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User manual for the LaCie Sound² in Dutch. This PDF manual has 24 pages.

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Quick Install Guide Sound2 Speakers DESIGN BY NEIL POULTON
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Box Content Protect your investment – register for free technical support at Left and Right Speakers Power Supply Kit Audio Device Input Cable
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1. Cable to connect to primary speaker 2. Power supply port 3. Audio line-in port 4. Power switch/volume control 5. Built-in USB Cable 6. Cable to connect to primary speaker design by neil poulton design by neil poulton speaker line-in power speaker line-in power 2 3 1 4 5 To Computer Primary Speaker (Right) Secondary Speaker (Left) 6
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Setup Steps 1. Plug the secondary speaker into the main speaker. 2. Connect the power supply kit to a wall outlet and to the speakers. 3. Connect the speakers to your computer with the integrated USB cable. 4.  Switch on the LaCie Sound2 Speakers and adjust volume level by turning the volume wheel clockwise. IMPORTANT: For optimum sound, set the pre-amplifier of your audio player (ex. iTunes, Windows Media Player, or VLC) to 0db. A different configuration may cause parasite noise or signal distortion. Note: If you connect and switch on your LaCie Sound2 Speakers but you don’t hear any sound when playing an audio file, you may need to select the speakers manually as your audio output device. Windows Users: Control Panel>Sounds>Audio>Playback>LaCie Speakers Mac Users: System Preferences>Sound>Output>LaCie Speakers To use the LaCie Sound2 Speakers with an audio device (ex. iPod), connect them to the device with the audio line-in cable.
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LaCie Sound2 Speakers DESIGN BY NEIL POULTON JA 1. 2. 3.USB 4. LaCie Sound2 Speakers iTunesWindows Media PlayerVLC0db LaCie Sound2 Speakers Windows Control PanelSound AudioPlaybackLaCie Speakers MacSystem PreferencesSound OutputLaCie Speakers iPod LaCie Sound 2 Speakers
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LaCie Sound2 Speakers DESIGN BY NEIL POULTON τሔҋᇮ ZH 1. ࢃ‫ڳ‬ঠϚҳ್ᇽঠϚè 2.ࢃ‫׏‬ჾัࡸৼࢫ֥ుഏҳቝ‫ދ‬ঠϚè 3.ൗႯ‫ڿ‬ւ֬ USB‫׏‬঴ࢃঠϚৼࢫ֥ࡀෟࠖè 4.ռाLaCie Sound2 SpeakersƗද൏ᆓሎ‫׵‬ႂਏ࿏୭‫ן‬ᆣႂਏսཱིè  ᇞးྗ༖ƥເࠍ֫ቒࡋႂཹƗ౯ࢃႂ௛ѳ٩ఝƓ৯೉iTunesçWindows Media Player ࠎVLCƔ֬ఴᇉ٩սఝനᇉເ0dbèఊ෷஬ᇉढ़୆߽ӈഺ‫ۋ‬ಧᄵႂࠎྗ‫ރ‬൅ᆎè ሆၰƥ೉‫ݛ‬ၟৼࢫѰռा LaCie Sound2 SpeakersƗ֓ᄤѳ٩ႂ௛໚ࡸ൏๗҉֥ರ‫ތ‬ഹႂƗ ᄼྺး൴‫׵‬࿑ᄻঠϚቛເႂ௛ංԢനШè Windows Ⴏ߃ƥ६ᇌ૲Ϸ&ഹႂ&ႂ௛&ѳ٩&LaCie Speakers MacႯ߃ƥSystem PreferencesƓ༩๫ხᇉƔ&SoundƓഹႂƔ&OutputƓංԢƔ& LaCie Speakers ೖးთႂ௛നШƓ೉iPodƔո஬ൗႯ LaCie Sound2 SpeakersƗ౯ൗႯႂ௛ං್‫׏‬঴ࢃ෸ ૓ৼࢫ֥ႂ௛നШè
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