JBL Flip 3 manual

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  • Brand: JBL
  • Product: Cradle / docking station
  • Model/name: Flip 3
  • Filetype: PDF
  • Available languages: Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese, Danish, Polish, Russian, Norwegian, Finnish, Slovene, Chinese, Indonesian,

Question & answers

I need to silence that sounds when it turns on and off, or conected, its annoying, i listen music at night to sleep. Is there a way to eliminate that sounds?

Published on 2 years ago by Pat

I accidentally put my flip 3 in the forget mode and cannot get to the pairing mode. Is everyone an iphone6. I've pressed the + and - buttons while holding the power button and that does not work.

Published on 2 years ago by Deb

I recently bought this device and I'm charging him for few hours already and still the only blinking light is the first one, like the battery is empty alyough he's plugged with the charger to my computer for few hours, also tried to plug to any socket with an adapter, I'll be very happy if you guys could help me. Thanks anyway.

Published on 2 years ago by Shay Shperling

How do I make my flip three a speakerphone?

Published on 2 years ago by John

Can you charge the jbl flip 3 with a beats charger

Published on 2 years ago by Brian

How do u know when a JBL FLIP 3 is done charging.

Published on 1 year ago by James

Does it matter what end it sits on? They both look the same

Published on 1 year ago by Mike

How to connect That jbl flip 3 to my Windows phone via blutooth?

Published on 2 years ago by Joshah

Where is the power button? Worst manual I have ever seen or tried to read and I read three languages. What does it look like?

Published on 2 years ago by Mary

My husband got this from his parents for his birthday. ..but it won't keep a charge. It will charge blink like it's charging and turn on but when you unplug it the whole unit turns off. Please help? Is it defective?

Published on 2 years ago by Autum

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