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User manual for the LaCie Slim DVD RW in Dutch. This PDF manual has 26 pages.

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LaCie Slim DVD±RW • Design by Sam Hecht Voorwoord Gebruikershandleiding pagina 7 1.2. Inhoud verpakking 1. LaCie Slim DVD±RW 2. USB 2.0 Y-kabel. 3. Beknopte installatiehandleiding 4. Cd (gebruikershandleiding) BELANGRIJK: Bewaar de verpakking. Als uw drive moet worden teruggestuurd voor herstel of onderhoud, dient dit te gebeuren in de originele verpakking. Setup Steps 1. Connect the primary USB 2.0 A plug (without the lightning bolt sticker) to your computer. 2. Your drive is ready to use. Windows users: Right click My Computer and select Properties>General. Your drive should be listed. Mac users: In the Apple menu, choose About This Mac, then More Info. This will open the Apple System Profiler. Your drive should be listed under the Hardware category. NOTE: Your drive must be connected to a USB 2.0 port. Performance is not guaranteed using USB 1.1. NOTE: The Y cable has a secondary USB 2.0 A plug for additional power. Attaching the primary A plug to most computers will provide ample signal and power for the LaCie Slim DVD±RW. In the event that the device does not receive enough power, you may connect the additional A plug into a second USB 2.0 port on your computer. Please note that the secondary plug has a lightning bolt sticker. See the User Manual for more information. Quick Install Guide Slim DVD±RW Box Content Note: Please find the User Manual on the CD. Protect your investment – register for free technical support at 1. Primary USB 2.0 A plug (signal and power) 2. Secondary USB 2.0 A plug (power only) 3. Mini-USB plug

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