d2 Quadra USB 3.0

LaCie d2 Quadra USB 3.0 manual

d2 Quadra USB 3.0

User manual for the LaCie d2 Quadra USB 3.0 in Dutch. This PDF manual has 22 pages.

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Protect your investment – register for free technical support at www.lacie.com/register Box Content LaCie d2 Quadra Hard Disk USB 3.0 cable (USB 2.0-compatible) FireWire 800 cable eSATA cable Power supply Drive stand for upright use Quick Install Guide LaCie Storage Utilities and User Manual are pre-loaded on the drive.
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Front View 1.  Shortcut button with activity LED 2. Removable stand Rear View 3. Power switch 4. FireWire 800 ports 5. USB 3.0 port 6. eSATA port 7. Power supply connection 8. Chain lock option 1 7 3 4 5 6 8 2
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Setup Steps 1. Connect the power supply. 2. Connect the USB 3.0, FireWire 800 or eSATA cable to your computer and to the drive. NOTE: If your computer does not have a USB 3.0 port, you can connect the included USB 3.0 cable to a USB 2.0 port. In this case, file transfers will be limited to USB 2.0 speeds. To take advantage of SuperSpeed USB 3.0 transfer rates, you can add a USB 3.0 PCI-Express card (for desktop computer) or a USB 3.0 ExpressCard/34 (for laptop). For more information, visit www.lacie.com/ accessories. 3. Turn on the drive by moving the power switch to On. The drive will mount in My Computer (Windows XP), Computer (Vista or Windows 7) or on your desktop (Mac). Power Switch
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4. Before using your drive, LaCie Setup Assistant software must be launched to format your drive. It will: • Optimize your drive according to your needs • Copy the manual and utilities onto your drive. To launch LaCie Setup Assistant: Windows users: Double-click the LaCie drive icon in My Computer/Computer. Mac users: Double-click the “LaCie Setup Assistant” icon on your desktop. NOTE: If you do not launch LaCie Setup Assistant or if you quit LaCie Setup Assistant after the formatting has begun, your drive will not be ready to use and will require manual formatting. The user manual and utilities will not be available on your drive and will have to be downloaded from the LaCie website: www.lacie.com. NOTE: Running LaCie Setup Assistant does not prevent you from using your computer’s native disk utility program to format or partition your LaCie drive. Simply follow the Setup Assistant through completion, then use your computer’s native disk utility (Disk Management for Windows or Disk Utility for Mac) to reformat your drive. 5. Install LaCie Shortcut Button software to enable the feature.
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Precautions Do not stack more than 3 LaCie d2 Quadra Hard Disks together. Do not expose the drive to temperatures over 35° C (95° F) or 30° C (86° F) when stacked. Do not expose the device to liquids. Use only the power supply shipped with the device. Warranty Information LaCie warrants your product against any defect in material and workmanship, under normal use, for the designated warranty period. The warranty becomes effective from the date of shipment. In the event this product is found to be defective within the warranty period, LaCie will, at its discretion, repair or replace the defective product. This warranty is void if: • The product was operated/stored in abnormal use or maintenance conditions; • The product is repaired, modified or altered, unless LaCie expressly authorizes such repair, modification or alteration in writing; • The product was subjected to abuse, neglect, electrical fault, improper packaging, accident or acts of nature; • The product was installed improperly; • The serial number of the product is defaced or missing; • The broken part is a replacement part such as a pickup tray, etc. • The tamper seal on the casing is broken. For more information, see the User Manual pre-loaded on the drive. For a detailed list of product warranties, visit www.lacie.com/products/warranty.htm. For the latest documentation and software updates, please go to www.lacie.com/support/
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ZH ᅝ㺙ℹ偸 1.䖲᥹⬉⑤DŽ 2.ᇚ USB 3.0ǃFireWire 800 ៪ eSATA ⬉㓚ⱘϔッ䖲᥹ࠄ䅵ㅫᴎˈ঺ϔッ䖲᥹ࠄ偅ࡼ఼DŽ ⊼ᛣ˖ བᵰ䅵ㅫᴎ≵᳝ USB 3.0 ッষˈ߭ৃҹᇚ䱣䰘ⱘ USB 3.0 ⬉㓚䖲᥹ࠄ USB 2.0 ッষDŽ೼䖭⾡ᚙ‫މ‬ϟˈ᭛ӊӴ䕧 䗳ᑺᇚ䰤ࠊЎ USB 2.0 ⱘ䗳ᑺDŽ㽕߽⫼ SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ⱘӴ䕧䗳ᑺˈ߭ৃҹ⏏ࡴϔഫ USB 3.0 PCI-Express व˄བ ᵰᰃৄᓣ䅵ㅫᴎⱘ䆱˅៪ϔഫ USB 3.0 ExpressCard/34˄བᵰᰃ֓ᨎᓣ䅵ㅫᴎⱘ䆱˅DŽ᳝݇䆺㒚ֵᙃˈ䇋䆓䯂 www.lacie.com/accessoriesDŽ 3.ᇚ⬉⑤ᓔ݇ߛᤶࠄĀᠧᓔāԡ㕂ҹᠧᓔ偅ࡼ఼DŽ偅ࡼ఼ᇚ䱣ेᅝ㺙೼Ā៥ⱘ⬉㛥ā(Windows XP)ǃĀ䅵ㅫᴎā˄Vista ៪ Windows 7˅៪Ḡ䴶 (Mac) ϞDŽ 4.೼Փ⫼偅ࡼ఼ࠡˈᖙ乏ਃࡼ LaCie Setup Assistant 䕃ӊḐᓣ࣪偅ࡼ఼DŽ䆹䕃ӊᇚ˖ • ḍ᥂ᙼⱘ䳔㽕Ӭ࣪偅ࡼ఼ • ᇚ⫼᠋᠟‫ݠ‬੠ᅲ⫼⿟ᑣ໡ࠊࠄ偅ࡼ఼ϞDŽ ਃࡼ LaCie Setup Assistant˖ Windows ⫼᠋˖ঠߏĀ៥ⱘ⬉㛥ā/Ā䅵ㅫᴎāЁⱘ LaCie 偅ࡼ఼೒ᷛDŽ Mac ⫼᠋˖ঠߏḠ䴶Ϟⱘ LaCie Setup Assistant ೒ᷛDŽ ⊼ᛣ˖ བᵰϡਃࡼ LaCie Setup Assistantˈ៪೼Ḑᓣ࣪ᓔྟৢ䗔ߎ LaCie Setup Assistantˈ߭偅ࡼ఼ᇚϡৃՓ⫼ˈ䳔㽕 ᠟ࡼᇚ݊Ḑᓣ࣪DŽ偅ࡼ఼Ϟᇚ᮴⫼᠋᠟‫ݠ‬੠ᅲ⫼⿟ᑣৃ⫼ˈᙼᖙ乏Ң LaCie 㔥キ䖯㸠ϟ䕑˖㔥ഔЎ www.lacie.comDŽ ⊼ᛣ˖ 䖤㸠 LaCie Setup Assistant ϡӮ䰏ℶᙼՓ⫼䅵ㅫᴎⱘᴀഄ⺕Ⲭᅲ⫼⿟ᑣᇍ LaCie 偅ࡼ఼䖯㸠Ḑᓣ࣪៪ߚऎDŽা 䳔ᣝ✻ Setup Assistant ⱘᣛ⼎ᅠ៤᪡԰ˈ✊ৢՓ⫼䅵ㅫᴎⱘᴀഄ⺕Ⲭᅲ⫼⿟ᑣ˄Windows ⺕Ⲭㅵ⧚៪ Mac ⺕Ⲭᅲ⫼⿟ ᑣ˅ᴹ䞡ᮄḐᓣ࣪偅ࡼ఼DŽ 5.ᅝ㺙 LaCie Shortcut Button 䕃ӊҹਃ⫼䆹ࡳ㛑DŽ ⊼ᛣџ乍 ߛ࣓ᇚ 3 ϾҹϞⱘ LaCie d2 Quadra Hard Disk ේ঴೼ϔ䍋DŽߛ࣓Փ偅ࡼ఼ᲈ䴆೼⏽ᑺ催Ѣ 35°C ⱘ⦃๗Ёˈ៪೼ේ঴ᯊ ⏽ᑺߛ࣓催Ѣ 30°CDŽߛ࣓䅽偅ࡼ఼᥹㾺ࠄ⎆ԧDŽা㛑Փ⫼䆒໛䱣䰘ⱘ⬉⑤DŽ ֱֵׂᙃ LaCie ֱ䆕ˈ೼ℷᐌՓ⫼ᚙ‫މ‬ϟˈѻક೼ᣛᅮⱘֱׂᳳ‫ݙ‬ϡӮߎ⦄ӏԩᴤ䋼ঞࠊ䗴Ꮉ㡎ᮍ䴶ⱘ㔎䱋DŽֱׂᳳҢথ䋻П᮹ 䍋ᓔྟ⫳ᬜDŽབᵰᴀѻક೼ֱׂᳳ‫⦄ߎݙ‬ᬙ䱰ˈLaCie ᇚ㞾㸠‫އ‬ᅮᇍߎ⦄ᬙ䱰ⱘѻકᰃ䖯㸠㓈ׂ䖬ᰃ᳈ᤶDŽ བᵰথ⫳ҹϟᚙ‫ˈމ‬ᇚϡќֱׂ˖ • ೼䴲ℷᐌՓ⫼៪㓈ᡸᴵӊϟ᪡԰/ᬒ㕂ѻક˗ • ᳾㒣 LaCie ⱘᯢ⹂к䴶ᥜᴗ㗠ᇍѻક䖯㸠㓈ׂǃׂᬍ៪᳈ᤶ˗ • ѻક㹿䇃⫼ǃ䱣ᛣ໘㕂ǃথ⫳⬉䏃ᬙ䱰ǃࣙ㺙ϡᔧǃথ⫳ᛣ໪џᬙ៪㞾✊♒ᆇ˗ • ѻકᅝ㺙ϡᔧ˗ • ѻકᑣ߫ো⸈ᤳ៪϶༅˗ • ᤳണ䚼ӊЎ᳓ᤶ䚼ӊˈབᣒপᠬⲬㄝDŽ • ໪໇Ϟⱘ䰆ᧁᇕᴵ⸈ᤳDŽ ᳝݇䆺㒚ֵᙃˈ䇋খ㾕偅ࡼ఼Ϟ乘ࡴ䕑ⱘ⫼᠋᠟‫ݠ‬DŽ ᳝݇䆺㒚ⱘѻકֱׂ߫㸼ˈ䇋䆓䯂 www.lacie.com/products/warranty.htmDŽ ᳔᳝݇ᮄⱘ᭛ḷ੠䕃ӊ᳈ᮄˈ䇋䆓䯂 www.lacie.com/support/
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