parts, not forgetting the seals. •  All the parts are dishwasher safe (except motor unit): use the short cycle and place all the small parts on the upper rack. •  For the best results, we nevertheless recommend washing the lid and the seals by hand. •  Never leave the blade assembly to soak, and check that the blades move freely before reassembling. •  Clean the base with a damp cloth. AUTO Electrical and electronic goods at the end of their lifetime It is against European law to treat electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) as regular household waste. Your appliance contains many materials that can be recovered or recycled. It should be taken to a WEEE collection point. For more details about collection points, please contact your local council or your household waste recycling centre. You can also take your appliance to an electrical goods store.
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33 TROUBLESHOOTING Problem Solution The lid is stiff As the lid is designed to be watertight, it can be a little hard to fit, especially if the appliance is new or has not been used for a long time. Pour a little vegetable oil onto some kitchen paper and rub the seal Flashing light Jug or attachment incorrectly positioned Motor overload: switch your appliance off and wait for 30 minutes before switching it back on Your appliance will not start Check the plug/socket If the white indicator light is on, reposition the jug, then select a speed or programme and press AUTO The ingredients are not properly mixed/blended Add some liquid Always add the ingredients in the right order Glass jug: use the spatula Cut the ingredients into smaller pieces Leaking base Check that the blade assembly seal is correctly positioned Check that the support is screwed on properly to the base of the jug Glass jug: use the spatula Desserts programme does not work Frozen fruit: break into cubes measuring roughly 2cm before putting in the blender, to avoid damaging your appliance Do not exceed the blender capacity and add a little liquid Use the spatula The motor smells There may be a faint smell when you use your appliance for the first time or if the motor is overloaded. This poses absolutely no risk, and the smell will go away after you have used your appliance a few times. Allow the motor to cool for 30 minutes before restarting it Stained plastic parts Some ingredients, such as curry and carrots, may give rise to some staining. Pour some vegetable oil onto kitchen paper and rub the parts before adding the ingredients The mixture tends to stick to the sides Add some liquid Use the spatula, start at a low speed and gradually increase it
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