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User manual for the LaCie LaPlug in Dutch. This PDF manual has 43 pages.

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Protect your investment – register for free technical support: LaPlug External Power Supply Ethernet Cable LaPlug DESIGN BY NEIL POULTON Quick Install Guide Quick Install Guide Version 1.0 © 2010 LaCie, all rights reserved. 715094 100923 LaPlug DESIGN BY NEIL POULTON Windows® LaCie Network Assistant Genie Timeline Backup Mac® LaCie Network Assistant User Manual Manuel d’utilisation Guida per l'utente Benutzerhandbuch Manual de Usuario CD-ROM with software utilities including LaCie Network Assistant, LaCie Backup Software, and User Manual Box Content
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USB host port to connect an external USB disk, a camera or a printer Power Supply Connector Power Button Ethernet port to connect to router USB device port to connect to PC or Mac USB port Connect a USB key or external hard disk Power Supply Power Button Turn on, off, and reset the product Ethernet Port Gigabit Ethernet USB port Connect up to three USB keys or external hard disks FRONT VIEW REAR VIEW Product Views Gigabit Ethernet 4 x USB (1 in the front) to connect a disk, key, or printer
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Installation Note: If you want to turn off the drive, press and hold the power button for 5 seconds until the LED blinks blue. When the LED turns off, the drive has shut down. 2. Connect the power supply. 4. Install and run LaCie Network Assistant, located on the CD-ROM. 1. Connect the Ethernet cable to the product and to your local network (network hub, switch, or router). Router or Hub IN OUT 3. Push the power button until the front LED blinks blue. Release the button and the product will boot, which may take up to two minutes. When the light becomes steady blue, the product is ready to use. Fig. 1 Fig. 2 Fig. 3
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Accessing USB Devices (LaCie Network Assistant) Connect an external hard disk, USB key, or printer to the USB ports. Then, to ac- cess the files located on these USB devices, you have two options: a. Windows: Right-click the LaCie Network Assistant icon located in the system tray. Mac: Click the LaCie Network Assistant icon located in the menu bar. b. Under the heading LaPlug, choose the device you want to access. c. The USB device will open in a Finder window (Mac) or an Explorer window (Windows). d. If you are prompted for a username/ password, enter your username and password (by default): Username = admin Password = admin A) Use LaCie Network Assistant. Fig. 4 Fig. 5 Fig. 6
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Accessing USB Devices (Mac and Windows) a. Windows 7/Vista users: in an Explorer window, navigate to Network > [disk name] (\\LaPlug) Windows XP users: in an Explorer window, navigate to Network Places > LaPlug > [disk name] Mac users: in the Finder, navigate to Network > LaPlug > [disk name]. b. If you are prompted for a username/ password, enter your username and password (by default): Username = admin Password = admin B) Use Finder (Mac) or an Explorer Window (Windows). Fig. 7 Fig. 8 Fig. 9
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Use the Dashboard administration tool to manage your LaCie LaPlug. You can check the status of attached USB hard drives, set up remote access, change the device network settings, and much more. See the User Manual for further information. Launch the Dashboard using LaCie Network Assistant: Right-click (Windows) or click (Mac) the LaCie Network Assistant icon and select LaPlug > Web Access... Accessing LaCie Dashboard For more details on administration settings and on using your LaPlug, refer to the User Manual at Fig. 10 Fig. 11
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LaPlug LED Behavior State Indication Solid blue Slow blinking blue Solid red Slow blinking red Slow blinking blue and red Fast blinking blue and red Product is idle Product is starting up System is shutting down USB power failure Firmware upgrade failure WiFi enabled but not connected to a network Firmware upgrade in process
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Updating Firmware 1. Download the latest firmware from 2. Save the downloaded file onto a USB key or hard drive (and save it at the root level, ie not inside a folder). 3. Make sure the LaPlug is turned off, then connect the USB key or hard drive to the LaPlug. 4. Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds. When the LED turns red, release the power button. 5. Before two seconds elapse, push and immediately release the power button once again. 6. After about two minutes, the LaPlug will reboot automatically. 7. Using LaCie Network Assistant, verify that the update was successful. The system version will be listed in the LaCie Network Assistant Configuration Window.
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1. 1 2. 2 3. LED 3 4. CD-ROM LaCie Network Assistant USB (LaCie Network Assistant) a. Windows LaCie Network Assistant Mac LaCie Network Assistant 4 b. LaPlug 5 c. USB Finder (Mac) Explorer (Windows) d. / 6 = admin = admin Mac Windows a. Windows 7/Vista Explorer Network > [ ] (\\LaPlug) 7 Windows XP Explorer Network Places > LaPlug > [ ] Mac Finder Network > LaPlug > [ ] 8 b. / 9 = admin = admin 5 LED LED ZH B) Finder (Mac) Explorer (Windows) A) LaCie Network Assistant
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LaCie Dashboard Dashboard LaCie LaPlug 10 USB LaCie Network Assistant Dashboard (Windows) (Mac) LaCie Network Assistant LaPlug > Web Access… 11 LaPlug LED LaPlug ZH USB WiFi 1. 2. USB 3. LaPlug USB LaPlug 4. 10 LED 5. 6. LaPlug 7. LaCie Network Assistant LaCie Network Assistant
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Contact Us LaCie Asia 25/F Winsan Tower 98 Thomson Road Wanchai, Hong-Kong, China LaCie Australia 458 Gardeners Rd. Alexandria, NSW 2015 LaCie Benelux Vorstlaan / 165 Bld du Souverain B-1160 Brussels, Belgium LaCie Canada 235 Dufferin St. Toronto, Ontario M6K 1Z5 LaCie France 17, rue Ampère 91349 Massy Cedex LaCie Germany Am Kesselhaus 5 D-79576 Weil Am Rhein LaCie Italy Milano Business Park Edificio B1 Via dei Missaglia 97 20142 Milano Elecom – Japan LaCie Nordic (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland) Sveavägen 90, 5tr 113 59 Stockholm, Sweden LaCie Spain C/ Núñez Morgado, 3, 5a pl. 28036 Madrid LaCie Switzerland Davidsbodenstrasse 15 A 4004 Basel LaCie United Kingdom and Ireland LaCie Ltd, Power Road Studios 114 Power Road Chiswick, London, UK W4 5PY UK: Ireland: LaCie USA 22985 NW Evergreen Pkwy Hillsboro, OR 97124 LaCie Worldwide Export 17, rue Ampère 91349 Massy Cedex, France Copyright © 2011, LaCie 4000083 110520 Visit for more information on LaCie products.

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I forgot my password of the LaPlug. How do I returm the factory setting device wise (not with the LaCie Network assistant as I don't have any access anymore.

Eugene, 2015-10-06 23:20:19

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